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I can’t promise the plugins will work with your theme or any other plugins. I have tried to make it so but it’s impossible to test against everything. If it doesn’t work as expected I will try to help but the huge number of other plugins, theme or even hosting restiction means there might not even be a fix. Note that 9 times out of 10 it’s the theme or a plugin conflict (usually JetPack) causing the problem.

Requests for Change

At first I didn’t mind the requests as most were fairly simple but they are now getting complex and time consuming. Some of them are so specialised that only a few people will ever use the feature. And a lot of people never even answer my emails when I send an update for testing. If you want something from me then I hope I get something back from you, even if it’s just a thank-you. A donation would be nice as well.

Free for you does not mean free for me

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the wonderful world of plugins you need to know it can take weeks to get it right, googling and forum searching to find the script you need, writing the actual code and then hour after frustrating hour debugging and testing.

There is of course the pleasure of seeing people download and actually use the plugin but that doesn’t stop people complaining when something they want isn’t built into the plugin they got for free. Please don’t assume I’m going to do everything you ask for. I have to earn a living and an hour fiddling with a plugin means an hour I’m not earning anything.


So if you are still reading this and still want some help then I’m happy to oblige. But in return some appreciation of the work involved will make me much more amenable to doing so. All you have to do is fill in the form to say thanks for the many, many hours I have spent over a good few years building the plugins for you to use:

[qpp form=donate]
  1. Andre Lefebvre on 14 Jan 2016:

    Hi, (sorry if I sent this at the wrong place the first time)

    totally love this plugin, however I have an issue I just can’t find an answer to. In the AMOUNT field for one of the products (advertising banners), I need to include the size of each banner with their specific price.

    ONE MONTH – $80.00,ONE MONTH – $100.00,ONE MONTH – $150.00

    Will work. But there are no sizes.

    ONE MONTH 300x200px – $80.00,ONE MONTH 300x300px – $100.00,ONE MONTH 300x600px – $150.00

    Will NOT work. Paypal shows the price to be : Total $30,020,080.00 USD

    How should I code this?

    Thank you!


    Reply to Andre Lefebvre

    • Graham on 16 Jan 2016:

      I sent you an email with a reply. You have to use the ‘combined’ reference like this:
      ONE MONTH 300x200px;$80.00,ONE MONTH 300x300px;$100.00,ONE MONTH 300x600px;$150.00
      Note the semicolons.

    • Andre on 16 Jan 2016:

      thank you Graham! It worked, it’s radial buttons instead of dropdown, but I’m good with that.



    • Graham on 16 Jan 2016:

      No probs Andre,

      You should be able to select radio or a dropdown in the field settings.

  2. Al Soto on 09 Jan 2016:


    With the recurring subscriptions, is there any way to offer the option where the client can choose the number of payments instead of the form having the number of payments hard-coded in?

    If there is no easy way to do that, is there a way to take my main form and clone it so I can create the same form but with different “Number of Payments”?

    Please advise.

    Al Soto

    Reply to Al Soto

    • Graham on 09 Jan 2016:

      Hi Al,
      I can probably add a field for users to enter the number of payments. Or even a way to offer a drop down. It will take me a day or two to get this coded up and send over an update.

    • Al Soto on 10 Jan 2016:

      That’s just fantastic. I don’t know how to thank you enough, it’s exactly what I need.

      Since you will be adding that functionality, I won’t need to make multiple copies of the form manually in order to have one for available for each “number of payments” option that the site owner wants to offer their customers.

      Thanks again,
      Al Soto

      ps An easy way to clone an existing form would be a great future addition =)

    • Graham on 11 Jan 2016:

      Nearly got the input sorted for the recurring payments.

      You can already clone existing forms. Go to the setup page and create a new form. Before submitting select which form you want to clone and hit the go button.

    • Al Soto on 26 Jan 2016:

      Hi Graham,

      DO you think you will be able to add the recurring payment functionality any time soon?

