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Event Manager Plugin

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Dollon on 01 Apr 2015:


    Is it possible to have only one event as shortcode on a widget ?

    Reply to Dollon

    • Graham on 01 Apr 2015:

      Hi Dollon,
      The only way at the moment is to set the number of events to 1. I may be able to add a new field to select the event ID but that will take a bit of work.

  2. CBHFH on 28 Mar 2015:

    Love this plugin! It does everything we need, and simply.

    One showstopping problem, however…

    When QEM is activated, the ability to change page author in both the bulk edit and individual pages is fubar – the dropdown reverts to containing only “Admin”, will not show other users, and the very interesting twist is that we have no Admin user.

    What the heck? I just reinstalled everything after pruning the db of garbage left by uninstalled programs, etc, thinking there was db corruption. Also loaded different themes, etc. I feel a bit foolish having spent a day flailing around with all this stuff only to realize if I deactivated QEM all was well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Has anyone else reported this? I don’t see anything even remotely related in these comments…

    Thanks for the good work!

    Reply to CBHFH

    • Graham on 28 Mar 2015:

      Hi Coosbay,

      I’ve had a few emails about this and I’ve got a bug fix sorted. You can get an advanced copy here: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-event-manager/qem-update/

      It’s going to be released very soon, I’m just fiddling with some internationalization things.

    • CBHFH on 28 Mar 2015:

      Well, I’m relieved that I’m not the only one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for your prompt reply and fix!

    • CBHFH on 28 Mar 2015:

      I’m glad to report that the problem appears to be resolved with this version! Recommend the download to anyone else experiencing this issue.

  3. Outland Art Studios on 18 Mar 2015:

    Thank you so very much for creating a plugin that is so user-friendly. We tried several others and this one was definitely for us (we have limited web design knowledge). But we are most impressed with how quickly you fixed the multi-registration issue we were having and your helpfulness in getting it uploading and running for our customers. In less than 24 hours, the issue was resolved and our customers happy! Thank you so very much!!!!

    Reply to Outland Art Studios

    • Graham on 19 Mar 2015:

      Thank you for your kind words. There have been many hours of cursing and swearing at the computer getting it al lto work but I’m quite chuffed with the results. And there is more to come…

  4. Dale on 17 Mar 2015:

    The google maps are no longer showing up, there is instead a weird image. And when I try to turn off the google maps showing in my settings, they still show up. Any clues?

    Reply to Dale

    • Graham on 17 Mar 2015:

      That’s probably Google. They often limit the number of map requests in 24 hour period which is why you see that strange image. If you check your site again tomorrow it will be fine.

  5. Gert on 17 Mar 2015:

    Hello Graham,

    A question about the calendar. The calender does not show the arrows and the month at the top of the calender. It display a white colour.

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    • Graham on 17 Mar 2015:

      Hallo again Gert,
      That is probably a CSS conflict. Can you send me the URL of your calendar page so I can take a look.

    • gert on 17 Mar 2015:

      Hello Graham,

      The website

    • Graham on 17 Mar 2015:

      As suspected – it’s your theme CSS. There is the line: footer#footer {color: #FAFAFA !important;} which means it will override anything you add to the plugin styles.

    • Gert on 18 Mar 2015:

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks for your help. I don’t see the line. I’m new in the world of css. Doesn’t matter. I thought it would be easier to chance it. Thanks and all the best.

      Kind regards,


    • Graham on 18 Mar 2015:

      CSS controls everything. The theme stylesheet is the most important file there is – without the stylesheets nothing works. If you have access to the stylesheet (normally Dashboard > Appearance > Editor) just delete the !important from that line of CSS and update.

    • Gert on 18 Mar 2015:

      Hi Graham,

      In the editor there is a style.css. But the line is not show. There are 20 lines showing. It’s the only css that appear. The rest is php.

    • Graham on 19 Mar 2015:

      It’s line 7 in the tc_common.min.css file.

