PayPal Payments Shortcodes

Listed below are all the shortcodes for the Quick PayPal Payments plugin for wordpress:

[qpp] Standard paypal plugin
[qpp form='name'] Uses a named form (created on the setup page)
[qpp id="your name"] Presets the reference field to the words ‘your name’
[qpp amount="$30"] Sets the amount to pay to “$30”
[qpp labels="off"] Don’t show labels for preset fields
[qpp id="red,blue,green"] Displays options instead of a single reference/ID
[qpp amount="$3,$5,$9"] Displays a list of amounts
[qpp id="red;$3,blue;$5,green;$9"] Displays a list of items with their price. The ‘amount’ field is disabled and the plugin sorts out what is brought and for how much.
[qppreport form="name"] Displays a table of all payments made from the form called ‘name’

You can also take a look at some examples of the form with a range of different settings.

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  1. Max on 02 Dec 2019

    Hi, I can’t get the recurring payment to work.
    I have a non-profit business PayPal account but whenever I try to set up the recurring payment I get this message:
    Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.
    Return to Merchant.
    my page:
    Any ideas?

    • Graham on 02 Dec 2019

      Hi Max,
      You can’t have donations and recurring payments. It’s either one or the other. I’ve just looked at the site and filled in the form and it all worked. This means it propbably your form settings causing the problem.

  2. Mandar on 28 Nov 2019

    Thanks Graham.

    I am using custom forms for the time being.

    Eventually though, I intend to use a ‘base form’ and feed it the id and amount dynamically by constructing the shortcode in a php template file.

    Looking forward to a fix for this shortcode bug.


  3. Albert on 17 Nov 2019

    Hey, Can I hide the amount? In my website the amount is already shown above the form.

    • Graham on 18 Nov 2019

      Hi Albert,
      You can use some CSS to hide the amount line but I’d need to add an ID/class so you can do this. It will take me about an hour to do if you can pay for the work.

  4. Mandar on 13 Nov 2019

    Hey Graham,

    Thank you for this nifty plugin. Appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this.

    I’m having trouble using the shortcode with a set amount [qpp amount="$30"].

    Using this shortcode returns the “Oops, got a problem here” error.

    Is there some specific setting I’m misisng on the form settings page?

    At present I’ve got the Reference and Amount to display as pre-set.

    I’ve tried turning these two settings on and off but the error remains.

    If I use the shortcode with a set ID [qpp id="A Cutom Item"] it works just fine.

    Any ideas why this might be happening?

    I’ve got the latest version of your plugin (v5.6.7).

    • Graham on 18 Nov 2019

      Hi Mandar,
      That is most odd. It used to work but I have no idea why it no longer does. It’s not a popular option as you are the only person who has found the bug. If you can use a custom form for now I will see if I can fix it.

  5. Michelle on 19 Dec 2018

    Love the plug in – Thank you!! Is there a way to add a 3% convenience fee to the total?

    • Graham on 29 Dec 2018

      Hi Michelle,
      There is already an option to add a handling fee to the total. Look in the form settings.

  6. Thomas Nguyen on 27 Mar 2018

    Can I use this form with Paypal Credit (either version free or Pro)? I see it shows “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” but not Paypal Credit. Is it possible? Thanks!

    • Graham on 28 Mar 2018

      All the setting for payment options are in your PayPal account. All the plugin does is send people to the PayPal payment form, it doesn’t control how you can pay.

  7. jay harding on 26 Sep 2016

    Hello Sir,

    Would it be possible to have shortcode for the specific coupon code to a specific product
    together with the price like this… 3 Days Standard Delivery; $99 discount=S10, ? Thanks

    • Graham on 26 Sep 2016

      Like your other request, this would need some bespoke coding. Happy to do the work but I can’t do it for free.

  8. Radisson on 02 Jun 2016

    So nice and useful, thank you so much Graham

    One question : is it possible to pass a “custom” url variable ti paypal via your plugin ?

    [qpp amount="10$" custom="name"] works or not ?

    for the custom variable.

    Thank you Graham

    • Graham on 02 Jun 2016

      Hi Radisson,
      Not easily. The plugin uses the custom field to send an IPN key to a paypal business or premier account. This is sent back to a listener URL for processing. If you build your own listener URL you can do do what you like with the custom variable. Adding a shortcode is the easy bit. What you do with the custom variable is more complicated.

    • Radisson on 04 Jun 2016

      thank you graham. as i don’t have an listener url and neeed to pass some informations to paypal, is there a way i can i use some field like ‘item_name’ or equivalent ?

      If not, i will clearly understand that i need a url listener

    • Graham on 04 Jun 2016

      You can pass all sorts of info to PayPal. But the only thing you get back is the ‘custom’ field. And the only place you get it back is your listener URL. Note: PayPal will also pass all the data back to the IPN log but you need to extract and process this data. There is no simple way to do what you want.

    • Radisson on 02 Jul 2016

      Hi Graham, thank you for your answer, sorry to be late. Can you contact me directly on my email address ? I’d like to hire you for doing what i need, if possible.

  9. StefLBM on 02 May 2016

    Hello Graham,
    Thanks one more time for this great plugin.
    I had a question : is it possible to add a copy of the transactions to another mail adress ? I want to notify a friend of mine of each payment ?