      Al Soto

    • Graham on 26 Jan 2016:

      I sent an update a while back for you to test. Check your junk folder

  3. Martyn Shiner on 17 Dec 2015:


    Brilliant plugin!!! Will be using it to replace another one which doesn’t integrate with your theme so well for our cycling club.

    Have scanned the questions and answers but can’t find anything on my (very small) issues.

    1. We only allow registered users to sign up and you allow this…. which is great! But the registration list is comma separated… where could I change it to be an unordered list of each registered users name rather than their user name.
    2. Is it possible to get a list of events for a user? (so I could set up a page with ‘my events’).
    3. An RSS feed of events? Is this possible?


    Reply to Martyn Shiner

    • Graham on 17 Dec 2015:

      Hi Martyn,
      Glad you like the plugin, most of it is the result of suggestion by existing users. To answer your questions:
      1. No idea. But I’m working on an extension to the plugin that allows to create various reports. One of which will be a list by email address – this might do it for you.
      2. See answer 1.
      3. Yes it probably is, but I have no idea how to do this and not sure I even want to try.

    • Martyn Shiner on 17 Dec 2015:


      OK… cheers. Any way you could point me to where in the plugin the list of people registered is output? Save me poking around for ages.

      I have some php skills, but not specifically wordpress, so don’t mind hacking around. I’ll let you have back any changes I make.


    • Graham on 17 Dec 2015:

      I’ve just sent you the extension plugin. It’s a work in progress so hopefully we can develop it together. If anyone else want’s a the beta version let me know.

    • Martyn Shiner on 17 Dec 2015:


      answer to question 3 – http://[siteurl]/feed/?post_type=event
      from here

      Final suggestion/question (for the moment) – you have an ‘download event to calendar’ button for each event which generates and ics file. Any way this could be set up as a ‘feed’ or a file with ALL upcoming events? that can be downloaded or added to a calendar.


    • Graham on 17 Dec 2015:


      I didn’t have much luck with downloading multiple events last time I tried. ICS can be very flaky if you are trying to support multiple platforms and apps.

    • Graham on 18 Dec 2015:

      Did you get the email with the extension? There is an updated version here that has exactly what you want: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-event-manager-extensions/

    • Martyn Shiner on 18 Dec 2015:


      Cheers… yes I did get it. haven’t had a chance to play yet. Will get back to you over the weekend.


  4. Jon on 27 Nov 2015:

    Is there a way that the event registration can be on a page instead of a post on WordPress? I want my page to be full width without a sidebar and I can’t do that with it as a post. Thanks!

    Reply to Jon

    • Graham on 28 Nov 2015:

      All you need to do is create an event template and edit out the sidebar bit. You can use the Template tab on the plugin settings to do this.

  5. Bridgette on 28 Oct 2015:

    We were using this plugin but we were not receiving the emails. We have since switched in order to have a working form. Is there a way to see what was submitted over time?

    Reply to Bridgette

    • Graham on 28 Oct 2015:

      Hi Bridgette,

      Go to your dashboard and click on the ‘Messages’ link. You should then see all the emails which you can now download

  6. Simon Reed on 18 Oct 2015:

    Why might there be a load of white space between the Submit button and the bottom of the form?

    Reply to Simon Reed

    • Graham on 18 Oct 2015:

      Probably something to do with your theme. Some themes force all all sorts of styles which affect plugin styles. Really need to see the site to find out where the conflict is.

  7. Luc van Gerrevink on 02 Oct 2015:

    Hello Graham,

    I nearly finished the translation of the plug-in into the Dutch language. I will sent you the PO and MO files shortly.
    Is it possible to import and export the events into a csv-file?

