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Event Manager Plugin

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Hans Martin Enger on 06 Feb 2018:

    Hi. My site only show events for about three months ahead (from today only until May 7th), but I want it to show every event I’ve made. Is it possiple? https://www.oppegard.folkebibl.no/program/

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    • Graham on 06 Feb 2018:

      Hi Hans,
      There is nothing in the plugin that restricts the list by date. There is a shortcode to limit the number of posts in the list so not sure why it’s not working for you. Are you using the simple [qem] shortcode?

  2. Pushkar Damle on 01 Feb 2018:

    – Thanks Graham for the quick response, as usual. Please let me know what you find about the “categories”. Right now I’ve put a workaround by giving our event manager “Author” role but ideally I only want to give them the “Event Manager” role.

    – For my second question, I’m achieving it by setting Visibility to Private

    – I have one more question. For a public event on the calendar, we would like to have some info about the event that we want to keep private, for example, contact number, payment info, conversation notes. Is there a way to do that? We still want the event to be public and visible to all on the calendar. All we are looking for a text field where we can save internal notes for every event that are not visible to the public in the event. Is it possible?


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    • Graham on 01 Feb 2018:


      It is possible to keep some elements private and maybe even add a ‘notes’ field but I’d have to add a whole chunk of code. If you want this upgrade I can put a quote together for you.

  3. Pushkar on 31 Jan 2018:

    Hi, I’m the user of the Event Manager Pro version. I’ve 2 questions:

    1. Event Manager role: The event manager role is working fantastic, except for the fact that they cannot choose a category. The “Categories” box on the right hand side is disabled and none of the check boxes can be clicked. Interestingly, the link below the box “Add New Category” is working fine. Is it a bug or some sort of a setting? We certainly want our event manager to be able to select a category when she adds events.

    2. Hide event on the calendar for public: We would like to add certain events that are internal and don’t want to show them to public. We want this for the purpose of reserving rooms internally. Is there a way to do that? There’s an option that says “Hide this event in the event list (only display on the calendar).” I tried playing with it but it doesn’t seem to work. We want to add events that are not shown on the calendar but that show in the “Events” list when logged into the wordpress admin panel.


    Reply to Pushkar

    • Graham on 31 Jan 2018:

      1. The capabilities for the role include ‘manage_categories’ so not sure why it isn’t working for you. I will investigate

      2. This is a bit more complicated. The latest version of the plugins allows you to password protect events but that might not be sufficient. Would a ‘hide this event in the calendar’ option work for you?

  4. Bob on 27 Dec 2017:

    Hello, I love this plugin, but I am experiencing one problem. I am using Google Maps API to display a map on the event pages. The actual address link works fine and opens in a new tab. However, the actual map image does not display on the single events page.

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  5. stooni on 05 Oct 2017:

    wOW it’s really cook Plugin!

    Many Functions integrated!

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  6. Fiona on 18 Jan 2017:

    Love this plugin! Looked for ages at loads of plugins before finding this. Buuuut, it’s stopped working. All auto-updates are switched off. It’s the autoresponder that isn’t sending an email any more. Any ideas on getting it going again?

    Reply to Fiona

    • Graham on 18 Jan 2017:

      Hi Fiona,
      The latest update to the plugin didn’t change the autoresponder so not sure why it’s not working for you. I shall investigate and get back to you

    • Sharla Riead on 18 Jan 2017:

      Sorry to hijack your message but I have tried all the contact forms on the site and keep getting a server error so thought I would try this – again, I apologize. Hi Graham! We are still using your quick event manager plugin and it is still the best on the web. I have a curious problem though. I have an event that ends on March 1, 2017 but it does not show on our calendar for March unless I add a second one-day only event for March 1st. Is the calendar expecting 29 days in February perhaps?

    • Graham on 19 Jan 2017:

      I’ve just added a test event and it’s working fine for me: https://quick-plugins.com/event/march-test/

      Strange that the contact forms aren’t working for you. I’ve been getting messages from other people so something is working. I will investigate…

    • Sharla Riead on 19 Jan 2017:

      Hi Graham, I looked at your March Test and yes, it is working correctly in the list view. That is working for me as well. It is the calendar view that is not showing March 1st, the [qemcalendar] short code page.

    • Graham on 19 Jan 2017:

      Hmmmm…. That is a conundrum. And I have no idea why. Showing the dates on all days was always a bit iffy and it was built in a hurry for a client. I will take a look but I’m right in the middle of a big project so won’t be able to do much for a few days.

    • Sharla Riead on 19 Jan 2017:

      Understood and we do have a work-around for now. Thanks for looking and good luck on your big project!

  7. Nicola on 03 Dec 2016:

    Hi, great plugin! Can we make an event featured or sticky so it appears before all other events in the list?

    Reply to Nicola

    • Graham on 04 Dec 2016:

      Hi Nicola,

      An interesting suggestion. This should be possible, I will do some investigation and if I can make it work I will send you an update to test.

