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I can’t promise the plugins will work with your theme or any other plugins. I have tried to make it so but it’s impossible to test against everything. If it doesn’t work as expected I will try to help but the huge number of other plugins, theme or even hosting restiction means there might not even be a fix. Note that 9 times out of 10 it’s the theme or a plugin conflict (usually JetPack) causing the problem.

Requests for Change

At first I didn’t mind the requests as most were fairly simple but they are now getting complex and time consuming. Some of them are so specialised that only a few people will ever use the feature. And a lot of people never even answer my emails when I send an update for testing. If you want something from me then I hope I get something back from you, even if it’s just a thank-you. A donation would be nice as well.

Free for you does not mean free for me

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the wonderful world of plugins you need to know it can take weeks to get it right, googling and forum searching to find the script you need, writing the actual code and then hour after frustrating hour debugging and testing.

There is of course the pleasure of seeing people download and actually use the plugin but that doesn’t stop people complaining when something they want isn’t built into the plugin they got for free. Please don’t assume I’m going to do everything you ask for. I have to earn a living and an hour fiddling with a plugin means an hour I’m not earning anything.


So if you are still reading this and still want some help then I’m happy to oblige. But in return some appreciation of the work involved will make me much more amenable to doing so. All you have to do is fill in the form to say thanks for the many, many hours I have spent over a good few years building the plugins for you to use:

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  1. Rams on 21 Jun 2015:

    Hi there, great plug-in, seems really promising. Am experiencing this issue while setting it up i just cant get solved though. Is there maybe a setting i am missing?

    I am using a single-event.php template and using the shortcode
    list in the footer. And it is all good on all of the pages including home page.

    But on the following pages, some of the list items dont show. Causing there to be 3 different list views through the entire site. Ideally we would like 1 list view offcourse.

    These are the pages that are differtent:

    – When visiting the blog page
    – When visiting a blog item
    – When visiting a custom post type item page

    Most of the views are different because it shows no title, no “read more” link. I always shows the date, the other fields vary… please help, thank you

    Reply to Rams

    • Graham on 22 Jun 2015:

      Hi Rams,
      I need the site URL so I can see what’s going on. The event list, widget and single event do all look different because of how wordpress works but email me your site details and I will take a look.

  2. Maria on 02 Jun 2015:

    Hi! I love your plugin, but I have a problem when using it. I’m selling a downloadable pdf (a travel guide), so I really need either to be able to send a confirmation e-mail with a link to the pdf or to have the buyers be redirected to a certain webpage after paying. I added a Thank you page, but when my friend tried acting as a customer she never got to that page at all? How can I resolve this so that my customers actually get what they are paying for?

    Reply to Maria

    • Graham on 02 Jun 2015:

      Hi Maria,
      This is the first time I’ve had a problem with the thank-you page. When your friend made the payment what happened? Did they return to your site or did they stay on PayPal?

    • Maria on 02 Jun 2015:

      Actually, we found another solution in the end, due to a deadline. But yours looks great though, maybe we’ll use in the future. Thanks for the quick reply! =)

    • Graham on 03 Jun 2015:

      As long as you found a solution that’s all that matters. There have been a lot of additions to the plugin over they years, mostly from people like you who need certain features. The latest is a confirmation message sent after payment has been recieved. The next version of this will be the ability to send a rich text message with images, links and other formatting. This would make it even easier for your customers.

  3. Teresa on 22 Apr 2015:

    Hello! This is a great plugin, thank you for all your hard work!

    I’ve set up events to have registration forms and to link to paypal. However, it seems that the register and pay button send multiple requests through, do you know what could be causing this? In the setup – if I don’t allow multiple registrations, the form never makes it to paypal, it just kicks it back with a message that I’ve already registered. If I do allow multiple registrations – I end up with at least 4 duplicates registrants after I hit submit only once. Any help identifying the problem is much appreciated!

    Thanks again.