    • gert on 20 Mar 2015:

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks. I have delete: ! important. In directory/wp-content/themes/customizr-pro/inc/assets/css It still be the same. The month is not showing.

  6. Wouter Hendriksen on 05 Mar 2015:

    Dear Graham,

    I’ve set up the calender widget on two different pages. On one of the two pages I want the category keys being shown, but on the other one I would like to hide it. So my question: Can I hide the category keys in just one widget. When I unclick ‘display category key’ it dissappers in both of them. Is there some sort of shortcode to it?

    Like to hear from you

    Kind regards,

    Wouter Hendriksen

    Reply to Wouter Hendriksen

    • Graham on 06 Mar 2015:

      Hi Wouter,
      It’s not possible at the moment but I could add a shortcode. I’ll have a play over the weekend and send you an update to play with.

  7. Michael Franke on 20 Feb 2015:

    I’ve used the version 5.10 of qem and made it useable for a little newspaper.
    see: http://berlin-woman.de/index.php/neu-event-datenbank/
    A lot of new functions and error fixing was needed to get it working well.
    There are so much differences between.

    How about getting the code together ?


    Reply to Michael Franke

    • Graham on 21 Feb 2015:

      Hi Michael,
      That’s an interesting modification to the plugin. Happy to incorporate some of your functionality into the plugin but the date formatting may be the biggest problem. In the USA they shows dates as MM.DD.YY. The rest of the world uses DD.MM.YY. So the plugin needs to allow for both formats which isn’t easy (I’ve tried). Apart from that most of what you have done shouldn’t be a problem. I’m going to send over the beta of 6.1, can you add your changes and send me back a zipped file so I can add the necessary filters.

    • Gourav on 23 Feb 2015:

      Hi Michael,
      I have visited your website and I have found it really good, I am also using the Event calendar plugin on one of my websites, I have just started to learn wordpress. I am facing a problem with the calendar plugin when I put it in the sidebar that all the date columns are very huge and does not look good on the page, could you please help me with the size change of the calendar. I want it same as on your website. It would be great if you could help me with that.

    • Graham on 23 Feb 2015:

      You can change the size of the date icon in the widget settings. If you can send me the URL of your website I can check the code for you.

    • Gourav on 24 Feb 2015:

      Thank you for the prompt reply. Here is the link to my website: http://www.mylibertatem.com/events/ Currently I have kept the default wordpress calendar and the QEM calendar both in the sidebar. Is there any way I could make the QEM calendar look like the default wordpress calendar or can I show my events through the default calendar as right now it only shows post. Is it possible to edit wp-includes/default-widgets.php in the class WP_Widget_Calendar to show the QEM events instead of the posts? Thanks!

    • Graham on 24 Feb 2015:

      The WP calendar and QEM Calendar are not compatible – it might be possible to make them look the same and list events in the WP calndar but this isn’t something I will be able to develop. You can try using freelancer sites to get the work done but I just don’t have the time.

  8. Teresa on 17 Feb 2015:

    Hi Graham, Thanks for your prompt reply. I figured out the problem. The issue had to do with the super cache plugin I installed, not the calendar plugin. I changed a setting there and the problem is resolved. Have a perfect day!

    Reply to Teresa

    • Graham on 18 Feb 2015:

      As an aside, do you find the super cache plugin makes a difference? I’ve tried loads of them and all they seem to do is slow everything down. Might be good is you have lots of repeat visits but getting the first cache built feels like it takes forever. And they are hopeless on a mobile device as the cache gets regularly dumped.

  9. Teresa on 17 Feb 2015:

    Hi, I am having trouble with the plug-in. When I am logged in as admin and go to the website all my updates show up. However, when I am not signed in, the updates are not displayed. What is the issue? Have I missed a setting??


    Reply to Teresa

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2015:

      Hi Teresa,
      Not sure what you mean by not seeing updates when logged out. Can you send a couple of screenshots showing the difference.

