How to use the Quick Event Manager

A sort of a list of hints and tips that will probably grow as I add more features and think of new stuff to put here. Contributions welcome in the comments.

If you want details of new features coming soon check out the QEM Update page.


Adding an event list Use the shortcode [qem] to add an event list to your site.  To add a event list to a sidebar use the widget. All the shortcodes are listed on this page.
Adding an event calendar Use the shortcode [qemcalendar] to add a calendar to your site.  All the shortcodes are listed on this page.
Creating Events Click on the ‘Events’ link in your dashboard menu then ‘Add New’. Fill in the event details, select which forms you want to display and publish.

Event Settings

Show in event post Select which event fields you want to display in the event post. This doesn’t delete the data, it just hides it from view.
Show in event list Select which event fields you want to display in the event list.
Change the order Drag and drop the fields to change the order in which they are displayed.
Styling Set the colour, font size and attributes for each element.
Caption and display options This allows you add some words in front of the field content. If you just want the field content leave the blue box empty.
Publication Date If your theme shows the publication date if the post you can use this option to force WordPress to make the event and publication date the same. Note: this will show the event as being scheduled and may cause display problems.
Shortcode Selection If you want more control over individual lists you can use the fields shortcode attribute. The fields numbers are listed on the Event Settings page. The shortcode format is [qem fields='1,3,4']. To hide all fields use [qem fields='8'].

Event Display

End Date Display If you have a start and an end date you can hide the end date in the lists, display them side by side or merge them together.
Event Messages Like it says on the tin, edit the ‘read more’ and ‘no event found’ messages.
Event List Options Options to list in reverse order (old > new), list old events, display month/year separators, and so on.
Download to Calendar This downloads the event details for inclusion in your calendar. It does not add the event to your calndar, you have to do this yourself.
Event Linking Options A range of options to link externally, use a lightbox (popup), hide links and link back to the event list.
Map and Images A range of options to display maps and images in various combinations. Warning, if you have lots of events don’t select the maps option for the event list as Google can block access to the maps.
Shortcodes There are a whole range of shortcodes you can use to change the listAll the shortcodes are listed on this page.

Event Styling

Event Width The events will default to 100% width but if you want something different enter your settings here. If you don’t specify the units it will default to pixels.
Font Options If you want to use a different font on your events list this is where you add the details. You will need to be a little careful with the font family but as long as you use the published names you will be OK.
Calendar Icons Loads of styling options here:size, corners, borders, background and so on. Have a play until you find the combination you like. There is also the option to remove all the styling and just display the date as plain text.
Event Content This lets you add a border and background colours. The border will be the same as the date icon. You can also tweak the padding and margins should you wish.
Custom CSS If you want a style not listed in the Styling page you can create your own. To apply the style check the ‘Use Custom CSS’ box.

Calendar Options

Add a Calendar Use the shortcode [qemcalendar] to add a calendar to your site.  All the shortcodes are listed on this page.

General Settings

Linking event lists to calendars You can add a link to the top of your event list and the calendar to link them to each other. Insert the URLs of the pages so the link knows where to go
Navigation Links These are the ‘Prev’ and Next’ captions that link to the previous and next month. You can also add arrows or other symbols if you want.

Event Options

Multiday Events This will display the event on all the days it runs
Character Number Because the calendar is a table it can run out of room if you have lots of events. This options chops the event title down to a set number of characters.
Month and Date Header This size and colour of the Month/Year that displays at the top of the calendar and the day number in the calendar.
Small Screens Options to display an icon on small screens instead of the event title.
Styling Lots of options to set colours, border and so on.
Calendar Colours Options to change the various elements of the calendar: days of the week, past dates, today, future dates and days where there is an event. Click on the button and choose your colour. You can add a hex code or clear the selection. To close the selector click on ‘current color’.

