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One of the key features of the plugin is the registration form. There are all sorts of funky options and you will get an email if someone fills in the form.

But up until now you couldn’t get a list of everyone that registered. The simplest way to get the list is to click on the ‘Registration’ link in the Dashboard menu.

This is what you will see:


Select an Event from the dropdown and this is what you will see:


To get directly to the registration list for a particular event go to the Dashboard Event list and when you hover there is a ‘Registrations’ link.

Or if you are editing an event there is a link to ‘View all Registrations’.

You also have the option to select all events or current events. All events means past and future events. Current events are those in the future.

Not shown is the ‘delete’ option. You can filter out the undesirable from the list. If you are using the ‘numbers attending’ feature this will update the numbers as well. I try to think of everything for you.

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  1. Nobuhle on 10 Aug 2017


    I’d like to find out if there is a way to inject attendees into the database from backend. i have an excel file of attendees which i would like to add to the list of current attendees

    • Graham on 10 Aug 2017

      Hi Nobuhle,

      This isn’t too complicated. All you would need to do is save the spreadsheet as a CSV with the information in the right columns and I can build an extension to the plugin that uploads the file and add the attendees to your chosen event. I need to work out how much this will cost but it shouldn’t be too expensive. Or you may be able to find someone local to do the job for you a bit cheaper.

  2. Dwayne on 01 Apr 2016

    Hi, when i click on Registrations link, i get the following error
    Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in

    can you help?

    • Graham on 01 Apr 2016

      Check your event. WordPress is telling you there is something wrong with the date. It might just need re-saving. Can you send me a link to the event so I can take a look.

  3. Susan on 30 Aug 2015

    I used the plugin for my client but when somebody does a registration my client is not getting an email with that information? Am I doing something wrong? I know put a field beneath the form for a copy message, but if a registrant doesn’t use it… Hope you can help me

    • Graham on 30 Aug 2015

      Hi Susan,

      Have you entered their email address in the registration form settings? If you have then they need to check with their host that the emails aren’t getting blocked or spammed. Had someone the the other day who used gmail and all the notification emails were in the junk folder.

  4. David on 04 Oct 2014

    Been using for a while, made a bunch of mods to the code, love it – but managing the registration emails is a hassle, can I get the update to play with?

    • Graham on 04 Oct 2014

      Latest version on its way…

  5. Jaco on 08 Sep 2014

    Hi Graham

    I have just started using your Event Registration plugin for our local church and I find it SOOO good! We will be doing premarital and marriage courses and Music Events etc.
    The one Thing I did miss (but here you have it) is the capability to actually see the registrants Details and download it or get it emailed …

    I would love to get this update! Please tell me you still email it …hahaha

    Thanks for your hard work, and you deserve every donation you get!

    Kind regards

    • Graham on 08 Sep 2014

      This is a brand new feature, I’m sending you the update to play with.

  6. Chantelle on 29 Aug 2014

    Hey! I am using Quick Event Manager on a client’s new website and we are loving it! I would love to help you test the new registrations feature as my client and I were just talking about effective ways to pull the registrations lists. Looking forward to hearing from you. C

    • Graham on 30 Aug 2014

      Hi Chantelle,
      I’ve just sent you the update to play with.

  7. Katrina on 13 Aug 2014

    This is a client site and I’ve started using your event plug-in for a numerous sites. I’ll have to show you my appreciate for this great plug-in with some money soon. Meanwhile, I DO need a way to see the registrations for this event, Swine & Wine, and I need the name and email address. Right now I only see the name.

    • Graham on 13 Aug 2014

      Hi Katrina,
      I’ve just sent you an email with the registration list update thingy.

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