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Event Calendar

For some more info about the quick event manager plugin click here.

This is an example of an event calendar page. All the colours are editable. Everything else just uses your theme styles. If you categorise your events you can colour code them to aid visbility.

At the top and bottom of the calendar you will see a key describing the event categories. This is a new feature that will appear in Version 5.7 once I’ve finished testing.

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  1. Luc van Gerrevink said:

    Hi Graham,

    When I use the option to download a more-day event as a calender file, only the first day of that event is shown in the ics-file. Is that depending of a certain selection I made?

    • Graham said:

      Oops. That’s a bug. I’m sending you and update to test

  2. Luc van Gerrevink said:

    I noticed that for a more day event in the calender, the event is only shown on the first day of that event. Is it possible to show on every day of that event?

    • Graham said:

      Go to the calender options and check the ‘Multi-day Events’ box and you will see the event on all days.

    • Luc van Gerrevink said:

      Thanks Graham. that works excellent :)

  3. Kasha said:

    I changed settings in Event Manager and Saved changes but it does not take effect. Please advise.

    Thank you.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Kasha,
      Which settings did you change? I’ve just checked and all the changes I have made save OK.

  4. Mark said:

    I can’t seem to get the calendar to appear with the white space between the days.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mark,
      The spacing is part of your theme styles. Line 176 has the style: table{border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing: 0px;} Change this to: table{border-spacing: 1px;} and you will have your spacing back.

    • Mark said:

      Thank you for the quick response.

  5. Pramod said:

    Thanks for giving guest registration plugin. I have some queries.

    1. What happen when 10-15 events is on a particular date, how calendar show this, from where we can control this ? (is it <>) ?
    2. Calendar not appearing on clicking start date and end date in guest event submission ?
    3. Any particular color setting to highlight today’s date on calendar ?

    Waiting for reply… thanks … pramod

    • Graham said:

      1. If you have 10-15 events on one day then 10-15 events will display on the calendar.
      2. The datepicker isn’t displaying because the script isn’t loading. I’ve sent you an update with a bug fix.
      3. To change the calendar colours go to the Settings > Event Manager > Calendar. You will see all the colour options.

    • Pramod said:

      Thanks a Lot Graham,
      my queries no 2,3 has been solved, date-picker working well
      sticking to query No. 1 , what i mean to say is what about vertical alignment of that date’s block / height … it look like too tall as compare to other date’s block which doesn’t have events…. ? can we control height. or shows only 3 event’s as. and when place cursor on that date, it will pop up other events..

      Thanks once again…. pramod

    • Graham said:

      Not sure there is much I can do about the vertical alignment but I will have a play and see if I can do something.

  6. Dante said:

    The color of my categories doesn’t apply to my events, what seems to be the problem? Is there anyway i could change it through css? what would be the code for that? Thanks in advance.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Dante,
      I need to see the website to find out why. When you set up the colours in the plugin settings are they saving correctly?

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