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Paypal Payments Plugin for WordPress

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. maegwin123@gmail.com on 22 Apr 2014:

    Does this plugin work for recurring monthly payments? If so, how do I set it up that way?

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    • Graham on 23 Apr 2014:

      Sorry no it doesn’t. You can set up monthly payments but not using the classic API. I did try to get this to work but the buyer needs to have an authorized credit cards on their account along with all sorts of other limitations.

  2. Warren Beatty on 29 Mar 2014:

    Great little plugin! We’re using it for people to be able to make donations. Curious if the ID/reference field can be omitted from the form. All we want is one field where the dollar amount can be entered and then a submit button. Can’t seem to configure it this was in admin.

    Thanks for your work on this plugin!

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    • Graham on 29 Mar 2014:

      Hi Warren,
      Change the shortcode to [qpp id=’Donation’ labels=’off’] and you will just have the amount field showing. If you want to set the donation amount you could even try [qpp id=’Donation’ amount=’$10,$20,$50,$100′ labels=’off’]. If you go to the plugin setting’s shortcodes page you will see more options.

  3. Mo on 26 Mar 2014:


    Nice plugin! I’m starting to use it and it suits my needs. Would it be possible to add the ability to select the locale (with the ‘lc’ paypal parameter) the paypal payment page will appear in? I have various forms in different languages and I would like to go to the right paypal page.


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    • Graham on 26 Mar 2014:

      Hi Mo,
      This is possible. I can add a new field to the ‘send options’ and allow a shortcode attribute. I will send you an update for testing.

    • Graham on 27 Mar 2014:

      I sent you the update yesterday. Can you check your inbox

  4. David on 14 Mar 2014:

    Hi, I love this plugin I’m just coming up a couple of things. I created a form and tested it and it worked great. I created another two with different fixed prices and just changed the colour of the pay now tab. The last two forms didn’t work, I just got a oops message and ‘check payment details’, and this morning and now the first paypal form i made docent work either. Im stuck. Could it be a problem that my clibets paypal account is a private account and not a business one???

    Thank you in advance.

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    • Graham on 14 Mar 2014:

      The oops message only appears if you haven’t filled in all the details on the the form and before paypal even gets involved. Can you send me the URL of the page so I can check the code. The normal problem is the names you have given to the forms.

    • David on 14 Mar 2014:

      Oh thank you for looking and for the very speedy response.
      The address is
      Also it won’t let me upload a pic under paypal image, just won’t happen.

      Again thank you.

    • Graham on 14 Mar 2014:

      What you need to do is change the shortcode to [qpp form=”tenweeks” amount=”£110″] then it will work the way you want it to.

      As to the images, I found a bug in the code. It’s now fixed. Expect an update soon…

    • David on 14 Mar 2014:

      Thank you so much worked perfectly. If anyone is reading this i highly recommend all of the plugins from this guy.

    • david on 19 Mar 2014:

      Sorry to bother you again. could you take a look at these pages for me. There all set up for paypal but none of them seem to work anymore? I just can’t work it out.


    • Graham on 19 Mar 2014:

      No bother.
      Twenty weeks and Ten weeks worked fine. Fifteen weeks wanted to open a popup and then hung.

    • David on 19 Mar 2014:

      Oh, that’s strange I just get the oops message on all of them.

    • Graham on 19 Mar 2014:

      Did you fill in the name box?

    • David on 19 Mar 2014:

      I am thick, I didn’t. Plus with the ‘fifteenweeks’ all I did was took off opening a link in another window.
      I promise I will stop bothering you with my foolishness.

      Many thanks.

    • Graham on 26 Mar 2014:

      Foolishness is not the problem. Ignoring the advice is. Glad it’s all working for you now.

  5. Quan on 25 Feb 2014:

    Is it compatible with WP 3.8.1?

    Reply to Quan

    • Graham on 26 Feb 2014:

      Hi Quan,
      Yes it is

  6. Doug on 19 Feb 2014:

    Is there any way to get the payment amount to be a select dropdown? Client wants users to be able to choose the amount to pay from a dropdown…

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    • Graham on 20 Feb 2014:

      Hi Doug,
      That shouldn’t be a problem. I can do it two ways. As a set of values in the shortcode or as an option box on the form settings. Do you have preference?