    Reply to Luc van Gerrevink

  8. Nanda on 27 Sep 2015:

    Hi Graham, I’m trying to create a drop down list for people to choose which date they want to order lunch for and I don’t see any options for that or a calendar. So I tried to use the “option” box with a drop down of dates but whatever values I put in the options field don’t show properly. For example, if I put Sept 23, Sept 30, etc. it shows in the drop down at s e, s e, etc. Same happens for anything else I write, even if I just write “Sep”, it shows as s e, or if I put numbers 9/30 it shows as 9 /. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Reply to Nanda

    • Graham on 27 Sep 2015:

      I’ve just tested this and it works using Sep 23,Oct 24,Nov 25,9/23,10/24,11/25 on my test site: http://testblog.co.uk/paypal/

      The plugin doesn’t do any thing complicated with the options box, it’s just a comma separated list so not sure why yours isn’t working.

    • Nanda on 27 Sep 2015:

      I tried clearing and entering the values again and it does the same thing. Interestingly it works when I set it to radio rather than drop down. But I do prefer to use drop down instead. Can you take a look to see what it looks like? Maybe I’m doing something wrong on my end that you might notice.

    • Graham on 27 Sep 2015:

      Something in your theme or one of you other plugins is stripping out the characters. The only real way I can investigate this is if you give me admin access. Can’t promise I can fix it but I will have a good go.

  9. kavita on 19 Sep 2015:

    I am using this plugin 2nd time.it is Awsome,1st time it’s work for me but now it’s not working on my template page. When i submit the form nothing happing and my url is changed to http://light.verve.in/demo/internationalyouthclub/?qcfname1=test&qcfname2=test%40gmail.com&qcfname3=124678979&qcfsubmitBecomeAMember=Send+#

    I don’t know wht is happning.Please help me.

    Reply to kavita

    • Graham on 21 Sep 2015:

      Something else is conflicting bwith the plugin. Deactivate all other plugins and see what happens. If the form works then you need to find out which plugin is conflicting. Once I know that I can fix the problem.

    • kavita on 21 Sep 2015:


      I deactivated all plugin but nothing happning. My form is not working but i add this form in http://light.verve.in/demo/internationalyouthclub/index.php/membership/ then its works properly.

  10. Fred Falisse on 14 Sep 2015:

    This is me again, for a last (I sware!) question: I’d like to send attached document when using the responder. I don’t see the option ? Maybe it is not included in the QEM ? Or maybe i’ve missed something ?
    Thank you !

    Reply to Fred Falisse

    • Graham on 14 Sep 2015:

      Maybe you could just a add media link to the document in the auto responder. Did you know you can build a responder message for each event? When you create an event scroll down and you will see a ‘Registration Confirmation Message’ editing box…

  11. Fred Falisse on 14 Sep 2015:

    Hi Graham,
    Good morning from France.
    I’m testing your pluging and is most probably one of the best I found to manage my events and registrations (10 trainings a year). It would have been perfect if I was able to change the order of the elements including the description. Currently, on the page of the event, the order is :
    – a first a block of 7 elements : summary, time, price, location, address, website, organizer (which can be sorted differently)
    – followed by the description of the event (description I fill in the event page)
    – and then the subscription from (wich can placed in parallel of the map for exemple).
    What i’d love to do is to insert the description right after summary and time and let all the other elements after the description.
    Do you think that is possible ? It would be perfect and make me adopt definitely the plugin for my website.
    Thank you very much in advance for all the job done with this plugin. I do hope my request is an easy thing to do … but i’m not a dev.
    Have a nice day,


    Reply to Fred Falisse

    • Graham on 14 Sep 2015:

      Bonjour Fred,
      This is quite an easy fix. Give me 24 hours and I’ll send you over something to test.

    • Fred Falisse on 14 Sep 2015:

      Hi Graham,
      That would be simply great !
      Then I dare 2 other questions :
      I’d like to duplicate some event (not recurring, but to avoid writing twice), and don’t see this option.
      My events appear in the main page model of my theme (in 2 columns). Ideally I’d like to get the event appearing in a “1 column” page wich correspond to a secondary page model of my theme. Do you think that possible ?
      If not, do not spend too much time on this. The pluging is already working great for my needs (especially if the first modification you are working on works).
      Have a nice day,


    • Graham on 14 Sep 2015:

      If you hover over an event in the dashboard list you will see ‘weekly’ and ‘monthly’ options. Use this to duplicate the event and just change the date. The columns thing is a bit more complicated, I will have to have a ponder…

  12. Mike on 12 Sep 2015:

    any chance of enabling drag & drop for file attachments? or does this already exist and I haven’t found it… ?

