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Event Manager Plugin

After many years of fun with the plugin and lots of thanks from many people it was time to hand it over to someone else.

Alan’s a great bloke and will look after you all.

If you need help this will be a good place to start.

  1. Arlin on 01 Jan 2014:

    Hallo Graham,
    thank you for that great plugin. I am hoping that in a new version of the plugin there will be a preview of the post.

    Reply to Arlin

    • Graham on 02 Jan 2014:

      Not sure what you mean. To preview the posts you need to create an event. Or do you mean the plugin should create a sample event?

  2. David on 31 Dec 2013:

    Hello … How can I get a little more text to show in the calendar box?
    Thanks for your help

    Reply to David

    • Graham on 31 Dec 2013:

      Hi David,
      There is an update coming soon that has more text in the box. I can also add an option to set how many words/letters display. You also have the option to colour code your events as well. Example here.

      If you want an early version for testing send me an email.

  3. Steve on 30 Dec 2013:

    This plugin is just what I was looking for except for one thing I can’t figure out. I’m going to have multiple organizations on one website to keep separate event lists for. Is there a way to have separate lists on separate pages with their own unique events?

    Reply to Steve

    • Graham on 31 Dec 2013:

      Hi Steve,
      If you create a category for each organisation and then assign those categories for event you can use the shortcode: [qem category=”xxx”]. This will then just list the event with the category xxx. I’ve put up a quick example here: http://testblog.co.uk/event-categories/

    • Laura on 24 Feb 2014:

      I am trying to have the calendar view for different categories instead of the list view. What code should I be using?

    • Graham on 24 Feb 2014:

      Hi Laura,
      You can’t do this at the moment but give me a day to play with the code and you will be able to have [qemcalendar category=”wobble”]. I’ll send you an update for testing.

  4. Matt on 28 Dec 2013:

    Hi. I would like to say thanks for the great plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

    How can i edit the widget, I would like change the heading for the event title (the plugin only gives two options H2 or H3) and to remove the link from this title also?

    Also, at the top of the widget it says “view as calender” but this link doesnt work. Im not wanting to fix this, just remove this writing?

    Many thanks

    Reply to Matt

    • Graham on 28 Dec 2013:

      Hi Matt,
      I can add an H4 to the list – or do you want more? Removing the link from the title is a little more tricky. Do you want the ‘read more’ link hidden as well?

      If it says ‘view as calendar’ it means you have selected this option on the ‘Event Calendar’ tab on the plugin settings. Deselect and you should be OK.

  5. Arno on 05 Dec 2013:

    great plugin!!

    How do i translate the plugin to dutch. example: the words from and at



    Reply to Arno

    • Graham on 05 Dec 2013:

      Hi Arno,
      Just go to the Settings > Event Manager > Event Settings and change the words in the blue boxes.

  6. Hans Stuurman on 02 Dec 2013:

    I Like your plgin, but i have onequestion.
    How can I make a recurring event.

    Reply to Hans Stuurman

    • Graham on 02 Dec 2013:

      Hi Hans,

      Go the the events list on your dashboard. Hover on the event and you will seek ‘weekly’ and ‘monthly’ links. Click on the link and a new event will be created. You can then edit the new event.

  7. Marco on 01 Dec 2013:

    Hi Graham,

    you did a great job developing this plugin ๐Ÿ™‚
    I do have one question regarding the calender. I added some events for dec and jan. By adding a page with the calender (using [qem-calendar]), I see the calender for the current month. By clicking on the “next button” I don’t see the calender for jan, but my posts. Is there any need for additional configuration or did I find an new feature ๐Ÿ™‚



    Reply to Marco

    • Graham on 01 Dec 2013:

      Hi Marco,

      It seems that wordpress doesn’t like hyphens in shortcodes and the dashboard doesn’t like the calendar. Version 5 of the plugin is coming very soon with all sorts of bug fixes and new features.

      If you want an advanced copy send me an email.

    • Christian on 13 Jan 2014:

      Iยดve the same problem. On the Kalender Page I have the present month, but clicking on next or previous Iยดm back to the main page!!! Installed version 5.2, WP 3.8. What to do?? I like the plug in very much. Is there any advise ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Graham on 14 Jan 2014:

      Hi Christian,

      The calendar doesn’t seem to work if you have installed wordpress in a sub directory or folder. If you install workdpress in the domain root or use a sub-domain then it does work. I’m not sure how to fix this as my coding skills aren’t that good.

    • Christian on 16 Jan 2014:

      Thx, since we have to transfer the page for the final version I will take care to install in the root directory.

