Troubleshooting the Event Manager

While the Event Manager is pretty robust there are a few problem you might encounter.

Maps don’t display

Google has changed the rules and you now need an API key to display maps on your site. Full instructions here.


If you have upgraded here are some instructions for setting up MailChimp.

All your styling has gone

The whole custom styles bit is getting very complicated. All your settings are safe in the database but the stylesheets can get borked.  All you need to do is resave the plugin styles.

Styles and Settings changes not displaying

Turn off your caching plugins and reload the page. Caching is the devil’s work and should be avoided where possible. Reloading the page resets the stylesheets.

Not getting registration emails

Talk to your host about this one. The plugin used the wp-mail function to send you an email. If you aren’t getting the message then it means your host is blocking the emails or sending them to your junk folder.

Not allowing registration

The primary cause of this problem appears to be Jetpack. I don’t know why this is happening and it doesn’t happen all the time. You may also have a conflict with another plugin. It’s impossible to test the event manager against all of the other 34,000 plugins, all you can do is deactivate your plugins one at a time to find out which one is causing the problem. I can then see if I can find a fix. But read this first.

If none of this works make sure you have set a number in the ‘Event Counter’ option. If you haven’t set the number of attendees the plugin thinks nobody is allowed to attend.

PHP Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long

Every now and then for some strange reason WordPress doesn’t save the event date properly. I have no idea why it does this. If you get the error message all you have to do is resave the event. I’ve tried to build in some error checking but it hasn’t worked. Yet.

Event Download Bug

There is an option to download events to your calendar.  I’ve done loads of testing and only now just discovered that the calendar file rejects special characters. I will work on a fix but for now if the event has anything other than A-Z in it you calendar may well throw a wobbly.

  1. Kira on 12 Jan 2020:

    It looks like the ICS generated is now no longer accepted by iOS 13. one cannot Import the events to the iOS calendar. Any fix for this?

    Reply to Kira

    • Graham on 12 Jan 2020:

      Hi Kira,
      It seems to be apple blocking ICS downloads. Not sure how to fix this but I will investigate

  2. Kelly on 04 Nov 2019:

    Hello! The dates on my events are not working. I’ll set the date and it keeps bouncing back to the current date. Help!

    Reply to Kelly

    • Graham on 06 Nov 2019:

      Hi Kelly,
      Is this something that has just started or has it always been like this? Are you using the date picker? Note that the dates have to be in DD Mmm YYYY format (only the US uses MM DD YY)

  3. Shari on 10 Aug 2019:

    Hi Graham, I’m trying to style the share buttons for facebook and twitter. I didn’t see anything about those in the styling area, so went to do it manually with css, but there isn’t any class assigned to them that I could target.

    Do you have any suggestions for making them easier to read?


    Reply to Shari

    • Graham on 10 Aug 2019:

      Hi Shari,
      Looks like your theme is overriding the styles. In your Customiser > Additional CSS try this:

      .qem h4 a {text-decoration: none;color:#FFF; padding: 6px;}

  4. HVP on 23 May 2019:

    Hi Graham, as it turns out, the shortcode was picking up events from 2017 when we first launched the website.That’s why they didn’t show in the calendar in May 2019. Nobody had noticed that before. I have now changed the shortcode to [qem posts='3' id='5' y='2019' order='asc'], but obviously that’s not desirable as it would require me to change the month every time and obviously the events should display from today’s date and later. You would think that the ‘asc’ would start at the beginning of May, but it actually does that only if I leave the ‘asc’ parameter out. Perhaps therein lies the problem in the first place.
    Any way to email me directly rather than through the website? Form does not copy to my email address, nor does your reply, so I have to check your site for answers. Thanks!

    Reply to HVP

  5. HVP on 22 May 2019:

    Hello, our website home page is displaying upcoming events in a 3 event grid, and for some reason it is skipping several events. E.g. we’re in May and have a number of events left in May, but the posts that are displaying are in June. Using shortcode [qem posts='3' id='all'] but have tried id=’current’ and other parameters without any improvement. It should be showing any 3 upcoming events past ‘today’s date’. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    Reply to HVP

    • Graham on 23 May 2019:

      I’m looking at your event calendar and the events on the homepage don’t appear on the calendar. So something has gone awry. Are you filtering by category?

  6. Pam on 21 Mar 2019:

    I’ve used this plugin for several events and it’s worked seamlessly. However, I just set up a new event and for some reason I’m getting registrations but the user doesn’t see a confirmation, and they are not sent to paypal for payment. My page is here:
    Have I missed something in my set up this time?

    Reply to Pam

  7. Donna Muniz on 16 Mar 2019:

    Hello Graham
    I added the Event Registration to a couple of my clinics… and I notice that when folks register, it adds them to the list and keeps them there even if they. If they close the browser before they pay with PayPal, it still keeps them on that list. Is there anything I can do to force them to pay, or have them pay before they register?? You are still listed as Admin on the site.

    Reply to Donna Muniz

    • Graham on 16 Mar 2019:

      Hi Donna,
      If you are using IPN there is an option to hold registration until payment is complete.

  8. Guido van Harten on 16 Feb 2019:

    I’ve published an item which repeats every week. How do I modify some information in ALL the repeated items?

    Reply to Guido van Harten

    • Graham on 16 Feb 2019:

      Hi Guido,
      You can’t I’m afraid. Once an event has been published the only way to change anything is to edit each event. Or delete all of them and start over. Sorry about that. The only other alternative is to install a plugin that searches and replaces database strings.

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