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Paypal Payments Plugin for WordPress

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Manuel on 30 Sep 2019:


    then i pay with paypal, no auto responser email mit the details in my mailbox only:

    Order Details:

    Ticket für Event: 19.10.19 Saison Start

    Anzahl: 2 @ €12 each

    Preis: €12

    Failure [name] and so on… auto responser:











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    • Graham on 30 Sep 2019:

      Can you post a link to the payment page. Those shortcodes will only work if you are collecting the required data on the form.

  2. Joseph Rhoderick on 28 Sep 2019:

    Hello, Love this plugin, used for our event registration for several years with no issues, but when I try to test pay i get an error from paypal?
    It is the same as Wanda’s below. Logged into Paypal and have no notifications.

    error message:

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    • Graham on 28 Sep 2019:

      Hi Joseph,
      Were you using in-context payments or just a standard payment form? Using the latest version of the plugin I’m not seeing the error message: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-paypal-payments/paypal-examples/

      I did notice you are also using the Event Manager. If you use the payment module on the events do you get the same error?

  3. Gilles on 27 Sep 2019:

    Hi again, you can dismiss my previous message, my form id was Test while the shortcode was using test, All good now. Sorry

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  4. Gilles on 27 Sep 2019:

    Hello, I just installed your plugin. After a few trials and errors, I managed to put everything to my liking. A small problem persists, no matter what choices I use as currency, PayPal always uses USD. Do you have any idea what this problem is related to?

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  5. Wanda on 26 Sep 2019:

    Hi Graham, 6 weeks ago the form was working perfectly. With no changes since then, it is now giving a PayPal error: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart/error?flowlogging_id=ba3f9f4e708af&code=BAD_INPUT_ERROR&mfid=1569505087266_ba3f9f4e708af
    Any clues? We need this working ASAP (yesterday) as the event is coming soon.

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    • Graham on 26 Sep 2019:

      Hi Wanda,
      That error message is PayPal telling you there is something wrong with either the data you are sending or your PayPal account. First test is to log in to PayPay and see if there are any notifications.

  6. Kim on 09 Sep 2019:

    Hi Graham. We’ve been using this plugin for some time now but we’re getting a new error from Paypal….
    Firefox console shows “Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (“script-src”).”

    This seems to stop the post processing of the order as we send an order confirmation from a php script which runs after the payment is made. Have you noticed this? I’m trying to figure out a workaround.

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    • Graham on 09 Sep 2019:

      Hi Kim,
      Not seen this before (and I use Firefox all the time). Can you send a link to the payment page.

  7. Julie Vogel on 23 Aug 2019:

    Hi, I have been using this plugin for the past year with not a problem. Now we are getting a message when going to our website. The message is:
    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home1/ricigsor/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 2168
    I have looked at the Quick Pay Pal settings, but am not sure what to do or what the problem is. Please advise. Thank you.

    Reply to Julie Vogel

    • Graham on 23 Aug 2019:

      Somewhere in your settings you have got debugging enabled. Disable this and the message will go away. Or you can try this update and see if fixes the problem: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-paypal-payments/qpp-update/

      Please let me know if it works and I will publish the update.

  8. Wanda on 19 Aug 2019:

    Graham, I thought the display text would not matter, but it does! The working form has “Options” text as a short sentence; the one that doesn’t work has a long sentence. Thanks for the clue, I have it working now.

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  9. Wanda on 19 Aug 2019:

    Hi, I tested my form yesterday and it seemed to work fine. Today it’s giving me a PayPal error:
    You can see the form here: https://elcaminorealumw.org/test-post/
    Since yesterday, the only changes to the form were to displayed text.
    Any idea what may be the problem?

    Reply to Wanda

    • Graham on 19 Aug 2019:

      That’s PayPal telling you there is a problem with your form settings. Change things back so I can see the working form.

  10. Doli on 04 Aug 2019:

    Hi. Great plugin for the Paypal Payments. One thing seems doesn’t work for me. The reference field doesn’t work with the comma separated values. Not sure why. Any idea?

    Many Thanks!

    Also, any link for donation? 🙂

    Reply to Doli

  11. Albert on 14 Jun 2019:

    Thank you very much for the plugin! I love it!
    I need to translate one form to different languages, what is the best way to do it?
    best regards!

    Reply to Albert

  12. Cindy on 07 Jun 2019:

    Hello Graham,
    I love your QPP plug-in!
    I’m getting an error: Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/daisypet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 2265

    I’m also getting Payment notifications when payment hasn’t been made.

    I just downloaded and installed the 6/6 update of the plugin, but the non-numeric value error persists.

    Reply to Cindy

    • Graham on 07 Jun 2019:

      If you are logged out do you still see the error message? I’ve looked at your site and can’t see the error. Are you using IPN? Have you set the autoresponder to send notifications after payment?

  13. Bill Even on 23 May 2019:

    Is it possible to have the plugin open a new tab for PayPal processing instead of overwriting the page?

    Reply to Bill Even

    • Graham on 23 May 2019:

      Hi Bill,
      PayPal gets a bit twitchy if you do this. There is an checkbox on the ‘Send Options’ page but I can’t promise it will work as expected.

  14. John on 21 May 2019:

    How can I set Multiple currencies with value?

    Reply to John

    • Graham on 21 May 2019:

      You can’t. It’s not an option in the plugin. If you want this I can do the coding but you would need to pay for the work.

  15. Ian Young on 20 May 2019:

    Thanks for reply. I already had installed the ‘latest’ version of the plugin from here. Just the same.
    Not comfortable about using live version for testing purposes.

    Reply to Ian Young

    • Graham on 20 May 2019:

      The simulator has always been a bit flakey. A one penny payment is enough to test the live system. That’s what I do. Or make a full payment and issue a refund – doesn’t cost you anything.

  16. Ian on 17 May 2019:

    Seems simple enough to set up.
    On simulation, however, it shows payment twice in the reports and does not show payment complete – this is the most up-to-date version.
    Also, what code do you need to add to listener page so it activates the service

    Reply to Ian

  17. Philip on 09 Apr 2019:

    Hello, thank you very much for your support. I am wondering if there is any possibility to create automized bills after a sell or any plugin that works well together with the quick event manager. Plus something else: The API Code to show Google Maps within the events is not working.
    Thanks, Philip

    Reply to Philip

    • Graham on 14 Apr 2019:

      Hi Philip,
      PayPal already sends bills to you and the payee. Not quite what else you need.

      If the Maps aren’t showing it may be because you need to give Google your Credit Card details (maps are no longer free).

  18. Cindy on 25 Mar 2019:

    Just started seeing this message on the Payments page of the app:

    Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/daisypet/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 2263

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  19. Lori on 15 Mar 2019:

    I have the amount set to $75. I want them to be able to choose how many they want to purchase, so I selected the Quantity option. The amount is not displayed and when I enter a quantity, it does not reflect in the form. – https://dpmgcos.org/meeting-events/

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  20. Lori on 28 Feb 2019:

    The buttons are no longer working. The one on this page https://dpmgcos.org/meeting-events/ the quantity does not update. The message says – Oops, got a problem. Please check the payment details. The one on this page never processes. It just says Waiting for PayPal…

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    • Graham on 28 Feb 2019:

      It shows a zero amount. There needs to be a value greater than zero in order to process the payment.

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