  8. Bonnie on 26 Nov 2013:

    I followed the thread about the categories. I am running 4.2, but the short codes filtering the categories is not working. please advise.

    Reply to Bonnie

    • Graham on 27 Nov 2013:

      Confused here. What shortcodes? If you want to list by category just use the category widget in a sidebar. You can also do a test by using a URL something like: http://site.com/category/slug/

    • Bonnie on 02 Dec 2013:

      I have two categories set up in the event manager. I need the two categories to go on separate pages. (i.e. local events, online events and national events each have their own page). So, is there a shortcode for the categories?

    • Graham on 02 Dec 2013:

      Hi Bonnie, Categories can be displayed as list like this: https://quick-plugins.com/category/events/

      I’ve added a shortcode option so you can display the events by category and sent the plugin to Bonnie. She has reported that it works so expect to see this feature on the next version.

  9. Sunny on 25 Nov 2013:

    is it possible to have the events from one website and publish the same events on a other website .

    Reply to Sunny

    • Graham on 25 Nov 2013:

      Hi Sunny,

      There are lots of ways to do this. If the other website is a wordpress site then this is one solution

      If it’s not a wordpress site then RSS seems to be a good place to start as this post explains.

      What you won’t have is all the styling unless you copy the CSS to the other website.

    • Sunny on 25 Nov 2013:

      This is no what i want, i want the all events copy to another site.
      When i created a new event it must be automatically show up in the other event page of the other website.
      example: i create a new event on http://www.incaned.nl and publish it then i want that new event also show up on http://www.robvangilsfotografie.nl

    • Graham on 26 Nov 2013:

      OK I’ve done a lot of investigation and this solution will work. All you need to do is change post_type='post' to post_type='event'.

    • Sunny on 26 Nov 2013:

      Sorry this is not working, all i see is read more and nothing else.
      I have installed allow php so this plug in allows php in posts.

    • Sunny on 26 Nov 2013:

      I think that i know where the bottleneck is, the localhost is not the localhost on the other website, so to make a connection from one WordPress site to a other one you must change some settings in your database so you can have access from a other domain.
      localhost on http://www.incaned.nl is not the same as the localhost on http://www.robvangilsfotografie.nl

      someone have a solution for this?

    • Graham on 27 Nov 2013:

      The localhost shouldn’t matter as all it does is tell WP to connect to the database at the chosen URL.

      If it’s displaying ‘read more’ it means something is working. Have you got the plugin installed and activated on both sites? And you need to add the PHP to a page template as it has to be outside the loop.

      This is how to build a template.

      What you are doing will need some expertise in coding, you can’t just add the code to the page contents.

  10. Bonnie on 15 Nov 2013:

    Love your event manager widget. Do you have an RSVP tracker available to go with it?

    Reply to Bonnie

    • Graham on 15 Nov 2013:

      Hi Bonnie,

      It’s something I’ve been fiddling with. What I’m going to do is integrate my contact form plugin so you can set up your own RSVP. But it might take a little while as there is some functionality that I can’t get to work properly yet.

  11. munkorn on 06 Oct 2013:

    I’d like to suggest adding “end date” for multiple day events, and the possibility of recurring (weekly etc) events.

    Reply to munkorn

    • Graham on 06 Oct 2013:

      Adding an end date is easy. I can do that for you. Need to have a bit of a think on how to display the double dates though.

      Creating recurring events is something I have been looking at but have no idea how to do. I need to find some way of telling wordpress to save multiple posts. If I were a decent developer I’d be able to do this but I’m just a bloke who does this in his spare time. But now you have asked I shall have another go.

    • Andrew on 17 Nov 2013:

      Hi, have you realized the code for end date? Can you help me with this?

    • Graham on 18 Nov 2013:

      Hi Andrew,
      It’s not something I’ve been working on but I will have a play with this week. Adding the end date is easy. The problem is how to display it on the event list. Any suggestions?

    • Graham on 18 Nov 2013:

      OK. first attempt is up and running. This is my test page: http://testblog.co.uk/events-list/

      Andrew, I’ve emailed you a copy of the update for you to test.

  12. bert on 18 Sep 2013:

    Hello, great plugin.
    I have a question about the categories. The events don’t get listed in their category when I go to the category item/link.
    Any idea how I can do this the same way as with posts?

    Reply to bert

    • Graham on 19 Sep 2013:

      Hi Bert,

      Sent you an email with a tweaked version of the plugin to test. It problem seemed to be wordpresss filtering out all custom posts from the search query. Hopefully fixed now. If it works for you I can issued the upgrade.