Event Category Colours

Category colours If you have categorised your events you can colour code them to make it easy for your visitors
Display a key The key lists the categories you are using on your calendar along with the background colour for that category.
Start the wee Options to start the calendar on a Sunday or a Monday

Event Registration

Using registration forms Check the box at the top of the page to add a registration form to all your event. To just add the form to individual events use the check box on the event editor.
Form Border Add a border to the form using the styles set up on the Styling page.
Display on the Right Move the from from below the event details to the right below the event image and the map.
Old Events block registration to past events or event that have already started.
Prefill and restrict Autofill the form if the user is logged in and only allow registration for users.
Multiple registration The plugin checks names and emails for existing registrations. This option allows people to register more than once.
Hide when full Hides the form if you have set the number of places on the event and the event is full..
Notifications This is the email address where all notifications will be sent.
Form fields Check the ones you want to use, which ones are required and edit the labels. The form will check to see if a field is being used and then validate the required fields.
Terms and Conditions Adds a T&C fields to the bottom of the form. Edit the label and the T&C URL. There is also the option to open in a new tab/page.
Error and Thanks you message Edit the error and thanks you messages to suit. If there is an error this message will display and a red box shows around the field.
Show attendees If people register you can list their names on the event page.
Places Available and Numbers Attending The event editor allows you to set the number of people who can attend an event.  Change the way the number is displayed and what to do if there are no free places. THere is also an option to display how many people are already registered.

Auto Responder

Enable This will send an email to the registrant. If not selected you can add the an option the receive an email on the Registration settings.
Name and Email Edit as required. If you leave these blank the plugiun will use the site name and admin email.
Subject Edit the email subject and select to add the event title and/or date
Message Content Add and edit the message you want to send. You can include links and images.
Add registration Details Adds their registration details below the message
Add Event Details Adds the event details to the email with an option for a link to the event.


Use payment forms If the event has a simple cost you can collect the fees using the payment option.
Options Enter your PayPal account details and any processing fees you want to collect.
Coupons Use this is you offer coupons. The link takes you to a page where you can set the coupon code and type of discount (value or percent)
Instant Payment Notification If you have a Business or Permier Account you can receive noticfication of payment. This will appear on the event registration report. There are also options to block registration until payment is complete.


Create Event Template Creates a clone of your theme’s single.php. This may or may not work, it really depends on your theme. The more complex the the theme the less likely this is going to work for you.

Registration Reports

See all registrants Click on the link in the Event Editor to go directly to the Registration Report. Use the dashboard Registration link to access all reports.
Event Selection Use the options to select events by category, name or currency. Selecting the event name will automatically list the attendees.
Downloads Save the details to a CSV file or email them to the address set up on the Event Registration page.
Deletions Delete everybody or just the selected names

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  1. Denis on 27 Oct 2017

    Hi There,
    what means “U” and “R” above checkboxes in registration form settings?

    • Graham on 27 Oct 2017

      U = Use this field
      R = Required field

  2. Bert on 16 Oct 2017

    How to add recurring event in QEM?
    I tried but failed to get result

    • Tony Bear on 25 Oct 2017

      Thanks for this question – I was about to ask it!

  3. Rutger on 25 Sep 2017

    Hi Graham, Really like your plug-in Quick Event Manager! I have one problem at this point: I can’t see the registrants. The dashboard indicates registrants but when clicking on ‘Registrations’ on choosing a specific event, it states “Nobody has registered for [event x] yet”. Curiously, above the title “Event registration report” it says “>field15”. Any clues?

    • Graham on 25 Sep 2017

      The >field15 is a left over from when i was doing some testing. It will be removed. I have no idea why you can’t see the registrants. If you edit the event do you see the names listed at the bottom of the ‘Event Details’ box?

    • Rutger on 26 Sep 2017

      No, that box is empty…

    • Graham on 26 Sep 2017

      In which case the registrations weren’t completed. Did you see the thankyou message after registration?