  10. Hanne on 08 Feb 2015:

    I am using your calendar, but lately there is some strange empty “boxes” especially in the first event – maybe even in the first event – that looks not very nice. This shows both on the list of events and the calender and both in chrome and explorer.

    Reply to Hanne

    • Graham on 08 Feb 2015:

      Hi Hanne,
      Check the code view of your page you have got <code> tags either side of the [qem]. Delete these and you should be OK.

  11. Gabriele on 04 Feb 2015:

    I’m sorry but I didn’t receive any update. Did you send me it by email? Can you send me it again? BW, Gab

    Reply to Gabriele

    • Graham on 05 Feb 2015:

      I sent it to the g.melli email address. I will send it again later today.

  12. Gabriele on 23 Jan 2015:

    I love and use your plugin. Unfortunately, after the last update, I can’t place the end date box under the start date box. Do you know why? See my home page and one of the event page. Thank you in advance

    Reply to Gabriele

    • Graham on 23 Jan 2015:

      Hi Gabriele,
      I added a load of display changes to the last update and managed to lose the ‘put one above the other’ setting. I can add this back for you and send you an update.

    • Gabriel on 26 Jan 2015:

      Thank you very much. I look forward to receveing the update. At the moment, I can’t see any update. Keep me informed. BW, G.

    • Gabriele on 02 Feb 2015:

      Any news Graham? I would need the “put one above other” flag again. Best, G.

    • Graham on 02 Feb 2015:

      I sent you an update last Monday (26 Jan).

  13. Kennet on 13 Jan 2015:

    Hi Graham
    Love your plugin.
    I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™m doing anything wrong with the phone number but when i create an event and then view the event i get an error messages at the top of the event http://bd-nsf.net/?event=testevent
    Have a couple of suggestions/wishes to enhance/improve the plugin (for me and the way i use the plugin)
    – a “today” link on the calendar that return to todays date
    – “dropdown menus” for month and year
    – As an admin i’d like to be able to control user rights so that for example an editor are allowed to do anything an admin has the right to do except change the settings and an author only are allowed to add and edit his/her own events and so on
    – As someone mentioned before it would be nice with clickable categories
    – As an admin it would be nice to be able to control what fields to be showed in the backend when a event are created, for example not show/allow registration, payment, comments and so on
    – It would be nice to be able to make a copy of an existing event (if the same event should occur another day)
    A lot of suggestions I know but i hope that some (or all of it) would go in to some future version of the plugin
    Kind regards
    / Kennet

    Reply to Kennet

    • Graham on 13 Jan 2015:

      Hi Kennet,
      Glad you like the plugin. Not sure why you see a warning as I don’t get that message. Example: http://testblog.co.uk/event/recent-test/
      As to your suggestions:
      Today link – should be able to do this.
      Dropdowns – Not easy due to all the languages
      Admin rights – there is a new feature on the version I’m working on which has an ‘Event Editor’ role. Roles are a bit iffy as it’s not easy to limit all the possible options. If you want to make this work for editors have a look at wordpress roles.
      Clickable categories are coming
      Not sure what you mean by what fields show in the backend
      You can copy an event using the ‘weekly’ or ‘monthly’ links on the dashboard Event list. All you would have to do is change the date.

      I have an update ready to upload so a lot of your suggestions will be in the next versions (if I can work out how to do them).

  14. Wouter Hendriksen on 09 Jan 2015:

    Hi Graham,

    I was just playing around with the styling of my event pages. I wanted to create a template but i got a few errors. Then, when I wanted to show an event, the whole page just went blank. I tried to figure out what the problem was and there seemed to be an error in the single-event.php file, but I can’t really figure out what is going on. Is there a way I can reset the template to the old setting? I tried overwriting it, but it keeps getting errors.

    This is the link to an event page: http://rtvdezwaluwen.nl/index.php/event/nk-veldrijden-2015/

    Kind regards,


    Reply to Wouter Hendriksen

    • Graham on 09 Jan 2015:

      Hi Wouter,
      FTP to your site and delete the single-event.php file. Everything should go back to normal. It’s never a good idea to edit theme files online, far better to do it offline an upload, that way you can fix the errors when the site crashes.

