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Paypal Payments Plugin for WordPress

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Guillaume on 03 Dec 2014:


    I use the field ‘USE ITEM NUMBER’

    When user enter an ‘item number’ … where do I see the number he have written ? I cannot find it !

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Reply to Guillaume

    • Graham on 04 Dec 2014:

      Hi Guillaume,
      I had to have a think abut this one. I made some changes to the way the plugin sends info to PayPal and missed the ‘item_number’ field. It’s fixed now and I’m sending you an update to test.

  2. nasgerl on 28 Nov 2014:

    Hi, I have a question. I wonder if the form can add another field for email, so visitors input their email, ID & their payable amount? Please help, thanks.

    Reply to nasgerl

    • Graham on 28 Nov 2014:

      This only works if they don’t have a PayPal account. There is a pre-population option on the form settings which lets you set what info is collected but depending on how their PayPal account is set up it may or may not work. Can try changing the ‘item number’ field to ’email’ and collect iy that way.

  3. Jeff Goebel on 18 Nov 2014:

    Best PayPal plugin I’ve seen. I’ll switch to it from now on, even though I can’t figure out payment confirmation or payments display on dashboard. Even without that, you have offered some amazing options.

    Reply to Jeff Goebel

    • Graham on 19 Nov 2014:

      Hi Jeff,
      Payment confirmation isn’t possible at the moment. There is a thing called Instant Payment Notification but I can’t get it to work and can’t be sure even if I did that it would work for everybody.

      If you want to see who filled in the form click on the ‘Payments’ link at the bottom of the dashboard menu on the left.

  4. priya on 17 Nov 2014:

    i am using quick payment paypal plugin in wordpress where i pay two times but in payments in it show nothing and in reports also how to fix this problem can i see the list of user who pay

    Reply to priya

  5. jamie shanks on 15 Nov 2014:

    Hi Graham

    I’ve added this as a widget to my website so people can make donations. Do donation requests work?
    See it here: http://www.bdws.co.uk/2011/09/11/homemade-liver-cake-recipe-worlds-greates/


    Reply to jamie shanks

    • Graham on 15 Nov 2014:

      Indeed it will. Just use the form settings to change the heading to ‘donate’. You may not get oodles of money but it will trickle in.

  6. Steve on 11 Nov 2014:

    Hi, I really want to use your plugin, as I’m sure it has everything I need (e.g, select products, fill in necessary form and submit to PP for payment), but I get the below error when activating:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/settings.php on line 19

    I’m using WP 3.91 I think, it’s asking me to update to V4. Can you help? I’ve looked for so long for something like this and….! Many thanks Steve.

    Reply to Steve

  7. mike on 20 Sep 2014:

    I’m facing the same problem with this guy Hi β€” just update, using WP4.0 β€” and it won’t activate – here’s the error message. Thanks.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in /home/content/f/e/q/fequiere/html/iwd/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 117

    also I would like to know if you going to add recurring payment in this plugin please

    Reply to mike

    • Graham on 20 Sep 2014:

      It appears the problem is you have a very old version of PHP installed. In using a thing called ‘anonymous functions’ that were introduced back in 2009 with PHP version 5.3. I’m sending you a version of the plugin with a fix for this.

      Recurring payments are already part of the current version, you should see the recurring payment field on the form settings page.

  8. Mike Hickcox on 15 Sep 2014:

    Hi — just update, using WP4.0 — and it won’t activate – here’s the error message. Thanks.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in /home/content/42/7307442/html/ChrysalisSite/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 117

    Reply to Mike Hickcox

    • Graham on 15 Sep 2014:

      I’ve emailed you with an update to the plugin that will fix this.

  9. Dem on 15 Sep 2014:

    Got a fatal error with latest release 3.8 πŸ™

    Reply to Dem

    • Graham on 15 Sep 2014:

      Ok, I will look into this ASAP.

  10. Kerry on 12 Sep 2014:

    Hey there,

    Amazing plugin!!! πŸ™‚
    Just need a little wee help on one bit, I’m trying to implement the coupon code feature and it’s not working πŸ™ I put the code in and nothing happens it refreshes the page but no message to state the code as been accepted. I’ve clicked on the make payment button takes me to paypal but no discount has been given.

