Paypal Payments Plugin for WordPress

All the PayPal plugins I’ve tested have fixed payment settings. This plugin is different. It allows the user to fill in a form with their reference number/ ID/invoice number and the amount to pay before submitting to PayPal.

It’s ideal for anyone who has variable payments: guest houses, B&B, hairdressers, dog walkers, window cleaners, builders, plumbers and so on.

And as simple as I can make it.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin just go to the settings page and enter your PayPal email address and the Currency.¬† Now go to your payment page and enter the shortcode [qpp]. That’s it, nothing else to do.

Click Here to Download the Plugin

Upgrade to Pro

The free version of the plugin will do the job but the upgrade lets you add multiple products and links customers to your Mailchimp account.

But there’s more…

Paypal Payments admin page

PayPal Payments admin page

You can:

  • Have multiple payment forms on your site,
  • Preset the ID and the amount
  • Let users select the quantity
  • List options for a product or service.
  • Edit any of the¬†labels and error message
  • Style the form width, font, background and borders
  • Add your own custom CSS
  • Change the settings for thank you and cancel pages
  • Add coupon codes
  • Use WordPress queries
  • Link to Terms and Conditions
  • Calculate and display live totals

And it’s not just me

All these websites use the plugin as well. Or at least they did when I created the page.

People who use the plugin

Setting up and using the plugin

Here is my handy guide to setting up and using the plugin.

Some forms to look at

Here’s a page of example forms to play with.

Instant Payment Notification

If you have a PayPal Business or Premier account you can get instant payment notifications. Set this up on the IPN page of the plugin settings. If you need to check it’s working there is a guide to IPN simulation.


All the shortcodes are given on the plugin setup page. They are also published on this plugin shortcodes page.

  1. Julia Hyde on 09 Feb 2020:

    I am getting the following error on the plugin page: Notice: Undefined index: couponblurb in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 622 Notice: Undefined variable: couponcode in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 629 Notice: Undefined index: reference in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php on line 686

    Would you be able to tell me how to fix this. Thank you

    Reply to Julia Hyde

    • Graham on 10 Feb 2020:

      Hi Julia,
      Can you send me a link to your payment page so I can see the warning.

  2. Elien on 29 Jan 2020:

    Hi there,
    I installed the plugin and it is perfect for what my client needs! Good job!
    Just got 1 little question I hope you can help with, I am using the ‘handling’ form field to calculate a 2.5 % credit card surcharge that needs to be added to the invoice that the website visitor pays.
    On the PayPal receipt, It shows up as ‘Shipping and handling’ (receipt that the payer receives) and ‘Postage and packing’ (receipt that the payee receives) Is there a way to change this to ‘2.5 % credit card surcharge’ so the clients who pay their invoice don’t get confused when they receive the receipt? Is this possible in the Pro version of the plugin? Happy to upgrade, but I just wanted to check and make sure it is possible.
    Thank you for the assistance!

    Reply to Elien

    • Graham on 03 Feb 2020:

      Hi Eilen,
      You can’t do this. You are no longer permitted by law to add a CC surcharge. All you can do is add the 2.5% to the cost of the product.

  3. Terence on 31 Oct 2019:

    awesome little plugin. I saw on the wordpress plugin page that there is a slider option to adjust amounts. how do I use that? thanks

    Reply to Terence

    • Graham on 31 Oct 2019:

      Hi Terence,
      In the form settings you will see an option for ‘Range Slider’. Check the box and fill in the values and it should all work. You can change the styling of the slider in the Styles’ tab.

  4. Wanda on 08 Oct 2019:

    Hi Graham, I resolved the problem (PayPal “bad input error”) by removing the Options field from the form. I had previously tried modifying the options (which were simply no,yes), shortening the description to just a few characters, and changing the display from inline to not-inline, and none of those made a difference.
    At this point we are live and our connection to PayPal is working well, so I’m not doing any further debug until the event is over.

    Reply to Wanda

  5. Joseph Rhoderick on 30 Sep 2019:

    Hi Graham, Just a standard form. I uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same error. We only use the Events for calendaring not for payments. Thanks

    Reply to Joseph Rhoderick

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