    Reply to Mike

    • Graham on 12 Sep 2015:

      Hi Mike,
      I had a look at this a while back but couldn’t get it to work. I’ll add it to the list of things to do and have another go (it’s not the easiest thing to code).

    • Mike on 12 Sep 2015:

      Hi. Actually the drag and drop seems to work, so not to worry. But wondered if there was a way to have file uploads included in the emails generated from the form as this doesn’t seem to be the case?

    • Graham on 12 Sep 2015:

      The attachments should be included in the email. Check you don’t have the ‘Add attachment links to the email’ box checked as this adds links to the uploaded attachment.

    • Mike on 12 Sep 2015:

      Hi Graham

      They land up in the default folder but are not included in the email as an attachment… suggestions?

      Thank you for your reply on a Saturday!

    • Graham on 12 Sep 2015:

      It’s either reply to this or do some weeding….

      I’ve sent you an email with a version of the plugin to test.

  13. Mardi Wetmore on 09 Sep 2015:


    I love your form for the simplicity and ease of use. Unfortunately I’ve run into a problem in that I need to add a new text field. I appear to have used all the available text fields and need one more. Is that possible? I’m a fairly competent coder so if I need to add code to get it, I’d appreciate knowing how to do it.

    Reply to Mardi Wetmore

    • Graham on 09 Sep 2015:

      Hi Mardi,
      This happens every few months, people run out of fields (on more than one of my plugins). Probably the easiest way is to add a new multibox. Start with quick-contact-options.php and add a field 15. Then go to quick-contact-form.php and add the new field to the qcf_display_form, qcf_validate_form and qcf_process_form functions. That should at least get you started. But if you can hang on until Friday I’ll do it for you.

  14. Sarah on 07 Sep 2015:

    Hi this is a great plugin (thank you) that I’ve installed on our local women institute website. I have a few questions, when someone clicks the box saying they aren’t coming the number of places available still drops down by one place. The email they get back is thank you for registering, is there a separate email setting for people who aren’t coming. If all else fails, is there a way of removing the ‘not coming’ box from the registration form? Also the avatar doesn’t show the custom photo they have uploaded (this is via usersultra lite plugin).

    Again a brilliant plugin and I thank you for any help you can give to me on this.

    Reply to Sarah

    • Graham on 07 Sep 2015:

      Hi Sarah,
      If they are getting the ‘thank you’ email and the number drops it means there could be a conflict with another plugin. Have you got jetpack installed?

      Or you could just go to Dashboard > Settings > Event Manager > Registration and untick the ‘not attending’ field on the form.

      The avatars thing is a bit of issue. There are loads of different plugins and they all store the pictures differently. The plugin uses Gravatar for the images as this works on every WordPress installation: https://en.gravatar.com/

  15. Stephen on 31 Jul 2015:

    Hi I am trying to setup a form using JPY (Japanese Yen) which PayPal does support but everything I do it does wants to bill in USD. Any ideas?

    Reply to Stephen

    • Graham on 31 Jul 2015:

      It works for me. Try the top form on this testsite: http://testblog.co.uk/paypal/

      Have you checked your PayPal account settings to see if you have set the currency to USD.

    • Stephen on 31 Jul 2015:

      yeo that works for me. This is for a Japanese chap, so should he verify his PayPal account currency? If it’s USD but I send 88236 yen in the shortcode, will it appear as $88236?

    • Graham on 01 Aug 2015:

      Yes, he needs to check his PayPal account. The plugin strips the currency from the shortcode on submission as PayPal will only accept numbers in the amount. It then adds the currency back on when you get to the payment page.

