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Repayment Calculator

A really simple repayment calculator. Sliders for the amount and term and a output area showing how much you have to repay.

Here’s a quick summary of what you get:

  • Amount Slider settings
  • Term Slider settings
  • Interest rate
  • Optional credit score rates
  • Processing
  • Selectable outputs
  • Number formatting
  • Optional Apply now button (linking to your own application form)

Demo | Get the Plugin

  1. Gideon Josh on 22 Oct 2021:

    Can i add upfront payment

    Reply to Gideon Josh

  2. John Bisquit on 06 Apr 2021:

    How do i add this repayment calculator plugin, wanted exact like the one on the image. Im using elementor

    Reply to John Bisquit

    • Graham on 06 Apr 2021:

      Hi John,
      You add it to the page just like any other shortcode in Elementor: https://elementor.com/help/shortcode-widget/

      But I’d really advise not using Elementor. Performance is poor and this is a now a key ranking signal.

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