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Event Manager Plugin

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Thierry on 13 Jul 2014:

    This pluggin is really good, easy to use and nicely designed, the best we’ve found so far to display concert agendas. Just one thing though we really find confusing on the way individual events are currently being displayed on the individual event page. The fact the entry date of the post is being displayed next to the event name in a font as big as the event date is indeed very confusing at first sight. Though it is standard WP practice to display the entry date of any post, in that very case, not only the entry date is of no interest at all (who cares when exactly has the event date been entered?), but as it is currently being displayed, it is clearly conflicting with the event date.

    May we suggest the event date to be displayed in big next to the event name (in replacement of where the entry date is currently displayed) and to have the entry date only mentionned below the event name in a very small font with the clear indication of that being the entry date?

    Reply to Thierry

    • Graham on 13 Jul 2014:

      This is part of your theme. There is not much I can do about it as every theme is different. What you can do is create a custom template and strip out the post metadata. In your theme there should be a file called single.php. Copy this and save it as single-event.php. This will be the template for all your events. Remove the bits your don’t want and upload using FTP or whatever.

  2. Thierry on 13 Jul 2014:

    As in the previous post, we need to be able to filter past events on the category. We are dealing with a number of artists. On the artist individual page, we need to only display the individual artist past events. Unfortunately, so far, the [qem id=”archive” category=”artist_name”] code does not work. Any way around or could this be included in the next realease of your great plugin?

    Reply to Thierry

  3. Andy Carr on 12 Jul 2014:

    Hi Graham
    This PlugIn is great!
    OK, im new in WP and not really familiar with. And I’m also no programmer…

    Is there also a possibility to list the archive content in categories ?
    I got categories like 2014/2013/2012 and tried to list them in various tabbed tables (See added Link).
    Tried with:
    [qem id=”archive” category=”2013″]
    [qem id=’archive’ category=’2012′]
    Don’t work. …

    Do you got an ide to show the archive splitted in categories?

    Reply to Andy Carr

    • Graham on 12 Jul 2014:

      Hi Andy,
      I can sort the archive categories but for now I’ve sent you a version of the plugin that lets you sort by month/year which may solve your problem

  4. Ray Gulick on 23 Jun 2014:

    This plugin is the closest to what I’m looking for that I’ve found. One key requirement, however: is there a function to insert a subheading (month, year) in list view above the first calendar item of each month?

    Reply to Ray Gulick

    • Graham on 23 Jun 2014:

      Me and Ray have been in contact and he now has the sub-heading feature he needs. I can’t promise to fix everything but if there is a feature you want I will see what I can do.

    • Ray Gulick on 25 Jun 2014:

      Adding month sub-headings works great, Graham! Thanks a bunch for your help.

  5. civilion on 17 Jun 2014:

    it’s a good plugin but i have a problem when i update an event, the date will change to today !
    in a second time , i change the date to the right and after update the date will good.
    Can you resolve this bug ?

    Reply to civilion

    • Graham on 17 Jun 2014:

      Hi civilion,
      I can’t replicate the bug and nobody else has reported any problems so not sure how to help. When you create an event it will always show today’s date. If you change the date and publish what happens? If you update an event does the date change back to today?

  6. Sonny on 17 Jun 2014:

    how can i remove this plugins? now i’m having problems.. I cant use my new calendar plugins because the options of this plugins are still functioning in even I already uninstall this plugins

    Reply to Sonny

    • Graham on 17 Jun 2014:

      Hi Sonny,
      The options shouldn’t affect any other plugins as they use different names. But if you are having problems install a plugin called ‘clean options’. You can then remove everything with ‘qcf’ in the name.

  7. Colleen on 30 May 2014:

    Love the plugin. It made creating and managing events so much easier than what I was previously using. Is there a way to have future events sorted in ascending order, but have past events sort in descending order? I’d like to have the most recent past events appear first.

    Reply to Colleen

    • Graham on 31 May 2014:

      Hi Colleen,
      Just change the shortcode to [qem id=’archive’ order=’asc’] and it should do as you wish.

  8. John on 27 May 2014:

    Suggestion for possible enhancement. Ability to set max number of attendees and have this number decrement as website members register for the event.

