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Paypal Payments Plugin for WordPress

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Levi Koelling on 05 Sep 2018:

    I have the app setup but it doesn’t seem to be passing the information along properly. It produces the pay pal page that says there’s a problem with your shipping address. I have removed shipping address from the form and it still seems to want this information. Please let me know what I can do to wrap this up.

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  2. Markus on 01 Sep 2018:

    Hello, have a problem with the coupon codes validation. Every time I enter the code it tells me that it is not valid, please can you help me? What is Qty? Thanks by all.

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    • Graham on 02 Sep 2018:

      The quantity field is for when you have a limited number of coupons. I will test my version and make sure the coupons work.

  3. cyril on 31 Aug 2018:

    Graham, It’s OK with the default form. So I used this one that I customized.

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  4. cyril on 31 Aug 2018:

    Yes, I use EUR.
    I can send you a screen copy with settings.

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    • Graham on 31 Aug 2018:

      Cyril, I’ve just checked and EUR works as it should. Try the top form on this page. If you try the second it is in GBP and the coupon example works for JPY.

      You could try your PayPal account settings and make sure you haven’t got the currency set to USD.

  5. cyril on 28 Aug 2018:

    A little problem in my Quick Paypal Payment plugin.
    On the Setup page, I mentioned eur in the Currency column for my form.
    But, when I’m redirected to the Paypal page, the amount to pay appears in USD.
    Would you have the solution?
    Thank you.

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    • Graham on 28 Aug 2018:

      Did you use eur or EUR? PayPal needs it to be EUR.

  6. Jamaica taxi on 14 Aug 2018:

    Cant see this plugin work https://www.jamaicantaxitours.com/pay/

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  7. Noah on 04 Aug 2018:

    I am getting a “PayPal Monthly Billing” after user logs into paypal… here is a screenshot -> http://prntscr.com/keoy7p

    Not sure why, can you help?

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    • Graham on 05 Aug 2018:

      The page hangs and doesn’t connect to PayPal so I can’t test this for you. The heading at the top of the page is normally your accoint name – nothing to do with the plugin.

  8. Marian Sladek on 16 Jul 2018:

    Is it possible to use the plugin for the country of Slovakia? Well thank you

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  9. Brett on 10 Jul 2018:

    Great little plugin Graham. Simple to configure and lots of flexibility
    It took me four plugins to find yours!
    Thank you for spending the extra time on the detail

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    • Graham on 10 Jul 2018:

      Thank you Brett.

  10. sri ram kumar on 07 Jul 2018:

    How can i add minimum quantity?
    i want to add minimum and maximum quantity. we can take a example as i could give the permission for buying the product between 100 to 300.
    please give me short-code.

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    • Graham on 07 Jul 2018:

      There is no minimum option. You can only set a maximum quantity. If you want a minimum quantity option I can add this but there will be a development charge.

  11. Tom on 15 Jun 2018:

    Hi there, we have been using this plugin for a while, and it works really well, supporting different amounts and one off or regular donations. However, we are getting an issue that Paypal doesn’t return to the address specified there after the donation is made. Paypal say everything is configured correctly at their end, so is there anything in the settings to make sure that Paypal returns as intended?

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    • Graham on 15 Jun 2018:

      It might be worth checking your PayPal account settings to make sure you don’t have a redirection set up. However, checking the code on your page you don’t seem to have a redirection for the thankyou/cancel pages

  12. Tosca Lahiri on 12 Jun 2018:

    Hello, I’ve downloaded the latest version. However, the csv or the email are not collecting the telephone number which is a required field. How can this be corrected please? The telephone number is vital on this site

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    • Graham on 12 Jun 2018:

      Hi Tosca,
      Have you selected the ‘Show Address’ option in the messages settings? This is the trigger to add the personal details to the CSV and email download

  13. Victor on 29 May 2018:

    When someone checks out, it asks for personal information. Is there somewhere I can access the info that they input there? I know it sends a portion of it to PayPal, but I need the phone number and name. I see an option to see the history, but not the info they input. Where can I access this info? Thank you in advance.

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    • Graham on 29 May 2018:

      Hi Victor,
      You can see all the data on the Payments report in your dashboard and use the Send Options settings to receive a notification with the full form data.

  14. Ken on 15 May 2018:

    Hi Graham,
    First, thanks for the great plugin. I have everything working (I think) with one slight exception. I have my forms set up to “Send yourself a copy of the payment details.” which it does, however, it isn’t including all the information in that email. I’m wondering if there is a way that I can have it include the full details. For example, I would like it to include the email address of the person making the payment, which I have set as a required field. Also, on some forms we are asking for other details, and I would like those included in the email as well. Where might I edit the composition of the copy email that gets sent?


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  15. Kimberly on 23 Apr 2018:

    I have set up a payment form. The form works except that when I click on send payment, PayPal it gives me this message:
    “There‚Äôs a problem with your shipping address.
    Please return to the merchant and update your information, including your city, state, and ZIP code.”

    What am I doing wrong?

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    • Graham on 23 Apr 2018:

      If PayPal is asking for a shipping address then that’s what you need to provide them with. What’s the URL of the payment page?

  16. Meg Tobin on 15 Apr 2018:

    How do I change the email address for the list of completed payments to be sent? Somehow it is different from my paypal address.

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    • Graham on 15 Apr 2018:

      Hi Meg. I can add an option to select the email address in the next update.

  17. Giorgio Formica on 12 Apr 2018:

    I try to explain me better:
    i create a fillable pdf form to generate my invoices. I added a “pay now” Paypal button image to the pdf. If clicked, it open in the browser the url of my payment page. I d like to customize the URL in order to pass values to the paypal payments form such as :
    invoice number as “reference”
    total amount as “amount”
    and i would like also to prefill my customer details:
    like VAT
    mail addess etc etc.
    is it possible?

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    • Graham on 15 Apr 2018:

      Hi Giorgio,
      I will see what I can do for the next update.

  18. Giorgio Formica on 12 Apr 2018:

    It could be usefull to pass value from my invoice as for the autoresponder mail shortcodes

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  19. Giorgio Formica on 12 Apr 2018:

    thank you for this plug-in!
    I’d like you could clear me this point. Are amount, coupon and reference the only queries i can use. Can you provide a complete list of them?

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    • Graham on 12 Apr 2018:

      Hi Giorgio,
      Those are the only 3 queries. Nobody has asked for anything else. Which ones to you want to use?

  20. Mike Sententia on 20 Mar 2018:

    Edit: The default URL seems to have gotten caught in an XSS filter. It’s http://mysite.com/?qpp_ipn


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