  15. lala on 09 Jan 2015:

    I have this comment “15. Dezember 2014/0 Kommentare/in Juni, Meifa /von name” at the top of my event. What should I do to remove it?
    Thank you for helping.

    Reply to lala

    • Graham on 09 Jan 2015:

      Hi Lala,
      That line is part of your theme. To get rid of it you need to edit out the code from your theme single.php file. Or create an event template and edit the line out from that file. I would need to see the site to give more detailed help.

  16. Angelo on 07 Jan 2015:


    Your plugin is amazing for the lot of options has but one thing it’s missing or I’m not able to configure.
    If I set event amount single place cost when people make registration and select a quantity of places for instance 2 places the amount in the payment form doesn’t change it always shows the event cost counter.
    This means that I have to select to show quantity in the payment form and buyer must fill manually it in the payment form.

    In my opinion this is a big lack, nobody will understand why have to repeat the quantity selection and will make payment problem.
    Can you fix it? you can have a look at http://www.laplandinteractive.com/event/winter-filming/

    Second problem how can I get rid of sidebar, I haven’t set it.


    Reply to Angelo

  17. John B on 06 Jan 2015:

    Hi Graham,

    Amazing plugin, does everything so effectively. Is there anyway of removing the author meta data and date from the individual events and also event list page?

    At the moment it only shows the event title when on the event list page, can it be changed to show event description and other info?

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    Reply to John B

    • Graham on 06 Jan 2015:

      The meta data is part of the theme not the plugin. You can use the event template creator (in the plugin settings) and remove the author meta code so it no longer displays on the event page. It’s a pretty simple fix but every theme is different so I can’t tell you exactly which bit to delete.

      If you are only showing the event title something has gone awry, really need to see the site to help further.

  18. Ben on 06 Jan 2015:


    Is it possible to add the users profile avatar to the admin events registration page and export the users profile avatar with the export function?


    Reply to Ben

    • Graham on 06 Jan 2015:

      It’s possible but not easy. How much of deal breaker is it as this sort of thing usually takes a while to do.

    • Ben on 06 Jan 2015:

      Either way I’m still going to use your plugin, it’s greatly appreciated that you’ve made it!

      I am using it as part of a ‘Speed Dating’ website, to allow registered members to register/pay to come to a speed dating event. Having a list of participants (name, gender, photo) available to export allows for better workflow. Also, automatically registering the the user after payment has been made would be another awesome feature for us!

      Many Thanks,

    • Ben on 06 Jan 2015:

      Also, just a quick question. When PayPal is in sandbox mode does it not pass the customer details to the ‘Payment’ page on WordPress?


    • Graham on 09 Jan 2015:

      PayPal doesn’t pass anything to the payments page. All the data is captured before you get to paypal.

    • Ben on 12 Jan 2015:

      Is there a way to integrate the register and paypal buttons into one button?


  19. Billy on 05 Jan 2015:

    Hi Graham,

    Great plugin, but after updating to 5.12, my events list (sidebar) no longer has the calendar icon displayed and the font size is too big, and the see full event list link is not showing anymore?

    Is there any way to revert it back?


    Reply to Billy

    • Graham on 05 Jan 2015:

      Hi Billy,
      Sorry about this, it was a cock-up on my part. Go to the ‘Event Styling’ and and make sure the ‘Remove widget styles’ box isn’t checked. Then go to the widget settings and do the same. Now save the widget settings, this should reset things for you.

  20. Rana on 22 Dec 2014:


    the event details is not showing, knowing that: single-event.php is set and copied from single-post.php. by ‘not showing’ i mean, when i click on the event or ‘find out more’ link, i get a blank page, even the menu of the website doesnt show.

    when i inspect element, i also see no error and no lines of code too.
    please help

    Reply to Rana

    • Graham on 22 Dec 2014:

      Can you login to the site admin? If not, use FTP to remove single-event.php

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