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WordPress Text Toggle Plugin

There are plenty of plugins that will toggle text for you. But most of them force you to use the developers styles. This one is a toggle on steroids.

A single shortcode will get you toggling. But adding a couple of attributes lets you set the title, icon and borders. Use the plugin settings to style the border and background. There are also options to change the title format as well.

It looks like this:

Click to Show

This one has a Label

This one doesn't have an icon

This one has a border


Download the Plugin

  1. Anna said:

    I need to underline the title, how is that possible?

    • Graham said:

      The plugin doesn’t style the heading, you do that in your stylesheet for the heading you have chosen to use for the toggle.

  2. Siki said:

    Hello. Thank you so much for your plug-ins. I’m still experimenting with WordPress. May I suggest something for your text toggle?

    It would be good if the toggles close automatically when you click on another one. At the moment if you click on all the toggles they all remain open and you have click on each to close. For example you click on toggle (it opens) then you click on toggle 2 and here toggle 1 should close and toggle 2 open.

    Just an idea; it looks neat that way. Thanks once again.

  3. Doc said:

    Shortcodes are great for most but there are times when I want to add toggles inside my template files. I’m sure its posible I’m just wondering how complicated it would be. I’m currently using an ancient snippet written in js I acquired a few years ago to make sure I don’t break one of the other togglers added by WP or my themes or other plugins would be nice to just dump all the others and use yours.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Doc,
      It’s easy to do this, just add the line: <?php echo do_shortcode(“[theshortcode]”); ?> to your theme files

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