    Reply to John

    • Graham on 27 May 2014:

      This would only work if the ‘number attending’ field is used but it’s something I can have a play with.

  9. Tony on 15 May 2014:

    Love the plugin!

    One question though; is it possible to position the Registration Form on the right / within the sidebar of the page at all? We would like it to display on the right as soon as a user hits an event’s page, thus removing the potential for missing it at the bottom…

    Reply to Tony

    • Graham on 15 May 2014:

      Hi Tony,
      It’s not really possible to put it in the sidebar as the registration form needs to know which event to connect to. What you could do is install the quick contact form plugin. This has a sidebar widget and tells you which page the visitor was on when you get the email. The problem then is that the ‘who is coming’ feature won’t work.

      The other option is I add a setting to the plugin to put the form on the right of the event like you have in your website. This might take a bit of fiddling though as there won’t be a lot of space.

  10. Kevin on 08 May 2014:

    On the individual event pages, I’d like to remove the [previous] and [next] events listed with arrows at the bottom. I don’t see an option to turn these off in the manager. There is actually a glitch with this anyways in that it’s not even pointing to the right events. Can someone let me know how to get rid of these? Thanks!

    Reply to Kevin

    • Graham on 09 May 2014:

      Hi Kevin,
      The previous/next links are part of your theme not the plugin. To get rid of them you need to edit the file called single.php. The reason it links to the wrong event is because wordpress uses the date the event/post was published not the date of the event. Not sure I can do anything about this.

  11. peter on 08 May 2014:

    How can I get the events list to show events that are occurring on the day that you are looking. Currently, I have the tool remove old events, problems is its getting rid of events that are occurring today as well. Simply put, if someone goes to my website to see what event is occurring today, it wont show anything because the tool already removed it. How can I get the tool to remove events at the end of the day rather than the beginning of the day.


    Reply to peter

    • Graham on 08 May 2014:

      Hi Pete,
      A bit confused here, I’ve just tested the plugin and it shows today’s events. The plugin just compares the date on the event against today’s date and if it is an old date doesn’t put it in the list (or on the calendar). So not really sure how to help you. Can you add a pickle event for today so I can see.

    • peter on 08 May 2014:


      Ok I guess I am wrong, as when I put an event for today it is showing now. Not sure what I was doing wrong.



  12. Steve on 02 May 2014:

    Trying to activate.. getting:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_cat_slug() (previously declared in /home/……./wp-content/themes/SimiHighMusicV30/functions.php:123) in /home/………../wp-content/plugins/quick-event-manager/settings.php on line 462

    Reply to Steve

    • Graham on 03 May 2014:

      Oops! I can fix this in a jiffy and send you over the update for testing. It’s just a naming conflict.

  13. Michael D. on 30 Apr 2014:

    Hi Graham,

    Hello from Germany. I have made a lot of tests with lots of event-plugins. Now I found yours and I think I works really good. I missed some features like maps but as I see, you are working on it.
    Our website was made on the magazin premium theme and we are making know a relaunch to a more modern design. So the site is not available in the moment, because we testing the new version on a local server (MAMP).
    I personally have a problem with the headlines of the Events and Event-Listing, which does not use the custom css.
    I can offer you to sent you a translation file for German (de_DE) if you want. Aswell I can make some tests for you with our new site in the next few weeks. But we will start the Site on 1rst of june, an we need a solution for some details:
    1. We need a subscription form, that gives to visitors the possibility to add their events to our eventcalendar.
    2. We need to show a map with google maps (better with routeplaner)
    3. It´s important that the end-Time of an Event is not strictly required. Many Events in Germany starting for example at 8 p.m. and ending at 2 a.m. next day. Nearly all calenders have this problem that you have to set the end hour, and so you have two dates on the calender. As we are working in Germany with the 24 hours system, the only solucion I found until yet, was to set the endtime to 23:59 hours but it look not very nice.
    4. It would be nice to have the possiblity to create “locations”. We have many locations which are offering a lot of events any month. So it would be much easier to register them, when you can select them from a list of locations created befor. As our site is a regional offer, we get nearly every day up to 50 registrations per Email. Its a lot of work to fill all forms for each event. Our experience of the last two years has shown, that only 20 % of the Users register their events themselves. We have to make the work to have a successful Event and Leasure Time Site.

