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Now all in colour! You now have the option to colour code your events based on their category. What fun!

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October 2019


Some really great event - Beer

Blah Blah description

From 9pm until 10pm

At My Place

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November 2019


Wildlife Photographer of the Year - Training

A stunning showcase of the very best nature photography, revealing the beauty and diversity of life on Earth

At Natural History Museum

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Catalina - Road Trips

Can you hear me mother. A short description.

From 12:00 until 16:00

At IWM Duxford

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Test-Veranstaltung -

apoödgkjbmd v opfföljmb pwoöalsk d svpdklöjmv p sj odlaökjm pkl oalöjc posfönxc palö-sjkcm üopkö asplkx lpn apn vüocläk müoflvdm pslöjmdvü olösn p alösjnc üoopkön paxkön w eoplö dn pljöamn üdo ppolajxm üplönpoakönxpo c lpi djnc üopndaoplön süolövn polö nc P PPO LNPOASÖN OPLÖQNVPBO FIN P C BV POCNPSOCNOPKL

From 17.30 until 18.30

At Testveranstaltungsort

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A Second Event - Road Trips

My large elephant

At North Pole

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Donkey rides - Parties

Donkey rides on a great beach with a free ice cream

From 12:00 until 16:00

At Everest

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brians - Test


From 1 pm

At American Legion on West 12th St.

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Einführung - Test

as time goes by

From 19:00 until 21:00

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  1. Jos on 12 May 2015

    Hi Graham,
    I expected that the addition of up to 10 colored catagories in the new version of May. When will this adjustment be made?

    • Graham on 12 May 2015

      It’s in the list of requests for the next update. The last update took a long time to code and test, adding 4 more categories may seem like a small job but it actually need a whole load of new code. I’ve got a number of category related changes to do, I will send you the update soon for testing.

    • Graham on 21 May 2015

      I’ve just sent you an update to test

  2. Jos on 02 Apr 2015

    10 colored categories is for me just fine. Thank you for your service.

  3. Jos on 01 Apr 2015

    That is realy nice! I like this plugin really!
    Is there a possibility to display more than 6 catagories with each there own color?

    • Graham on 02 Apr 2015

      The feature was added a while back in response to a user request.They asked for 6 so I added 6. I can add a few more to take it up to 10, will this be enough?

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