WordPress Quick Contact Form

When you fire up the plugin a basic form is already configured and ready to use. All you have to do is enter your email address and add the shortcode [qcf] to your posts or pages.

There is a lot more functionality now that there was at Version 1 but the form still works right out of the box: just add your email address and it’s ready to go.

What do you get for your money?

Quick Contact Form admin page

Quick Contact Form admin page

  • 12 selectable fields including name, email, telephone, dropdowns, checkboxes, dates, radio fields and range slider
  • Attachments (with optional restrictions)
  • Optional captcha
  • Multiple forms all managed through a single dashboard
  • Message display and download function
  • Editable thank-you message
  • All sort of validation and customised error messages
  • Selectable tracking
  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Redirections
  • And a whole bunch of styling options


Here’s some examples

You can see examples of the form on this page. Have a play and you will see the error and thank-you messages. Everything you see can be edited and changed: fields, headers, messages, colours, fonts, borders and backgrounds.

Getting Started

There are some basic instructions for use on the plugin settings page.

I’ve also begun to put together an idiot’s guide. Only in English though. If you would like to help with a version for your language I would be most grateful.

The QCF Instructions for Use

Errors and Problems

If you use aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, aim, or msn you could find your email getting blocked by the host. I’ve updated the plugin so there is option to send using SMTP. This should solve the problem. If it doesn’t then try this troubleshooting guide.

The datepicker can sometimes default to English. WordPress should look after this but can get it wrong. There are a couple of solutions to help with localizations.

Download the Plugin

Here’s the plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/quick-contact-form

Join in the fun

If you want to help with the plugin drop me a message and I’d send you the beta versions as they get developed. In return you get a mention here and on the wordpress plugin page.

  1. vicky again again on 09 Oct 2013:

    Hi, I do apologize. Turns out I did get it to my domain mail. But my domain mail gets forwarded to my Yahoo, and that email ended up in Yahoo spam. Normally, email that gets forwarded from my domain gets through to my Yahoo inbox. Anyway, I was mixed up and it did get to my domain.

    Reply to vicky again again

    • Graham on 09 Oct 2013:

      No need to apologise Vicky, these things happen. I was doing some work the other day and uploading to server and getting well frustrated that it wasn’t working. Turns out I was uploading to the wrong website.


  2. vicky on 09 Oct 2013:

    Hi, I really like this form, but no matter what I do, the messages ALL go to spam. I’ve tried the php method, the wp method, my yahoo mail, and my domain mail. Not even one of them has gotten through. Is there some way to get the messages to my inbox? Thanks.

    Reply to vicky

  3. Sharif on 07 Oct 2013:


    I am pleased to find this great plugin, many thanks for all your hard work.
    Just quick question, I started setting up my WP site and was wondering if this form can be in a separate page, if so it will be perfect.
    Many thanks to you

    Reply to Sharif

    • Graham on 09 Oct 2013:

      Hi Sharif,

      All you have to do is create a new page or post and just the shortcode [qcf].

  4. james on 25 Sep 2013:

    HI I have installed the plugin but cant get a copy of the message submitted, i have it set to wp-mail but still no luck,

    I do see the message in the message data base.

    I downloaded ( the email test zip file….BUT is in a format I cant play says Codec needed, is it a video? do you have link i can see it please as I cant play it

    Many thanks

    Reply to james

    • Graham on 25 Sep 2013:

      James, save the zipped file then upload as a new plugin.

      If you can see the messages in the database it means it has been sent. If it isn’t in your inbox then the problem is probably with your hosting. Ask them about their email settings – they may have some restrictions.

  5. John C on 25 Sep 2013:

    Great plugin! I am building a wordpress site that will go live any day now. I was wondering if it is possible to add more text fields? For my forms..

    Reply to John C

    • Graham on 25 Sep 2013:

      Hi John,

      It’s not something I’m planning at the moment as I’m busy with a paypal plugin. But the question has been asked before so I will investigate. It’s not a difficult thing to do but it will take a little time so get all the various functions to work properly.

      How many new fields do you need?

  6. John Cook on 16 Sep 2013:

    This great simple form is working fine….BUT something that is not a massive issue at all rather an annoyance.

    The copy email (to the submitter) and the email it sends to me both have TWO House No. fields – the first with the submitted data the second one without it. I’ve tried switching this field on and off ,renaming it etc but still two appear on the emails.

    Any thoughts on this little quirk?

    Many thanks


    Reply to John Cook

    • Graham on 16 Sep 2013:

      The problem seems to be the last field in the database list (which may not be the last field in your form). The plugin checks each one and builds the message but for some reason checks the last one twice. I shall investigate…


  7. Diksha Web Solutions Pvt Ltd on 08 Sep 2013:

    Thanks for Your Quick Contact Form, I also use it, this is very use full for word-press users, Thanks again for sharing.

    Reply to Diksha Web Solutions Pvt Ltd

  8. Mike Puckett on 14 Aug 2013:

    Is there a way to add more text boxes?

    Reply to Mike Puckett

    • Graham on 15 Aug 2013:

      Not at the moment but it is something I have been pondering over. How many more do you need?

