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WordPress Quick Contact Form

When you fire up the plugin a basic form is already configured and ready to use. All you have to do is enter your email address and add the shortcode [qcf] to your posts or pages.

There is a lot more functionality now that there was at Version 1 but the form still works right out of the box: just add your email address and it’s ready to go.

What do you get for your money?

Quick Contact Form admin page

Quick Contact Form admin page

  • 12 selectable fields including name, email, telephone, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, radio fields and range slider
  • Attachments (with optional restrictions)
  • Optional captcha
  • Multiple forms all managed through a single dashboard
  • Message display and download function
  • Editable thank-you message
  • All sort of validation and customised error messages
  • Selectable tracking
  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Redirections
  • And a whole bunch of styling options


Here’s some examples

You can see examples of the form on this page. Have a play and you will see the error and thank-you messages. Everything you see can be edited and changed: fields, headers, messages, colours, fonts, borders and backgrounds.

Getting Started

There are some basic instructions for use on the plugin settings page.

I’ve also begun to put together an idiot’s guide. Only in English though. If you would like to help with a version for your language I would be most grateful.

The QCF Instructions for Use

Errors and Problems

If you use aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, aim, or msn you could find your email getting blocked by the host. I’ve updated the plugin so there is option to send using SMTP. This should solve the problem. If it doesn’t then try this troubleshooting guide.

The datepicker can sometimes default to English. WordPress should look after this but can get it wrong. There are a couple of solutions to help with localizations.

Download the Plugin

Here’s the plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-contact-form

Join in the fun

If you want to help with the plugin drop me a message and I’d send you the beta versions as they get developed. In return you get a mention here and on the wordpress plugin page.

  1. Dear Copyblogger Support, Are You Listening? - SUSANTA on 06 Sep 2014:

    […] My search for the appropriate plugin led me to a plugin which says what it means: Quick Contact Form […]

    Reply to Dear Copyblogger Support, Are You Listening? - SUSANTA

  2. Keara on 13 Aug 2014:

    Hi thanks so much for a great contact form. I was just wondering is it possible to make 2 different forms for one site? Or can I only make one?


    Reply to Keara

    • Graham on 13 Aug 2014:

      Indeed you can Keara,

      Just go to the plugin setup page and add a new form. Once you have saved you will see the shortcode you need to use. The form will also be listed in the widget.

  3. Jordan on 30 Jul 2014:

    Hi Graham,

    I’ve seriously been searching for a plugin for months now which is scalable enough to place in a sidebar. You’ve made a fantastic addition to the WordPress community. I’m hoping you can help me with one last customization. I’ve created a form with a custom image as the button created in Photoshop. I’ve also decided to utilize the math field validation.

    The issue is that I don’t want the form to take up all that room by having the (starting from top to bottom) form fields, then math validation, then the button down below. Is there some custom code I can utilize to pull the button up to the same level as the math validation (on the right side specifically)? If so, that would be great! Look forward to your feedback.

    Reply to Jordan

    • Graham on 31 Jul 2014:

      Hi Jordan,
      It is sort of possible but you would need strip our the paragraph tags from the form. I just did a quick test and it worked. Or I could send you the version of the plugin I’m working on that has akismet built in. If you select to use Akismet you may not need the Maths Captcha.

  4. Andy on 30 Jul 2014:

    Love the form – but seem to be having a number of issues when setting the email address that receives the form to being the same as the domain name. On a few different websites.

    Ie a form on http://www.mydomain.com can send the emails through no problem to any email address other than anything@mydomain.com – seems very odd – tried wp-mail and php-mail. Same result.

    The messages are showing up in the admin side and as i said – work fine for any other email address that doesn’t use the same domain name.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?

    Reply to Andy

    • Graham on 30 Jul 2014:

      That’s a server/hosting problem. The plugin doesn’t care what email address you use, as soon as you press send the message gets sent to your email server. What happens after that depends on your hosting. I suspect it’s an aggressive spam filter chucking out the messages.

  5. Tim Dondorp on 10 Jul 2014:

    Thanks for this plugin. It is great, but I mis one styling option. How can I style the Form title (fontcolor, fonttype and fontsyze)?

    Reply to Tim Dondorp

    • Graham on 11 Jul 2014:

      Hi Tim,
      Go to settings > quick contact > styles
      How will see options to change the font and header styles

  6. rudolf on 18 Jun 2014:

    Let’s see, quick plugins makes a paypal payment plugin and a contact form plugin – and never combined the 2 into some sort of paid for submission form??
    Eieiei, may i suggest you try that, could be pretty useful to some….

