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I can’t promise the plugins will work with your theme or any other plugins. I have tried to make it so but it’s impossible to test against everything. If it doesn’t work as expected I will try to help but the huge number of other plugins, theme or even hosting restiction means there might not even be a fix. Note that 9 times out of 10 it’s the theme or a plugin conflict (usually JetPack) causing the problem.

Requests for Change

At first I didn’t mind the requests as most were fairly simple but they are now getting complex and time consuming. Some of them are so specialised that only a few people will ever use the feature. And a lot of people never even answer my emails when I send an update for testing. If you want something from me then I hope I get something back from you, even if it’s just a thank-you. A donation would be nice as well.

Free for you does not mean free for me

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the wonderful world of plugins you need to know it can take weeks to get it right, googling and forum searching to find the script you need, writing the actual code and then hour after frustrating hour debugging and testing.

There is of course the pleasure of seeing people download and actually use the plugin but that doesn’t stop people complaining when something they want isn’t built into the plugin they got for free. Please don’t assume I’m going to do everything you ask for. I have to earn a living and an hour fiddling with a plugin means an hour I’m not earning anything.


So if you are still reading this and still want some help then I’m happy to oblige. But in return some appreciation of the work involved will make me much more amenable to doing so. All you have to do is fill in the form to say thanks for the many, many hours I have spent over a good few years building the plugins for you to use:

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  1. Karen Snashall on 23 Feb 2017:

    Hi I’ve installed your plugin on a few sites and they have worked wonderfully a week ago I installed on another site and have since had 3-4 spam payments a day mainly from Russia, I have the maths captcha active, is there any way of integrating another spam blocker to work on the form? Is there any threat to the paypal account?

    Reply to Karen Snashall

    • Karen Snashall on 06 Mar 2017:

      Any ideas Graham?

    • Graham on 06 Mar 2017:

      Sorry for not replying sooner Karen,
      You can’t stop people filling in the form. The cpatcha and other spam traps will block the bots but it seems that a real person is sending the form. Have you tried blocking all Russian IP addresses?

  2. Paolo Duzioni on 16 Feb 2017:

    Hello, I have the pro version of paypal payments. A simple question: is possible to get the quantity of the order on the thank you page, after the payment?

    Reply to Paolo Duzioni

    • Graham on 16 Feb 2017:

      Not easily. I did look at this a while back and it’s a lot of extra coding. What you can do is extract the data from the IPN log. That way you can display the full order wherever you want.

  3. Jean-Marc on 04 Feb 2017:


    Just a little message to tell you that when changing the settings for the calendar view and not setting any value for the header (h2, h3, h4) in the calendar options, the calendar view is completely destroyed because the “header” value in the “qem_calendar” option table is empty.

    I’m using last WordPress version 4.7.2 with QEM version 8.3

    Hope it helps!

    Best wishes,


    Reply to Jean-Marc

    • Jean-Marc on 05 Feb 2017:

      I’ve found where the issue comes from, in you settings.php page you use “$$” variables to decide which control will be checked or not.

      You have to use ${$} to make it work.


  4. Frans on 02 Feb 2017:


    After creating an event across 5 days it only shows the first day. I want to see the same event repeated across 5 days. Am I doing something wrong?


    Reply to Frans

    • Frans on 02 Feb 2017:

      I solved it for 1 month because there actually is a selection box for it! However now it does not span across the next month!!!!

    • Graham on 09 Feb 2017:

      I’ve fixed this and am sending you an update to test

    • Frans on 09 Feb 2017:

      Your update was well received although marked as spam …;) You nailed it! Thanks for the repair!

    • Graham on 09 Feb 2017:

      I’ll get the update ready for uploading to the repository

  5. Brian on 26 Jan 2017:

    Have used this for a couple customers. Really appreciate your free plugin as it allows me to keep my prices low.

    Thanks so much.

    Reply to Brian

  6. Mark on 19 Jan 2017:

    Hi there, I purchased your Pro version of the plugin as I wanted to use the csv importer but I am unable to get this to work. I emailed you with my sample csv file so hope you receive it and can assist.


    Reply to Mark

    • Graham on 19 Jan 2017:

      I’ve checked the csv you sent me and all your dates have an apostrophe: ’13 Apr 17. Change the column to text format to remove the apostrophe and the import works

  7. Diana on 13 Jan 2017:

    I’ve upgraded to pro to have the “use in-context” feature. However it doesn’t use in context, it just redirects to the paypal login page. I’ve followed all the instructions… how do I know if it’s my theme that might be the issue?

    Reply to Diana

    • Graham on 13 Jan 2017:

      Hi Diana,
      That looks like an issue with your account settings. Have you fully verified the account with PayPal?

    • Diana on 13 Jan 2017:

      Yes we have been using the account for years. PayPal support has indicated that the link isn’t passing the token through to the url and therefore redirecting to the PayPal home page. If you have any suggestions on how I can tweak it (through settings or something?) much appreciated.

    • Graham on 13 Jan 2017:

      You have got something weird going on with the page. The forms appear to be nested which means they are conflicting with each other.

