Troubleshooting the Event Manager

While the Event Manager is pretty robust there are a few problem you might encounter.

Maps don’t display

Google has changed the rules and you now need an API key to display maps on your site. Full instructions here.


If you have upgraded here are some instructions for setting up MailChimp.

All your styling has gone

The whole custom styles bit is getting very complicated. All your settings are safe in the database but the stylesheets can get borked.  All you need to do is resave the plugin styles.

Styles and Settings changes not displaying

Turn off your caching plugins and reload the page. Caching is the devil’s work and should be avoided where possible. Reloading the page resets the stylesheets.

Not getting registration emails

Talk to your host about this one. The plugin used the wp-mail function to send you an email. If you aren’t getting the message then it means your host is blocking the emails or sending them to your junk folder.

Not allowing registration

The primary cause of this problem appears to be Jetpack. I don’t know why this is happening and it doesn’t happen all the time. You may also have a conflict with another plugin. It’s impossible to test the event manager against all of the other 34,000 plugins, all you can do is deactivate your plugins one at a time to find out which one is causing the problem. I can then see if I can find a fix. But read this first.

If none of this works make sure you have set a number in the ‘Event Counter’ option. If you haven’t set the number of attendees the plugin thinks nobody is allowed to attend.

PHP Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long

Every now and then for some strange reason WordPress doesn’t save the event date properly. I have no idea why it does this. If you get the error message all you have to do is resave the event. I’ve tried to build in some error checking but it hasn’t worked. Yet.

Event Download Bug

There is an option to download events to your calendar.  I’ve done loads of testing and only now just discovered that the calendar file rejects special characters. I will work on a fix but for now if the event has anything other than A-Z in it you calendar may well throw a wobbly.

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  1. Maja on 31 Mar 2018

    Hi Graham,

    I’ve found it, the sharing with facebook and twitter was the troublemaker.
    Happy Easter!

    • Graham on 31 Mar 2018

      Hi Maja,
      Glad you have found a solution. But it would really help if you could tell me what links didn’t work. That way I can investigate a fix.

  2. Maja on 31 Mar 2018

    Hi Graham,

    I have a problem. The event linking doesn’t work anymore. Nothing has changed in the display manager.

  3. Andrea Wilkinson on 22 Mar 2018

    Hi, thank you for the great plugin. Everything works great except I am unable to hide the attendees “there are … people coming” on the current event after people register. I disabled the option under the registration settings but it is still showing up on the event.

    • Graham on 22 Mar 2018

      Hi Andrea,
      Go to the ‘Settings’ tab and disable the ‘Places Taken’ option. That should fix it for you.

  4. Richard on 08 Mar 2018

    The problem seems to be a time zone problem. I am in the pacific time zone, gmt -8. Before 4 pm PST today’s events show as today. After 4 pm, tomorrow’s event show as today. I assume someplace in the logic we are comparing GMT time to event time which is in the timezone of the site.

    • Graham on 08 Mar 2018

      All the plugin does is use the time set on the hosting server (in your case this appears to be in Utah). If the server is set to GMT there’s not much I can do about this.

  5. Richard on 07 Mar 2018

    I have a problem with today’s events not being displayed. I have one event scheduled for the next couple days. I have a test page It has qem, qem id=’today’, and qem id=’all’. The event for the current day only shows up on up on id=’all’

    • Graham on 07 Mar 2018

      I can see an event on 7 March (today) on all three lists.

  6. Steve Hart on 01 Mar 2018

    Just upgraded QEM to 8.4.6 and now it throws out a string of messages saying “Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in…” . Rolled it back to 8.4.5 and everything is fine again. The upgrade doesn’t work correctly.

  7. Alex on 27 Feb 2018

    Hi Graham,

    I’ve got a wonky problem I’m hoping you can figure out. On my site I just use [qemcalendar] to display at most a few events per month. But, my users can’t see any month beyond the current. The next button just displays a blank space where the calendar normally is. Oddly enough, it appears to work properly in an ancient version of Internet Explorer but in any modern browser, it doesn’t. We’re using v8.8.6. Any ideas ?

    • Graham on 28 Feb 2018

      I sort of need to see the site to troubleshoot the problem. It’s usually a conflict with something else on the site.

  8. Richard on 17 Feb 2018

    I have a problem I just noticed. I am not displaying today’s events. I am using just [qem] and I get events for tomorrow onward. On the day an event is scheduled, it shows up in past events [qem id='archive' order='asc'] but not in [qem]

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2018

      Hi Richard,
      It’s working for me. The plugin uses the date on your server to check for today’s events. It’s possible there is a discrepancy between the server date and the local date. Can you post a link to your event list so I can take a look

  9. mkl on 12 Jan 2018

    Thanks for the great plug-in!
    Any idea why the calendar navigation buttons are not working on this website? I’ve tried disabling other plugins (most of them anyway!) and everything is up to date but still not working.
    Thank you!

    • Graham on 12 Jan 2018

      Hi there,
      Not sure why it’s not working, I suspect a conflict with something else on your site. Can you (temporarily) disable all other plugins and test again.

  10. debbie on 03 Jan 2018

    The “add to calendar” feature isn’t working. It wants to save a file – and doesn’t do anything on mobile devices. Any way to work around this?

    • Graham on 04 Jan 2018

      Hi Debbie,
      The option only ever downloaded the ics file, it’s up to you wnat you do with the file. Most browsers have an event handler that gives you the option to save or open the file in an application.

  11. Zordon on 29 Dec 2017

    How to change in calendar header December 2017 to 2017 December? Thx! I don’t found it in setup.