  7. Suleman on 04 Feb 2014:

    I have a textbox in my wordpress page like

    I want to use the value attribute of above textbox in the paypal plugin field id. Dynamically i want to get the data
    [qpp id=”name” amount=”$19.99″ labels=”off”].

    Can u plz tell me that how can i do this?

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    • Graham on 04 Feb 2014:

      Hi Suleman,
      Use the plugin widget and enter the id and amount in the boxes. Now go to the plugin settings page and delete the shortcode labels from the form settings tab.

      That should do it for you.

  8. Joe on 26 Jan 2014:

    Hello! Up until this weekend, the plug-in has been working fine. Now, when the client enters their amount and clicks the make payment button, it goes to the PayPal site but then says:

    “Error Detected: Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.”

    Please assist.

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    • Graham on 27 Jan 2014:

      After swappping emails with Joe the problem seems to have fixed itself. PayPal is now accepting payments again and all is well. But there can be conflict problems if you have a donate buttom on the same page. PayPal knows about this but points out you should only be using the donate button if you are a fund raising organisation, which means you wouldn’t need the plugin as well.

  9. Tim on 20 Jan 2014:

    Plugin works great.

    One small bit of feedback though…

    It would be really beneficial (at least to me) to be able to switch to some sort of “developer mode” where we could test the process with a PayPal sandbox account.

    Perhaps even a short-code attribute to enter the PayPal url (https://www.sandbox.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr) instead of the default (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr)

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    • Graham on 20 Jan 2014:

      That’s a great suggestion Tim,
      I’m adding a whole bunch of new features to the plugin so will add this to the list. Ok to send you an copy of the update for testing?

    • Tim on 20 Jan 2014:

      Yes I am more than happy to help test new versions. Send em through Graham!

  10. Tim on 18 Jan 2014:

    Great plugin.
    Is it possible to set the paypal options such as ‘thank -you’ page via the shortcode ?


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    • Tim on 18 Jan 2014:

      Sorry one more thing. In the form settings, the ‘Change Form’ button doesn’t seem to work. Are you aware of any causes ?

    • Graham on 18 Jan 2014:

      Hi Tim,
      It’s all working for me. The ‘change form’ button doesn’t save anything, it just lets you select a different form.

      I can add a shortcode for redirections – but it’s might be easier to just set up a new form. how desperate are you for this?

    • Tim Graham on 18 Jan 2014:

      Hi Graham,
      Thanks for your response. Yes I just created another form. All good there.

      Regarding the ‘Change Form’ button, yes I understand it’s function however it simply doesn’t work for me. I can only edit the last form a created and can’t change forms.

    • Graham on 19 Jan 2014:

      When you select a different form and click on change form does the radio button change or go back to the current form?

      I’m not really sure how it can’t work, it’s a simple function that just saves the selection and displays the result. It’s the same one that I use to create a new form.

    • Tim on 19 Jan 2014:

      Sorry, It does work. I just didn’t know it was a radio button as it displays as a blue dot only.
      Feeling stupid! lol

  11. Shabnam on 14 Jan 2014:

    Hi Graham

    Great plugin for a WP novice like me, thank you.

    All seemed well…until I tested the pay button. Now 2 issues –

    1. I changed the pay button colour from black to green. Shows green on the test form, but black on the

    2. Instead of being directed to the paypal site, I get an error message “Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again”

    I removed the plugin, reset and reloaded everything (twice) and cleared cache. Still no joy!

    Is the first issue just a matter of time, and it will show up? What am I not spotting please!

    Thank you


    Reply to Shabnam

    • Graham on 14 Jan 2014:

      Hi Shabnam,

      You need to tweak your shortcodes to add the form name: [qpp form=”3Sessions” id=”3 Sessions” amount=”£95″]

      Your colours will work and paypal will be happy.

    • Shabnam on 14 Jan 2014:

      Thanks, Graham, for a very speedy and helpful reply. Much appreciated!