    • Diana on 13 Jan 2017:

      I’ve removed one of the forms and made sure there is only one form on the page code… still

    • Graham on 13 Jan 2017:

      Looking at the code there are still form conflicts. It’s bedtime here in the UK so will take another look tomorrow. Can you submit the form from the dashboard and see what happens?

  8. Ben on 11 Jan 2017:

    Thank You for the great plugin.

    I have noticed one issue.
    Under Recurring payments “Allow users to change the number of payments” does not appear to properly pass the value to paypal. If I enter an integer grater than two on the backend that value gets passed to paypal regardless of what the user enters. If left blank on the backend recurring payments appear to be made infinitely. If it is a quick fix please shoot me the code and I will apply it as a patch.

    Just a thought*
    Another feature idea would be to enable recurring payments on the user end.
    basically add a checkbox. So they can turn it on an off (not sure how hard this would be).

    Page I was working on…
    https://www.highwaytwostorage.com/test-pay-online/ (This may change before you get around to looking at things)

    Anyway… Thank You.

    Reply to Ben

    • Graham on 12 Jan 2017:

      You’re right. I doesn’t work. I sometimes wish I had never added the recurring payment option – it has caused me so much grief! Anyway, I shall investigate and fix it.

      Adding a checkbox to enable recurring payments sounds simple but isn’t. There are all sorts of checks and whatevers happening behind the scenes that need to happen to process a recurring payment. I’m working on an update that allows an initial payment and then a recurring payment, I might be able to do something with this option.

  9. Lawrence on 05 Jan 2017:


    I bought the pro version of the Paypal plugin.

    How can I make the code to load just on one page in WordPress?

    It slows down the page loads because it shows at bottom of page or posts it loading. I just want it to load the code on the page where I am using the plugin.

    How can I achieve this?

    Thank you

    Reply to Lawrence

    • Graham on 05 Jan 2017:

      It shouldn’t slow the site down – I’ve just checked and it loaded pretty fast for me. I did take a look at your code and it’s pretty horrendous – mainly because of Avada all the customisations. The plugin has a tiny footprint when compared to everything else that’s loaded, including Woo. So not really sure what to advise. Avada isn’t the best theme – it’s very dated and not very efficient (or responsive).

    • Shadrin on 11 Jan 2017:

      Every reloading of any any page of wordpres site with QPP installed producing Paypal.com inquiry. It is slows the whole site. Even if plugin only activated and not shortcode used.
      How can to fix it?

    • Graham on 11 Jan 2017:


      What do you mean it’s producing a paypal.com enquiry? The plugin uses the code from paypal and will cache this on the first page load but it shouldn’t slow anything down. You do have a 3.7Mb homepage which isn’t helping

    • Shadrin on 12 Jan 2017:

      Hi Graham,
      I mean that every time I click to reload browser button or click any menu item I am watching reloading (or loading) of page. This every page reload make paypal.com inquiry that expressed in message “waiting paypal.com” of my Google Crome browser in short time.

      it happens even if I not used QPP shortcut.

    • Graham on 12 Jan 2017:

      Just deactivate the plugin. I’m not even sure why you are seeing the message as the plugin doesn’t connect to paypal until payment is made.

  10. Shadrin on 02 Jan 2017:


    I think this plugin the best that I tried to use in my site. Thanks!

    One question. Can I change PayPal paying form to form that accept credit cards wihtout PayPal registration?

    Reply to Shadrin

    • Shadrin on 03 Jan 2017:

      One more question.

      If I make plugin upgrade to Pro – I get “In-Context Checkout”.
      I read in the PayPal site
      that “In-Context Checkout” hasn’t “RUB” support and not works in Russia. Can you check it?

    • Graham on 03 Jan 2017:

      That’s correct. RUB isn’t a supported currency

    • Graham on 03 Jan 2017:

      Hi Shadrin,
      PayPal has all sorts of rules about paying with credit cards. You need a business account and meet all sorts of variable criteria that PayPal keeps secret. There is a setting in your account that allows CC payments but if the payee has ever had a PayPal account this doesn’t always work.

    • Shadrin on 04 Jan 2017:

      Graham, thanks for answer!

      I applied my business account it work better!
      PayPal now can accept CC and PayPal form looks better.

      Thank you for best PayPal plugin!

  11. Antonio Escobar on 13 Dec 2016:


    Will you update the pluggin for WP 4.7, It seems to have some errors.

    Reply to Antonio Escobar

    • Graham on 13 Dec 2016:

      What are these errors? I’m using WP4.7 and it’s all working for me.

    • Antonio on 13 Dec 2016:

      Hi Graham

      I realized that I had to remove the labels like amount=” ” and now it works.

      Sorry for the last comment and thank you very much for your brilliant work

  12. Isla Sands on 11 Nov 2016:

    I’m in the process of trying out Multipay and already think it is by far the best payment form option for WordPress. I’ve tried them all and none of them are so easy to set up, and none of them have Multipay’s styling options (that don’t require CSS skills). So here’s hoping it works with Divi! Big thank you to the developer.

