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Paypal Payments Plugin for WordPress

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Mike Sententia on 20 Mar 2018:

    Nice plugin.

    I’m trying to set up IPN. I’ve verified that Paypal is sending me IPNs using another wordpress plugin, and verified that the field I want is payment_status. But QPP doesn’t seem to be receiving any data. The table showing payments doesn’t show any data for that field, and the confirmation email never goes out. (Email works fine with the non-IPN option.)

    The IPN checkbox is enabled, and I’m using the default URL http:///?qpp_ipn

    Any ideas?



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  2. Roy Weil on 13 Mar 2018:

    I installed the plugin and got the following XSS error from network solutions Sitelock
    I have deactivated the plugin for now.
    URL:https://friendsoftheriverfront.org/send-money/?amount=Enter amount to pay&couponapplied=1&form_id=1&multiples=1&qppsubmit=Make a Donation&quantity=1&radio_amount=0.00&reference=Map Donation&sc[post]=1717&setref=checked&total=1

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    • Graham on 13 Mar 2018:

      Hi Roy,
      The plugin uses wp_nonce to prevent XSS attacks. It seems be working for everyone – or at least nobody is reporting any issues – so I’m not sure what to do. There isn’t much more I can do to make the plugin more secure but if you think sitelock are correct, what do they suggest need fixing?

  3. Ari on 21 Feb 2018:

    Great plugin. The payments work great. However, I’m having trouble with the email notifications. The “Send yourself a copy of the payment details” checkbox under Send Options > Confirmation Message is on with the address that I want it to go to. How are these emails sent out? Does it use the PHP mail function or something else?

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  4. David on 21 Jan 2018:

    Great plugin – thank you 🙂

    Coming up with warning msg + failing when I use a URL — after I click the Pay Now button fails with ‘oops’ message 🙂

    Hope U can help – thank you

    I have set the currency to PHP in settings


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  5. Jason on 04 Jan 2018:

    No matter what (valid) paypal address I use in the plugin once someone enters the ref and amount they get redirect to the paypal home page.

    I would really like to get your plugin working as its the ONLY one that I have found for simple variable payments.

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    • Graham on 04 Jan 2018:

      Hi Jason,
      Not sure how you have managed this but you have one form wrapped inside another. That’s why it’s not working. Have you tried the form on a vanilla site using just the 2017 theme?

  6. Phil on 02 Jan 2018:

    Hi – I am attempting to pass a reference and amount via a query as described above. The reference field works perfectly, but the amount is not being passed to PayPal (and the label for Amount is also not displaying.

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  7. Massimiliano on 14 Dec 2017:

    Hi Graham

    perhaps i didn’t explained correctly cause of my not so good english.
    i need something like in this page https://form.santantonio.org/?fl=it but only with paypal payement of course

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  8. Massimiliano on 13 Dec 2017:

    I’ve buyed the pro version cause i need the multiple product selection. But I need also an input field lke in the free version. I was wondering why the input field is not available when i use the multiple product. Is there a way to add it in the plugin?

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    • Graham on 13 Dec 2017:

      Hi Massimiliano,
      The field is still there, it’s now just the first item in the multiple products. It’s not possible to have both, PayPal will only accept a single product or multiple products: HTML Variables for PayPal Payments

  9. Dietmar Gottke on 07 Dec 2017:

    Hello Graham,
    pls help me out to configure MULTIPAY plugin. Processing tab: When I try to fill in the links of the Cancel and Thank you pages I got a question back. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Yes I’m sure, I wan’t a special page after payment, but I can’t complete.
    I hope for a quick answer and thx in advance.
    Rgds., Dietmar

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  10. Julie on 07 Sep 2017:

    There seems to be a glitch in the sandbox interface. Our users are not able to retrieve their password. They get caught in a web of error message and essentially are not able to complete the transaction. This is a huge and pressing problem for our payments. Please let us know ASAP what can be done.

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    • Graham on 07 Sep 2017:

      The sandbox is a PayPal service, it’s not part of the plugin. So not sure there is anything I can do.

  11. Donal on 14 Aug 2017:

    I may be missing something but how can I report on payments received showing all details entered on the payment form? Thanks in advance.