    Reply to rudolf

    • Graham on 18 Jun 2014:

      I’ve been fiddling around with a combined plugin for a while but it’s not been too successful. Paypal is the problem – they will only let me transmit a limited data set which means all the contact form stuff gets lost.

  7. Naomi on 12 May 2014:

    Is there an easy way to put in a line, a title between labels? I kind of need a extra label too, but I saw that’s a bit difficult. Like the way it works so far.

    Reply to Naomi

    • Graham on 12 May 2014:

      Interesting question Naomi. Adding this functionality it’s difficult. I can easily add a ‘comment’ field to each element of the contact form but not sure many people would need it. But if you want me to have a play give me some details and will send you a version for testing. What extra label do you need?

  8. Mukul Jayaprakash on 27 Mar 2014:

    I have Added Captcha for Quick contact form.
    it uses “Really Simple CAPTCHA” plugin http://contactform7.com/captcha/
    you have to install really simple captcha first and then
    You have to replace the quick-contact-form.php with
    this modified one.
    its located in wp-content/plugins/quick-contact-form/

    Reply to Mukul Jayaprakash

    • Graham on 27 Mar 2014:

      Hi Mukul,
      The problem with your solution is you only have half the code in place. You need to offer the options in setting.php as well. And the styling needs to be incorporated into the custom css file so the capthca matches the rest of the form. And of course you need to have the prompt to install the plugin.

  9. Tony on 13 Mar 2014:

    Hi there..
    Would like to thank you for this great plugin. I’ve already installed it and used it in two of my client’s site, (one of the above). I found it’s great if you want to use it as a secondary contact form and what I mean is this: I would like to have the choice of having more than one “multibox” for instance where I can add 2 or more of the same fields. That would make it my primary form for sure. I do mostly hospitality sites, where it’s imperative to have “date” fields so that people can choose their dates. Same goes for example with fields such as dropdown boxes.
    I love the fact that you can make it as wide or narrow as you want..and most importantly, that you can put your own backgrounds. I think that makes it so much fun…!!

    Thank you…:-)

    Reply to Tony

    • Graham on 13 Mar 2014:

      Hi Tony,
      This is something I’ve been playing with. What I want to do is convert the checkbox/dropdown/radio into multi-fields. I did sort of get it to work but the coding was pretty horrendous so it went on the back burner while I built some user requested enhancements to another of my plugins. Now that’s done I’ll look at this again. It seems quite simple in theory but my iffy coding skills couldn’t quite get it right. But just for you I shall persist…

    • Tony on 13 Mar 2014:

      Hey Graham..

      Thank you so much for your swift reply…I do appreciate your time into this…! Anything you can try to get this more flexible in terms of number of identical fields, multi fields, etc the better this plugin will get with a lot more people. I think it deserves any time you dedicate into it…!!

      Thank you again…I look forward to seeing its transition…!


    • Tony on 13 Mar 2014:

      Hi sorry Graham,

      Could you please e mail me if you do make these changes/transition..?? Just so I know and start using them for my primary purpose…thanks again..!!!

    • Graham on 13 Mar 2014:

      Just sent an update to your email address

  10. Christie on 11 Feb 2014:


    In an age where customer service has become the exception rather than a rule, it is rare to find someone who responds to a concern/issue/problem. You did so much more than that! You went the extra mile and enabled us to have an interactive form that will give us the ability to gather the information we need.

    To say a simple “Thank You” doesn’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts, but since it is meant to speak volumes in this instance, please accept it with all sincerity.


    Reply to Christie

    • Graham on 11 Feb 2014:

      Thank you Christie,
      Always a pleasure to help someone out. If you want to send me the URL I’ll add the site to my examples page.

  11. Christie on 06 Feb 2014:

    What a great plugin you’ve created! We’re presently designing a new site and it certainly works well for our Contact page. I have one question: Can the date field be expanded to include more than one date? We have clients who submit inquiries re: events/meetings that often occur over a period of 2-3 days, and if they were able to include all pertinent dates, it would be wonderful! If not, is there a way to duplicate the date field so we could have a From Date field and a To Date field?

    Thank you for all you’re doing to make our jobs easier!


    Reply to Christie

    • Graham on 07 Feb 2014:

      Hi Christie,
      I’ve been experimenting with ways to add more fields to the form but without success. I got it wrong when I first built the plugin and it has caused no end of problerms since then. But what I can do is make the the last two fields multipurpose. If you want to use them you would have a choice of plain text, email, telephone or date. Would this work for you? If it is and you want to help with the testing let me know.

  12. Gert on 03 Feb 2014:

    Just had problem with the text that didn’t show up in windows live mail but it works in all other mailprograms.

