PayPal Recurring Payments for WordPress

It turns out that adding recurring payments or subscriptions to the paypal payments standard is a doddle. The only qualification being that you need a Business or Premier account.

The Quick PayPal Payments plugin admin view is simple:


Just select the field, edit the payment settings and update the form. Nothing more to do.

If you want recurring payments or subscriptions and have a Business or Premier PayPal account get in contact and I can send you the update for testing.

For those who want to do it themselves this is the paypal guide.

And here are all the variables.

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  1. Jim Comley on 02 Apr 2018

    Thank you

  2. Nitesh on 20 Mar 2017

    I have Merchant Sandbox account ( can I setup recurring payment within this.Please guide me.

    • Graham on 20 Mar 2017

      Apparently it’s all in your profile settings in your sandbox account. I’ve never done this myself so can’t really help you much.

  3. Eric on 06 Feb 2015

    How much is the business or premier account?

    • Graham on 08 Feb 2015

      In the UK it’s £20/month. Login into your PayPal account and you should be able to see the fees for your location

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