    • Graham on 02 May 2016

      In the ‘Send Options’ put a comma between each email address and it will send the conformation to both. Glad you like the plugin – there are hundreds of hours of work hidden in there.

  10. Shaun on 25 Nov 2015

    This is a fantastic plugin and it looks as if your support is brilliant, so thank you! It was perfect for me as my client only wants to sell a couple of products and WooCommerce was overkill for that. One question though: is it possible to be able to stipulate different shipping rates depending on where the order is being shipped to? I would like to only have one form if possible. Thanks!

    • Graham on 28 Nov 2015

      It’s not really an option with the current plugin but I’m sure I could build you a bespoke version with this feature. Can you email me the details.

    • Shaun on 30 Nov 2015

      Hi Graham, thanks so much for your reply.

      Let me get the shipping rates off the client and we’ll see how it looks. If you do manage to get something built, profuse thanks and a donation will follow!

      I’ll get back to you asap.

      Thanks again,

    • Shaun on 01 Dec 2015

      So basically, as well as the currently available functionality, the customer needs to be able to adjust costs depending on where the items are to be shipped. I think the easiest way to do it is to stipulate the product item cost including postage for the different areas, which is as follows:
      UK: £7.50 including postage
      Mainland Europe: £10.20 including postage
      Australia/New Zealand: £11.55 including postage
      Rest of the world: £11.25 including postage

      So ideally, the customer would choose from a dropdown which zone they were in, adjusting the cost accordingly. Entering the number of packages required would then update the total. If that makes sense, great! If not, let me know!

      Thanks a million,

    • Graham on 01 Dec 2015

      The dropdown is relatively easy to do. Updating the total to pay isn’t. It’s going to take me a while to get this coded up and I can’t do it for free. How much would the client be willing to pay?

    • Shaun on 01 Dec 2015

      Hi Graham, thanks for getting back to me – let me speak to the client and see what they say.

  11. Roberto Enrique Briceño García on 28 Sep 2015

    Hi, thanks for this really useful plugin.
    I was wondering if there’s a way to internationalize some strings like the “Amount” text on top of the drop-down:

    By the way, is it possible to translate the whole plugin?
    If you like, I can translate everything to Italian. 🙂

    • Graham on 28 Sep 2015

      Hi Roberto,

      Go to the Form Settings, scroll down and change ‘Label for the amount field:’

      I’m busy getting the plugin ready for translation. I’ll send it over when it’s done.

    • Roberto on 28 Sep 2015

      … no comments. Thank you infinitely.

  12. Ilan Hartstein on 18 May 2015

    Sorry, one more question. On the actual payment page there is a Payment types section with a logo which includes Discover and American Express (two of the cards that we do not accept). Is there a way to change this logo and is there a way that we can warn people that we do not take these cards?

    • Graham on 18 May 2015

      Hi Ilan,
      That’s just one of the standard PayPal logos. If you want something different do a search on Google images or get your site developer to make one up for you.

  13. Ilan on 18 May 2015

    On the tab that says “Billing” I have an online payment form. However, I do not know why the “Make a Payment” button is not red. I think I chose “red font” in the stylings sections but it remains an insipid grey. What am I doing wrong?

    • Graham on 18 May 2015

      Hi Ilan,
      That looks like there is a conflict with another plugin or your theme. The submit button shouldn’t look like that. I’ve had a quick look but can’t see where the conflict is. When I copied you form styles to my test site it worked OK. All you can do is switch off all other plugins and the theme and see what happens.

  14. Paul on 12 Mar 2015

    Graham, I must be missing something. I’m trying desperately to figure out how to UPDATE the quantity on my form and it won’t do it. For instance, if I want 3 items, shouldn’t I be able to type in “3” and see an updated total? I’ve gone through ever single setting and can’t figure out how to do this. Please help.

    • Graham on 12 Mar 2015

      Hi Paul,
      I entered 3 and submitted the form and it all worked OK. If you want to display totals on the form you need to use the ‘totals’ field.

    • Paul on 12 Mar 2015

      Graham, I’m not sure you understood what I’m trying to do. Yes, if you enter 3 and SUBMIT, you will see your total … on the Paypal site. I want people to be able to see their total on our site. When I activate the “totals” field, like you suggested, nothing happens. It just says “Total: $0.00” You can go back to the site and check, as I now have it activated. I can’t figure out how to get it to actually “total” the sale! Please help.

    • Graham on 13 Mar 2015

      It’s a bug in the plugin. I’m busy working on a fix and will send it over once I’ve finished. Might take a day or two as it’s a bit complicated to code than I first thought.

    • paul on 13 Mar 2015

      Thanks Graham. Please inform me as soon as it’s fixed. Thanks!

    • Graham on 13 Mar 2015

      Fixed and sent.

  15. Simone on 07 Dec 2014

    i would ask you if is possible reset form. Olso if user put the code coupon incorrect advise with a general error

    • Graham on 07 Dec 2014

      Hi Simone,
      This shouldn’t be a problem. I will send you an update to test in a day or two.

    • Graham on 07 Dec 2014

      That was easier than I thought. I’ve sent you an update to test

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