    Reply to Michael D.

    • Graham on 30 Apr 2014:

      Hi Michael, Hallo From England.
      Just a small list then!
      The event title and event list titles just use your theme H1 and H2 styles. I could add a styling option but nobody apart from you has asked for it. Translation would be most appreciated, the language folder is already set up so just need the mo/po files.
      1. Subscriptions. I have a plugin extension that does this already, I will email it over to you. It’s very new so any suggestions would be appreciated. At the moment you need to approve the event (to block the spammers) but this could set to auto publish if the user is registered.
      2. Not sure what you mean by maps. If you select to display a map it will show this on the event (but not the event list). The route planner is a complex bit of coding that I haven’t even tried. But if you click on the map it will open up googlemaps and the visitor can add their PLZ to get the route.
      3. End time is optional. It’s a free text field so you can add anything you like: 02:00, 2am, morgans am zwei (und so weiter).
      4. Locations are easy. Just create a category for each location and use the shortcode [qem category=’Mainz’]. This will display only the events for Mainz. When the guest creates the new event there is a dropdown listing the categories. Example here: http://testblog.co.uk/guest-event/

      Hope this helps

  14. Gayle on 20 Apr 2014:

    Hi Graham – I am just installing your plugin and love it! Thank you. I have 2 issues that I can’t seem to find the answers to:
    1.) My event is linking to a summary post where the “learn more” link does not go to the full description.
    2.) I am trying to set up a various Workshop events – each one is once a week for 4 weeks. Having a little trouble with the settings – but still trying! If you have any suggestions as to the best way to configure this, I would appreciate it! So far, I am getting all events within the dates repeated every week. Thank you.

    Reply to Gayle

    • Graham on 20 Apr 2014:

      Not really sure how you are using the plugin. On your event list page you have the full event and a summary of the same link. Clicking on the links takes me to a page with the markup stripped out. The calender links to this same stripped down event post. So something has gone awry. The repeat events are easy to set up. Once you have the first one working properly you can use the repeat event option on the editing page. Select weekly and 4 repetitions.

    • Gayle on 21 Apr 2014:

      Hi Graham,

      There must be a conflict with the theme, I have uninstalled and re-installed, but not getting any better results. I changed the settings to show the full post because all that was showing up was a summary post and the “learn more” link does not take you to the full description page. Would it have anything to do the the theme template files? If so, do you know how I should change them?


    • Graham on 21 Apr 2014:

      You need to do some diagnosis. Switch to the 2014 theme and see if the plugin now works. If it doesn’t deactivate other plugins and turn them back on one at a time. Once you find the one causing the conflict we can see about fixing the problem.

  15. Joachim on 18 Apr 2014:

    Hi Graham,

    great tool!
    How can i change the color in style default css 207 – it´s green
    Best Regards from germany

    Reply to Joachim

    • Graham on 18 Apr 2014:

      Hi Joe,
      There is no green in the plugin CSS and there is no line 207 (it only goes up to 60). Which means it’s probably a theme style. I will be adding some more styling options to the plugin but busy with another project at the moment.

  16. Jason on 16 Apr 2014:

    I am using your plugin and created a page called “Events” and use [qem] shortcode to list all events on this page. The page is part of my main navigation and works fine. However, the link for each event uses the structure http://www.mywebsite.com/event/event1 and for some reason I get the wrong page name (different page) for the title and breadcrumb (example: http://www.bigelephant.org/event/prevention-of-suicide/). Can you help me?

    Reply to Jason

    • Graham on 17 Apr 2014:

      It’s a wordpress thing. The plugin uses custom posts to create the events. Because they are custom posts wordpress adds the post type slug to the URL. If you want to get rid of this try the solution given here. Add the code from the second and third boxes to your theme functions file and you should be OK. This won’t fix the breadcrumb issue though. To do this you will have to categorise each event and update your permalinks.

      Sorry if this seems a bit long winded but wordpress runs on its own set of rules that you need to overwrite to acheive the urls you want.