  12. John Donnellon on 11 Dec 2017

    Hi! Thanks for the great plugin. I’m having one issue that I can’t seem to resolve. I have enabled the autoresponder and added a message, but the system is still sending the same basic message it was sending before. Is there something more that needs to be done to get the autoresponder to work?

    • Graham on 11 Dec 2017

      Think I’ve found the bug. There is an option to create custom Autoresponder messages for each event and this was taking priority. Download and install this version: Go to your event and make sure the ‘Registration Confirmation Message’ box is empty.

  13. Daniel on 29 Nov 2017

    Calendar months go from November 2017 to December 2017. Click next to go to January and it shows December 2018… clicking next again shows January 2018. FYI

  14. Sheila Good on 17 Mar 2017

    I’m having issues with the registration form right aligning correctly.
    The Event Description should align left of the registration form but it’s showing below the form.

    How do I fix this?


    • Graham on 17 Mar 2017

      Hi Sheila,
      It’s your theme messing things up. Delete the style at line 162 and it will all work as it should.

    • Sheila Good on 22 Mar 2017


      I’m not sure what line 162 is since there’s no numbers showing. What style am I looking for exactly?

    • Graham on 22 Mar 2017

      Look for: h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {clear: both;}

      Delete all this and you will be all working again.

  15. Richard C on 11 Jan 2017

    I noticed through trial and error that a user who registers can’t use the same email address as another registrant. They get a notice that the registration is successful but it is not. When this happens the after registration page does not display properly, which is the only indication it did not work. Is this an option, feature or bug?

    Feel free to try it on my site for testing just let me know so I can delete the registration(s).

    Oh yeah, love the plugin will pay for Pro upgrade. Thanks for a great product.

    • Graham on 11 Jan 2017


      You shouldn’t be able to register twice – the plugin should check email addresses and block the registration. I’ve just tested and it works as it should. I’ve also done the same on your site and my duplicate registration was blocked. So I wonder what you did that I didn’t…

    • Richard C. on 12 Jan 2017

      Graham it did block the registration (duplicate emails), which is OK….understandable for security. I saw your registration. It’s just I did not realize that was a feature and the user does not get any kind of error message. Same goes for me. Might be in the docs which I have not read through the docs thoroughly. thanks for the quick reply!

    • Graham on 12 Jan 2017

      There is an error message, it displays on the screen in red to state you are already registered for an event. You don’t get an email as there is nothing to report, you just get an email when a registration is successful

    • Richard C on 12 Jan 2017

      Graham, understood. Just was confusing to the end users. I will put a note on the page in the future. Again thanks for your plugin and help!

    • Graham on 14 Jan 2017

      Try changing the message text, you have removed the the word ‘already’ which was the indicator they had already registered for the event.

  16. SERENO Laurent on 02 Jul 2016

    Wonderful plug-in and work (and QPP also), it helps a lot !!
    a little question is it possible on purchase to be redirect on PayPal page where customers can pay with credit cards, please ???


    • Graham on 02 Jul 2016

      Hi Laurent,
      Customers can pay with a credit card but PayPal will only let you make 10 payments before you have to open an account. There is no way to get round this restriction – it’s nothing to do with the plugin, it’s PayPal’s T&C.

  17. Morten on 16 May 2016

    Hi Graham,
    Activating the Quick Event Manager plugin makes the styling of my site wrong. Instead of the grid it is now, the posts show up in single, long line. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    • Graham on 16 May 2016

      Hi Morten,
      Not sure, I really need to see the site with the plugin activated to check the CSS. But I did notice the site isn’t responsive and uses absolute positioning for the blog posts. So there may well be a conflict between the two.

  18. Anita on 03 May 2016

    Hi Graham,
    Its still not working. Ive uploaded the plugin again. didnt work. Then deleted the old one and uploaded again, not working. would you like password to check yourself?
    greetings anita

    • Graham on 03 May 2016

      Yes please. I will send you an email.

  19. Anita on 30 Apr 2016

    The new update has a few errors, i’m putting back the ‘old’event manager. With all respect, i love your plugin and work with it very very much to my liking.

    • Graham on 30 Apr 2016

      Hi Anita,
      Can you tell me what the errors were so I can fix them.

    • Anita on 30 Apr 2016

      Hi Graham,
      So far: the date popup, the insert media buttons, the text does not show on the preview. I’ve tried to restore my “old’event manager and also tried your zips but no luck so far. Thanks foor looking into it. Like i said, i like your plugin, working with it a lot and alway to my full satisfavtion!
      x Anita

    • Graham on 01 May 2016


      I’ve just checked and the update has working datepickers, media buttons and preview. Can you try again:

  20. Mary Radicke on 12 Aug 2015

    Love it. Only one thing I’m having a problem with (version 4.2.4). I want to use the Event Manager role, but it’s not working correctly. Everything seems to work but persons assigned that role don’t have rights to view or work in the registration lists. Kind of defeats the purpose. In fact, the only role that can view or manipulate the registration list is Administrator, and I sure don’t want to get the secretaries who need to work with events those rights. Hope you can help. Thanks! M

    • Graham on 12 Aug 2015

      Hi Mary,
      It’s all about capabilities. And I’ve just discovered the answer. If you can give me a temp login to your site I will add the tiny bit of code needed. Or I can email you an update to play with.

    • Mary Radicke on 12 Aug 2015

      I don’t have time to do anything right away, but if you can send me the update I’ll make a backup and then install it when I get a chance and let you know. Email mfradicke at gardner dot sa dot com. Thanks! M

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