Well hallo there. If it’s not WordPress Plugins you want then there’s not going to be a lot to interest you here. But you are most welcome to stay if you want.

The plugins you see here are the results of many hours of toil and struggle. I’m not a real developer, I just do this stuff for a hobby. But I have tried to make the plugins as simple to use as possible but still deliver something packed full of features. Many of those features are the result of comments, requests and emails so if there is something you want there is a pretty good chance that I can make it work.

Contact Form

An easy to use form that challenges even the mighty Contact Form 7. This plugin will knock your socks off.

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Event Manager

Display your events as a list or a calendar. A built in application form and a whole bunch of display options.

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Paypal Payments

Using the same core functions as the Quick Contact form, this plugin will manage all your PayPal payments.

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Text Toggle

Reveal hidden text using this simple plugin. It’s like jQuery on steroids.

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The lightest and fastest image lightbox ever.

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There are more plugins in various stages of development. One that will be here soon is a simple order form. All you do is upload a CSV, add a short code and your customers can place an order. You can then combine this with the Paypal Plugin to take payments. Easy Peasy.

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  1. Marcus on 21 Feb 2019

    Hi Graham,
    We’ve been using your plug-in for a while, successfully, but have been advised by our hosting provider to update our PHP settings from 7.0 to 7.2 or above. In doing so, we now get the following error message:
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /homepages/35/d127790638/htdocs/clickandbuilds/ExOx/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 2166
    If I disable Quick Paypal Payments, the error goes … but we can’t take payments. Our host provider suggests that Quick Paypal Payments is not compatible with the later versions of PHP. Is this a known issue, and is there something we can do to work around it?
    (The plug-in is currently disabled)
    Many thanks, Marcus

    • Graham on 22 Feb 2019

      Hi Margus,
      The latest version of PHP added a load of new warnings. They do not affect the functionality of the plugin, it’s just a warning that PHP has found a non numeric value. The simplest fix is to disable debugging while I try to find a fix. A lot of developers are having the same issue and none of the suggested fixes seem to work.

  2. Ronald Ella on 03 Feb 2019

    How can i add new fields? we need it.

    • Graham on 06 Feb 2019

      Hi Ronald,
      Adding new fields isn’t a quick fix as there are loads of different functions that use the data. What new fields do you need?

  3. Frank Haywood on 03 Feb 2019

    Hi Graham,

    Brilliant plugin thank you. I’ve spent 12 hours messing around with various plugins until I found QPP and I’ll be checking out MultiPay later today.

    However… One problem I’ve noticed is that if you click the payment button, it immediately generates a record in the Payments dashboard (and sends a payment notification to me) even if no-one has paid.

    The specific case usage for me was to have a method of accepting donations via a site for a game service I’m just about to launch with a couple of friends. We all need to know when someone has donated and the method I’ve used on another site via a plain old PayPal generated button isn’t good enough so I was pleased when I found QPP because of the dashboard and the email notifications. After an hour or so of messing with styling options and trying out different things I finally got the form working the way I wanted to – it looks beautiful. I’ve enabled IPN in the IPN tab and set the listener on the IPN settings to the suggested one – https://darkhour.cc/?qpp_ipn – but I don’t think it’s doing anything. The PayPal account is a business one and has a “catch-all” IPN URL set. I even tried updating QPP to 5.7.1 but with the same result.

    At the moment if anyone fills in their in-game name and clicks the donate button, it registers as a sale in the Payments dashboard and sends an email, even if they cancel or close the window without completing the donation.

    Do I have the wrong end of the stick and this is normal behaviour or am I expecting the wrong thing?

    Thanks again for creating this plugin, I’m off to check out MultiPay now. 🙂

    • Graham on 06 Feb 2019

      Go to the auto-responder and make sure the ‘send notifications after payment’ is checked. Pending payments will also appear in the table. That’s so you can track who has and who hasn’t paid. If you are using IPN then the ‘Paid’ column will be blank until payment is complete.

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