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I can’t promise the plugins will work with your theme or any other plugins. I have tried to make it so but it’s impossible to test against everything. If it doesn’t work as expected I will try to help but the huge number of other plugins, theme or even hosting restiction means there might not even be a fix. Note that 9 times out of 10 it’s the theme or a plugin conflict (usually JetPack) causing the problem.

Requests for Change

At first I didn’t mind the requests as most were fairly simple but they are now getting complex and time consuming. Some of them are so specialised that only a few people will ever use the feature. And a lot of people never even answer my emails when I send an update for testing. If you want something from me then I hope I get something back from you, even if it’s just a thank-you. A donation would be nice as well.

Free for you does not mean free for me

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the wonderful world of plugins you need to know it can take weeks to get it right, googling and forum searching to find the script you need, writing the actual code and then hour after frustrating hour debugging and testing.

There is of course the pleasure of seeing people download and actually use the plugin but that doesn’t stop people complaining when something they want isn’t built into the plugin they got for free. Please don’t assume I’m going to do everything you ask for. I have to earn a living and an hour fiddling with a plugin means an hour I’m not earning anything.


So if you are still reading this and still want some help then I’m happy to oblige. But in return some appreciation of the work involved will make me much more amenable to doing so. All you have to do is fill in the form to say thanks for the many, many hours I have spent over a good few years building the plugins for you to use:

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  1. Glen Woodfin on 28 Apr 2024:

    Hi Graham, your Quick Interest Slider has worked for a while. Out of the blue, it is breaking my site. Happy to follow your guidance, pay you, etc. I’ve deactivated the plugin for now.

    This is the site: https://www.housemaxcharleston.com/

    Thank you so much, Glen

    Reply to Glen Woodfin

    • Graham on 28 Apr 2024:

      Glen, it’s probably one of the settings has gone awry. I had to make a number of updates to the plugin to comply with security changers and it affected the settings. I’ve also sent you an email

  2. Matthew on 17 Nov 2019:

    Hello Aerin,

    Been using the plugin for about 3 years, its been awesome so thank you! Today I updated our site to wordpress 5.3 and each time I try to add a new event I get a white screen. On inspection the contant is there but its not displyed? I’ll try again soon but wanted to know if this is something you have seen before, nother else on teh site has changed.

    Reply to Matthew

    • Graham on 17 Nov 2019:

      I’ve just checked and using WP5.3 and the latest version of the plugin everything works as it should. Which suggests a theme or plugin conflict. Have you got the classic editor installed? If not try this and see if the problem resolves.

  3. Adrian on 31 May 2019:

    Hi Aerin

    Was testing your plugin today and was wondering how we are able to trigger the mysite.com/payments?id=Oranges&amount=£50 option. what is the exact URL to use?

    When I tried using it on http://www.myxgentech.net/payments?id=Oranges&amount=£50, it shows Error 404.
    When I tried calling it via the created page (with an inserted shortcode) at http://www.myxgentech.net/pp/?id=Oranges&amount=50, it doesn’t show the ID and Amount at all.

    I did however manage to get it to work after I created a template and page to capture the variables as can be seen at https://www.myxgentech.net/paypal/?invoicenumber=25062243&amount=222.223

    I have also amended your codes to remove the decimal points when we have specified MYR as the currency. Just wondering why you have set it to remove decimal points for MYR, HKD, JPN, TWD? For MYR, decimal points like USD are still being used. Would be great if you could remove that on future codes.

    Additionally, we also preferred the RM to be in the prefix instead of the suffix (which we have changed in your plugin codes.

    One bug I found is that when we specified an amount, we had to enable the dropdown box with OTHERS (i.e. we had to enable the radio or dropdown) before it would pass the test and move on to paypal. Failing to enable a selection will FAIL the submission. Maybe we are setting the AMOUNT form fields wrongly but we did try all sorts of combination and they all failed except the one we have settled on.

    Would be great if you could look into this for the next update.


    Reply to Adrian

    • Graham on 31 May 2019:

      Hi Adrian,
      I’ve dropped the ability to set the reference and amount as a shortcode as it could easily be spoofed and was no longer secure. You are getting a 404 error because the page myxgentech.net/payments/ doesn’t exist.

      I will fix the decimals and prefix as the next update for you.

  4. Alexandre Renaud on 19 Nov 2018:

    Thank you very much for the time and effort that you’ve putted to create this plugin.

    My question is about auto-responder. I would love to test my autoresponder, as I am sending the product by email after the purchase, and this is the most important part.

    How can I test my autoresponder ?

    I can test the button via sandbox and see that the transaction is working well, the only thing that I can’t test in the autoresponder after the purchase..

    Thank you very much for guiding me !

    Alexandre Renaud

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  5. Andreas on 15 Oct 2018:

    I have a registration form with 13 places.
    12 people already registered.
    now it says no more places available.
    If i increase 13 places to 14 places it says 2 places available.

    but i want to use 13 places not 14, because we only have 13 spinning bikes, not 14.
    and we also do not want to use only 12 out of the 13 bikes.

    seems to be a bug in the tool.

    can you please help me:

    Reply to Andreas

    • Graham on 15 Oct 2018:

      I’ll take a look at this and see if I can find the bug.

  6. Mike Dickson on 16 Apr 2018:


    I sent $25 USD to your email address using my personal PayPal account. I look forward to seeing the changes.

    Thanks much,

    Reply to Mike Dickson

    • Graham on 19 Apr 2018:

      Sent you an email

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