Event Display Options

A lot of people have made suggestions about how events can be displayed. The end result is a number of options available on the event display and styling pages.

Here’s some of them (click to enlarge the image and click left or right to see all the images).

1. The basic list


2. Start and end dates

Check the boxes on ‘Event Display’ to use these options.


3. Start and end dates mashed together

Check the boxes on ‘Event Display’ to use this options.


4. Event borders

Check the box on ‘Event Styling’ to use this options.


5. Event with a map

Maps are selected on the Event Settings page and the size set on the Event Display Page


6. Event with an image

If you upload an image in the Event Editor it will replace the map. You can set the image size on the Event Display page


7. An event list with an image.

Use the check box on the Event Display page to show the event image in the event list


You can pretty much mix and match all the above.

  1. Aurel on 28 Dec 2018:

    Hi, I have a problem with the event list. My dates and titles are merged together and it messed up the display. I try many things but nothing works.
    How can I solve the problem ?

    Reply to Aurel

  2. Mohamed Salah on 11 Oct 2018:

    The Date picker dosen’t work

    Reply to Mohamed Salah

    • Graham on 14 Oct 2018:

      This may be because of the language settings or a conflict with your site. It’s impossible to diagnose the problem without seeing the editor.

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