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Event List

Most of the shortcodes can be mix and matched. If you wanted all the event for 2015 in the Banana category just use [qem id=2015 category=Banana]

[qem] Standard event list
[qem id='archive'] Show old events
[qem id='all'] Show all events (old and new)
[qem id='remaining'] Show events remaining in the current month
[qem id='current'] Show all events from the current month
[qem id='today'] Only show today’s event
[qem id='9'] Show events in September (the 9th month)
[qem id='9' y='2015'] Show events in September (the 9th month) and in the year 2015
[qem id='2015'] Show events for 2015
[qem event='1234'] Show event with the ID 1234
[qem images='on'] Show event image in the event list
[qem links='off'] No link in Event title and ‘read more’ link is hidden
[qem posts='99'] Set the number of events to display
[qem fullevent='on'] Show full event details on the list
[qem category='name'] Only list events in the ‘name’ category
[qem order="asc"] Display events in reverse order (going backwards in time)
[qem linktolist="checked"] Adds a link back to the URL set on the Display Settings
[qem linktolisturl="http://url"] Set the URL and for the ‘linktolist’ shortcode
[qem listlinkanchor"Click Here"] Set the anchor text for the ‘linktolist’ shortcode

Event Calendar

[qemcalendar] Calendar view
[qemcalendar category="name"] Only display events in the ‘name’ category
[qemcalendar month="7"] Display events from the 7th month of this year
[qemcalendar year="2015"] Display events from 2015

Event Report

[qemreport event=1234] Lists all the registrants and their details for Event ID 1234. The event ID is shown on the Dashboard registration report. Probably a good idea to password protect this page.

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  1. Egils on 04 Dec 2018

    I want to embed registration form on custom page. What is the shortcode for this?

    • Graham on 04 Dec 2018

      You can’t do this. The registration form is linked to the event. If you put it on a custom page you will lose all the attendee data, payments, notifications and reporting. All you will really have is a basic contact form – you won’t even know the name of the event.

  2. Philip Rowell on 27 Aug 2018

    Cheers for that, I understand that API created before 2018 stood, i don’t like them holding my details?
    Can you use bing maps?

    • Graham on 27 Aug 2018

      It did until Google changed the rules. They now want you to register and give them your CC details. I could use Bing maps but you would still need to create a Microsoft account which means they will be holding the same information as Google does. I’d also have to charge for adding this option to the plugin as it’s a good few hours work.

  3. Philip Rowell on 23 Aug 2018

    Hi I have the pro version of your great events plugin. But recently the maps do not show saying
    Can you place any light on this.
    Regards Philip

    • Graham on 23 Aug 2018

      If you have an API then Google would have contact you about their new charging plan. You now have to give them your credit card details. It’s all detailed here.

  4. Olivier on 24 Jul 2018

    Hi Graham,
    Thanks again! Is it possible to automatically hide the events that ar compelte (full)? I would like to display one table with all the events (See the first table on the page and one table with only the events that are not complete (See the 3 bottom tables on the page).

    • Graham on 25 Jul 2018

      Hi Oliver,
      I’ve had a quick look and it is possible to do this. I just need to work out how to do the checks without slowing down the page load speed.

  5. Olivier on 13 Jun 2018

    Hi, thank you so much for your Plugin!!! I just installed it yesterday and it already works!!! I’m using it not for planning events, but to manage the planning of the volunteers at our event. I created different tasks at different places and I’m stuck now because I did 5 categories (Thursday to Monday) and 6 tasks (Bar1, bar1, Entry, parking…). And I would like to list the tasks (time schedule) in a table for each day (See the bottom on the page So my question is: is there a way to use the shortcode [qem category='name'] and display the events of 2 categories? (For example: ‘Bar1’ AND ‘Friday’) Thanks again. I’ll make a donation ASAP.

    • Graham on 21 Jun 2018

      Hi Olivier,
      You can have more than one category in the shortcode: [qem category='bar1,friday']

  6. debbie on 23 Mar 2018

    I have an account where the event description/add cart is put in by a shortcode from the shopping cart. However, on the event list page it shows the shopping card shortcode – not the info. The detail page shows as expected. What can I do to make sure the info shows on the listing page?

  7. Andrew Carter on 05 Mar 2018

    I’m struggling to get the event titles to display once more details has been clicked.

    • Graham on 05 Mar 2018

      Hi Andrew,
      The event title is the normal post title – if your theme has removed these then nothing will display. Are there any event details to display? All I see is an empty box for the gig.

  8. Jenny on 24 Feb 2018

    I am struggling to get my events to display as a list. Does anyone have the code to help me do this. I want the event name, start date and location.

    • Graham on 24 Feb 2018

      Hi Jenny,
      Create a new page and just add the shortcode [qem]. Publish the page and you should see the list of events. To change waht displays in the list go to the plugin settings and select the ‘Settings’ tab.

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