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If you see some odd events in the list it’s people trying out the Guest Event Plugin.

January 2017


carrrera dia del niño

gran carrera dia del niño

From 8 until 24

At bosque de tlahuac

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Some really great event

Blah Blah description

From 9pm until 10pm

At My Place

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For Fiona

A test of the autoresponder

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February 2017


Test Event


From 8:00 until 9:00

At here

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San Charbel

Misa a San Charbel

From 18:00 until 18:00

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March Test

does it finish on the right date?

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March 2017


Wildlife Photographer of the Year

A stunning showcase of the very best nature photography, revealing the beauty and diversity of life on Earth

At Natural History Museum

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Up and Down

Two events on one day

At My Garden

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Test Seminar

A CEO Best Practices Workshop

From 0800 until 1233

At Test Venue

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I’m also working on alternate layout options so you can have the list as row across the page or masonry (tiles).

Masonry Grid

Masonry Grid

Event Grid

Event Grid

  1. Raz said:

    A grid of 3-6 would be nice. Masonry is old fashioned now.

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