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Fixing email problems with the Quick Contact Form

If you are not receving emails from the Quick Contact Form here are a few suggestions:

Check the email address is correct

This might sound silly but it spelling mistakes do happen. And using a domain email rather than a webmail provider is far better. It means you have full control and are not reliant on a third party provider.

Test your email

Send a test message using this handy tool to make sure everything is spam free: https://www.mail-tester.com

Check your server settings

If you use redirection then you need to check your server settings as once the message has been send it now belongs to your host. So if it gets blocked or trashed then there’s not really much I can do to help.

To test your server settings use this little plugin.

Check your junk mail settings

If you are using Hotmail or Live and everything goes to the junk folder you can adjust the settings like this:

  1. Whilst in the inbox click the cog in the top right corner and from the dropdown menu choose ‘More email settings’.
  2. Under ‘Customising Outlook’ choose ‘Rules for sorting new messages’.
  3. Click new rule.
  4. For Step 1: choose subject > is > ‘example subject’ and Step 2 defaults to ‘move to inbox’ or you can choose a specific folder.

Screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/omEiR

Gmail offers this help: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/63601?hl=en

It’s also worth checking that your host is allowing email forwarding.

Make sure mail.php is enabled

You will have to ask you host about this, the cheaper the hosting the more likely it has been deactivated. GoDaddy seems to have all sorts of issues with this.

Use SMTP mail

If your host has given you your SMTP settings you can use this option. But make sure to test fully before letting it loose on your visitors.

  1. Sheffy on 25 Oct 2019:

    Excellent form, works well.

    Reply to Sheffy

  2. Paul on 30 Oct 2016:

    Great form, however it doesn’t appear to be possible to remove the email field. We need a ‘call back’ form which only required the phone number, however if the email address field is removed from the form it crashes.

    Reply to Paul

  3. Vadim on 21 Jun 2016:

    I like your form very much. I would like to use it as a contact form on my http://www.zima.net site, but there is one problem. When I download attached files from the links in the message, only files with simple, one-word names can be seen. All others, like school_report_v01.docx, give me a 404 error because the (_) characters are stripped. Is this a bug in the plugin or some issue with my host (WP Engine)?

    Reply to Vadim

    • Graham on 22 Jun 2016:

      Hi Vadim,
      The plugins strips a lot of characters from the file names because they can cause all sorts of errors when uploading. The link in the email should work as it uses the rewritten filename. I’ve just tested this and everything works as it should. Can you add my email address to the form so I can see what arrives in my inbox. It’s mail at quick-plugins.com

  4. mark on 24 Feb 2016:

    For “Enter your email address. To send to multiple addresses, put a comma betweeen each address.”, why I can’t change the email to something that I want? It keeps showing the default admin email after i click on ‘save setting’

    Reply to mark

    • Graham on 25 Feb 2016:

      I’ve sent you an email. You can use whatever email address you want. The new form just adds your login email as a default.

  5. Clive Muir on 17 Feb 2016:

    Hi Graham, thank you for your form plugin. I have a strange issue in that when not logged in to admin and on the public site, the form sends an auto reply to the person enquiring but does not send a notification email to me the site owner.

    If I log into admin and then go to the public site and test the form. I get the notification email and the auto reply. (I use different email 1 for the test enquiry and 1 for my admin)

    Any ideas?

    Reply to Clive Muir

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2016:

      Hi Clive,
      That is most bizarre. The notification email you get uses the email address from the setup page. It doesn’t care if you are logging in or not. The autoresponder just goes to the sender not to you. So I have no idea at all why this isn’t working. Can you add my email to the plugin setup and send a teat message while you are logged out and then again when you are logged in.

      I’m assuming all the emails get logged in the Messages table.

    • Clive Muir on 17 Feb 2016:

      Hi Graham…. I dont have your email to add to the set up…. Yes the enquiries are being logged and stored in admin…. Just no notifications sent to my email address when someone sends a request…. Copies to them working fine though..

    • Graham on 17 Feb 2016:

      I’ve just tested this on a number of sites and it’s all working as it should. I’m going to send you an email so you can do some testing

  6. Rob McGonigle on 08 Jul 2015:

    The SMTP settings authentication fields is adding an additional space before the Username & Password after the Save Changes button is pressed.
    This results in the error:
    Uncaught exception: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

    The email error below confirms that the space was forwarded.

    2015-07-07 15:03:30 login authenticator failed for whvcl46-32-242-219.whvcl.host.com (www.domain.com) []: 535 Incorrect authentication data (set_id= name@domain.com)

    This was tested using Firefox 38, Chrome 43 & IE11. The extra space was added every time.

    Reply to Rob McGonigle

    • Graham on 08 Jul 2015:

      I’ve just sent you an update with a bug fix.

  7. Simon on 29 Jan 2015:


    For some reason I get the messages sent twice and the sender also gets two thank you messages, any ideas?

    Reply to Simon

    • Graham on 29 Jan 2015:

      A couple of people have mentioned this and I have no idea why. The plugin fires of the email, updates the message table and goes to the thank-you message. At that point the plugin stops doing anything. If the plugin was sending it twice you would see duplicate messages in the dashboard widget. So it’s likely the double message is a setting in your hosting, maybe it’s doing the mail forwarding twice.

  8. kevin on 18 Mar 2014:

    Hi my form covered from one side of the page to the other i.e nice and big.
    I have just applied the your latest update and now its shrunk to the smaller size.

    I really liked it how it was before the update, can it be reverted?



    Reply to kevin

    • Graham on 18 Mar 2014:

      Hi Kevin,
      Sorry to messed up your form. If you go to the form settings and select styles, check the width and resave the styles. Should be ok after that.

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