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Quick Contact Form Changelog

6.1 Small bug fix to stop duplicate info being sent.Improved the way fonts are managed
Added styling options for the submit button
Added XSS filters
Custom CSS now loads as an external file
6.0 Whole new message display and download option.Fixed a bug that displayed empty message fields
5.7 More options when you send the form.
5.6 New form field. Adds a date picker to your forms.
5.5 Option to select mail function
5.4 Added dropdown to sidebar widget so you can select named forms
5.3 Changed the order of the columns in the form settings pageMade it easier to swap between named forms in the settings pages
Fixed some spellings errors
Bug fix: you can now add multiple email addresses on a fresh install
5.2.1 Bug fix: wp_mail chopped the last character of the senders name off!
5.2 Changed to wp_mail to fix webhosts blocking gmail and other webmail servicesChanged language to UTF-8
Code tweaks
5.1 Reset buttons on each pageSimple validation of form names (replaces spaces with hyphens)
Code tweaks
5.0 Multiple forms! Something that has been a long time coming.
4.5 Put all the admin functions in a seperate file (700 lines of code less for
your visitors to load).Added options to change the fonts and field borders.Moved the styles to the documment head (no longer inline).Improved the tracking options.
4.4 & 4.4.1 Bug fixes in the CSSTweaked the admin code to make the UI a bit less sensitive to user settings
4.3 Added option for 100% width (for responsive themes)
4.2 Cleaned out a whole load of code – file is now 6Kb smaller.Rewritten the help filesTweaked the validation function
4.1 Fixed a bug in file attachment processingAdded stripslashes to the admin fields (a few had got missed)
4.0 Option to send file attachments.Custom CSS support.
Allow redirection after message has been sent.
Reworked the ‘form settings’ instructions and added drag and drop arrows.
Direct links to the CSS and PHP editors from the appropriate setting page.
A lot of coding changes to speed up form processing.
As soon as the last few users upgrade from Version 2 I can remove about 100
lines of code!
3.2 and 3.3.1 Validation can check the email and telephone number format even if they
are not required fields.Missing apostrophe added (bugfix).
3.1 Random maths captcha added.
Editable email subject line.
Background colour options.
Changed the layout of the form editor to make it simpler.
Improved the the instructions for use.
Fixed a small bug in the checkbox validator.
3.0 Now lots of fields to select and arrange.
Changed the way files are written to the database.
2.5 Added tab to edit the erorr messages.
2.4 Added options to edit the thank you message.Added options to display and track messages.
2.3 Added options to select which fields you want on your form.Added a forth field so you can have email and telephone number (woo!)
Tidied up the way messages are displayed.
Fixed sorting bug.
2.2 Added reset options.
2.1 Tweak to the stylesheet to cope with the hopeless Internet Explorer CSS
2.0 Major upgrade to the settings interface.Option to display latest messages on your dashboard.
1.4 Added sidebar widget.Changed text colour of required fields (looks much nicer).
1.3 Added an optional maths checker to catch the spambots.Added email and telephone number validation.
1.2 Changed the way error and the thank you messages are displayed (no more
popups).Added option to select which fields are required.
1.1 Fixed ‘onclick’ bug
1.0 Initial Issue

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