    Form is on a temp page: http://spiritualtrainingacademy.co.uk/5297-2/
    Code: Memfirstrei14

    Be great to know what I’m doing wrong.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kerry πŸ™‚

    Reply to Kerry

    • Graham on 12 Sep 2014:

      Hi Kerry,
      Difficult to diagnose this one without seeing your coupon code settings. I’ve just tested the form here: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-paypal-payments/paypal-examples/ and the coupon worked. In the settings have you got the code and a percentage or fixed amount?

    • Kerry on 12 Sep 2014:

      Hey Graham,

      Thanks so much for getting back so quickly! πŸ™‚

      Its a fixed amount and the shortcode I’m using is the name of the form, the fixed amount (coupon code) is the amount I’m asking for.. I want to offer this for free for certain people.

      In the form settings I’ve ticked the pre-set amount for Β£20.00.
      Hope this helps you?

      Kerry πŸ™‚

    • Graham on 12 Sep 2014:

      Ok I see the problem now. The plugin checks to make sure the amount to pay is greater than zero. PayPal can’t process Β£0! So you can’t use the plugin to give things away for free. Not sure how to get round this one.

    • Kerry on 13 Sep 2014:

      Ok thanks for getting back to me πŸ™‚

      Such a shame this is a brilliant plugin exactly what I was looking for, however I must have the FREE coupon part.. If you think of any ways please do let me know.

      Appreciate your help Graham
      Kerry πŸ™‚

    • Graham on 13 Sep 2014:

      I may be able to do something – but it won’t use paypal. If you have a free product, paypal will just throw a wobbly. BUt I may be able to set the plugin so if a coupon results in a freebie the customer will see a thank you message but not go to paypal.

  11. Michel on 02 Sep 2014:

    Hello Graham !
    Thanks for this great plugin !!
    I have updated to v. 3.7.1 . I get this message while in debug mode :
    Notice: Use of undefined constant file_put_contents – assumed ‘file_put_contents’ in …./quick-paypal-payments.php on line 30
    Thank for tour help,

    Reply to Michel

    • Graham on 02 Sep 2014:

      Hi Michel,
      Not sure why you get this message. The line is just checking that the ‘file_put_contents’ function exists and has been part of the plugin for a long time. The upgrade to 3.7.1 was to fix a bug and provide more ways to list the reference and amounts. No changes were made to the way the CSS is saved (which is what the ‘file_put_contents’ function does). So not sure what to do next…

  12. john on 25 Aug 2014:

    thank you for this great tool. I have one question. Whenever i activate the “terms and conditions” – function and try to make a transaction, I receive the standard error message. If I deactive the T&C, everything is fine and I am redirected to paypal.

    any idea why?

    Reply to john

    • Graham on 25 Aug 2014:

      Hi John,
      There’s a bug in the system that I’ve got a fix for. I’m sending you an update to test.

  13. Dixon on 25 Aug 2014:

    We have to develop a website having user registration, user dashboard section in frontend.

    After login users can submit different types of forms which are created by the admin.

    In user dashboard we need to display the submitted entries categorized with different forms and need to edit the entries.

    Users need to pay for submitting some forms. Cost for each form will be different.

    Reply to Dixon

    • Graham on 25 Aug 2014:

      Hi Dixon,
      There are no limits to the number of forms you can create. The only restriction is they they link to the same PayPal account. The level of customisation you want just isn’t possible without a whole load of custom code. If you are prepared to pay for the development I’d be happy to do the work.

  14. Bierzo on 21 Jul 2014:

    Hi Graham, thanks for your last reply.

    On the other hand, when I try to do the payment, this message prompts:

    “We’re sorry but we can’t send your payment right now. Return to merchant and try a different pay method.”


    Reply to Bierzo

    • Graham on 22 Jul 2014:

      If you get to the PayPal payment page then it means you have valid data. If you then attempt to make the payment and get an error message it means there is a problem with your account settings. Common causes are not using a verified account or not linking the paypal account to a bank account.

    • Bierzo on 22 Jul 2014:

      Many thanks!

  15. Bierzo on 18 Jul 2014:


    For this plugin, due to any ID is required, Paypal account email is what makes the difference between your account and the rest, right?

    On the other hand, is it possible to replace that email, which appears on top after clicking on “Make the Payment” button? I mean, instead of Paypal Account email, it could be placed something like your business name, for example?


    Reply to Bierzo

    • Graham on 18 Jul 2014:

      Hi Bierzo,
      You can only change the email to a business name if you have a paypal business account.

