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PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay and Amazon all in one simple plugin. If you take payments on your website you can now offer your customers a choice of how to pay. Take a look at the all new MultiPay Plugin

Simple Interest Calculator Plugin

A simple plugin that calculates totals based on one or two interest rates.

This is the basic plugin with everything activated

$100,000 $3,000,000
Interest to pay: 
Total you will Pay: 
2% Interest 3% Interest
Total to Pay

You can turn on or off all the outputs:

  • The min and max values
  • The slider bubble
  • The interest and totla
  • The table at the bottom

You can also :

  • Set the max and min values, the step and the initial value
  • Change interest rates
  • Edit all the labels
  • Set all the font sizes, colours, backgrounds and border.

If you want something more complicated the loan calculator plugin might be a better option.

Find out more on the loan calculator plugin website.


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