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All About Me

grahamSome people are real developers and eat, sleep and breath code. I’m the opposite – I struggle with even the simplest functions. If it wasn’t for Stack Overflow, Dream in Code, the WordPress Codex, W3C Schools and Google I’d be well up the creek without a paddle. And probably without a canoe as well.

Most of the plugins I’ve created were because of the poor usability of those already available. All  too often a plugin will be very functional but incredibly clunky to use. Or they may have been almost impossible to style or had poorly executed code. It wasn’t even clear on some of them how to add it to your site.

So my starting point was to consider how people use websites. This lead me to write a very simple little callback form plugin. Really easy to install and set up and simple for visitors to use.  I used the same principles of simplicity and usability and built the Quick Contact Form. This has gone from a basic contact form to a sophisticated and very configurable plugin with all sorts of funky features. More plugins tumbled out now I had the hang of things. Some have been uploaded to the repository and some I just use for customer projects.

If you fancy having a go at writing your own plugin it can be a bit daunting but a great place to start is the wordpress page Writing a Plugin.  It took a while to get to grips with the format but I had loads of help from the plugin options starter kit.

PS: some have commented on the lack of Social Media thingies on the site. That’s because I really can’t be bothered with all that guff. Having a Facebook like is of no importance to me, I steer well clear of anything to do with Google and I can’t see the point of Pinterest or Instagram.

If the Social Media thing means a lot to you then well done. I prefer to have a life. And drink beer with friends I can talk to. In England. Where I live.

But I have resurrected my Twitter account though as it’s any way to post update info. If you want to follow me there is a button right up the top of the page. If nobody bothers to follow me though I’ll just turn it off, no point in twitting if nobody is going to read the thing. And if you feed the need to share then there are some buttons on the next line you can use.

  1. Anne said:

    Hi Graham,

    Just reading about your SEO plugin with interest. I have SEO yoast installed but noticed very recently the meta decsription option has vanished and all other functions other than focus keyword. I’ve tried reinstalling without success. Would your plugin be suitable for my site? Thanks.


    • Graham said:

      It should be OK. I don’t recall anything unusual about your site that would stop it working. And my plugin will import all your Yoast title and descriptions.

    • Anne said:

      Thank you Graham,

      Can your plugin be installed via WP CMS i.e. adding a new plugin…. I can’t find it on there?

    • Graham said:

      Download the plugin to your computer. Go to your ‘add new’ plugins page and click on the upload link. This will install the downloaded plugin.

    • Anne said:

      Thanks Graham… all sorted now.

  2. Rujuta said:

    Hi I want to setup recurring payment for 3 different subscriptions. can you please help me?

    • Graham said:

      You need three forms, one for each subscription type. It’s not possible to do it all on one form. Other plugins may offer this functionality but it’s not something the QPP can do.

    • Rujuta said:

      Ok thanks 🙂

  3. Alexandra said:

    so far i`m getting along very fine with the plug in, but i just cant find a way to limit my events to a certain number of participants. can you help me? thanks a lot, Alexandra

    • Graham said:

      Hi Alexandra,
      On each event there is an option to set the number of places. If you them go to the ‘Event Settings’ you can select how to display the number of places available.

  4. steve said:

    I want to Add New Event by frontend. Not in wordpress dashboard. Only one User need to add them. If you can call current backend form (add new event) to frontend that will be our hope. We like to pay you or donate.
    Thank you

    Please reply,

    • Graham said:

      Hi Steve,
      Download and install this extension and guests can add new events:

    • Steve said:

      Thank you Graham,
      Quick Event Manager Extensions work well. Now guests (User) can add new events by Frontend. But still it cant link registration form. So admin need to go backend and need to put tick on “Add registration form to this event”. Can you fix this?

  5. Tom Bochenek said:


    I have been enjoying using your contact email form for awhile now. i have created a capture page with your contact form on it. I would like to avail this capture page with your form on it to several different people to use. These other people would not be able to edit the email address that the contact form sends the captured contact fields to. If your contact form could accept a passed email parameter taken from the browsers address part and them input the email address into the field of the contact form so that it over rides the default field, then they would not have to edit anything and could use the same capture page i have and still receive info from the form whenever they send someone to it. Example, ie. ,is the capture page with my email address as an example. I would want the contact form to be able to extract the email address from the browsers address window .

    Is this something you could consider modifying? What cost to me would you require for this update?
    thanks in advance.

    tom Bochenek

    • Graham said:

      Hi Tom,
      This isn’t a difficult thing to do. It’s really only one line of code in the form processing function, all I need to do is test to see if there is an id in URL and replace the email address. Give me a day or two and I’ll send you the update for testing.

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