    • Bierzo on 18 Jul 2014:

      Thanks for your quick reply, Graham.

      So, if you have a business account, you can introduce your business name instead of your email?

      Anyway, in the case of individuals accounts, would it be possible to add some text which appears beside the paypal account email?


    • Graham on 19 Jul 2014:

      The plugin can only send payment details to your account. What appears on the payment page is what you have setup in your PayPal account. If you want anything other than your email address you have to have a business account.

  16. Cesar V on 19 Jun 2014:

    Plugin stopped working when it attempts to connect with Paypal.

    I already tried:

    Reinstalling the plugin;
    confirmed my PayPal account info.
    Re-created the payment flow.

    Any idea/suggestions why is not connecting to Paypal anymore?

    Reply to Cesar V

    • Graham on 19 Jun 2014:

      Cesar, if you can see the ‘Waiting for Paypal’ meesage then it means the form has been sent to paypal and you are just waiting for a connection to the paypal servers. I can’t control this. If could post the URLof your payment page I can take a look and see if anything strange is happening.

    • Cesarmcp on 26 Jun 2014:

      It turns out the issue was related with the domain name. I was forwarding and masking a different domain to the web site mockup before I launched it. Once I added the domain name to the WP site and updated the database, it worked beautifully. Just adding this comment for future reference here.

  17. Gauri Kaushik on 13 Jun 2014:

    I liked your plugin. but I am unable to set the thanksurl. I have setted it up in the admin panel from the plugin setting but it is not redirected. Can you please guide me to send back my user on my website from the paypal website.

    Please answer as it is very urgent.


    Reply to Gauri Kaushik

    • Graham on 13 Jun 2014:

      The thanks URL only works if a payment is made. I’ve just tested it and it works. There is also an option to redirect people if the cancel. If you leave both options blank paypal will direct people back to the payment page.

  18. Don Holt on 06 Jun 2014:

    Love the quick-paypal-payments plugin! Seems like it wont let me change the local from Austrailia to the US though… Am I just being thick or is this a bug? Other than that issue, it is hands down one of the nicest paypal plugins I’ve seen!

    Reply to Don Holt

    • Graham on 07 Jun 2014:

      Hi Don,
      Pleased you like the plugin, it’s progressing nicely now thanks to all the suggestions from various users.
      The locale thing isn’t really necessary. PayPal should detect your location and provide the local language but someone has problems so I added the feature.
      But back to your problem. When you select the location and save the settings does the selector revert to Australia? I’ve just tested on my test site and I got a Norwegian PayPal page.

  19. Kurt Schupley on 21 May 2014:

    Love the plugin, one minor issue. If a user includes a comma in the amount to pay, such as $1,200.00, the script breaks sending only $1.00. How can I avoid this? Will an update fix this? What is a standard donation amount?

    Reply to Kurt Schupley

    • Graham on 22 May 2014:

      Hi Kurt,
      I’ve being trying to fix this for a while. The problem is how the world does it’s decimals. Some use a period, some use a comma and some use both. So I can’t strip out the commas as this would mean the amount for most of europe would be wrong. BUt I shall persist and see what I can do.

    • Ian on 11 Sep 2014:

      Add an id to the payment input field (quick-paypal-payments.php, line 136) then run this snippet of JQuery in your page:

      $(document).ready(function() {
      $(‘#paypal-amount’).on(‘input’, function() {
      var string = $(this);
      var isComma = string.val();
      if(isComma.indexOf(‘,’) > 0) {
      alert(‘Sorry commas (,) are not allowed. Please enter a number in the following format: 12345.45’);
      isComma = isComma.slice(0,-1);

    • Graham on 11 Sep 2014:

      HI Ian,
      I thought I’d fixed this bug! Must have got lost somewhere. The much simpler soliution is to strip out the commas when the form gets processed and let paypal put them back in on the payment form. But thanks for the script – the only reason it may not work is because some countries use a comma instead of a decimal point and the alert would have to be translatable to be useful.

  20. Tony on 27 Apr 2014:

    I love the plug-in but am having serious problems getting it to work correctly. I have followed the instructions but just getting an error message and it does not transfer to the Paypal website. Can you please help?

    Reply to Tony

    • Graham on 27 Apr 2014:

      Hi Tony,
      Can you send me a link to the payment page so I can test it. You may be getting the error message because you aren’t filling in the form. Are you using shortcode attributes like this: [qpp amount=”$12″]?

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