    • Jason on 17 Apr 2014:

      Hi Graham, sorry i don’t think i explained myself properly. I am not concerned with the link/url. The issue is the page title and breadcrumb are using “Education” (another page name in the main navigation). I did try and categorize the event using category name “Events” then re-saved permalinks but that did not seem to fix the problem.

    • Graham on 18 Apr 2014:

      Aha! Got it now. It seems that breadcrumbs always struggle with custom post types. There is no easy fix. The problem is the theme code not the plugin: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/help-fix-breadcrum-function-for-custom-post-types

    • Jason on 19 Apr 2014:

      Ok, what I ended up doing was customizing the single-event.php template by adding it to my theme directory and overriding the H1 title and breadcrumbs:

      //print page title CUSTOM CODE
      echo ”.Events.”;

      //display search box
      if ($ka_searchbar == “true”){get_template_part(‘searchform’,’childtheme’);}

      //display breadcrumbs CUSTOM CODE
      echo ‘‘.Home.’‘;
      echo ‘‘.Events.’‘;
      echo ”;

    • Graham on 22 Apr 2014:

      A simple solution to a complex problem. Thanks Jason, I shall refer people to your code should the issue arise again

  17. Paolo on 12 Apr 2014:

    Hi Graham,
    I looking for simple and useful plugin for events. Your is perfect.
    I can help you in the test.


    Reply to Paolo

  18. Spid17 on 08 Apr 2014:

    Hello from France,

    Great plugin !!!
    I will use it and may be i can help you (i18 FR, bugs and customization…).
    Just a question : i would like to use date format jj/mm/yyyy in Admin>Ajouter un événement because of name month reinit in French to current date when i update/modify event > ex : Apr to Avr
    It is possible ?
    Thx a lot for your answer.

    Reply to Spid17

    • Graham on 08 Apr 2014:

      Hallo from England!
      The date picker should be internationalised so not sure why it isn’t working for you. I shall have a play later.

      If you want to have a go at a French translation that would be most appreciated. I will send you the development version which has all the new funky features currently being tested.

  19. Mel on 01 Apr 2014:

    Is there a way to customize the email that’s being sent when someone registers for a event? For now, the email only displays the user’s name and email and I would like to add a few words there… I can’t seem to set it up as I always mess up the code.

    Reply to Mel

    • Graham on 01 Apr 2014:

      Hi Mel,
      I can do this. Tell me what fields you would like and I’ll add them to the next update. I can also arrange it so they get a copy of their registration.

    • Jean-Christophe on 09 Apr 2014:

      It will be great if the name and the day of the event could be in the registration mail.
      Best regards

    • Graham on 10 Apr 2014:

      Hi Jean-Christophe,
      The event name should already be in the email subject but I can add an option to show the date as well. Can I send you the update to test?

    • Mel on 11 Apr 2014:

      Hi Graham,
      I agree with Jean-Christophe – it would be useful if the date of the event would be displayed in the email subject, because if I had events which take place regularly and thus have the same title, those registration emails would be easier to organize.

      Many thanks in advance!

    • Graham on 11 Apr 2014:

      Hi Mel,
      Already got this ready for testing. Do you want me to send you the update?

    • Mel on 11 Apr 2014:

      Hi Graham,
      very nice, thanks! Of course you can – use my email adress (or tell me what you need)

      Much appreciated

    • Mel on 11 Apr 2014:

      I received your email and uploaded the attached files to my demo. It seems to be working just fine by now – thanks very much! Just one last thing: any ideas on why I always get the same registration email twice?

    • Graham on 11 Apr 2014:

      Excellent! I have no idea why you get the message twice. Do they have identical headers?

  20. Rianne on 26 Mar 2014:

    Hi Graham,

    First of all thank you for this easy plugin for showing events on our website! I have one question about the event widget. I would like to display the event title smaller. I can only choose between H2 and H3.
    Is it possible to make it smaller? Thanks

    Reply to Rianne

    • Graham on 26 Mar 2014:

      Hi Rianne,
      The easiest way is to add a style to your theme CSS. Use something like .qem h2 {font-size:100%;} and you should be ok

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