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I can’t promise the plugins will work with your theme or any other plugins. I have tried to make it so but it’s impossible to test against everything. If it doesn’t work as expected I will try to help but the huge number of other plugins, theme or even hosting restiction means there might not even be a fix. Note that 9 times out of 10 it’s the theme or a plugin conflict (usually JetPack) causing the problem.

Requests for Change

At first I didn’t mind the requests as most were fairly simple but they are now getting complex and time consuming. Some of them are so specialised that only a few people will ever use the feature. And a lot of people never even answer my emails when I send an update for testing. If you want something from me then I hope I get something back from you, even if it’s just a thank-you. A donation would be nice as well.

Free for you does not mean free for me

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the wonderful world of plugins you need to know it can take weeks to get it right, googling and forum searching to find the script you need, writing the actual code and then hour after frustrating hour debugging and testing.

There is of course the pleasure of seeing people download and actually use the plugin but that doesn’t stop people complaining when something they want isn’t built into the plugin they got for free. Please don’t assume I’m going to do everything you ask for. I have to earn a living and an hour fiddling with a plugin means an hour I’m not earning anything.


So if you are still reading this and still want some help then I’m happy to oblige. But in return some appreciation of the work involved will make me much more amenable to doing so. All you have to do is fill in the form to say thanks for the many, many hours I have spent over a good few years building the plugins for you to use:

[qpp form=donate]
  1. Rujuta on 05 Aug 2016:

    Can I add custom Payment button in form? As I have 3 different options of payment amount.

    Reply to Rujuta

    • Graham on 05 Aug 2016:

      Not sure what you mean. If you have three different payment options you can display them all on one form. Look at the 7th example on this page.

    • Rujuta on 05 Aug 2016:

      Actually I have forum and I am setting up bbpress + wp_emembers plugin. I am accepting paypal payments to give access to forum and I have 3 different payment options monthly half-yearly and yearly. I want a form where I can combine all 3 plugins paypal payment button + contact info + default user role for forum.

    • Graham on 05 Aug 2016:

      If that’s what you want to do then you will need something bespoke. It’s not a complicated thing to do but the QPP can’t do different subscription plans nor can it manage contact info and user roles. If you want a quote to develop a form that will do all this send me an email.

    • Rujuta on 05 Aug 2016:

      Yes I would like to do that but here on your site ask a question form is not working. can you give me your email id?

    • Graham on 05 Aug 2016:

      Form is now working again. I broke it while doing some testing

  2. mauro on 02 Aug 2016:

    Hi. Great plugin. I have aquestion regardin front end addon. Is it possible edit event from frontend? It would be interesting form me this option. It would be necessary a custom work? Thank you very much!

    Reply to mauro

    • Graham on 02 Aug 2016:

      This is something I have been investigating. In theory it is possible, I just don’t know how difficult it will be. I’m working on a pro version of the plugin with all sorts of new features, this may well be one of the things I add to the pro version.

  3. David on 19 Jul 2016:

    Hi Graham.
    SOrry for mi ignorance, but were can i find the update you send me? I’ve nothing in email.. Can you resend it? Thank you. David

    Reply to David

  4. Wayne on 19 Jul 2016:


    I seem to have encountered a bug with the “payment complete” status on one transaction. I had one payment go through successfully on the paypal side, but it does not say “complete” on the plugin side. This seems to be an exception, since all the others seem to report the state correctly. Is there a log file I can look at to see what might have happened?

    Reply to Wayne

    • Graham on 19 Jul 2016:

      There should be an ipn.log file in your site root – this contains all the transaction data, far more than gets displayed in the payment report. One of the future upgrades will include a compiler to sort and display all this data in the pro version.

    • Wayne on 20 Jul 2016:

      Ok I found the “bad” entry in the log…

      Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=63072000

      [2016-07-20 03:17 UTC] Invalid IPN: cmd=_notify-validate
      [2016-07-20 03:17 UTC] HTTP request of validation request:POST /cgi-bin/webscr HTTP/1.1
      Host: http://www.paypal.com
      Accept: */*
      Connection: Close
      Content-Length: 1041
      Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
      Expect: 100-continue

      for IPN payload: cmd=_notify-validate … [stuff]

      So it says INVALID for some reason. I don’t know what the “Expect: 100-continue” means, but the IPN payload data does seem to have the correct information about the state of the payment. We verified that the PayPal side looks normal / ok for this transaction.

    • Graham on 20 Jul 2016:

      Wayne, there could be all sorts of reasons why it failed. To do any meaningful diagnosis you would need to activate the sandbox and use the IPN simulator to test the IPN code for that payment.

