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Google Maps API Keys

Google now requires you to use an API key if you want to display maps on your site. They also require you to sign up for their pricing plan so they can bill you if you exceed the daily limits. Details here.

Creating an API is easy but it can be a bit confusing getting to the right page. So this is how you do it:

1. Create the API Key

  • Go to your console page: console.cloud.google.com
  • Login to your Google account (or create an account if you don’t have one)
  • From the projects list, select a project or create a new one
  • If the API Manager page isn’t already open, open the menu (top left corner)
  • On the left, choose Credentials
  • Click Create credentials and then select API key
  • Select Browser Key
  • Enter the name of your site/project
  • Enter the URL of your website. This is optional but it means nobody else can use your key. You can add more than one website if you want
  • Click on Create

2. Enable the Maps API

  • Go to your API Manager dashboard
  • Click on Enable API and Services
  • Under in the Maps section click on View All >>
  • Select Google Static Maps API and then Enable

3. Add the key to your site

  • Go to your site Dashboard > Settings > Event Manager > Event Display
  • Paste the API key in to the appropriate box on the page
  • Update the settings and you are all done.