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Like all the plugins on this site the QEM is as simple and quick as I can make it. It’s got with more features than a thing with lots of features but it works straight out of the box. You create some events and add the shortcode to a post or page and that’s it. Nothing else to configure.

Some of the features are:

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Upgrade to Pro

The free version of the plugin will do the job but if you want a whole range of extra features and a slick and professional payments portal you need the awesome Pro Version. Find out More...

Getting Started

Event Manager admin page

Event Manager admin page

Use the ‘Events ‘ tab in your dashboard to create or manage events.

When you create a new event you have a range of options:  Title, date, summary, times, location, address, website, costs and image. You don’t really have to use any of these except the title and date. Nothing will appear on your site except those fields with something in them. You can set which fields display using the plugin Event Settings tab.

You can also add a detailed description with images, links and so on (just like a normal WordPress post).

Here is the detailed how to do it guide.

The List of Events

To see the list of current events add the shortcode [qem] to any page or post.  That’s it, nothing else to do except bask in your magnificence.


To change which bits appear in the event list use the plugin Event Settings page. You can now pick and choose which options display and in which order. The Event Display tab allows you to change how the events are displayed (duh!) and the Event Styling tab let you play with the styles.  Here are some examples of the display options.

If you want to see all your events (old and new) there’s a check box that allows you to do this.  If you just want to see old events use the shortcode [qem id="archive"].

If you want to limit the number of posts on the page use the shortcode [qem posts="99"] where 99 is the number of posts.

If you have put your events into categories you can split the event list using the shortcode [qem category="name"]. If you want to highhlight each category in the list you can use the brand new colour coding.

More Shortcodes.

The Sidebar Widget has some options allowing you to set how the list is displayed in a sidebar.

A couple of guides:

The Plugin in your Language

The plugin should automatically display the dates in your language. If it doesn’t then it’s possible your WordPress installation has the wrong localization set up. Take a look at your wp-config.php and see if there is a line that looks like:

define ('WPLANG', 'es_ES');

If there isn’t, add it to your wp-config.php and upload using an FTP application. The es_ES is the language code for Spanish. There are plenty of resources available like this one to find your country code.

The Datepicker

The datepicker only works in English. There is nothing I can do about this (and I’ve tried). Dates and times are converted to a unix timestamp and the function I use to do this only works with English dates. The date will display in your language but you need to use the datepicker to select dates. The local date (in your language) is displayed to the right of the date field.

The words on the page

If you want to translate the plugin into your own language install the Logo Translate plugin (wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate). I’ve already built the .pot file so all you need to to is build the .po file, the plugin will automatically create the .mo file. Upload the results to the QEM language folder and it’s all done.  If you can send me the files as well I will add them to the next update.

Guest Events

If you want to let visitors to you site create their own events you can do so after upgrading to the pro version. This is the guest event creator.


I’ve tried to make the plugin as bug free as possible but it’s got more and more complicated over time and things to get missed. If you have a problem I might have already tried to fix it. Some of the current issues are listed on the Troubleshooting Page.

The Calendar

You can display events as a calendar. To use the calendar just add the shortcode:  [qemcalendar].

Events on the calendar can open in a popup (with a read more link) or open to the full event. If you want to link the calendar to the event list add the URL of the pages. If have put your events in different categories you can colour code them.

Small screens often mean there isn’t room for all the events so you can select a symbol to display instead of the calendar spilling over the page.

You can also have separate calendars for each category using the shotcode [qemcalendar category="name"]

Event Registration

Check the box to display a simple event registration form on the event page. There are a range of fields you can use on the form. If you only want to display the form on specific events use the check box on the event editor.

A new feature means the registration form will collect the names of all those attending and display the list on the event. If they have a gravatar you can show this icon as well. You can update this list in the Event Editor.

Event Payments

If you have a simple event cost (such as £10 or $6) then you can integrate payments into the registration form. To do this click the Event Payment tab, scroll down and check the ‘Transfer to PayPal after registration’ box. Or you can check the payment box on individual events.

The is are options to use IPN and coupons or you can upgrade to pro for fully integrated payments.

Event Templates

The event is displayed as a normal WordPress post. Everything you have selected on the settings page will appear here. If you want to a bespoke events page you will have to create the necessary template in your theme called single-event.php. See the WordPress codex for more info.

