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This plugin in NOT a stylesheet replacement. It uses the CSS !important property which can severely mess up your theme. What this plugin will do is let you test different styles to see how your site will look.

It’s fairly simple to use but you do need to know how stylesheets work. There are plenty of tutorials on how to use CSS selectors and properties. Just Google it.

Download the plugin

Download the plugin from the wordpress respository: http://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-style-editor/ . Or search via your dashboard for ‘quick style editor’.

Add to your site and activate. Click on ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Edit styles’.  Make your change and update styles. Go to your site and view your new styles in all their glory.

This is the admin screen:


You can edit the properties if you wish. Just click on the words in red and do your thing.

Which means you can end up with a before and after like this (if you really want to)


A sensible if boring layout


Something quite bonkers


Navigation Styles

This still needs lots of development. Every theme seems to have it’s own way of styling the navigation so I can’t promise things will work.

The default uses the nav selector. If your theme has a different id or class then you need to use that instead.

Custom styles

To add your own styles change the preset selector and properties as required and add the values.

Everything else is negotiable. If you want more styles or changes to the existing selectors then let me know.

  1. Lane Lester said:

    This looks interesting and maybe scary. I’d like to see how well it works, but I see the download link is broken. Maybe that’s a clue. :-)

    With the new powerful responsive themes it’s sometimes hard to track down the CSS file to change. This might be a nice alternative.

  2. b said:

    [color=red] TEXT YG MAU DI WARNAI [/color]

    • Graham said:

      What text do you want in colour?

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Compatible with WP4.4


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