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Event Manager Plugin

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Crystle on 16 Dec 2014:

    We love how easy the plugin is to use. However, since the update the calendar no longer displays across the entire page, it is smooshed over the the left side. Is there a way to expand the window back or install the older version before the update?

    Reply to Crystle

    • Graham on 16 Dec 2014:

      It’s a CSS bug. I fixed one thing to make it work on small screens and it’s messed up the table on large screens. Plugin development is so much fun!

  2. Camsu on 28 Nov 2014:

    I have “Split the list into month/year sections”-box check and I’m using [qem id=’all’]. Since the last update thou the split is not working correctly. Now it shows the month , i.e. Dec 2014, before almost every event even if they are in the same month. Ideas? Thanks!

    Reply to Camsu

    • Graham on 28 Nov 2014:

      It’s a bug! I’ve fixed this and will be sending out an update soon along with some other enhancements. I’m sending you a version to test.

    • Camsu on 29 Nov 2014:

      Now it’s working again! Thank you! 🙂

    • Graham Denney on 07 Dec 2014:

      could you please send me a version to test as its doing the same for me. Thanks

    • Graham on 07 Dec 2014:

      On its way.

  3. Joost on 25 Nov 2014:

    Hi, I like the plugin but got some difficulties with it. It just does not work a 100% smooth with my theme (Metrika from Themforest).

    – How can I get the title of an event on the landing page?
    – On some screens there is not enough space for the registration form. Although it is 1920*1080….
    – How do I get rid of the search bar in the landing page?
    – Is it possible to put register box at the top right?

    Thanks Joost

    Reply to Joost

    • Graham on 25 Nov 2014:

      Hi Joost,
      I’m not sure it will work with the Metrika theme as it’s got all sorts if jquery slidey things happening. To advise you more I would have to see your event list.

      What I can say is the event title and search bar are part of the theme not the plugin. The registration form is only 280px wide so if it doesn’t fit then there is something very wrong with the theme!

  4. François Moure on 25 Nov 2014:

    Congratulations ! Your plugin seems to me very fine !
    But in my case, all my events are in ics file.
    With “amr ical events” plugin, i have donloaded my events from the ics file, but i don’t see these events in your plugin.
    What’s new about your function to download events from ics file ?
    If you want, i can perhaps help you to test it.
    I’m French, so excuse my english !!

    Thanks a lot !

    Reply to François Moure

    • Graham on 25 Nov 2014:

      You won’t be able to upload from and ics file as I haven’t written the code to do this. In fact I’m not even sure how to do this. But I will have a look and see if it’s possible (your English is very good, Je ne parle plus Francais)

    • François Moure on 25 Nov 2014:

      Thanks for your answer.
      Long life for you and your plugin !

  5. Marie on 20 Nov 2014:

    Hi Graham,
    I saw you added custom template support to your plugin. Now when I create my own single-event.php, what can I use to get the full description of the event? When I use the_content() template tag, the single-event page displays all the default info defined by the plugin, but what if I wanted to go full custom on this?

    Reply to Marie

    • Graham on 21 Nov 2014:

      Not sure what to advise here. To display the event you need the_content() as this collects the post meta data (the event info). The might be a way to get the event info from the plugin qem_event_construct() function but I can’t get it to work.

    • Marie on 21 Nov 2014:

      Don’t worry, I just thought that would be an option.
      I’ll be customizing the plugin code itself and save the original for backup. Not clean, but it works for now.

  6. Patrick on 29 Oct 2014:

    Awesome plugin, working great. An enhancement request. Have a field for Host/Teacher/Organizer and then allow us to edit the displayed string.

    I’m using the plugin to show classes so being able to list the host as Teacher: Joe Smith would be very handy.

    Reply to Patrick

    • Graham on 29 Oct 2014:

      Hi Patrick,
      That’s a great suggestion. I’m a bit busy with the paying job at the moment but I should be able to sort this one fairly quickly. Expect and update soon.

  7. RHartley on 10 Oct 2014:

    Thanks for the response and I am very much looking forward to your integrated form update. I have quick paypal payments installed and I configured a new payment form however when I go to the event payment tab in the event manager settings it still instructs me to download quick paypal payment and return once I have it. Any advice?

    Reply to RHartley

  8. RHartley on 09 Oct 2014:

    Hi thanks for the plugin. All my events are to be payed for online so im trying to integrate the payment form into the events. Could you give me some advise as how I can do this? Also whats stopping someone from booking a place at an event through the registration form without going through the payment form. Id really appreciate some help thanks.

    Reply to RHartley

    • Graham on 10 Oct 2014:

      Download and install and setup the ‘Quick PayPal Payment’ plugin. It’s very similar to the Event Manager settings. The payment page on the Event Manager settings will now show your payment form. Tick the boxes and it’s all done.

      There isn’t a way to ensure people who registered make a payment. But the next update of the Event Manager will let you delete people who registered but didn’t pay. However…. I’m working on a feature that will combine the registration form and payment form into one.

  9. Rianne on 04 Oct 2014:

    Hi there,
    Great plugin, but I have a question. I am using the shortcode [qem category=’name’] on a page. This works fine, but the font of the calender icon, description, time, location etc. has a different font (looks like courier), only the title of the event has the right font (arial). In the eventlist and event posts all text is in Arial (which is my theme font style). If I use the shortcode [qem] then everything looks fine too.
    Do you have any idea how I can set the font for the shortcode [qem category=’name’] for alle text?

    Reply to Rianne

    • Graham on 04 Oct 2014:

      Hi Rianne,
      Can you send me a link to your website so I can take a look at the code. The plugin uses your theme fonts by default, the only reference to a font is ‘arial, sans-serif’. So if you see courier then it may be something in your theme or the theme CSS.

