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zipI’ve been using the All-in-One-SEO plugin for years. It’s a simple out the box plugin with hundreds of features I’ve never even used. Yoast is another popular plugin and it has even more features, most of which are never used or don’t make the slightest difference to anything.

About all you really need from these plugins is the ability to edit the Page Title and the Meta Description. So that’s all my plugin does. And if you already have Yoast or AIOSEOP titles or descriptions it will grab these for you.

That’s it. About as simple an SEO plugin as you can get.

This is the settings page:


And this is what you see on the post/page editor:


Note: there is a lot more to SEO than just tweaking your titles and descriptions but you don’t need a plugin to do this.

Download the Plugin

All you need to do is install and activate. No other configuration necessary.

  1. Simon Portillo on 07 May 2017:

    Hi Graham,
    Regarding my last comment, it was a theme thing. I have just changed to your “aerin” theme and all is well. I also note it places the title towards the top of the source, unlike the previous theme, which was on line 80 or something. Thanks

    Reply to Simon Portillo

  2. Simon Portillo on 07 May 2017:

    Hi Graham,
    I have installed this plug in, but it’s only picking up the meta description unfortunately. I wondered if the site identity part was interfering with it, (as i know that is also listed as a title within the source) so removed it to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks Simon

    Reply to Simon Portillo

  3. jamie shanks on 22 Jan 2017:

    I use yoast. If I switched to your plugin would I have to replace every title and description for every post and page or would your plugin import it?

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  4. Ray Hopkins on 12 Sep 2016:

    Guess I need more information about this. So if I post a blog posting the box, SEO Title and Description” appears in the blog? Trying to understand the advantage here.

    Reply to Ray Hopkins

    • Graham on 13 Sep 2016:

      The SEO title is what Google sees when it indexes the page. You can see these title when you do a Google search. The description is the bit underneath. So for example, you could have a blog post called: ‘Roast Rabbit Stew’ but the SEO title could be: ‘Quick and easy roast rabbit stew recipe’ with a description that says: ‘A quick and easy roast rabbit stew recipe, all you need is a rabbit, carrots, onions, stock and seasoning’. The purpose of the the SEO title is to give Google a better idea about the contents of the page in order to gain a ranking advantage.

  5. No Fuss SEO WordPress Plugin – WP Ezine on 22 Apr 2016:

    […] kostenloses┬áNo Fuss SEO WordPress Plugin stellt im Editor des Blogs Eingabefelder f├╝r die Meta- Tags Title und Description […]

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