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April 2019


It's My Birthday - Parties

I've reached the ripe old age of 57

At Down the pub

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Beer in the Evening - Beer

Guest Beer night - 10 local brews

From 10am until 6pm

At the Shephard and Flock

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Bal de la rentrée - Road Trips


From 14:30 until 19:00

At MPT - Salle de la Tête Ronde

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May 2019


Test Seminar - Test

A CEO Best Practices Workshop

From 0800 until 1233

At Test Venue

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Norwegian Wood - Training

By the Beatles

From 12 noon until late

At Liverpool

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Countdown Test - Parties

Register for this event and you will see the number free places change.

From midday until midnight

At Tahiti

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From 7.30AM and 12.30pm until 8.52AM and 12.52pm

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Granny's Knickers - Parties

An event that starts in the past and ends in the future

At The Southbank Centre

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June 2019


Título - Test

baile de tango

From 9 until 19

At Club social blabla

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Intro to Physics - Road Trips

Some Infos

From 10:00

At Globe-Theatre

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I’m also working on alternate layout options so you can have the list as row across the page or masonry (tiles).

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Masonry Grid

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  1. Lisa Aldrich on 06 Sep 2017

    Hi Graham,

    I love this Plugin! Thank you so much for creating it. I have the Pro version and it is great. How do I remove the “related” items at the bottom of the page?

    • Graham on 07 Sep 2017

      Hi Lisa,
      That’s your theme not the plugin. If you want to remove this you need an event template that you can then edit. The pro version of the plugin has a template creator.

  2. Raz on 11 Dec 2016

    A grid of 3-6 would be nice. Masonry is old fashioned now.

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