The is a plugin option to create the template but this only works if your theme has a working single.php file. If not you may well end up with a blank page.

Download the plugin


All the Shortcodes

There are all sorts of ways to customise individual lists and calendars using an ever increasing range of shortcodes.

That’s about it really.  If you get stuck or have a problem add your comment below or use the form on the right.

  1. Wei on 15 Sep 2019:

    Hi, firstly thank you for this good plugin. Now I’ve a problem, I installed a plugin called Snazzy (https://snazzymaps.com/help) to customize the style of the Google map on my web site, but it doesn’t work, Snazzy doesn’t work with Google Map Embed API but Javascript API, it seems to me your plugin is using Javascript API, am I right ? Could you please take a look once you have time? Thanks in advance

    Reply to Wei

    • Graham on 15 Sep 2019:

      Hi Wei,
      I use the Embed API so snazzy maps will not work with the event manager. If you want to find a developer to integrate the Javascript API into QEM I’d be quite happy to offer the choice to users.

  2. maddi on 06 Apr 2019:

    hi – events keep reloading as scheduled – recreated events – but it keeps going back and labeling events as schedule rather than published

    Reply to maddi

    • Graham on 14 Apr 2019:

      That could well be how you have set up the events or how your theme works. I’ve just tested and it’s all working fine for me. Can you uncheck the box on the Event Settings that makes the event date the same as the publication date

  3. Florian on 08 Jan 2019:

    Hi, thank you for this great plugin! I tried to change the Label on the Button “Download to Calendar” which doesn’t work. The Label is always “Add To Calendar”, changing the text doesn’t have any effect. Can you help?

    Reply to Florian

  4. Egils on 04 Dec 2018:

    Hello, is there any way to disable “Look who’s coming:” section on registration form?

    Reply to Egils

    • Graham on 04 Dec 2018:

      Go to the Settings tab and select which elements you want to display

  5. Mikle B. on 05 Nov 2018:

    by using your event plugin, i got the following error message “count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in E:\UtilityS\XAMPP\htdocs\sk-marxen\wp-content\plugins\quick-event-manager\quick-event-register.php on line 748”.

    Could it be that it has somthing to to with the arry “$errors”

    Reply to Mikle B.

    • Graham on 05 Nov 2018:

      So we are both using the same version can you install this update and tell me if the error still exists: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-event-manager/qem-update/

    • Graham on 10 Nov 2018:

      Turns out there was a bug in the update. Can you please download and try again

  6. Philip Kunisch on 12 Sep 2018:

    Hello Graham. Long time we haven´t heard of each other =). I just noticed that my registration confirmation message is not changing. I´ve put a text there once. And it´s now appearing all the time in all of my events, even if I leave the Text box empty and also if I put another text in there. Maybe you have an idea where the error lies? Thank you so much. I appreciate your work!

    Reply to Philip Kunisch

    • Graham on 12 Sep 2018:

      No idea why this is happening on your site. I’ve just edited the onscreen and autoresponder messages and they both save and display the way they should.

  7. Sabine Kronenberger on 21 Aug 2018:

    I’ve been working with the PlugIn EventManager for a few weeks and I think it’s going very well. However, there is an error in the calendar. We only need August and September for our Culture Days. Ironically, in September, the month with the most events, the Sunday is not displayed. Can you say why that could be? http://kulturtage-akk.online/veranstaltungen/kalender/

    Reply to Sabine Kronenberger

    • Graham on 21 Aug 2018:

      Hi Sabine,

      I replied to your email this morning.

      The problem is your theme. I can see all 7 days on my Mac and phone. But a different browser and font size means the last day can be hidden. The theme sets the column to 58% of the page width. If calendar table is wider than this then there isn’t room for all the days. Make the calendar page full width and you won’t have a problem.

  8. MR Mark Newton on 03 Aug 2018:

    Is there a way of getting the events showing on the home page where the theme uses ‘latest posts’ to show what has been added?

    Reply to MR Mark Newton

    • Graham on 03 Aug 2018:

      Go to Settings > Event Manager > Display and look for the ‘Show events in recent posts list’ option.

