Troubleshooting the Event Manager

While the Event Manager is pretty robust there are a few problem you might encounter.

Maps don’t display

Google has changed the rules and you now need an API key to display maps on your site. Full instructions here.


If you have upgraded here are some instructions for setting up MailChimp.

All your styling has gone

The whole custom styles bit is getting very complicated. All your settings are safe in the database but the stylesheets can get borked.  All you need to do is resave the plugin styles.

Styles and Settings changes not displaying

Turn off your caching plugins and reload the page. Caching is the devil’s work and should be avoided where possible. Reloading the page resets the stylesheets.

Not getting registration emails

Talk to your host about this one. The plugin used the wp-mail function to send you an email. If you aren’t getting the message then it means your host is blocking the emails or sending them to your junk folder.

Not allowing registration

The primary cause of this problem appears to be Jetpack. I don’t know why this is happening and it doesn’t happen all the time. You may also have a conflict with another plugin. It’s impossible to test the event manager against all of the other 34,000 plugins, all you can do is deactivate your plugins one at a time to find out which one is causing the problem. I can then see if I can find a fix. But read this first.

If none of this works make sure you have set a number in the ‘Event Counter’ option. If you haven’t set the number of attendees the plugin thinks nobody is allowed to attend.

PHP Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long

Every now and then for some strange reason WordPress doesn’t save the event date properly. I have no idea why it does this. If you get the error message all you have to do is resave the event. I’ve tried to build in some error checking but it hasn’t worked. Yet.

Event Download Bug

There is an option to download events to your calendar.  I’ve done loads of testing and only now just discovered that the calendar file rejects special characters. I will work on a fix but for now if the event has anything other than A-Z in it you calendar may well throw a wobbly.

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  1. anita on 10 Dec 2018

    Thanks Graham,
    I did it like you said:
    The Quick event pluginn is again working like a charm!
    Thanks again, i’m very very releived and happy!

  2. Anita on 10 Dec 2018

    Hi Graham,
    Thanks for your fast responce. I do have the latest version and tried to install the zip. It says that i allready have the map and that the installation failed. Shall i try to deactivate the plugin and then install the zip? (im afraid to lose all my events)

    • Graham on 10 Dec 2018

      Delete the existing plugin and install the update. You will not loses and settings or events. Or upload using FTP (which is much safer).

  3. anita on 08 Dec 2018

    Hi Graham,
    How are you?
    I’m a happy user of te event pluggin. Since 2 days the date doenst come right anymoren. Example: the start date is dec.9 and after saving it changes to 16 febr. Can you please help me out?
    Warm regards,

  4. Ricardo on 04 Oct 2018

    The calendar in the beggining worked well, now it only displays calendar, but when you click it there is no pop up window about the event, and there is no link addressing to the events either.

    Here is it:

    Don´t understand.

  5. kirt elzner on 15 Jul 2018

    frustrated the recurring events dropdown menus don’t work Chrome & Safari mac os high sierra.
    i need to get the set up and may have deactivated your plugin

    • Graham on 15 Jul 2018

      They do work. They just don’t display until you check the recurring events box.

  6. Nigel Bartlett on 06 Jul 2018

    Graham, thamk you for taking your time to respond to my request. Yes, I understand that I can force the use of HTTPS, and your suggestion is one way to achieve this. But some of my users have old browsers that do not support the level of TLS I enforce (which is 1.2 and above). That is why I want to give them the choice of HTTP vs HTTPS. At some stage I will force HTTPS on them, but not until the vast majority of users can support TLS 1.2 or greater in their browser.

    To answer your question, some users type the URL, but most rely on bookmarked links.

  7. Nigel Bartlett on 05 Jul 2018

    I really like this plugin, but there is one feature that I would be very happy if you could change. I encourage my users to view our site with HTTPS, but some still insist on HTTP (perhaps their browser is too old and doesn’t support the levels of TLS I require). The event page displays as either HTTP or HTTPS depending on the user choice, but if they browse using HTTPS then click on the event’s website link this gets automatically downgraded to HTTP. I realise I can hardcode this link as HTTPS, but then a user browsing with HTTP will have the session upgraded to HTTPS when he clicks on the link, even when his browser doesn’t support it.

    • Graham on 05 Jul 2018

      The easiest way to fix this is get your host to redirect all requests to https. I’m not even sure how people are accessing the site using http – are they typing the URL into the address bar?

  8. Ngilyang Richo on 07 May 2018

    Thank you for this great Plug-in. I have used it for my 2 sites. On the first one, every had worked fine. But on second website, there’s a problem with displaying the Error and Thank-you messages. Though the users can register successfully and even get a Auto Response, but after successfully registering the Error and Thank-you messages doesn’t show up on event page. But it had worked fine on my first website. I have cross checked everything with both the installations. But I just can’t figure out the problem. Could you please help me out?

    And, also I have a query, can I put a list of check boxes where the user can check multiple options (in drop down or radio button, a user can choose only one option) for registration?

  9. Stephen L Barnett on 23 Apr 2018

    Can’t seem to get pagination to work properly. It lists multiple pages but returns first-page results when you click the second-page icon to move forward.

    • Graham on 24 Apr 2018

      I’m not sure why it’s doing this. The whole pagination thing is easily affected by other plugins or your theme so there could be a conflict. How many events are there on page 2?

  10. Edwin on 11 Apr 2018

    “PHP Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long” remains regardless that I resaved all events’.
    All works well only the message pops-up, is it possible to remove this error message?

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