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WordPress Quick Contact Form

When you fire up the plugin a basic form is already configured and ready to use. All you have to do is enter your email address and add the shortcode [qcf] to your posts or pages.

There is a lot more functionality now that there was at Version 1 but the form still works right out of the box: just add your email address and it’s ready to go.

What do you get for your money?

Quick Contact Form admin page

Quick Contact Form admin page

  • 12 selectable fields including name, email, telephone, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, radio fields and range slider
  • Attachments (with optional restrictions)
  • Optional captcha
  • Multiple forms all managed through a single dashboard
  • Message display and download function
  • Editable thank-you message
  • All sort of validation and customised error messages
  • Selectable tracking
  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Redirections
  • And a whole bunch of styling options

New stuff

The latest version of the form allows you to delete individual messages and there is a new range slider field. Demo  here. Someone actually wrote me a letter the other day – really nice to get that.

Here’s some examples

You can see an example of the form over on the right. Have a play and you will see the error and thank-you messages. Everything you see can be edited and changed: fields, headers, messages, colours, fonts, borders and backgrounds.

There are some examples of forms over here.

Getting Started

There are some basic instructions for use on the plugin settings page.

I’ve also begun to put together an idiot’s guide. Only in English though. If you would like to help with a version for your language I would be most grateful.

The QCF Instructions for Use

Errors and Problems

If you use aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, aim, or msn you could find your email getting blocked by the host. I’ve updated the plugin so there is option to send using SMTP. This should solve the problem. If it doesn’t then try this troubleshooting guide.

The datepicker can sometimes default to English. WordPress should look after this but can get it wrong. There are a couple of solutions to help with localizations.

Download the Plugin

Here’s the plugin:

Join in the fun

If you want to help with the plugin drop me a message and I’d send you the beta versions as they get developed. In return you get a mention here and on the wordpress plugin page.

  1. john said:

    I have purchased your plug-ins before only to find that none of them was able to load to my site. I managed to allow the paypal payment to overlap on a none working subscription buy initially. I was curious as to your response to such.

    • Graham said:

      Hi John,
      A bit difficult to diagnose the problem without seeing the site. Did the plugins install and activate correctly? If so, what happened when you added the shortcode to the page?

  2. Taura said:

    Hi, We’re running the Vantage theme, and when we updated Quick Contact Form to the latest version, our site went down — an incompatibility issue from what I understand. Thank you for your many many hours of work.

    • Graham said:

      That’s not good. The only thing the upgrade did was fix mailchimp and tweak the mail redirection. And this only applies to the Pro version so there shouldn’t have been any issues. Over 1500 people have upgraded to the latest version and nobody has reported any problems so not sure what to advise. Can you switch to the 2016 theme, upgrade and see if all works. You can then switch back to Vantage and see what happens.

  3. Ken said:

    Love the form but I have issue with the update from 6.13 to 6.15.
    The issue is that in the WP Admin dashboard when I update the plugin I loose the ability to change between visual and text editing views in the posts or pages creation or editing views. WP 4.6.1–en_GB, Responsive theme (with child theme).
    my test site with plugin V 6.13 works and if i deactivate the the updated plugin which is on the live site then the dashboard works again.
    Thanks for any help.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Ken,
      There shouldn’t be an issue with the latest update as it was mostly the introduction of the Pro Version, none of which affects the core functionality. But I had this myself the other day and it was a conflict with another plugin. I deactivated then activated everything and it all started working again. If you can find out where the conflict is I can look for a fix.

  4. siva said:


    Where to find, data base of submissions?

  5. sowjanya said:

    Hi it is agraet plugin, Need help regarding date picker is there any possibility to use mindate and max date in datepicker

    • Graham said:

      Hi sowjanya,
      I need to look at the datepicker function but I’m sure it can be done.

    • sowjanya said:

      Thank You Graham can You tell me how much time it will take to you to do it

  6. Harika.Karanam said:

    I liked the plugin but I want it as pop up is it possible

    • Graham said:

      Getting a form (or any other content) to display in a popup is a theme function not part of the plugin. So I can’t really help you with this. Take a look here: This will do what you want.

  7. c byrne said:

    Thanks! Really useful.

  8. tom Bochenek said:

    Thank you for the outstanding form you provide. I am trying it out on my word press sidebar in one of my sites. Fantastic! A question? As it is now the form work great in the side bar , I was wondering, if it is possible to just have a image in the side bar that when clicked, it would then cause the LARGER contact form to appear in the sidebar , replacing the Image?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Tom,
      This is possible with a bit of JavaScript or jQuery. Google provides plenty of solution if you search for ‘jquery replacewith’ or ‘onclick content replacement’.

  9. Fernando said:

    I created the theme of this site with Artisteer.
    When I try to activate the feature to attach files and will test, by clicking the button “send”, the website page is blank and does not send the file attachment.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

    • Graham said:

      Hi Fernando,

      Switch to the 2015 theme and check if it now works. The email attachment is standard WordPress code so there shouldn’t be a conflict but because you have hidden the code on your site I can check anything.

  10. Michael said:

    Really Like the styling of plugin, but i was hoping for a bit of help. I was hoping to have name and email fields auto filled with user data if a user is logged in.

    Any help in the matter would be appreciated.


    • Graham said:

      That’s an easy fix. I’ll get this sorted and send over an update to test after the weekend.

    • Michael said:

      Outstanding….Thank You

    • Michael said:

      Thank you….I hate to be greedy. Would it be possible to display nickname instead of user name.