    • wim on 06 Oct 2013:

      Is the category issue already solved, because I have the same problem with my site ?

    • Graham on 06 Oct 2013:

      Yes it is. Update to version 4.1 and the categories all work as they should.

    • lou on 13 Nov 2013:

      very happy with it!
      i also can’t seem to get the category idea to work.. running 4.2. trying to get lists of events with the [catlist name=’mycat’] functionality of the List Category Posts plugin. doesn’t roll though.. any clues?
      with that feature working it’s just the perfect plugin for my needs, without all the useless extra functionality of so many other event plugins i tried.

    • Graham on 13 Nov 2013:

      Hi Lou,
      That plugin isn’t going to work because it doesn’t pick up custom posts. if you do a normal category or tag search (using a sidebar widget) the event posts will get picked up. You can see my test here: http://testblog.co.uk/category/plugintest/

  13. Eric on 14 Sep 2013:

    Hey just wanted to say great plugin! So much more useful than many others I have tried. I was looking to build one like this, but you have saved me a bunch of time, and learning. You should have a paypal donate button on this site.


    Reply to Eric

    • Graham on 14 Sep 2013:

      Hi Eric,
      Glad it works for you. Busy working on an ultra simple payment portal that is even more flexible than the current plugin. The beta is here: http://testblog.co.uk/order-form-test/ Comments welcome.

      Might have to investigate the donate thing…


  14. Quick Event Manager | Best WordPress Plugins & Themes on 08 Sep 2013:

    […] quick event list plugin. […]

    Reply to Quick Event Manager | Best WordPress Plugins & Themes

  15. Bill L. on 02 Sep 2013:

    Thank you for a great plugin. I’m hoping to use it for a new site. I’d like to ask if there is a way for the entire post to show in the event box, and to hide the Read More link? Thanks again!

    Reply to Bill L.

    • Graham on 02 Sep 2013:

      Hi Bill,

      Go to the plugin settings page and click the ‘Event Settings’ tab. Tick all the ‘Show in event list’ boxes and save. Everything will display in the event list except for the bit in the Event Description box. To get rid of the ‘read more’ link use the shortcode [qem links=’off’]

      I will have an experiment with showing the whole event content on the event list. Shouldn’t be a major issue, just need a day or two to fiddle with the code.

      Hope this helps, Graham

  16. Raj Khan on 07 Aug 2013:

    In the event I can add link but I want to make it so when someone clicks on the link it opens it another browser target=_blank. How can I make that happen?

    Reply to Raj Khan

    • Graham on 07 Aug 2013:

      Do you mean the ‘read more’ link or the event website link? This isn’t an option at the moment but I can add it if you want.

  17. Bill Giovannetti on 06 Jun 2013:

    Love the plugin! Thank you.

    On my Events List page, it only lists 5 of 8 published events.

    The same happens when I reverse the order (last events listed first). 5 only.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    Reply to Bill Giovannetti

    • Graham on 07 Jun 2013:

      Hi Bill,

      How many blog posts are set to display per page (dashboard > settings > reading)? If you have this set to a low number then not all events will display.

    • Bill Giovannetti on 07 Jun 2013:

      Worked! Thanks. Actually, it wasn’t the WP setting, it was a theme setting that was hanging me up… your advice turned me on to that. I appreciate the help and love this one-of-a-kind simple events manager. Great job.

  18. Jean-Guy on 03 Jun 2013:

    Is there a way to limit events listed using the sidebar widget?
    Example displaying only the next 3 or 4 events coming up

    Reply to Jean-Guy

    • Graham on 03 Jun 2013:

      Hi Jean,
      I should be able to add this to the widget. Not sure how just yet as my widget building skills aren’t the best. If you can hang on fora day or two I will see what I can concoct. Hopefully a ‘select number of events to display’ type of thing.

  19. Guy Peeters on 14 Nov 2012:

    Hello Graham,
    I love your plugin, is the most simple system I tried till know. I entered the shortcode in a sidebar, but the shows only one event. What can I do with it?

    Reply to Guy Peeters

    • Graham on 18 Nov 2012:

      I don’t know! Are they all future events? Can you show me the site with the sidebar short code?

  20. Darren on 07 Nov 2012:

    Trying to get events lists to appear in a Text Widget. I use the shortcode [qem] but don’t see the event list.

    Any thoughts?

    Reply to Darren

    • Graham on 09 Nov 2012:

      Hi Darren.

      I’ve uploaded a new version of the plugin that has a sidebar widget. Hope this meeds your needs.

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