    Reply to Teresa

    • Graham on 22 Apr 2015:

      Hi Teresa,
      Can you give me a link to the website. We had this on another site and there was a conflict with Yoast. So it could be the same with your site; a conflict with another plugin or the theme.

    • Teresa on 23 Apr 2015:

      @Graham it is http://www.wvquilt.com/wp/ I don’t have yoast installed, but I do have woo commerce. There is a test event set up, with 2 registrations left.

    • Franck on 15 Jun 2015:

      I’ve got a problem : I’ve got at least 3 duplicates registrants after I hit submit only once.
      Why ?
      Can you help me ?
      Thank you

    • Graham on 15 Jun 2015:

      That’s often hosting issue. The plugin processes the email, sends it off then displays the thank you message. Everything after that is looked after by your host. When you check the dashboard registration report what does it display?

    • Franck on 13 Jul 2015:

      I’ve got 3 inscriptions for 1 name in the dashboard.

    • Graham on 14 Jul 2015:

      In that case you need to do some diagnostics. Turn off all other plugins and swtich to the 2015 theme. Register for an event and see what happens. Everybody else with the same problem as you has found there is a conflict with their theme or an other plugin (often JetPack or Caching). Until I know which one is causing the conflict I can’t suggest a fix.

  4. Marco on 10 Apr 2015:

    Hi Graham,

    I use the datepicker to pick a date. My language setting in the config file is dutch. I understand that the datepicker shows the date in the selected language but on the backend it is int the english standard? So if this is true, the problem is stil there.


    Reply to Marco

  5. Marco on 10 Apr 2015:

    Great looking and working plugin, thanks for the hard work. I have only one issue, When i try to make an event with a date between two other events, the plugin won’t accept that en will use today’s date. I changed the unix date in the database to the desired date and that worked fine. Is there someting i missed in the settings or is it not possible?

    Thanks for the great work

    Reply to Marco

    • Graham on 10 Apr 2015:

      Hi Marco,
      Not sure why this is causing a problem, the dates are not connected to each other. But… the date picker only works in English. If you try to add local dates you will get an error. Add English dates and save the event and you will see the local date to the right.

  6. Ben on 30 Mar 2015:

    Hi Graham,

    I’m using your plugin as part of a speed dating website, and have a list of events showing via http://lovedrunkdating.co.uk/events/ and individual events showing via http://lovedrunkdating.co.uk/event/easter-singles-meet-and-mingle/ ( < example). I've noticed that the URL changes from "events" to "event" once on the actual event page, also the URL difference is in the breadcrumbs. How do I go about having both the event page and breadcrumbs to show the URL as "events"?


    Reply to Ben

    • Graham on 30 Mar 2015:

      The ‘events’ is the permalink for that page. The ‘event’ is the name of the post type, just like ‘category’ or ‘tag’ or any other WP query. So you can make them both ‘event’ but I can’t change the post type to ‘events’ as this will break everybody’s websites.

  7. farukh on 17 Mar 2015:

    Hello Graham Your plugin is very good .. I am facing one issue on my order form live totals not updated when i enter total items.

    Reply to farukh

    • Graham on 17 Mar 2015:

      Hi Farukh,
      There is a bug in the script that calculates the totals in some configurations. I think I’ve got it fixed so will send you an updsate to test. I couldn’t find the payment form on your site, can you send me the URL so I can take a look.

  8. franck on 11 Mar 2015:


    What a wonderful plugin !!!!!
    But something strange appears when I’m writing a text with an apostrophe in : Event Display > Event messages > Read more caption : “Je m’inscris” become “je m\’inscris” when I save changes.
    Can you help me ?
    Thanks a lot !


    Reply to franck

    • Graham on 11 Mar 2015:

      Hi Franck,
      Glad you like the plugin. As to your problem, I forgot to add the ‘stripslashes’ code to that part of the plugin. I’ve fixed it now and have sent you an update to test.