    • Rutger on 27 Sep 2017

      Thanks for taking time to help BTW! Yes I get ‘thank you’-messages. Also, the number of participants counts the number of times I’ve registered. The ‘registrations’-screen however doesn’t show any registrations. It states that nobody has registered yet…

    • Graham on 27 Sep 2017

      Can you post a link to an event page so I can take a look. If you want to keep this private for now send it to mail at

    • Rutger on 06 Oct 2017

      Just a little update for any people running to the same thing. The plug-in works fine. As Graham pointed out after digging into it, my problem was caused by the fact that I didn’t collect registrants’ names. Bottom line: you will not encounter this problem as long as you collect names in the registration form :). Thanks Graham!

  4. Mernepta on 19 Jul 2017

    Hey, thanks for the plugin!
    I’m stuck on a silly problem – I’d like to modify the font size of event titles and dates, and I can’t manage to get them smaller than 1em which is too much in my case. How could it be done?

    • Graham on 19 Jul 2017

      It all depends on your theme. I’ve tried to make it so the plugin uses your theme styles – so maybe there is something in your theme stopping your from making things smaller. If you send me a link to your site I can take a look for you

    • Mernepta on 20 Jul 2017

      I am using Divi from Elegant Themes, testing it here:

    • Graham on 20 Jul 2017

      In which case I can’t help you. Divi is a complete pain to do anything with. You need to talk to the Divi developers

  5. Fran Todd on 22 May 2017

    Hi, Graham!
    Ii like your plug in and so far it has worked well for our non-profit. We are having a fundraiser and the tickets are $15 per person. I have it set up in the events manager, but cannot see where someone can purchase more than one ticket at a time. Is there a way that someone can purchase four tickets and it automatically total $60.00 for them instead of having to purchase one ticket at a time? Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Graham on 23 May 2017

      Hi Fran, If you use the ‘places’ field on the registration form the plugin will calculate the total cost for you. and if you use the ‘more names’ box you can collect the names of everyone attending

    • Fran on 24 May 2017

      Thanks, Graham. I have checked both boxes suggested, but I still do not see where someone can select say…three tickets ($15 each) for a total cost of $45.00. What am I doing wrong?

    • Graham on 24 May 2017

      Fran, I’ve just registered for the ‘Savannah Banana Baseball Game’ and asked for 3 places. The form took me to PayPal and the total to pay was $45. So it all seems to be working as it should.

  6. Desiree on 01 Mar 2017

    Just working on integrating the plug-in into my site. I have followed all the steps and added a price and clicked the boxes to be taken to PayPal…however after I register it does not link to PayPal. Is there another step I’m missing?

    • Graham on 02 Mar 2017

      Hi Desiree,
      I’ve just registered for a course and it went to paypal. But I did notice that the site is very slow so it looks like nothing happens for a few seconds. I will look at adding a filter to stop people clicking twice on the registration button.

  7. Patrick on 28 Dec 2016

    Hi There,

    I’ve got a question about your awesome plugin: Quick Event Manager.

    Is there a way to change the slug?

    It is now default as /events/

    And in the breadcrumbs there is now a new section added, for example: Home / events / my events name /

    However when you click on /events/ it is now linking to a new page with just the full description content of the created event (I guess this is a blog category).

    Please let me know on how can I fix this, and keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards

    • Graham on 28 Dec 2016

      The events are Custom Post Types and have their own permalink path as you have discovered. It’s not a category it’s called a taxonomy and is hard coded into the WP core. Which means you can’t change it. What you could do is set up a redirect in your htaccess to send people back to the event list.

  8. Peter on 28 Feb 2016

    Does the registration work on mobile devices?

    I use a responsive theme and while it will display the event details, the registration form is not displayed.

    • Graham on 28 Feb 2016

      Hi Peter,
      Yes it does. Does the form display on your PC? Can you send a link to your site so I can take a look?

    • Peter on 28 Feb 2016

      The website is in a test phase so it is far from complete but the event registration should be accessible.

      Thanks for the quick response.


    • Peter on 28 Feb 2016

      Sorry I missed this

      YES it does display on my laptop.

    • Graham on 29 Feb 2016

      It doesn’t display on mine. I can see the test event but no registration form on any device.

