Event Countdown

The countdown feature lets you set the maximum number of people attending. As each person fills in the registration form it will count down to zero.

To use the countdown feature:

  1. Create or edit an event
  2. Check the box to use the registration form
  3. Check the box to use the counter
  4. Set the number of people you want to attend.
  5. Publish/Update the event

To change the words that display:

  1. Go to the Settings > Event Manager > Event Registration
  2. Scroll down and edit the labels

If you decide the change the number of people who can register the places remaining will update – you don’t lose the record of who has already registered. So for example, if you have 10 places and 4 people register you will see 6 places remaining. Change the number of places to 20 and it will show as 16 places remaining.

When there are no more places available the form no longer displays and you get an ‘Registration Closed’ message.

Here’s a test event for you to play with

Any suggestions or ideas on how to approve this are always welcome.

  1. Yvonne van Dort on 27 Jan 2018:

    Wedding with 60 guests. Quantities of wine and beer needed?

    Reply to Yvonne van Dort

    • Graham on 27 Jan 2018:

      Hi Yvonne,
      That’s not something you can easily do with this plugin. I’ve built plugins for clients that calculate all sorts of things but doing it for an standard event would mean all sorts of extra functions.

  2. Maria on 31 Dec 2017:

    Hi Graham, thanks for this pluging, I love it. I would need to add the event countdown but I can not find where is the box to use the counter. My pluging is a mix between English and Spanish and maybe there are not well translated words or something is missing. Can you please tell me where exactly are these points?:
    3 Check the box to use the counter
    4 Set the number of people you want to attend
    it would be great a screenshot to my email if possible, Thank you very much.

    Reply to Maria

    • Graham on 31 Dec 2017:

      Hi Maria,
      The checkbox is on the Settings tab in the plugin tab. This lets you display attendee numbers.
      You set the number of attendees when you create an event.

      I’ve sent screenshots to your email

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