      If possible I can edit PHP if you tell me what to edit.

      Sorry to bother,

    • Michael said:

      I found it….thank you again for the quick reply. Your work is appreciated.


    • Graham said:

      Excellent! I’ll add a nickname option to the pluign so your edit doesn’t get wiped at the next update.

  11. Patrick Isabelle said:

    I’ve used your plugin before on another site and I really like it. It works well and isn’T complicated at all! I tried to install it on another site I’m building, but each time I save it, the SEND button isn’T showing on the page. I’ve tried different browsers and even my iPad, but the only way I can get the SEND button is on my iPhone. What am I doing wrong?

    • Graham said:

      Can you send me a link to the site so I can take a look. I suspect the problem is your theme changing the button styles.

    • Patrick Isabelle said:

      I think you may be right about the theme… thanks for the help! Here’s the link.. it’s in french but you’ll be able ot see it.

    • Graham said:

      It’s the theme, there is a line height style that is hiding the submit button. In your style.css look for input[type=”submit”] {… line-height: 1; …} and delete it.

    • Patrick Isabelle said:

      I tried to delete it but it’ still not working… 🙁 anything else it could be?

    • Graham said:

      I can see the send button now. But you have deleted something else as well as a lot of the site styling has all gone missing.

  12. Harika.Karanam said:

    I had used this for the website mentioned, but since a week I am not getting emails of the people who had submitted the inquiry to my registered mail-id, I had checked all settings every thing is fine except mail triggering.

    • Graham said:

      If you check the ‘Messages’ link on your dashboard can you see all the messages that have been sent? If so then the plugin has processed and sent the message to your host. If your host is forwarding the messages onto gmail or whoever then you need to make sure this is taking place. If the messages are being forwarded then check they are being received. Somewhere along the line some thing is blocking the passage of the email, you just need to find out where. If you were getting the messages up until a week have you changed anything?

  13. Alex said:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Could you advise, is it possible to turn off your Java Script …act-form/quick-contact-form.js?ver=4.0.1 on the home page?
    Your plugin is great and I use it only one page, not the Home page.
    Thanks you,

    • Graham said:

      Well I suppose you could but the JS is necessary for the form to work. Remove this and the labels won’t disappear when you select an input field

  14. Emma said:

    Hi, awesome plug-in, I think it might be just what I’m looking for. Can you tell me if there is a setting or what the custom css should be to change the line-height? Right now there is a full field height of space between each field and I’ve put the form in the footer of the site, so it looks way too big and clunky.
    Thank you so much!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Emma,
      It looks like your theme is adding the gaps. In base.css you have #top input[type=”text”] {margin: 0px 0px 20px}; which is causing the problem. Do some playing with this and you should be OK.

  15. Chris Harries said:

    After spending 2 whole days looking at various form builders for Word Press, came across this one. Instantly threw the rest away. This is easy and versatile and looks good.

    Only problem is that the slider seems not to work properly when a form is filled out using Firefox. (Chosen slider entry defaults to the center figure.) But, hey, that’s a small problem.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Chris,
      Glad you like the plugin, a lot of work has gone into making it as easy to use as possible with as meany features as possible (many of them requests from users). The range slider thing was a tricky feature to implement and, as you have discovered, Firefox doesn’t always play the game. There doesn’t apepar to be a workaround anywhere so we are stuck with this until Mozilla changes its policy.

  16. Srinu said:


    I have been using Quick Contact Form plugin more than year ago. Unfortunately, from past few month I’m not receiving emails.

    Need a solution on it.

    • Graham said:

      You need to check with your host. The plugin just sends the message to your email server, if you don’t get them from then the blockage is with your hosting. You could also check that your host isn’t blocking yahoo IP addresses.

  17. Zia Shahriare said:

    I am wondering if you can suggest me any plugin or code for ClasssiPress theme so that I can disable the price showing option. Thanks in advance.

  18. Pepenymi said:

    Hello Graham!

    I really love your plugin and it works perfectly!!! Just what we all needed!

    Just one question: can i hide the email of the outgoing message from website so that the email looks like it’s received from Vangoghmilano and NOT from


  19. Jacob said:

    Your quick contact plugin throws this error for forms without a date input “Uncaught ReferenceError: objectL10n is not defined”, the error can be found on your site too. Can you add a conditional so the jQuery datepicker code only runs if the object is on the page?

    • Graham said:

      Thanks for the bug report. The problem is not the jquery, it’s a localisation script. I will get this fixed soon. But not tonight as my ISP has crashed out.

    • Graham said:

      I’m not seeing any error, all forms working as they should. Can you send me a screenshot

    • Jacob said:

      Here’s a link to the screen shot and the error I’m seeing in the console:

      Uncaught ReferenceError: objectL10n is not defined quick-contact-form.js?ver=4.0:7

    • Graham said:

      That’s just javascript warning you that an object hasn’t been defined before it’s called. The coding is sound so doesn’t really need resolving. There is an excellent guide to ReferenceErrors on the javascriptweblog.

    • Jonathan Bailey said:

      While I agree it’s not a serious error, but it does cause other JavaScript plugins, such as the one to create a fixed widget (one that scrolls with the user), to not work with the code. I’m going to need to dig out a different contact form for the site I’m building.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Jonathan,
      The next update will expunge all the errors and will be released as soon as I’ve incorporated a user request. Not sure why the form affects other plugins, the only bit of JS is the calendar and that just uses the built in WordPress scripts. Can you tell me what plugin you are using and I can do some testing.

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