  8. Brian W on 14 Nov 2016:

    Loving the plugin..use it for several clients.

    My next client will want images to show in the calendar , like in your pic on your “calendar” pg.

    I can’t figure out how to do that.

    Reply to Brian W

    • Graham on 14 Nov 2016:

      Hi Brian,

      Go to Settings > Event Manager > Calendar and scroll down to ‘Event Options’. Look for the option called ‘Event Image’.

      Glad you like the plugin – just make sure they all upgrade to Pro so I can keep making it more awesome!

  9. Brian on 24 May 2016:

    Hi Graham,
    I’m having a few niggles with the events list widget, it’s not filtering the categories properly. I have a main category ‘events’ and sub categories. The sub categories don’t appear in the category listing of the widget. I have two sub categories ‘public’ and ‘members-only’. If I set the category in the widget to ‘all’ then only the public ones are listed and not the ‘members-only’.
    Any clues or would you like more information.
    Many thanks,

    Reply to Brian

    • Brian on 24 May 2016:

      Hi Graham,
      I’ve just noticed on your download page that your next release contains widget category bug fixes 🙂 I’m a happy boy haha!
      Do you have a release date?

    • Graham on 24 May 2016:

      Hi Brian,
      You can get it here: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-event-manager/qem-update/

      But not sure it will work with sub-categories, that was never part of the design. But if it does work then great, if not then I don’t know how to fix this.

  10. Ivo on 25 Feb 2016:

    thank you for that amazing plugin. But I have problem with Czech names of month. In in wp-config.php I have line
    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘cs_CZ’);
    but the names of moth are English. Do you have same idea?

    Reply to Ivo

    • Graham on 25 Feb 2016:

      Hi Ivo,
      I’ve looked at a number of other sites and they all display the local month names so I’m not sure why yours isn’t. When you edit an event what do you see in the ‘local date’ – it should be in Czech.

    • Ivo on 25 Feb 2016:

      Local date is in English.

    • Graham on 25 Feb 2016:

      Hmmmm… Not sure what to suggest you do next. It’s not a plugin setting. Have you got the language in Settings > General set to Czech?

    • Ivo on 25 Feb 2016:

      Yes, I have. Interesting is that th name of the day is OK.

    • Graham on 26 Feb 2016:

      Can you try changing the language in Settings > General to Russian or something else and see what happens. I did this on my site and the dates switched to Cyrillic,

    • Ivo on 14 Mar 2016:

      I tried but nothing was changed. Problem i only with the short name of months (Jan, Feb, etc.) Long names of months, names of days are OK.

    • Graham on 25 Mar 2016:

      I’ve looked at everything and can’t find a fix. The month names are not generated by the plugin, they are generated by WordPress using the date_i18n function. This means it will always use your local settings. so not sure what else to suggest.

  11. Jvuz on 26 Jan 2016:

    I was wondering if it’s possible to have the widget as a list instead as a calendar.

    Reply to Jvuz

  12. Marko on 16 Sep 2015:

    Thanks for this plugin.
    We are using it as users only calendar event. When a user registers to an event it receives the confirmation email but it ends up in the spam. This is because the sender address is empty (I tried changing it or leaving blank so it uses admin). I customized the subject however the email sent has the default subject.

    New Registration for on 19 Sep 2015

    Reply to Marko

    • Graham on 16 Sep 2015:

      Hi Marko,
      This might be a bug with the live version as it’s working on my test site. Can you try registering and see what happens: http://testblog.co.uk/event/new-registration-test/

    • Marko on 16 Sep 2015:

      Your link worked. I noticed that the option (I won’t be attending) is present in your form. It’s not on mine even though I have selected it. I downloaded the beta version of quick-event-manager.zip from your site, perhaps there is another more stable one?

    • Graham on 16 Sep 2015:

      Just sent you an update to test

    • Marko on 16 Sep 2015:

      Thanks, I have deployed the version you sent. I have uninstalled the previous one and installed this plugin. I can see all the settings I have put in the previous one and the behavior is the same. I can also register several times even though I selected the options to tell the user is already registered.
      One thing to notice I’m using the form only with the username and have disabled all other fields (like email) as I would like registered users just to click on register or decline the event

    • Graham on 16 Sep 2015:

      If the email field isn’t being used how are they getting the messages? It’s difficult to diagnose the problem without seeing your settings. Can you set me up with admin access so I can take a look.

    • Marko on 16 Sep 2015:

      Sorry, forgot to mention that your last version indeed solves the spam issue. However the sender is still empty

    • Marko on 16 Sep 2015:

      Sure, I just sent you the credentials via email

  13. Keld on 22 Jul 2015:

    if you subscribe to this event http://www.racefun.dk/klub/event/copenhagen-classic-2015/ you will be activeted 5 times, and getting 10 mails, what is wrong?