  9. Chris Ward on 15 Jun 2018:

    Hi Graham
    Found another small problem, we have a few events running at the same time and rather than set up details again I just duplicate it.
    Then I change title, date, and time and upload.
    It then (I think everytime) increases the date by one day (lucky I noticed it).
    I had to change date to previous day which made it the correct day when uploaded.
    Very strange, even after I have gone out of the event, go back with edit, change nothing but update it changes the date.
    Thanks Chris BTW hope I can reduce the title font size with the new upgrade.

    Reply to Chris Ward

  10. Chris Ward on 06 Jun 2018:

    Great, works fine thanks

    Reply to Chris Ward

  11. Chris Ward on 05 Jun 2018:

    Thanks for the quick fix but I’m not sure how to install. I’ve tried upload plugin but that fails.
    Can I just ftp the files or is there an easier way?
    Thanks Chris

    Reply to Chris Ward

    • Graham on 05 Jun 2018:

      FTP is fine (it’s what I always use) or you can delete the exiting plugin and install the new. You will not lose any forms, settings or data.

  12. Chris Ward on 03 Jun 2018:

    Hi Graham
    Also forgot to ask, as you see we have 8 places available and we can say book 5 places, then try and book 4 more and it won’t accept it until we change it to 3. Thats fine.
    But if we try and book 9 places straight off it will go through and accept the booking.
    You can try this if you like and we cant understand what the problem is.
    Many thanks Chris

    Reply to Chris Ward

    • Graham on 03 Jun 2018:

      Hi Chris,
      I’m in the middle of a big code rewrite for the plugin (so it’s faster and less processor hungry) so I will add a fix for this bug at the same time.

    • Graham on 03 Jun 2018:

      Done a quick fix on this. Try this version: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-event-manager/qem-update/

  13. Julie Thornberry on 23 Apr 2018:

    I need to know how to direct the registration emails to the “Organizer”.

    Reply to Julie Thornberry

    • Graham on 23 Apr 2018:

      Hi Julie,
      It’s part of the ‘extensions’ that you get when you buy the pro-version.

  14. Simon on 08 Apr 2018:

    I’m really excited of your plugin.

    But I haven’t been able to find a way to change information from the registration lists as an admin. I do not want to use the way through the database.

    Is it possible to extend the plugin in this area?


    Reply to Simon

    • Graham on 08 Apr 2018:

      Hi Simon,
      It’s not something I’ve been asked for before. Building an editing system for registrations would be a major undertaking. If someone is prepared to pay for the work then I can give it a go.

  15. Sheila Good on 29 Mar 2018:

    This is a great plugin. I’ve purchased QEM Pro and have Paypal IPN working successfully. The issue I’m experiencing is after leaving Paypal, I return to the event page and there is no message indicating that Registration or Payment was successful. The user is just presented with the registration page again. Is there something I’ve missed?

    The event I’m working with is just for testing purposes and can be found at https://wplc.org/event/event-test-paypal

    Also, is there a way to put different pricing options (like Paypal Payments). ie. Members $10, Non-Members $25.

    Thanks in advance.

    Reply to Sheila Good

    • Graham on 02 Apr 2018:

      Sheila, Following payment you should see the thank you message so not sure why it’s not working for you. As the pricing options, this is something I’m working on. You can download the trial version from here: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-event-manager/qem-update/

  16. Raphael on 29 Mar 2018:

    first thank you for your great plugin.
    I have an issue with the function “withdraw registration”. When I registrate to an event and then check the checkbox “withdraw registration” it doesn’t work. The message “you are already registrated to the event” and the name is still listed in the guest list under the event details.

    Thank you

    Reply to Raphael

  17. dohukk on 25 Feb 2018:

    [qemreport] shortcode don’t work 🙁 Other codes work correctly

    Reply to dohukk

    • Graham on 25 Feb 2018:

      Have you got the pro version?

  18. Pushkar on 09 Feb 2018:

    Hi Graham,

    I sent you an email regarding adding a feature about “admin notes” to an event. I requested a quote too. I did not receive any response yet. I was wondering if you received it. Thanks.


    Reply to Pushkar

    • Graham on 09 Feb 2018:

      It’s in hand. I’m busy adding your request and a social share option for the events and will send you a version to test very soon

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