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    • Graham on 15 Aug 2017:

      Hi Donal,
      In your dashboard there is a link called ‘Payments’. That’s where you can see who has filled in the form. If you are using IPN or the API you can see who has made a payment

    • Donal on 15 Aug 2017:

      Thanks for the fast response Graham. I just hadn’t spotted the Show Address check box. This gives me what I need.

  12. Jennifer on 14 Jul 2017:

    This plug-in is the answer to weeks worth of trial and error searching. I am running Jigoshop eCommerce and am in need of a way to allow students to be on an installment plan. I couldn’t find any plug-in or short-code that would allow this until I found this one by accident. It will be perfect for payments, although we will have to monitor them ourselves. Thank you so much!

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    • Graham on 14 Jul 2017:

      Thank you Jennifer

  13. Anu on 13 May 2017:

    I was trying to add processing charge say 2Euro, it is showing on email but while redirecting to paypal it is not added with the amount.


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    • Graham on 17 May 2017:

      Can you send me a like to the payment page so I can see what’s happening

  14. Kathy J on 21 Mar 2017:

    I have a paypal payment form that has two fields, single and family memberships. Is it possible to add a dropdown section to the “family” field so that the names of other family members can be added? This might be confusing, but I do need to have a way to add the members names to the family section. Thank you.

    Reply to Kathy J

    • Graham on 22 Mar 2017:

      In theory this is possible but it’s not easy. Maybe you could use the ‘Add Textbox for Comments’ field and change the label to ‘Enter all names’.

    • Kathy J on 22 Mar 2017:

      Thank you and I will try that.

  15. Chris on 07 Dec 2016:


    just testing the plugin, I have a form setup which when taken to the paypal payments screen, wont let me make a paymant. After completing the 2factor authentication, I am kicked straight back to the login screen by paypal. I appreciate that this is not your issue, but any idea what I should check on the paypal account?

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    • Graham on 07 Dec 2016:

      This is almost certainly an issue with your PP account. Once you head off to PayPal the plugin has finished it’s work until payment is complete. so check your account. Have you fully verified and linked bank accounts and credit cards?

  16. Bill on 25 Nov 2016:

    After I Set Number of coupons is 2000, Now I can not change the number of coupons code and Can not change anything. Please help me fix with this problem?

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    • Graham on 25 Nov 2016:

      I’ve just checked and tested and can change and save all the settings so not sure how to help you with this. Are you able to add, remove and change the coupon code?

  17. Érik on 23 Nov 2016:

    Hi Graham. First, i’d like to tell you that your plugin is great! I have a question for you : is it possible to add another set of fields in the pro version? I have a form on my website and i have a set of fields for the billing address and i’d need another set for the shipping address on the same form. Is it possible to add these fields in the pro version? Thanks for your help! : )

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  18. Fiona on 22 Sep 2016:

    Is there a reason you know of that would cause each payment to be listed twice in the payments list? I’m getting this issue and cannot see what might be wrong with the setup.

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    • Graham on 22 Sep 2016:

      Hi Fiona,
      I’ve got no idea why this is happening. I get the same occasionally when I receive messages from my contact form. Can you try disabling all other plugins and making a test payment of one cent. If you only get one payment in the list then turn the other plugins on one at a time and test each time until you find the culprit. I can then do some investigation.

  19. jay harding on 02 Sep 2016:

    can I add the functionality for radio buttons to be multiple select example I had five options in radio button mode can I select them all? and output the result?… thanks!

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    • Graham on 02 Sep 2016:

      You can’t multi select radio buttons but I should be able to change the code so you can use checkboxes. I can’t do it today but I should be able to send you the update for testing soon.

    • jay harding on 03 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir,

      I really appreciate this one. I really need that checkbox for my products multiple selection. I found your plugin very awesome and with this future addition to it this will be a rockstar plugin!… Please send me updates on this development sir as I am building payment options… Thank you very much looking forward! Godbless

    • Graham on 03 Sep 2016:

      I’ve just sent you an update with the checkbox option

    • jay harding on 05 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir,

      I received the newly update plugin. Thank you very much the checkboxes are awesome you nailed it!
      Thanks a lot!