  16. Carlos on 14 Jul 2015:

    Hi, thanks a lot for the plugin. I know I’m an idiot, but… how can I center the form in the page? The shortcode doesn’t follow the style of the page, it’s always aligned to the left. Thanks again.

    Reply to Carlos

    • Graham on 14 Jul 2015:

      Hi Carlos,
      To center a form you need to put it in a div like this:
      <div style="text-align:center">[qcf]</div>
      And there is no such thing as an idiot question. The idiot is the one who doesn’t ask when they get stuck!

    • Nanda on 26 Sep 2015:

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks for a great plugin! I tried the code you gave to Carlos for centering the form but it didn’t work. Might just be that my theme won’t allow it, but just checking to see if you had any other code I could try for centering it.

    • Graham on 26 Sep 2015:

      Hi Nanda,

      Try this: <div style=”width:280px;margin:0 auto;”>[qpp]</div>

      PS: the food looks fantastic, feeling quite peckish.

    • Nanda on 26 Sep 2015:

      Not sure if this comment went through the first time:
      Hi Graham, thanks for the quick response. The form still wouldn’t budge so I assumed it had something to do with my theme and ended up finding a way to rig it up with some of the theme’s shortcodes.
      And by the way, you are welcome to come have lunch with us if you ever visit the States and are feeling peckish! 🙂

  17. Martin on 10 Jul 2015:

    Got this error today Fatal error: Call to undefined function qpp_shortcodes() in /home/twisti6/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/settings.php on line 39

    Reply to Martin

    • Graham on 10 Jul 2015:

      Hi Martin,
      What did you click on to get the error? There used to be shortcodes tab but I’ve now moved everything to a webpage.

    • Martin on 10 Jul 2015:

      Form Settings

      Fixed payment and shortcode labels

      These are the labels that will display if you are using a fixed reference or amount or shortcode attributes.

    • Graham on 10 Jul 2015:

      Ta muchly, I shall remove the link. All the shortcodes are here.

  18. Ricardo on 09 Jul 2015:

    Im creating a site for a client that uses events a lot, and i have a user role for them to edit the site content, as an editor, they have access to almost everything i need, except this link for registration reports, and on the role editor i dont see anything to give them access to that link. how can i add this capability?

    Reply to Ricardo

    • Graham on 09 Jul 2015:

      Hi Ricardo,
      If you look at the events list in your dashboard each event has a ‘Registration’ link that takes them directly to the Registration Report

  19. Richard W Hardwick on 06 Jul 2015:

    Thanks for the great plug-in! As soon as I sell a few copies I’ll make a donation, I promise.
    I changed the theme of my website and then added a new book =- St Cuthbert’s Final Journey. If you click on the link you’ll see that the paypal form is much much bigger than all the other ones and looks silly. I presume this is related to the new theme? Any idea? Many thanks.

    Reply to Richard W Hardwick

    • Graham on 10 Jul 2015:

      Richard, you seem to have added tags to the form inputs. I have no idea how you have done this. The form looks the same size as the others to me.

  20. Flor on 21 Jun 2015:

    Hi, really appreciate the hard work you put into this plugin. I am volunteering for this nonprofit and integrating your event list. I’d like to know how to take the long list of events and make a paginated link so I only show the first three in a category and visitor can click next for the remaining events in the same category. I don’t see that option in the short code. I see a limit to show but not how to make a show more link.

    Thanks very much!

    Reply to Flor

    • Graham on 22 Jun 2015:

      Hi Flor,
      I’ve been trying to get pagination to work for a while and not been successful. I will have another go later this week and send over an update if this is successful

    • Graham on 26 Jun 2015:

      Update: tried every method I can think of an it just doesn’t work. There are two ways to do pagination. You can use the code in the the post conteant or you can limit the number of posts per page. Neither of these are suitable for the events list. So sorry for those who would like pagination but it seems like it’s a non-starter for this plugin.

Reply to René

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