    Reply to Isla Sands

  13. Joni Mueller on 08 Nov 2016:

    I am happy to pay for some help with this issue. i am rebuilding a site from the ground up; the old server is/was infected with malware so I have moved it. Nearly everything is in place, from scratch and with the help of PHPMyAdmin! And while I see that this plugin stores data in the wp_options table, and I imported it, it doesn’t appear at the new site. I need to be able to export the current payment data to the new site. Thanks!

    Reply to Joni Mueller

    • Graham on 08 Nov 2016:

      Hi Joni,
      Sending you an email…

  14. Matt Bogue on 05 Nov 2016:

    I’ve used your Pay Pal plugin for my client’s site for a while and it’s worked flawlessly till now. For some reason my custom styles are not working for the plugin. It defaults to the default colors, even though they are changed in my settings.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Reply to Matt Bogue

    • Graham on 05 Nov 2016:

      Can you go to the plugin styles page and check the ‘location’ option is set to ‘external stylesheet’. That will fix it until I sort out the bug.

    • Matt Bogue on 05 Nov 2016:

      That worked. Thanks for your help

    • Graham on 06 Nov 2016:

      No probs. I’ve now fixed the bug and uploaded the new version to the WordPress repository. As an aside, if your clients want to offer alternate means of payment there is a new MultiPay plugin: https://quick-plugins.com/multipay/

  15. C Atkinson on 30 Sep 2016:


    The form works itself, but it doesn’t seem to connect with Paypal.

    Does it work with a normal Paypal account in the UK or do we need a pro account?

    Reply to C Atkinson

    • Graham on 30 Sep 2016:

      A normal account should work. Can you give me a link to the payment page so I can see what’s happening.

    • C Atkinson on 30 Sep 2016:

      Thanks Graham > http://corporate-energy-book.com/order/

    • Graham on 30 Sep 2016:

      I filled in the form and it went to paypal exactly as expected. However, it took me a while: I couldn’t see the form (I had to scroll down) and the required fields have a while border on a white background!

  16. René on 09 Sep 2016:

    Hi, Graham,
    first: thank you for the great Plugin. I have updated QEM 7.3 to 8.1 . Now I get the following error:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare qem_guest_list() (previously declared in /homepages/36/d480154809/htdocs/hgo_neu/wp-content/plugins/quick-event-manager-guest-post/quick-event-manager-guest-post.php:441) in /homepages/36/d480154809/htdocs/hgo_neu/wp-content/plugins/quick-event-manager/quick-event-options.php on line 679

    What can i do?
    Thanks for your help

    Reply to René

    • Graham on 09 Sep 2016:

      Hi René,
      Deactivate the extensions plugin and you should be OK as I t’s all bundled together now.

    • René on 09 Sep 2016:

      Hi Graham, thanks for your help. It has worked. I have Upgrade to Pro. can you help me in a design problem? can one furnish this so that map not on top on the right, but beside the data stands (Excample: http://www.highlandgames-ossweil.de/event/2-stuttgarter-highland-games-in-weilimdorf/)?

      Thanks for your help

    • Graham on 09 Sep 2016:

      It’s line 120 in your theme stylesheet that’s causing the problem. Change it to: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {font-weight: 400;} (delete the clear:both;) and you should be OK. If you don’t want to do this add the following custom CSS in the plugin styles page: .qem h3{display:inline-block;}

    • René on 09 Sep 2016:

      Hi Graham,
      its perfect. problem solved.
      thank you very much

  17. Willem on 03 Sep 2016:

    Great plugin for our website to promote events, but i have noticed that since an update i cann’t change the date of an event. The date of creation is the date of event and isn’t changable. Is this an bug?

    Reply to Willem

    • Graham on 03 Sep 2016:

      If you delete the plugin and download a fresh copy it should all work again. You won’t lose any events or settings.

  18. Andy on 25 Aug 2016:

    How do i get the feature to pay here with credit or debt card and not required to create paypal account?

    Reply to Andy

    • Graham on 26 Aug 2016:

      If you have a business account you can set it to allow payment with a CC. Login to you PP account and go to: My selling preferences > Payment Preferences > PayPal Account Optional

  19. Peter on 22 Aug 2016:

    I get an error in attachment file sizes. Could this be a setting in WP or is this setting in plugin? I already increased file size in plugin.

    Reply to Peter

    • Graham on 23 Aug 2016:

      Hi Peter,

      It’s a bit difficult to diagnose without seeing the site and doing some testing. Can you give me a link or send me an email if you want to keep it private.

    • Peter on 26 Aug 2016:

      Problem solved. The only thing left is translation of the buttons and even more. Can I add .mov (Iphone movie) to this mail? Does not seem to work with Iphone) See http://portal.tandartspraktijk-tilburg.nl/home/

    • Peter on 26 Aug 2016:

      PS: on android you do not see the attachment while on ipone there is a thumbnail.

  20. Bob Fine on 08 Aug 2016:

    Just started with pro – thanks. Add to mailchimp? How does that work? I have a fair idea about mailchimp, but what goes in the fields?



    Reply to Bob Fine

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