      The paypal error problem is fixed, but 2 of the buttons look as if they are on steroids! They seem to be fixing size at 100% even though I select same px setting as for the (third) button, which is the size I want. Ditto the colour of the pay button, can’t get it to change to green.

      Any ideas, please?

      Thank you


    • Shabnam on 14 Jan 2014:

      Graham, it seems to be a firefox issue. GoogleC and Aol are fine. I will leave it be and see if it just taking time to update….

      Thanks for your help.


    • Graham on 15 Jan 2014:

      Looks like the forms need a bit of a tweak. If you can email me a login to your site I will fix it for you.

  12. Victoria on 10 Jan 2014:

    Can you tell me how to get the last form in your examples above (Buy This Thing). I’ve tried all sorts but am unable to remove the enter payment details and submit text.

    Thank you

    Reply to Victoria

    • Graham on 10 Jan 2014:

      Hi Victoria,
      The shortcode is: [qpp id=”Green Widget” amount=”$49.99″ labels=”off”]. If you have a named form then used: [qpp form=”test” id=”Green Widget” amount=”$49.99″ labels=”off”]
      If you don’t want the labels on anything just go to the form settings page and delete the shortcode labels. There are some more examples on the plugin ‘Shortcodes’ page.

  13. Dave D on 09 Jan 2014:

    Cannot get the plugin to work as a widget on my site. It keeps giving me a “Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.” error no matter what.

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    • Graham on 09 Jan 2014:

      Hi Peter,
      Those words are not from the plugin. I’ve just tested the plugin as a widget and it went straight to paypal. Can you send me the URL of the problem page?

  14. Mehta on 25 Dec 2013:

    This site is under development.

    Ignore my last message which was different form being shown on the page. I have had an error on my short code where instead of form name, I had ID name…

    New question though:

    I wish to charge a fix amount of fees based on number of persons (a quantity variable). However, when entering the payment, I am getting the following message:

    Oops, got a problem here

    Please check the payment details

    NOT sure where to look and what to do!!

    Please advise. Thank you.

    Reply to Mehta

    • Graham on 25 Dec 2013:

      The problem is the form is expecting you to enter a value in the ID field. Change the shortcode to [qpp id=”ICREG” amount=”$150″] and it should work.

    • Mehta on 26 Dec 2013:

      Thank you for your prompt reply. I was not expecting a reply for few days, particularly today being a X’mas day.

      It works as you mentioned, but I couldn’t make the connection why ID has to be there?? Probably, a guide to use certain parameters and their prerequisites might HELP.

      Another question: When looking from the PAYPAL side, the entry appears that the “ITEM TITLE” = “Payable Labels” joined with “FORM name”, while the “ITEM ID” in PAYPAL is “:” (colons). I don’t understand the logic here. I was/am expecting to see “FORM name” in the “TITLE ID”: Or is there way to push “FORM name” in to “TITLE ID” field of the PAYPAL transaction?

      Thank you again.

    • Graham on 26 Dec 2013:

      The ID is the reference number of the payment. It would normally be the invoice number, the name of the donor or, as you have done, a reference to the type of donation. The form name is only used if you have multiple forms. So for example you could set up a form for each type of donation and have different ID and amount for each. If you only have the one donation form you don’t need a named form.

      There are examples of how to use the attributes on the plugin settings ‘shortcodes’ tab.

  15. Brad on 20 Dec 2013:

    Would like to know how to change text on Paypal page from “Item Price:” to “Legal Fees”? I would also like to remove quantity from Paypal Page? I am assuming that the code from the plugin is placing that text on Paypal page after redirection but I am not sure where I should make changes to code?

    Reply to Brad

    • Graham on 21 Dec 2013:

      Hi Brad,
      Go to dashboard > settings > PayPal payments. Click on form settings and change the shortcode label. The quantity field is optional, you will see the checkbox on the settings page.
      To add the form to your page use the shortcode [qpp amount=’$25′]. The plugin then sorts everything else out for you.

  16. Ken on 01 Dec 2013:

    how do I make a form like the sample where the price and product is fixed?

