All the Shortcodes

Event List

Most of the shortcodes can be mix and matched. If you wanted all the event for 2015 in the Banana category just use [qem id=2015 category=Banana]

[qem] Standard event list
[qem id='archive'] Show old events
[qem id='all'] Show all events (old and new)
[qem id='remaining'] Show events remaining in the current month
[qem id='current'] Show all events from the current month
[qem id='today'] Only show today’s event
[qem id='9'] Show events in September (the 9th month)
[qem id='9' y='2015'] Show events in September (the 9th month) and in the year 2015
[qem id='2015'] Show events for 2015
[qem event='1234'] Show event with the ID 1234
[qem images='on'] Show event image in the event list
[qem links='off'] No link in Event title and ‘read more’ link is hidden
[qem posts='99'] Set the number of events to display
[qem fullevent='on'] Show full event details on the list
[qem category='name'] Only list events in the ‘name’ category
[qem order="asc"] Display events in reverse order (going backwards in time)
[qem linktolist="checked"] Adds a link back to the URL set on the Display Settings
[qem linktolisturl="http://url"] Set the URL and for the ‘linktolist’ shortcode
[qem listlinkanchor"Click Here"] Set the anchor text for the ‘linktolist’ shortcode

Event Calendar

[qemcalendar] Calendar view
[qemcalendar category="name"] Only display events in the ‘name’ category
[qemcalendar month="7"] Display events from the 7th month of this year
[qemcalendar year="2015"] Display events from 2015

Event Report

[qemreport event=1234] Lists all the registrants and their details for Event ID 1234. The event ID is shown on the Dashboard registration report. Probably a good idea to password protect this page.

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  1. Raj on 05 Feb 2018

    Is there a short code for the registration form? When I create events the link to register is being created, however the registration form is not displaying on the events page..

    • Graham on 06 Feb 2018

      Have you enabled the registration form on the event settings page? This is like a master control for everything.

  2. Sussi on 20 Jan 2018

    Hi Graham
    I have a sorting problem. I habe added the code [qem order="asc"] and I have also tried [qem order="dsc"] but the sorting doesn’t change at all. I would like to show from the most recent to the oldest event. Could you check on this please?

    • Graham on 21 Jan 2018

      Hi Sussi,
      Just use the shortcode [qem]. That will put the events in date order (from today going forwards). But make sure in the ‘Display’ settings you haven’t checked ‘List events in reverse order (from future to past)’.

  3. Brian on 16 Jul 2017

    I’m trying to display a list of past events but when I add order=”asc” to the shortcode it won’t display any posts. Here’s the whole shortcode I’m trying to use [qem id='archive' posts='10' order="asc"] If I remove the order part it shows events fine but from oldest to most recent and we’d like them to show from the most recent to the oldest. Am I missing something?

    • Graham on 20 Jul 2017

      Possibly the quotes. Change the shortcode to this: [qem id=archive posts=10 order=asc]

    • Brian on 20 Jul 2017

      Thanks Graham. I tried that but it says “No Event Found” with that shortcode. I have the shortcode on a page that also has [qem order="dsc"] at the top. I’m trying to display current events at the top and past events at the bottom. Will the double shortcodes cause an issue?

  4. Jurgen on 08 Apr 2017

    Hi, Great tool!!
    2 questions: the text: ‘Registrations Listed by Event’ by [qemreport event=2010], how get this gone?
    And ‘Send report to this email address:’ send all the events to my mail, not that one only. How to chance that?

    • Graham on 09 Apr 2017

      Hi Jurgen,
      The qemreport is part of the pro version (long with all sorts of other reports).
      I can fix the email thing for you.

    • Jurgen on 09 Apr 2017

      hi, i have the pro.

    • Jurgen on 09 Apr 2017

      and, the text: ‘Registrations Listed by Event’ by [qemreport event=2010], how get this gone?
      I want to remove the text.

  5. Rob on 19 Mar 2017

    Great plug in. I wonder if it is possible to show more than one month on a page. For example the actual month and the two next to the actual.
    Thanks for the answer

    • Graham on 20 Mar 2017

      Hi Rob,
      I could possibly add a new shortcode like [qem id=next3] which would display the next 3 months of events. You would then just need to change the number to display the correct number of months. I shall do some investigation and get back to you.

  6. Rajesh on 17 Jan 2017

    I am getting a server error while trying to your the “Ask a Question” form on the right side.

  7. Barry on 11 Jan 2017

    Great Plugin, Thanks for your really great work.I am definitely getting the pro version. There are quite a few very good options that are quite expensive in many other plugins. I was wondering is there a way to easily share an event from the calendar to a visitors social media? ie facebook?.

    • Graham on 11 Jan 2017


      I have looked at doing this and it’s quite a lot of work. you could add you social share buttons to the full description but adding it the calendar may be too complicated – especially on a phone where there is very little room on the screen

  8. Rajesh on 09 Jan 2017

    Please share an email ID to which I can send the Website details with the event details appearing in footer issue I raised yesterday.

    • Graham on 09 Jan 2017

      Just use the contact form on the right

  9. Rajesh on 08 Jan 2017

    I am seeing a peculiar issue. The copyright information in the footer of my events page is getting replaced by the event details. So basically, I am getting the event twice on the same page. Any fix for this?

    • Graham on 08 Jan 2017

      I need to see the site to do any diagnosis

  10. Frans on 31 Dec 2016


    Can I change the start day to monday instead of sunday?