    • Mike Puckett on 23 Aug 2013:

      Lots. I am looking to create a customer registration form as well as a support form that would have lots of fields

    • Graham on 23 Aug 2013:

      Probably the best solution is for me to create a bespoke form for you – adding a load of new fields to the plugin would mean a while bunch of stuff most people don’t need.

  9. Alexei on 22 Jul 2013:

    Hi again.
    One more thing, I added ID for each field for better CSS customization.
    I think it can be great to add it to plugin php as well as to CSS with empty values.
    And may be empty CSS can be good, only basic settings. Plain as it called.
    Just a thought.
    Tons of thanks.

    Reply to Alexei

  10. Alexei on 21 Jul 2013:

    Great plugin. Simple and useful.
    Tried lots of contact form plug, this one simple yet.
    But i have one problem, I need to use __(), _x() functions to translation. Any chance to find the way?
    Thanks a lot again

    Reply to Alexei

    • Graham on 22 Jul 2013:

      This is something I’ve been playing with but it’s not easy. Which bits do you need translated, is it all the admin areas? If so then I can certainly add the __(), __x() functions but you would have the generate the .mo files

      Any offers of help with adding the functions would be appreciated!

    • Alexei on 22 Jul 2013:

      I need it to work with input fields and send button.
      I do have mo file for my theme.
      I’ll try to do something myself if it will work, ill post here.
      I’ll try to work on your code.

    • Alexei on 22 Jul 2013:

      I made it.
      Not the best solution, but it forking.
      I edited your plugin (for test) i changed send button
      $content .= ”.”\r\t”.

      Here is my code.
      And I added translation for each language.
      Now i have it in 3 languages.
      The problem is that you cannot customize caption for submit button from the plug in. working on it.
      Hope it will help you.
      Good luck and thanks for plugin

  11. Hurtel on 10 Jul 2013:

    I install your plugin on one of my blog and it looks great, the form setting and styling are easy to use and i was very pleased. But I try it and did not receive any email in my yahoo mail box, even using the WP-mail. Then I try with a domain email and it did not work either… I have problem also with the redirection page that seems to be not working ?
    Thank you for you help

    Reply to Hurtel

    • Graham on 10 Jul 2013:

      I’ve just sent you a test message from a test site. If you got it then it means your email is accepting messages. Can you try re-saving your form email settings.

      I’ve also checked the redirection and it works on this test page: http://testblog.co.uk/hurtel-test/

  12. Kim Springer on 27 Jun 2013:

    LOVE your plug in. I need help because my site has a black background and I can’t see the text as I’m typing in the form because the font is a dark color. How can I edit the CSS to change the font to a lighter color?


    Reply to Kim Springer

    • Graham on 27 Jun 2013:

      Hi Kim, glad you like the plugin.

      The simplest way to set up your own style is is to use the custom css. Delete everything that’s in there and insert:
      .qcf-style input[type=text], .qcf-style textarea, .qcf-style select, .qcf-style #submit {color:#FFF}
      That should give you white text on the form fields.

  13. Ben on 21 Jun 2013:

    If I need a contact form yours is the one I always go for; easily the best (in my opinion).
    I’m having some nested shortcode troubles this time round though unfortunately. So here’s my content:
    I’ve tried other shortcodes between my password-protect ones and they work, so how do I make yours work?
    Thanks in advance,

    Reply to Ben

    • Graham on 22 Jun 2013:

      Thanks Ben,
      If you tell me the name of the password plugin I can do some testing. Why can’t you just use the built in wordpress password protection?

      Update: after some investigation it seems that the password plugin is ancient and hasn’t been updated in years. WordPress does warn that it might not be compatible with later versions of WP. I couldn’t get to work at all.

  14. Magda van Tilburg on 30 May 2013:

    Dear Graham!
    OOPs, after the update today all my changes are gone. Stupid I made them in the plugin/editor/css and not in the custom css inside the plugin.
    But now I cannot find anymore where I did what: again that nasty border is around the form, and I really want it gone with the option rounded squares with shadow. And also I had a beautiful color in the shadow, which matched the style of my site. But I cannot find the shadow-color anywhere anymore.
    I hope you once more come to my rescue. And I promise I will save all in the custom css, so that you can update without risking my emergency cries. 😉
    Thanks, Magda from sunny Amsterdam (after the flood)

    Reply to Magda van Tilburg

    • Graham on 30 May 2013:

      Don’t Panic!

      I’ve sent you an email (no floods but lots of baby birds in the garden)

    • Magda van Tilburg on 31 May 2013:

      I’m watching and waiting with excitement my mailbox, Graham!

    • Magda van Tilburg on 31 May 2013:

      Thnx so much, Graham! 😀

  15. Magda van Tilburg on 23 May 2013:

    Hi Graham!

    I would like to express – as so may others before me – my great gratitude for this simple, yet beautiful customizable plugin!

    Only 2 minor matters:

    – I tried to center the form, as you suggested here above, with html (aligncenter etc).
    But it is extremely stubborn 😉
    Is there in the meantime an easier solution for that?