    • Rianne on 06 Oct 2014:

      Hi Graham,

      This is the page https://ssf.nhtv.nl/?page_id=150

    • Graham on 06 Oct 2014:

      Getting an untrusted connection warning when I try to visit that site….

    • Rianne on 07 Oct 2014:

      the website is not officially online yet!

    • Graham on 07 Oct 2014:

      Switch to code view on the page editor and you will see the problem. You have wrapped the event list in 10pt font and code tags.

    • Rianne on 09 Oct 2014:

      Hi Graham, thank you,I have sorted it out.

  10. Tameer on 02 Oct 2014:

    Good work! The PlugIn is easy to handle, great functions, fully customable. Many thanks!!!!

    Reply to Tameer

  11. Kris on 29 Sep 2014:


    Reply to Kris

    • Graham on 29 Sep 2014:

      Well comment to you to!

  12. Rein on 23 Sep 2014:

    Thank you! Love the plugin!
    Is it possible to add function to download events from event calendar to Google Calendar by .ics


    Reply to Rein

    • Graham on 23 Sep 2014:

      Thank you Rein,
      I’ve had a number of requests for this feature so I will make an effort to find out how to do this. I think there is an API for the Apple calender as well. I will send you a version to test when it’s done.

    • Rein on 24 Sep 2014:

      Thanks Graham!

  13. Dario on 16 Sep 2014:

    Hello! Is it possible to show the map in the event list?


    Reply to Dario

    • Graham on 17 Sep 2014:

      Ciao Darlo,
      I can do this for you. I will get it coded up and send you an update for testing

  14. Sven on 11 Sep 2014:


    just installed your plugin and played around with it and I found a silly bug. As soon as I activate your plugin, my wordpress will not display any (plain wordpress) galleries in a category view. But if I look at the gallery in the single post view, the gallery is shown. As soon as I deactivate the event manager, the galleries are shown again in the normal category view. Any ideas ?

    Reply to Sven

    • Sven on 11 Sep 2014:

      This hook will kill the gallery:
      add_filter( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘qem_add_custom_types’ );

      But I never progged any wp plugin, so I dont really know what is happen at this stage 🙂

    • Graham on 12 Sep 2014:

      Thanks for the bug report, I fixed this bug yesterday after someone else reported the problem and will send you an update for testing.

  15. Jaco on 11 Sep 2014:

    Good day Graham

    Love your script and have referred some People to your site already.

    Two things (maybe more):
    1. Is it possible to rather have start and end times for each days Event rather than just a start and end time. When an Event goes over more than one day, lets say 2 days and the first day starts at 19.00 for an opening evening, and the next morning the Event starts at 9.30, it would be nice to be able to indicate it like that nicely.
    2. I would love to know if there is a way to download or access .csv/.xls of the registarnts data or even get it mailed … even if it is a database qurie I must run …

    Thank you

    Reply to Jaco

    • Graham on 11 Sep 2014:

      Hi Jaco, thanks for the referrals.
      1. The start/end time isn’t really possible. To do this you would have to have start/end times for each date which would make the event editor very complex. What most people do is put the details in the Event Description box.
      2. You can do this on the version I’m testing at the moment. I will send you the update to play with.

    • Jaco on 13 Sep 2014:

      Oh and I forgot to ask if you are considering enabling an embed code for registration forms to be placed on other Websites etc

      Hope to get an answer from you soon ..

    • Graham on 13 Sep 2014:

      I hadn’t got this on my list of things to do and not even sure how to go about this. Do you want people to be able to register for an event on an external website? If so wouldn’t they need the event details as well?

      I did try something like this a while back but it just didn’t work – you can access the event database but none of the settings or styling can be applied – wordpress won’t let you do this.

  16. Dante on 25 Aug 2014:

    Is it possible to exclude Saturday and Sunday from the included days of the event? Thank in advance.

    Reply to Dante

    • Graham on 25 Aug 2014:

      It is sort of possible but only if you give the options to exclude everyday of the week. So in theory I could add the code but I’m really busy with a whole load of other updates at the moment.

  17. Cade on 22 Aug 2014:

    Hello I am having issues with displaying the full calendar. I have tried every short code combination and I cannot get the calendar view to work. Is there another way of doing this that I am not familiar with?

    Reply to Cade

    • Graham on 22 Aug 2014:

      Hi Cade,
      What shortcode are you using? To display the calendar all you have to do is add [qemcalendar] to a post or page. Does the widget work?

  18. Tom on 22 Aug 2014:

    Got many errors when reporting is activated in wp-config.php

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-includes\post-template.php on line 29

    Notice: Undefined variable: size in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-content\plugins\quick-event-manager\quick-event-manager.php on line 336

    Notice: Undefined variable: headersize in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-content\plugins\quick-event-manager\quick-event-manager.php on line 336

    Notice: Undefined index: external_link in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-content\plugins\quick-event-manager\quick-event-manager.php on line 209

    and so on…
    pleas help, thanks!

    Reply to Tom

    • Graham on 22 Aug 2014:

      Hi Tom,
      I can fix this. Got a big update coming soon so will make sure these are all fixed.

  19. Patabugen on 26 Jul 2014:


    Loving the plugin so far! I’m having some trouble styling it though, the “From…. until …” text is in a p which has in-line styles setting it’s colours – I can’t figure out how to change this.

    I’d also quite like an option to disable all in-line styles, and do the styles myself in my themes.


    Reply to Patabugen

    • Patabugen on 26 Jul 2014:

      I some how managed to miss the entire Event Settings tab! Styled all ok now!

      It would still be nice for the page components to be better structured to allow for more flexible styling, for example:

      and such like, that’d give us awesome flexibility when editing our CSS.

  20. frederik on 25 Jul 2014:

    Where can I edit the layout of the event page?

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