    • Graham on 01 Jan 2017

      Hi Frans,
      Go to the calendar settings and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the option to start the week on Monday

  11. Vishal on 07 Oct 2016

    I am using this qem plugin and one page is displaying event list, but i want to display the event list in different passion, like i have an html for events to display in a page, and is it possible that i can get each field of event list to convert it into my own html template.
    Please help me about this.

    • Graham on 07 Oct 2016

      Take a look at the qem_build_event function in quick-event-manager.php for all the field names. However, that’s only a fraction of the event information, you will need to build the icons, add registration forms, maps and images. You are probably better off hacking the plugin and building the list with a different shortcode, it will be far simpler than trying to create and event list/event page just using the field names.

  12. Siri Søberg on 14 Sep 2016

    First, thanks a lot for such a great Plugin!

    I have a question:
    Is there a way to show a list of all the events in the future without showing the next 5 events?

    Because I show the first 5 events on my homepage, and want to link to the rest of the events in Our list, and then i dont need/want to show the same 5 on top that People already know about from the homepage…

    Our page is

    -Siri Søberg

    • Graham on 14 Sep 2016

      Hi Siri,
      It is technically possible but not easy. And the other problem is if someone bookmarks they will never see the next 5 events. To do as you suggest would need a lot of investigation and coding and you are the only people who have even asked for this. How important is this?

  13. sam on 29 Jul 2016


    I was wondering if there is a possibility to combine particular shortcodes…

    particularly: showing old events in reverse order…

    Thx in advance. I’ve been enjoying the plugin a lot!

    • Graham on 29 Jul 2016

      Hi Sam,
      You should be able to combine different shortcode attributes. I haven’t tried it myself but [qem id=archive order=asc] should work.

    • sam on 29 Jul 2016

      thx a bunch! works like a charm…

  14. David on 20 Jul 2016

    Hi Graham.
    I can’t use the shortcode [qemreport event=1234], the page only show me the text “[qemreport event=1234]” and not the registrants. What could it be? thanks for all the help.

    • Graham on 20 Jul 2016

      I’ve moved the report into the extensions plugin which you can get on this page. I will now update the shortcodes page.

    • Marco on 29 Dec 2016

      Hi Graham,

      I’ve the same problem of David although I use “Quick Event Manager Extensions”: when I use the shortcode [qemreport event=1234], the page only show me the text “[qemreport event=1234]” and not the registrants. The same if I use [qemreport] [qememail] [qemnames] [qemregistrations].
      What could it be?

      Quick Event Manager Reports, at the Registrations Listed by Event, show me:

      Warning: Missing argument 1 for qem_show_report(), called in /web/htdocs/…/wp-content/plugins/quick-event-extensions/settings.php on line 94 and defined in /web/htdocs/…/wp-content/plugins/quick-event-extensions/quick-event-extensions.php on line 406

      Thanks for all the help!

    • Graham on 30 Dec 2016

      The Extension plugin has now been incorporated into QEM. You should have upgraded automatically to the pro version so the shortcodes would still work. If this hasn’t happened send me an email and I will send you an upgrade code.

  15. Jason on 12 May 2016

    Great Plugin…is there a way when using shortcode to display event list to have pagination?

    • Graham on 12 May 2016

      Hi Jason,
      It’s something I’m working on but it’s not easy. The event list isn’t like a list of recent posts, it’s just a single page with a lot of content. Which means all sorts of complicated code to count events and set up the pagination.

    • Graham on 13 May 2016

      OK, I’ve done the testing and it looks like about 3 hours of coding. How important is this? Would your client pay for the work?

    • Jason on 13 May 2016

      Quite possibly…depending on cost. If you msg me cost and details, I can present. Thank you so much.

    • Bernard on 14 Dec 2016

      I’d like pagination too…

    • Msalah on 03 Jan 2017

      I’d like pagination too…

    • Graham on 09 Feb 2017

      Pagination is nearly done. It’s an option in the pro-version. If you want a updated version of the plugin to test let me know via email

  16. Sabarinathan on 05 May 2016

    Awesome Plugin. How can I Set Limit with Latest Events?

    • Graham on 05 May 2016

      You can set the maximum number of events to display using the shortcode [qem posts=20]. Is that what you want? More shortcodes here.

  17. Manish on 13 Apr 2016

    Thanks Graham,
    Very quick response indeed. Deeply appreciated.
    Have been on your site for the last hour or so, exploring.
    (Is there a list of all the pages…. sitemap)
    Also, can we add custom fields to the event form ?
    Keep up the good work, Graham.
    God Speed !!

  18. Manish on 13 Apr 2016

    Great Plugin. No frills but extremely functional !!
    The only limitation seems to be the ability to create events from the front-end (with or without registration).
    Pl advise if this is doable with a little tweaking or requires lot of development at your end.

  19. learner on 31 Mar 2016

    Many thanks for your service. How can I arrange my event list in descending order (starting from current to future events) listing all the events.

    • Graham on 01 Apr 2016

      Use this shortcode: [qem id=archive order=asc]. Or you can go to the plugin settings and check the relevant boxes on the ‘Event Display’ page.

  20. Cathy on 10 Mar 2016

    Hi again… Also looking for a way to display categories along the right column like this demo of a non Word Press script we were testing.

    • Graham on 10 Mar 2016

      In your dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets and you will see a ‘Categories’ widget. It will display all categories. But…. you can use the categories option on the Event Styling page. This will display the event categories above and/or below the event list.

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