    – Is there a possibily to let the form float, instead of fixing the pixel width? Then it can be responsive, as is SO 2013 😉

    Anyway, lots of thanx for so far!!

    Reply to Magda van Tilburg

    • Graham on 23 May 2013:

      Hi Magda,
      Centering forms is always tricky. The best solution is to put it in a div. Change your page to text view and add this code:
      <div style="width:280px;margin: 0px auto">

      Change the width to whatever your form width is.

      To make the width responsive just use the ‘styling tab’ and you have all sorts of options.

      Hope this helps, Graham

    • Magda van Tilburg on 24 May 2013:

      Dear Graham!
      Thank you so much for answering so quickly!
      I just found out I was so stupid not to be aware that the option 100% – “fill available space” is exactly what I wanted. That option makes the form centered. AND: responsive! I am so very glad! Love your work on this beauty plugin.

      Maybe I get too bold now, and push my luck: is it possible to have NO border around the form. That option is not available. And the black ‘send’button cannot change color, I gathered?

      Anyway, I am more than content.
      Grateful greetings from chilly Holland.

    • Graham on 24 May 2013:

      Morning Magda,

      There is an option on the styling page to change the border to ‘none’. On the same page (down the bottom) are custom styles. Just add the style: .qcf-style #submit{color:#123456}. Make sure you select the ‘use custome styles’ box and save.

      (and greetings from a wet and cold England)

    • Magda van Tilburg on 25 May 2013:

      Dear Graham!

      If it was spring like it supposed to be, I propably didn’t have time to be so picky in customizing your awesome form, so please excuse my ongoing questions 😉
      These little nasty things now remain:
      – When I take the option ‘no borders’ (as I tried at the beginning), then the white fill-in boxes totally stretch from left to right. I mean, the chosen color doesn’t go around them, only under and above. I just want to get rid of the 1px line around the formbox. None of the options provide that possibility.
      – Nice to have a colored text now in de send-button! Thnx! But actually I wanted the big black button itself to have the color of my site…
      – And now I’m at it: is it possible to give the fill-in boxes also another color than the provided white?
      Thnx so much, all my best, Magda

    • Graham on 25 May 2013:

      OK here we go. Set to a plain border and put this in the custom style
      .qcf-style input[type=text], .qcf-style textarea {background:#123456}
      .qcf-style #submit{background:#123456}
      .qcf-style #plain{border: 1px solid #FFF}

      The first line sets the background colour of the input fields. The second line changes the submit button background colour. The last line changes the border colour to white.

      And it’s sunny here now!

    • Magda van Tilburg on 25 May 2013:

      Dearest Graham!
      Although the rain above Amsterdam does not have plans to move on, the sun shines in my studio! The Quick Form is now totally in the style of my site. I am ashamed to admit that I totally was unaware of the special QF-css under Appearance/Editor (yes, a semi-dummie still).
      Anyway: this is the best plugin I ever used.
      All my best wishes!

  16. GEW on 09 May 2013:


    Great plugin! I am the designer not the client. I was wondering if it is possible to add more fields?

    Reply to GEW

    • Graham on 09 May 2013:

      When I first wrote the plugin there were only three fields – it really was a quick contact form. I added a telephone field then 6 more, attachments and finally worked out how to have multiple forms. I have been looking at adding an option for extra fields but it’s not easy as I’m not really a developer.

      You are the only person to ask for more so I’m assuming most are happy with the 10 there are. How many more do you need?

    • GEW on 09 May 2013:

      Okay, not to worry then. Is it possible to add two contact forms on the same page?

    • Graham on 09 May 2013:

      Yes, easy peasy. In the plugin settings page just create a new form. After saving you will see the shortcut you need to use. You can then configure/style and do whatever to change the new form. You even have the option to send to a different email address. This is my testsite with 4 forms on one page: http://testblog.co.uk/bob/

    • GEW on 09 May 2013:

      Okay Cool Beans then! Will give it a shot. 🙂

  17. Jack Andrews on 08 May 2013:

    Wow. That really was easy. Done. Sorry to bother. Thanks much….

    Reply to Jack Andrews

    • Graham on 09 May 2013:

      Jack, I used the wordpress brain-beam plugin to send the solution via telepathy into your head.

      I’m now sending: buy Graham a beer…

  18. Jack Andrews on 08 May 2013:

    Ok, sorry. Reading more closely, I see the [qcf] for pages, but where or what file would that go into?
    Thanks for your patience.

    Reply to Jack Andrews

  19. Jack Andrews on 08 May 2013:

    Graham, I’m pretty green with WordPress and not a coder. Is it possible to drop your form into the content area of a page, instead of a sidebar? Might be a dumb question, but there it is. Thanks very much.

    Reply to Jack Andrews

  20. Graham on 10 Apr 2013:

    Me and JB have exchanged emails – seems like the problem is now resolved.

    If the email turns up looking like a dog’s dinner then the problem is problably your email client. All the plugin does is convert the form inputs into a message string and send it off. Just like every other email pluigin/script/form. What you may find is that some email clients don’t like HTML or you have blocked images or tweaked some other setting.

    Reply to Graham

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