  9. Stephen on 09 Mar 2015:

    Hi Graham,
    Thanks for the plugin, though I have a problem with the appearance of the calendar – extra horizontal lines appearing and the links not working. As you say, its probably the template. I tried it with some other templates previews but it remains. Also, the links from the main calendar don’t work but the ones in a widget in a column do. Any idea what I can do to try to resolve this?

    Reply to Stephen

    • Graham on 09 Mar 2015:

      Hi Stephen,
      Turn off the lightbox on the calendar and you will be OK. The lightbox script doesn’t like linebreaks and something somewhere is adding them. I will see if I can find a fix for this.

  10. Ed on 03 Mar 2015:

    Hi Graham, I ticked “Add a registration form to ALL your events” but a form doesn’t appear. I’ve tried it on another clean WP install and it’s the same. Am I missing something?

    Reply to Ed

    • Graham on 04 Mar 2015:

      I’ve just checked my testsite and it worked ok. But note that it doesn’t add the form retrospectively, it only works on new events. If you have existing events the form won’t be added.

  11. Alex on 25 Feb 2015:

    Hello there,

    I’m trying to figure out how to use borders in the calendar playing with Event Border field, but it looks that it’s not working. All calendar cells are combined with single color. Am I doing something wrong??

    Reply to Alex

    • Graham on 26 Feb 2015:

      The event border field doesn’t change the calendar borders. The event border option is the thin line that the plugin puts round each event in the calendar (unless you are using the category colours). If you want to fiddle with the spacing search quick-event-manager.php for <table cellspacing=”3″ cellpadding=”0″> and change the cell spacing.

  12. Manoj Kumar on 23 Feb 2015:

    Hello Sir
    Thanks For Such a Good Plugin . i have Some Problems
    1- i want to add a Drop Down list as Payment Reference (Which help my Customer To Select Payment Reference , i don’t want to use Radio Button Because i have Lots of Services .)
    2- i think i got some Spam Payment in Payment Details Tab how i can Stop Them

    Please Provide Help As soon as Possible

    Manoj Kymar

    Reply to Manoj Kumar

    • Graham on 23 Feb 2015:

      Hi Manoj,
      Glad you like the plugin. to answer your questions:
      1. I tried to get a dropdown to work but failed. I may have another go oneday but I don’t have the time at the moment (unless you can help pay my bills!).
      2. You can’t. You can use the spam blocker but you can’t ever stop people filling in the form

  13. Abigail on 21 Feb 2015:


    I am using Quick PayPal Payment and have a form with “Amount Paid” field set so that the user can enter their own amount. I noticed when testing the form that if the user enters digits only — such as 50 or 50.00 – then it carries over to PayPal without a problem — but if the user includes a currency symbol ($50) — then it shows up as only $1 in PayPal.

    Is there a fix for this? I think that will cause confusion for our users. I have a hard coded HTML PayPal form on another site with the field set up as:

    And that form does not show that behavior. That is, it can handle the $ sign without a problem.

    Reply to Abigail

    • Graham on 22 Feb 2015:

      Hi Abigail,
      The upload of the plugin to the WordPress plugin repository didn’t go as planned and one of the files got borked. If you re-install the plugin the problem goes away.

  14. Abigail on 16 Feb 2015:

    I just want to report a minor bug. I am using the Quick PayPal Payments plugin in it works fine– very happy with this simple and functional plugin.

    However, I needed to activate “debug” mode in WordPress because of problems with a different, unrelated plugin — and as soon as I did that, the Quick PayPal Payments plugin started to throw out dozen of “undefined variable” and “undefined index” messages for quick-paypal-payments.php and quick-paypal-messages.php . I thought I would mention it because these may be things that are easy for you to fix by simply declaring all variables, which is good practice anyway.

    Reply to Abigail

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2015:

      Hi Abigail,
      Sorry about that, I thought I had fixed all the undeclared variables. I’ll sort this out and send over an update for testing. As an aside, these aren’t really bugs, it’s just PHP getting all picky.