    • jay harding on 05 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir,

      How can I edit the checkboxes to display inline seems there is a break in every label item… Can you please give me a hint on how to edit it. I tried it manipulating the css nothing happens…

    • Graham on 05 Sep 2016:

      I need to see the form to help you fix this as I’m not sure what’s happening.

      PS: Do you really need Avada? It’s rapidly becoming an irrelevant theme now that more and more people are using tablet and phones.

    • jay harding on 05 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir,

      Here is the sample form that I had used. http://easylogos.net/ on the social media part. Please look at the form..

      PS: What theme do you suggest sir?…

    • Graham on 06 Sep 2016:

      Had a look at the form and it all look good to me. If you remove the linebreaks the form becomes much less usable. But I’ll fix the coe so you have the option of inline check boxes for you.

      I will email you with the reasons why Avada is a poor choice of theme.

    • Jay Harding on 06 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir Graham,

      Thank you very much for your kindness, I appreciate a lot. Please email me the reason’s why AVADA is a poor choice of theme and please suggest me what theme is good for me to use, because I will me creating more websites. Can you suggest me what them is good for an auction site?. Also, for ecommerce site and other business related site. I really appreciate your help. I want also to improve my knowledge in WordPress as well as the backend coding. Thanks a lot! Godbless!

    • jay harding on 06 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir,

      I received the updated files, my question is that if I delete the old plugin file and replace with this new one does my forms also be changed ? or will jus remain the same?.


    • Graham on 06 Sep 2016:

      It’s safe to replace the plugin, you will not lose any forms or settings

    • jay harding on 08 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir Graham,

      I find out that the plugin has only one option for a text box… can it be done to add one more textbox. I want to use it on this site. http://trafficforcheap.com/general-traffic/ I want to add and extra textbox for them to add their 5 prefered keywords just like this http://trafficforcheap.com/keyword-traffic/ for this page I use contactform7 with paypal but I really want to use your plugin for this… very great plugin and reliable… Please update me sir if this is possible. Thank you! Godbless! BTW. I read your explanation about using AVADA indeed I agree.

    • Graham on 08 Sep 2016:

      A much simpler solution would be to use the ‘item number’ field for the URL and the textbox for the keyeords.

      PS: the site doesn’t work on a phone, the SM icons cover up the content. I’m not even sure why you need them, it would be far better not to put any distractions in the way of potential customers.

    • jay harding on 09 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir,

      Thank you for the tip I just turned the social media off the mobile version. I had another query sir if I can use the coupon code on a specific item. I had this offer. http://easylogos.net/ the standard custom logo. I had two options there standard delivery and express $49 for standard and $59 for express. Now I wanted to set the coupon code discount for the standard that the express would never be affected how can it be done sir because when I choose express from the drop down menu and applied the coupon it applies also. Please help I am a bit stressed out here,,,
      Thanks! Godbless!

    • jay harding on 26 Sep 2016:

      Hello Sir Graham,

      I just want you to update about this…

      I had another query sir if I can use the coupon code on a specific item. I had this offer. http://easylogos.net/ the standard custom logo. I had two options there standard delivery and express $49 for standard and $59 for express. Now I wanted to set the coupon code discount for the standard that the express would never be affected how can it be done sir because when I choose express from the drop down menu and applied the coupon it applies also. Please help I am a bit stressed out here,,,
      Thanks! Godbless!

    • Graham on 26 Sep 2016:

      This would need some custom coding. I can do this for you but as it is quite bespoke I would have to charge. If this is acceptable I will send you a quote for the work.

  20. Matt on 01 Sep 2016:

    Hello, is there a way to add an additional radio button question? The question I want to add is “do you want us to match your donation to xyz organization?” With yes & no radio responses.

    Thank you!

    Reply to Matt

    • Graham on 01 Sep 2016:

      Hi Matt,
      It’s not easy to add a second radio field as these are a gazillion function doing all sorts of things in back. I’m assuming you are already using the ‘options’ field. I’ve had a request for a datepicker as well so I might see about adding a set of new fields in the pro version.

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