    • Peter on 29 Feb 2016

      That is my problem. I want it to display on devices and a PC

      Is this something I doing wrong or is it a bug with the plug-in?

    • Peter on 29 Feb 2016

      I just re-read your reply, when you say all devices, does that include your PC?

      I see the form on my laptop but not my mobile devices. Is that the same as you?

      I have the form set to come below the event.

    • Graham on 29 Feb 2016

      Nope, I don’t see a form on anything. The plugin doesn’t care what decide you use, the form will always display if you have event set to display a form.

      So it might be worth checking you have got the box to display a form checked and that you allow anyone to register (no just when you are logged in).

    • Peter on 29 Feb 2016

      OK, What color is my “red Face”


      I had the regestration set to logged in members only, no wonder it did not work on my devices. I changed the setting and it is working now.

      If I could ask you to confirm that it is working on your system/devices, I would appreciate the confirmation.

      Thank You!

    • Graham on 29 Feb 2016

      It’s always the simple things that catch you out. I can see your form just fine on my phone.

    • Peter on 29 Feb 2016

      Thanks for all your help. We can consider this issue resolved and closed.

      I will continue to test to see if my group likes and wants to use the tool.


  9. Sherin on 20 Feb 2016


    Great plugin. I am accepting payments for an event. Even though people have registered for the event and paid, the Registration Report is showing a heading for Payment but the details are blank. How do I know who has paid without accessing the PayPal account?

    Thank you.

    • Graham on 20 Feb 2016

      Hi Sherin,
      If you have got IPN enabled and setup properly you will see a ‘Completed’ message in the payment column when they have paid. So make sure you have properly configured IPN in your paypal account.

    • Sherin on 24 Feb 2016

      Hi Graham,

      Thank you for the advice, I installed PayPal IPN and used the PayPal IPM Primary URL as the URL on my PayPal account setup. I can see the payment on PayPal IPN via my WordPress dashboard but the Events report is still showing a blank Payments column. Is there anything else I should be doing?

      Thank you.

    • Sherin on 24 Feb 2016

      Should I be using this URL on PayPal instead?

    • Sherin on 24 Feb 2016

      It worked! Looks like I can remove the plugin. One question – will the payment confirmation from PayPal only work with the QEM, since there is only place for one URL on PayPal.

    • Graham on 24 Feb 2016

      If you want to use the QEM with IPN you have to use the plugin URL. If you want to use a different URL, IPN will still work but you will not see the payment confirmation in the Registrations report.

  10. maka on 12 Jun 2015

    Hi, very nice plugin. I have some problem due to registration form. I activated it but I don’t get notification e-mails. Can you help me?

    • Graham on 15 Jun 2015

      Have you added your email address to the settings page? Have you checked your junk/spam folder? If you are sending email to a yahoo account they do get very picky about emails sent from WordPress. Have a read of this article.

  11. Guy on 21 Apr 2015

    Hi, great great plugin
    1. With the ‘Event manager’ rights only, I cannot select any category (can only create a new one). With the ‘autor’ rights, I can but I cannot publish as I can with posts : its only submitted to publication.
    2. On the attribution of colors in the calendar, I can choose a category but none of any under-category. As for the colors, the back of the text is not shown in the choosen color.
    3. What would be the best way to translate in french the form to fill a new event ?
    Thanks for all

    • Graham on 21 Apr 2015

      Bonjour Guy,
      1. I can’t fix the category problem. The only way to allow category selection is to allow the Event Manager to edit posts – which means they now have access to the whole site. It will be the same for the author role. There is no simple solution I’m afraid.
      2. The problem with the styling is because your category names have French characters. If you edit the category ‘slug’ so there are no accents it should be OK. To edit the slug go to Dashboard > Posts > Categories.
      3. There is a French translation but it is a bit out of date. Can you help with the translation?