  15. Kristi on 11 Feb 2015:

    Good morning, I had a thought and went in and added the default form to a page just to see if it would behave, but I got the same oops…I am using the Cyberchimps Responsive theme and it said it was compatible so I am guessing I missed some little point somewhere but I don’t see anything I can change… I like your plugin, the look etc. so I am hoping to figure it out.

    Reply to Kristi

  16. Kristi on 10 Feb 2015:

    Graham, I tried creating a new form from scratch to see if that might be better…but it also gave me an oops. I did put in a reference and a price…but as I said I don’t see any pre set boxes to attend to. If this helps the page where you can try and pay for the class is on the “adults” page on my site, the permalink is http://jukukristi.com/adults I live in Europe and am a bit exhausted so I may be offline until tomorrow. I do appreciate any help you might have as I am hoping to have one of these classes start in less than two weeks. Hope you’re having a good day out there. 🙂 K

    Reply to Kristi

  17. Kristi on 10 Feb 2015:

    Graham, Thanks for taking the time to reply…I did put in a reference, the name of the class and I put in an amount, but I don’t see any pre-set boxes to check…I will look again. I am embarrased to say I am not sure how to send you a link to the page you want…do you mean if you were a student trying to pay for the class…let’s see if i can figure that out. 🙂 keeping-at-it-Kristi!

    Reply to Kristi

  18. Kristi on 10 Feb 2015:

    Hi, I am just re-doing my paypal set up as customizing my add to cart button got all goofy in WP Simple so I am trying out your plugin and I look forward to making some money so I can donate to you and your effort. But to get there I may need some help, I set it all up and it seems like the form should work, I put it into a page and it is there but when I click on the submit button I get an “Ooops” error message…I’m not sure why…feeling a bit exhausted…

    Reply to Kristi

    • Graham on 10 Feb 2015:

      Did you fill in a reference and an amount? If you want a fixed reference or an amount you have to check the ‘pre-set’ boxes in the form settings or use shortcodes.

      Can you send me a link to the payment page so can take a look.

  19. Brandon on 29 Jan 2015:

    I have a processing fee of 3.3% to cover PayPal processing fee’s, and on the PayPal order page it used to show up as processing fee. Now, it’s been showing up as “Shipping & Handling”. Can it go back to saying “Processing Fee”?

    Reply to Brandon

    • Graham on 29 Jan 2015:

      Hi Brandon,
      The plugin makes use of the PayPal HTML Variables to send the form. I was using the options fields to report shipping and processing but this meant I couldn’t use them for their intended purpose. So I changed the PayPal form so options became options and processing moved to handling. The words you see on the payment page belong to PayPal, there is no way to change them.

      Take a look at the PayPal Developers Page and you will see what I mean.

  20. Lindsay on 23 Jan 2015:


    First, I would like to say that the form has done wonders for my website. It has, for the most part, been working as it should.

    Unfortunately, when a user tries to attach a file, the email I get back begins with, “If you can see this MIME than your client doesn’t accept MIME types!” and then provides html code of their form. I also do not recieve an attachment. This would be fine if I was able to access the attached file from within the administration end of WordPress, but I am unable to. The file attachment isn’t completely neccesary, but it would be nice if I could get it running.

    Also, I noticed that my contact form within my sticky sidebar doesn’t recognize filled out forms. I assume this is because it is within another plugin?

    Thank you for your help,

    Reply to Lindsay

    • Graham on 23 Jan 2015:

      Hi Lindsay,
      If you can see the message is means your email client doesn’t like attachments. It may be how the email server is set up or it could simply be your email reader throwing its toys out the pram. It’s not really possible to save the attachments in the admin area because of how the data is saved (as an options table). So can’t really help with this problem. The plugin sends the email with an attachment, what happens after that is not under my control…

      To help with the sticky problem I’d need to see the sidebar. It should work, lots of people have put the plugin inside all all sorts of things and not had a problem.

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