WordPress Touch Screen Image Slider

This is a responsive slider for use with touch screens. Unlike many of the sliders you can add to your website, this is is so tiny your users will hardly even notice the time is takes to load. It’s also designed for different devices so you will see navigation buttons on a PC or a Mac but on a touch screen all you need to do is swipe.

You add the slides and links on the plugin settings page and use the shortcode [qts] in you posts or pages. If you want to add a touch screen gallery to your site just upload the images to your page and put the shortcode [qtslides] at either end.

There are options to turn the navigation, links, and autoplay on or off and adjust the transition speed.

It’s still a bit of a work in progress but if you want the plugin just click here.

The Admin Page:


There are many more options you can add to the slider:  jquery.malsup.com/cycle2/demo

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  1. mwase on 05 Feb 2014


    Just wondering, does this plugin allow for one to lick an image and get linked to a URL?


    • mwase on 05 Feb 2014

      Sorry I meant to say:
      Does this plugin allow for one to click an image and get linked to a URL?

    • Graham on 05 Feb 2014

      Yes it does. I’m working on an upgrade as well that lets you select images from the media library. You have to add the URLs manually as there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect to wordpress insert/edit link box thing.

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