      I will send you an update to the plugin to test the event manager/author role capabilities

    • Guy on 22 Apr 2015

      Hi and thanks Graham,
      1. To allow category selection is mandatory for an Event manager, I think that he could endorse the autor role.
      2a. I display a Page for the events but I need the genuine name (with accents) of the category otherwise.
      2b. What about the selection of a sub-category for the colours in the calendar ?
      3. With pleasure , but only the ‘new event form’ would be necessary for the beginning.

    • Graham on 22 Apr 2015

      1. You can only allow category selection if the Event Manager can edit all posts. This isn’t a limitation of the plugin, it’s built into the wordpress core. So if you are happy for the event editor to have access to all posts and pages then all will be OK.
      2a. Only the slug needs changing – the name of the category can stay as it is. The colours are defined in the CSS and CSS only allows the letters a-z.
      2b. Not saure this is possible.
      3. Thanks, I’ll send over the translation files for you tomorrow.

    • Guy on 23 Apr 2015

      Hi Graham,
      1. With the wordpress genuine ‘author’ profile, you can select any category and publish/delete your own posts. So, this role would be perfect for the ‘Event manager’
      2. I don’t have any accent in my slugs…

  12. Luc van Gerrevink on 17 Mar 2015

    Hi Graham,

    How can you unregister from an event? How does it work? What should be equal (name and/or email) to unregister?

    • Graham on 18 Mar 2015

      Hi Luc,
      If someone asks to be removed all you need to do is go to Dashboard > Events. Hover over the event and click ‘Registrations’. You can now delete the person from the list.

    • Luc van Gerrevink on 18 Mar 2015

      Hi Graham,

      I made a form that also has a option to mark that you are not attending the evement. But you previously sent in the form that you will attend the event.
      Sendening in the second sent form is rejected with the message “Already entered”. How to solve this problem?

    • Graham on 18 Mar 2015

      There is no simple way to fill in the form a second time to remove yourself from an event. If someone no longer wants to attend all they can do at the moment is send you an email or call on the phone and you can delete them from the list. I could code something but it’s not an easy thing to do and I’m very busy at the moment so this will have to wait a little while.

    • Luc van Gerrevink on 18 Mar 2015

      Hi Graham,

      What a actually want is to make a second registration under the same name/emailadress. In my form you can select in this “second registration” that you want to unscribed. From every registration I receive an email.

  13. Gert on 21 Feb 2015


    Nice Plugin. Maybe i’m not looking good, but how can I see the list of events instead of the calender? I use it in the right sidebar.

    Kind regards,


    • Graham on 21 Feb 2015

      Hi Gert,
      There should be a widget to do this. Check your widget list for one called Quick Event List

  14. Angelo on 08 Jan 2015

    I followed the instructions in the Event Template but it still show event with sidebar.
    This is the code inside single-event.php what do I have to change to get rid of the sidebar?

    the event address is
    thank you very much

    • Graham on 09 Jan 2015

      Sidebars are part of the theme. If you want to remove the sidebar you need to edit the theme files and CSS. You can’t control this through the plugin.

  15. Angelo on 06 Jan 2015

    I haven’t installed your plugin yet but I read your instructions and in my opinion it would be nice having the paypal payment already integrated. Your plugin is interesting indeed, I will give a try and send my opinion as well as a review on WP page.
    Thanks for reading my opinion.
    Best Regards,

    • Graham on 06 Jan 2015

      Hi Angelo,
      I’m busy with an upgrade at the moment. One feature I have incorporated is a means to link to a thank you page when you can put a payment form. But I will be looking at the integration soon (got a lot of things to do).

  16. Terry Bush on 12 Aug 2014

    1. How do I label the calendar options event category colors?

    2. How do I remove my personal information from the fill text in the registration form shown?

    • Graham on 13 Aug 2014

      Hi Terry,
      1. Click on the dropdown and select the category. Then click on ‘Select Color’ to change the background and text colours. Use the panel to chose a hue and shade. Click ‘Current Color’ to close the box.
      2. The personal info only appears when you are logged in. There will be a checkbox to enable/disable this on the next update.

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