  5. David on 18 Jul 2016:

    Hi Graham.
    I’ve been facing some problems with the waiting list, i can’t see the message that i have define to show after de registration on waiting list. The person stays in the list (as waiting) but the message is normal, like i’ve done a normal registration and not as i’ve registered on the waiting list. What could be the problem? Can you help me? And i think it would be good than that person recieve an email whem another give up from the event and mark it as not atending. I hope you can help me to fixe it. Thanks for your time. David

    Reply to David

    • Graham on 18 Jul 2016:

      It’s a bug that has crept in. I’ve sent you an update to test,

  6. Wayne on 10 Jul 2016:


    It seems that the email function is not working. Is there a way to test it without having to run a transaction? Is there logging / debugging information to see why the email may not have been sent?


    Reply to Wayne

    • Graham on 10 Jul 2016:

      Hi Wayne,
      There are two ways to send messages: after submission and after payment. Which one are you using? If it’s the latter then you need to have IPN enabled.

    • Wayne on 10 Jul 2016:

      Thanks. I want after payment, but don’t have IPN enabled. I’ll try it out. I’m going to see if there is a test/sandbox mode for paypal so I don’t keep giving money to paypal just for testing.

    • Graham on 11 Jul 2016:

      If you go to the IPN setup page there are instructions on how to use the sandbox to make a test payment.

    • Wayne on 13 Jul 2016:

      Thanks, IPN and messaging are working fine.

      Just a note… looks like the .CSV export does not include the “payment” column… not a big deal since I can manually add this.

    • Graham on 13 Jul 2016:

      Good spot,
      I’ll get this fixed and included in the next update (coming soon).

  7. Michael on 30 May 2016:

    I know how tough it can be to wrestle with the PayPal API. I would be extremely happy if this plugin can do the job for me, I also would like to donate in this case.

    Reply to Michael

    • Graham on 30 May 2016:

      Hi Michael,
      It’s nearly done. Adding the API to a simple form isn’t too complex but because the QPP has umpteen variables and you can have multiple forms on a page we have had to add all sorts of filters and validators. But it’s getting very close. The plan is to offer a Pro version of the plugin for those that want the In-context payments. Hopefully this will pay back the hundreds of hours of coding.

  8. Charles on 10 May 2016:

    Hi Graham!
    Thank you for this powerful yet simple plugin that handles all aspects of events. I have one question: would it be difficult to implement the use of the featured image as the event image? It would have many advantages such as a correct visual presentation when linkin an event to Facebook or Twitter.
    Regards, Charles

    Reply to Charles

    • Graham on 10 May 2016:

      Hi Charles,
      I was pondering this very thing the other day. And yes, I can add this option at the next update. I’ll send you a version to test once it’s done.

    • Charles on 10 May 2016:

      Great minds…. LOL
      It would be a nice function as the featured image is used for many things in WordPress.
      Happy to do a testdrive!

      Cheers, Charles

  9. Joyelle on 05 May 2016:

    I just want to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I tried several different plugins to get an event registration page on my nonprofit site, and with my very limited/nonexistent PHP/HTML/CSS knowledge, I had a veeery hard and frustrating time getting any of them to work. I was so close to giving up when I found your plugin. It was easy to install and setup, intuitive, and is working! I will be sending a donation as soon as I am able!

    Reply to Joyelle

    • Graham on 05 May 2016:

      Hallo Joyelle,
      Thank you, glad the plugin works for you.

  10. Grahame Morgan-Watson on 26 Apr 2016:

    I cannot praise the QEM plug in and Graham’s support enough! The plug in is great, it provides all I need, and Graham’s proactive response to suggestions and new functions is just breath-taking. Please do what you can to support him with some contribution for his work. I looked at many others Event plugins, and they all wanted monthly contributions and don’t do half of what QEM does. Thank you can see it in action http://www.metame.co.uk

    Reply to Grahame Morgan-Watson

  11. DipSavid on 25 Apr 2016:

    FYI, your plugin allows fake bot registrations from russian email addresses.

    Reply to DipSavid

    • Graham on 26 Apr 2016:

      If you enable the Akismet option and use the Captcha to bots all get blocked.

  12. Tania on 25 Apr 2016:

    Hi, What do i need to do you hide this sent (via bash.awd.co.za) from email that are sent to my clients.



    Reply to Tania

    • Graham on 25 Apr 2016:

      Hi Tania,

      I have no idea. The plugins use the email address you set in the settings or if this is missing, the WordPress admin email. Bash is a terminal function so something in your site or server configuration is doing something strange to your emails.

  13. Guido on 03 Apr 2016:

    Hi Graham,

    Those words could be mine 😉

    From the moment my first theme/plugin was released I fully uderstand what you’re saying here.

    Keep up the good work!


    Reply to Guido

  14. John Carter on 10 Mar 2016:

    Ouch! There was a server error.
    Retry »

    I made an update and im receiving the message above. I did make a donation,

    Reply to John Carter

    • Graham on 11 Mar 2016:

      Hi John,

      It’s a caching issue. I’ve just visited your site and sent a message. Clear your cache and it will be OK. And thank you for the domation.