    I have a question, I want to send the form to 2 email adressess.
    I tried to use ” , ” and ” ; ” but I can’t get it working (address1@mailexample.com , address2@mailexample.com)
    Is it possible to send it to 2 addresses? I tried all, spaces, no spaces, etc.. I get the mail to the first emailaddress but not to the second.
    When I use ” ; ” I get nothing at all at both email addresses.
    Thanks in advance

    Reply to Gert

    • Graham on 03 Feb 2014:

      Hi Gert,
      Live does all sorts of wierd things. Have you checked the troubleshooting guide?

      To send to multiple addresses put a comma between each one – no spaces

  13. Celeste on 29 Jan 2014:

    I’ve inherited this site and the client doesn’t like the text “Captcha:” as the label for the math problem. Can I change that?

    Thanks so much!!

    Reply to Celeste

    • Graham on 29 Jan 2014:

      Hi Celeste,

      That’s not my plugin! The form on the page looks like the one that came with the theme. My plugin is installed but you don’t seem to be using it.

  14. Geir on 25 Jan 2014:

    What have happened after the last update of this excellent plugin? When I save a contactform all my fields is gone. There is only a send button left.

    Reply to Geir

    • Geir on 25 Jan 2014:

      And then i noticed it was a new update. Problem solved 🙂

    • Graham on 25 Jan 2014:

      Hi Gier,
      I’d been working on the plugin settings pages to make them easier to use. In doing so I managed to delete the key line of code that registered which fields you wanted on the form!

      But all sorted now. I hope….

  15. https://www.facebook.com/englandstudysquare on 02 Jan 2014:

    We’re lots of volunteers along with beginning a new structure in our area. Your web blog supplied all of us having helpful data to be able to paintings in. You could have completed some sort of solid career as well as each of our total group will most likely be grateful to you.

    Reply to https://www.facebook.com/englandstudysquare

    • Graham on 03 Jan 2014:

      Ummmm. OK, thanks

  16. Ewan Kennedy on 30 Dec 2013:

    This is awesome. Just installed it on my site in sidebars and on contact page. Love the way you get notified of the page the visitor was on when the form was submitted. Lots of cool features and easy for dummies like me.

    Reply to Ewan Kennedy

    • Graham on 30 Dec 2013:

      Hi Ewan,
      Glad you like it. I created the plugin because I got so fed up getting the bigger plugin to work how I wanted. Have you found the message download bit? The plugin saves all the emails which you can then download as a CSV file.

      And hallo from Aldershot.

    • Ewan Kennedy on 30 Dec 2013:

      I’ll find it & thanks for the tip, neighbour. When I receive my first enquiry using your form, I’ll drop you a Paypal contribution so that you can enjoy another beer in some of the time you keep free by not using it all on social media (just read your about page). 🙂

  17. Stephen on 11 Dec 2013:

    Hey, Just wanted to drop by and let you now how awesome this form is. It is easily the most customisable and easy to use forms available for wordpress.

    I’d love to know, If there is a way to add Google analytics tracking as a conversion (for noobs)

    Reply to Stephen

  18. Martin Oxby on 23 Nov 2013:

    Heya, I’m looking to try and get two drop-downs on one client form and it’s not playing ball. Any ideas? Thanks!

    Reply to Martin Oxby

    • Graham on 23 Nov 2013:

      When I built the plugin it was only ever supposed to be a quick and simple contact form. It’s grown a bit since then. Adding a second drop down (or any other field isn’t easy as there are a whole bunch of functions I need to change. How important is it to have two dropdowns, could one of them be a set of radio buttons?

  19. Rob on 13 Nov 2013:

    Great Plug In. Works very well. Thank you for it. I have only one problem.
    The Fonts in the Box called textarea are not the same size and Font family as in the textboxes. Is it possible that it can be changed or can I do it myself.

    Reply to Rob

    • Martin Oxby on 23 Nov 2013:

      QCF responds to your CSS both within the ‘custom CSS’ bit or in your themes style.css so control both those things from one of those options.

    • Graham on 23 Nov 2013:

      There shouldn’t be too many theme styles that affect the plugin. Some badly built themes force their style but in general the only theme style that has any effect is the H2

  20. Theo Noordewier on 14 Oct 2013:

    Why do the mail look like this?

    Best regards,

    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Content-Type: text/html; charset=”utf-8″
    Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 11:12:24 +0200 (CEST)

    The message is:Uw naam: TheoUw E-mailadres: xxx@xxxx.nlUw bericht: test2Message was sent from: Contact/RSSSenders IP address:

    Reply to Theo Noordewier

    • Graham on 14 Oct 2013:

      I have no idea Theo. I’ve just checked the message format and it arrived OK in Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, my iPhone and as a plain text message on a webmail server.

      How did you send your message?

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