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    • Graham on 01 Dec 2013:

      Hi Ken,

      Like this: [qpp id=”product name” amount=”£99″]

      You can then change the labels on the ‘form Settings’ page.

  17. James on 31 Oct 2013:

    First of all great plugin! I am using version 3.1 and I am having a problem with getting GBP to work. I have set my form to GBP but when anyone click to pay it reverts to USD? I can see this has been fixed in the past but nothing I do seems to work.

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    • Graham on 31 Oct 2013:

      Hi James,

      It’s because you have an apostrophe in the name of your form. Try using fees instead of fee’s. What you can also do is set up a form for each of the classes. Just use the shortcode [qpp id=”Tone and Groan”] and repeat for each class. All the payee has to then do is add the amount.

    • James on 01 Nov 2013:

      Hi Graham. Thanks for suggestion i like the idea of having one for each class. I have changed the name of the form to classes but unfortunately I still seem to get dollars on the paypal screen. Is there anything else I can try?

    • James on 01 Nov 2013:

      Also I seem to be having a problem on Internet Explorer with the text being only half on display. Works fine in safari. Ive tried changing the styling options but nothing seems to have any effect?

    • Graham on 01 Nov 2013:


      Delete the payment forms called ‘fees’ and change the shortcode to [qpp form=”Classes”] – you are using a lowercase c in the shortcode but the named form has a capital C.

      The line height thing in IE is because of the theme styles. They are overriding the plugin styles.

  18. John on 23 Oct 2013:

    Is there a way to charge a $2 fee to compensate for some of the paypal fees?

    Reply to John

    • Graham on 23 Oct 2013:

      Not really. Everybody has different fee structures depending on their country and account type. What I could do is have a field on the plugin settings where you could set the admin fee. You would have to have something on your site that says ‘$2 admin charge’. How urgent is this?

  19. Jill on 17 Sep 2013:

    Great plugin!
    When using PayPal’s button https://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/btn/x-click-but23.gif to only be its true size and not extend to fit the size of the plugin? IE { height:23px; width:68px; }

    Reply to Jill

    • Graham on 18 Sep 2013:

      The image you have chosen can’t really be expanded to fit the width of the plugin. What you could do is find a large paypal button and edit it using photoshop or whatever but it’s not something the plugin can do for you. Sorry about that.

    • Jill on 18 Sep 2013:

      Thanks for the reply. Is there custom CSS to make the width of the form 30% (or whatever %) instead of 100% (non-pixel option)? My auto (or at 100%) submit button words look blurry. Thanks again.

    • Graham on 19 Sep 2013:

      Hi Jill,

      That would make it very complex. Are you sure you can’t find/edit a different button? When I looked on Google images there were hundreds to choose form.

    • Jill on 22 Sep 2013:

      Here is the test site page with the QPP. The button is the one created on the fly by the plugin. Any suggestions to make it unblurry?



    • Graham on 23 Sep 2013:

      There appears to be a text shadow. If you change the submit button color to red you can see the white shadow. This style is somewhere in your theme or one of your plugins. I’ve had a look but can’t find it. If you can find the style that is doing this we can then write a custom style to remove it.

  20. Luke on 12 Sep 2013:

    Hi Graham,

    I’m not WP proficient, but was asked to add a PP solution to a WP website… did use your pluging, and so far it works nicely.
    Now the customer want’s it multilingual…. knowing already that this plugin has no feature for this, I considered to make more than one form, depending the language.
    As you said one could use different forms on separate pages.
    Now the question is, how, there is only the [qpp] and the documentation does not really lead me to an idea how to use different forms.

    Some assistance would be highly appreciated…
    Best regards,


    Reply to Luke

    • Graham on 14 Sep 2013:

      Hi Luke.

      Probably the easiest way is to get a copy of the plugin and change all the ‘qpp’ into ‘qpp-german’. You also need to change the filename from ‘quick-paypal-plugin.php into quick-paypal-german.php. You can then install the new plugin and use the shortcode [ qpp-german ]. I did a quick test and it did work.

      There are lots more tweaks you can do. If you email me I will explain all the details.


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