    Reply to Keld

    • Graham on 22 Jul 2015:

      There is no simple answer to this. It could be the theme, a plugin conflict or even your hosting. Jetpack seems to be a common culprit. The only way to test this is to turn off all the other plugins and switch to the 2015 theme and register for an event. If you still get multiple registrations and email then I can check the plugin again. But I’ve never had this problem nor have the 99.9% of the other people using the plugin. And because I can’t replicate the problem I don’t know how to fix it.

    • Keld on 22 Jul 2015:

      deaktivated jetpack, and now no problem, thanks for a great calendar plugin 🙂

    • Keld on 22 Jul 2015:

      I removed some of the features in jetpack but keep some things and now it works, just to let you know that it is only some small parts from jetpack that crash here.

    • Graham on 22 Jul 2015:

      Thanks. What features did you turn off?

    • Keld on 22 Jul 2015:

      most, only keept: Contact form, Custom CSS, Extra sidebar widgets, protect, widgets visibility and wordpress.com stats.
      thats the one I use

  14. Manjeeth on 14 Jul 2015:


    Thank you for this amazing plugin. Really loved it. My question is We have a lot of events planned in advance up-till December 2015. But its only ordering itself in the format that it has been posted and not according to the actual event dates. Can you please give me a solution? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Bless you for taking care of an open source community. 🙂 Cheers

    Reply to Manjeeth

    • Graham on 14 Jul 2015:

      Hi Manjeeth,
      Can you send me a link to the event list so I can take a look. I sounds like you have a ‘recent posts’ type page rather than the event list.

  15. Anny on 27 Jun 2015:

    Hi! Great plugin 😀 I was wondering if there could be a way where each user has the ability to see the events that he/she has attended to, like a summary of attended events for each user.


    Reply to Anny

    • Graham on 28 Jun 2015:

      This isn’t a difficult thing to do. I’ve already got a plugin extension that displays all registrations for all event, all it needs is a filter to list registrations for a single person.

      I’ll have a look at this next week when I have some free time.

  16. praveen on 17 Jun 2015:


    Love and thanks for the plugin.
    i have a little question can you please guide to edit this http://silberstein.net.au/beta/event/ auto generated page for event … i create a page for events http://silberstein.net.au/beta/events/ and paset the shorts code it’s working fine but not looking good and plugin default page is showing wrong title.. have a look

    Reply to praveen

    • Graham on 18 Jun 2015:

      It all looks fine to me. The problem with your first link is it appears to be a list of posts in the ‘event’ category. WordPress will display the event excerpts just like any other posts. If you want to see formatted events don’t use category listings.

  17. Karl on 04 Jun 2015:

    Dear Graham,

    First of all thank you very much indeed for the QEM plug in. Is simple to use yet powerful.

    Could I ask for a future feature please?

    It refers to the calendar. Would it be possible to adapt it so that when the mouse hovers over a calendar event (be it in a widget or a page) a pop-up comes up with a small description of the event?

    Something like in the example of this page.

    It would add so much more to the QEM functionality.

    Thank you very much once again


    Reply to Karl

    • Graham on 04 Jun 2015:

      Hi Karl,
      Hover only works if you have a mouse. It doesn’t work well on a tablet or a phone (you still have to click). The other problem is these popups only work well with static content, they don’t work if you have lots of dynamic content like on the calendar. But I will have a play and see if I can do something.

    • Karl on 12 Jun 2015:

      Thank you Graham,

      That would be great.

  18. Andi on 11 May 2015:

    First of all thanks for the great work!!

    Minor bug: With new version 6.2, the “Hide Read More link” Option also removes the link from the event title. I think this may be a bug considering the presence of the “Remove link from event title” checkbox.

    Question: For events with multiple selected categories, [qem category=’mycategory’] only works if ‘mycategory’ is the (alphabetically) first selected category for an event. Can you reproduce this?

    Question: Is it possible to display events in a calendar that belong to different categories? E.g. something like [qem category=’mycategory1′,’mycategory2′], where an event has to belong to either or both categories in order to be displayed?

    Question: Is there a possibility to download all events or all events of a certain category as a calendar file for instance via a shortcode?

    Reply to Andi

    • Graham on 11 May 2015:

      Hi Andi,
      The remove link thing was a request from somebody. They tested it and declared it OK but obviously more work is needed!
      Answer: The categories will only be the first category for an event. There might be a way to check all categories but the server load increases quite a bit so there may be a delay in page load times. Same goes for multiple categories in the calendar.
      Answer: I’ve already been asked about the download thing. It’s probably doable but I’m not sure how at the moment. If I do have a go at this it won’t be for a while as I the plugins are just a hobby thing and I need to earn some pennies first.

  19. Mars Cureg on 10 May 2015:

    Hi, I am using your plugin for a client website, I need a help on how to open the map link in new tab

    Reply to Mars Cureg

    • Graham on 11 May 2015:

      Hi Mars,
      Go to Settings > Event Manager > Event Display and scroll down to ‘Maps and Images’. There is a checkbox called ‘Open map in new tab/window’.

  20. BvW on 22 Apr 2015:

    Where can I translate it in German (also the admin sector)?

    Reply to BvW

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