  15. Brandje on 26 Feb 2016:

    Hi, Great plugin.
    But after update, i get the [qemreport event=xxx] to the screen, not the list.
    How can i (or you) fix that?

    Reply to Brandje

    • Graham on 26 Feb 2016:

      Hi Brandje,
      The QEM Report is now in the all new QEM Extensions plugin. I just haven’t got round to updating the documentation, sorry about this.

  16. John H on 23 Feb 2016:

    Hi Graham.
    I do appreciate the work you have put in to this. Just thought I would mention that.
    And yes I do have an issue.
    I have the latest version installed. 6.6. Tested in IE, FF and Chrome
    In monthly Calendar View. The Month Links are not working at all. Switched on the Next/Prev Links, only to find they too won’t work.
    I’m almost certain they used too. Can please let me know what may be the cause.

    Reply to John H

    • Graham on 23 Feb 2016:

      I’ve just sent you an update that should fix this issue.

    • John H on 23 Feb 2016:

      Thank you Graham.
      Have responded to your email. The new version fixed that issue but has possibly introduced another,have explained in the email.
      Thanks again for your efforts and tireless hard work. 🙂

    • Graham on 24 Feb 2016:

      Just sent you an update – it should all work now.

  17. Verette on 19 Feb 2016:

    Hi Wordfence is flagging the following issue with
    Original code version for 6.6

    if ($image) { if ($image) {
    487 if ($display[‘event_image’] && !is_singular (‘event’) && !$atts[‘widget’])

    Version on my site since upgrade to 6.6
    if ($image) {
    if ($display[‘event_image’] && ($atts[‘listplaces’] || $atts[‘widget’]))

    Is this just a versioning issue on your end, which version is correct for the current release?

    Reply to Verette

    • Graham on 19 Feb 2016:

      The upgrade is correct. Not sure why there is a difference.

  18. Verette on 19 Feb 2016:

    I notice recently that I keep getting numerous page not found incidents all referring back to :
    and also
    The associated IPs making these requests are then being throttled because of increasing ‘Page not Found’ incidents.
    Any ideas whats happening?

    Reply to Verette

    • Graham on 19 Feb 2016:

      Hi Verette,
      That was me forgetting to remove the enqueue for the custom css file. You can get a fix for this here: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-event-manager/qem-update/
      To install this update, use FTP or delete the existing version and install the new. You will not lose any events or settings.

  19. Alex Matheson on 16 Feb 2016:


    Thank you for developing such an excellent plug-in. Currently using it to handle registrations for a School 50th Reunion. It’s been really easy to set things up and all has been going well though I’ve now encountered a bit of a problem.

    I noticed that the number of people attending doesn’t match the number of registrations. Whilst looking into what was going on I had a peek at the options entry in the database for the problem event and it looks as if some of the registrants are flagged as not attending – even though I’ve never enabled the Not Attending option. Is there any way to edit the data to correct this?

    All the best and thanks again,

    Reply to Alex Matheson

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2016:

      The not attending thing shouldn’t affect the numbers attending as this is calculated each time from the list of people who have registered. If you look at the Registrations report do the numbers add up?

    • Alex on 17 Feb 2016:

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks for your quick reply. If I look at the Registrations report it lists 55 people attending the event and the Events list shows 55/160 people in the Attending / Places column – which are correct. However the number shown on the published event (with the show number attending option ticked) is only 48. I’m also using the plug-in’s Register Without Payment option and going back through the report it shows 7 attendees have used this option. Is that where the difference comes from?

      Thanks again,

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2016:

      That seems logical. Are you using IPN?

    • Alex on 17 Feb 2016:

      I’m not using IPN. I have got a test version of the site set up on a local server using the same settings as the live site and there was no difference in the attendee numbers in testing.

      Thanks again,

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2016:

      In that case I don’t know how to fix this. I’ve just run a number of tests on my test sites and like you everything registers correctly. But I will do some more investigation and see what I can discover.

  20. oliver on 15 Jan 2016:

    we use your great qem-tool since more than a year for our social privat initiative for refugees and homeless – we’re growing with you 😉 bit now we had a big problem, yesterday to use some of your features with “not attemping” etc i loaded the vs. 6.5.1 manualy even if you warning 😉 – i’m relative sure i didn’t changed other for your plugin important things the last weeks at wordpress, but i am not 100 % sure.

    now i have a problem i didn’t have a few weeks ago.

    if i make an entry new event and make an use of “Repeat Event: ” and makes a number after it, only the “first” event comes in calender. the following events didn’t go live (publicated) but they go to events drafts with all the date of today –

    do you heard of this problem?

    i use originally wordpress-templates, so your information on your plugin “template” page didn’t fix. i tryed also to make a new general event-template automaticlly for sure but no effect ;-(

    hope you can help me to fix it. warm regards, oliver

    Reply to oliver

    • Graham on 30 Jan 2016:

      Hi Oliver.

      Sorry for not replying before. I will get the duplicate event bug fixed for you

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