After months of testing and refinement

you can now download the awesome

Quick Plugin Theme to play with.

Event Manager Plugin

Like all the plugins on this site the QEM is as simple and quick as I can make it. It’s got with more features than a thing with lots of features but it works straight out of the box. You create some events and add the shortcode to a post or page and that’s it. Nothing else to configure.

Some of the features are:

  • View events as a list or calender
  • Set Weekly and monthly events
  • Set start and finish dates
  • Bucketloads of styling options
  • Optional event registration form
  • Event Payments
  • Maps, images and sortable event fields
  • Event Manager role
  • Umpteen different shortcodes to modify your event lists
  • Colour Coding by Category

New Features coming soon. Get a sneak peak at the next version.

Getting Started

Event Manager admin page

Event Manager admin page

Use the ‘Events ‘ tab in your dashboard to create or manage events.

When you create a new event you have a range of options:  Title, date, summary, times, location, address, website, costs and image. You don’t really have to use any of these except the title and date. Nothing will appear on your site except those fields with something in them. You can set which fields display using the plugin Event Settings tab.

You can also add a detailed description with images, links and so on (just like a normal WordPress post).

If you want repeat events you can use the ‘weekly’ and ‘monthly’ links to clone your events. Go to Dashboard > Event > All Events and hover over the event name to see the clone links.

The List of Events

To see the list of current events add the shortcode [qem] to any page or post.  That’s it, nothing else to do except bask in your magnificence.


To change which bits appear in the event list use the plugin Event Settings page. You can now pick and choose which options display and in which order. The Event Display tab allows you to change how the events are displayed (duh!) and the Event Styling tab let you play with the styles.  Here are some examples of the display options.

If you want to see all your events (old and new) there’s a check box that allows you to do this.  If you just want to see old events use the shortcode [qem id="archive"].

If you want to limit the number of posts on the page use the shortcode [qem posts="99"] where 99 is the number of posts.

If you have put your events into categories you can split the event list using the shortcode [qem category="name"]. If you want to highhlight each category in the list you can use the brand new colour coding.

The Sidebar Widget has some options allowing you to set how the list is displayed in a sidebar.

A couple of guides:

The Plugin in your Language

The plugin should automatically display the dates in your language. If it doesn’t then it’s possible your WordPress installation has the wrong localization set up. Take a look at your wp-config.php and see if there is a line that looks like:

define ('WPLANG', 'es_ES');

If there isn’t, add it to your wp-config.php and upload using an FTP application. The es_ES is the language code for Spanish. There are plenty of resources available like this one to find your country code.

The Datepicker

The datepicker only works in English. There is nothing I can do about this (and I’ve tried). Dates and times are converted to a unix timestamp and the function I use to do this only works with English dates. The date will display in your language but you need to use the datepicker to select dates. The local date (in your language) is displayed to the right of the date field.

The words on the page

If you want to translate the plugin into your own language install the Logo Translate plugin ( I’ve already built the .pot file so all you need to to is build the .po file, the plugin will automatically create the .mo file. Upload the results to the QEM language folder and it’s all done.  If you can send me the files as well I will add them to the next update.


I’ve tried to make the plugin as bug free as possible but it’s got more and more complicated over time and things to get missed. If you have a problem I might have already tried to fix it. Some of the current issues are listed on the Troubleshooting Page.

The Calendar

You can display events as a calendar. To use the calendar just add the shortcode:  [qemcalendar].

Events on the calendar can open in a popup (with a read more link) or open to the full event. If you want to link the calendar to the event list add the URL of the pages. If have put your events in different categories you can colour code them.

Small screens often mean there isn’t room for all the events so you can select a symbol to display instead of the calendar spilling over the page.

You can also have separate calendars for each category using the shotcode [qemcalendar category="name"]

Event Registration

Check the box to display a simple event registration form on the event page. There are a range of fields you can use on the form. If you only want to display the form on specific events use the check box on the event editor.

A new feature means the registration form will collect the names of all those attending and display the list on the event. If they have a gravatar you can show this icon as well. You can update this list in the Event Editor.

Event Payments

If you have a simple event cost (such as £10 or $6) then you can integrate payments into the registration form. To do this click the Event Payment tab, scroll down and check the ‘Transfer to PayPal after registration’ box. Or you can check the payment box on individual events.

Up until V6.2 you could also add a payment form on your events. This feature has now been depreciated. The integrated payments options has a lot more features (like IPN and coupons) and had become increasingly diffiuclt to manage two payment methods. If you really can’t live without a separate payment form there is an emergency checkbox on the payment setting page.

Event Templates

The event is displayed as a normal WordPress post. Everything you have selected on the settings page will appear here. If you want to a bespoke events page you will have to create the necessary template in your theme called single-event.php. See the WordPress codex for more info.

The is a plugin option to create the template but this only works if your theme has a working single.php file. If not you may well end up with a blank page.

Guest Events

A new feature of the plugin allows your visitors to add their own events. Nothing gets published until you have approved the event so your site is safe (and won’t get spammed).

Take a look at the Guest Plugin Extension.

Download the plugin

All the Shortcodes

There are all sorts of ways to customise individual lists and calendars using an ever increasing range of shortcodes.

That’s about it really.  If you get stuck or have a problem add your comment below or use the form on the right.

  1. Anny said:

    Hi! Great plugin 😀 I was wondering if there could be a way where each user has the ability to see the events that he/she has attended to, like a summary of attended events for each user.


    • Graham said:

      This isn’t a difficult thing to do. I’ve already got a plugin extension that displays all registrations for all event, all it needs is a filter to list registrations for a single person.

      I’ll have a look at this next week when I have some free time.

  2. praveen said:


    Love and thanks for the plugin.
    i have a little question can you please guide to edit this auto generated page for event … i create a page for events and paset the shorts code it’s working fine but not looking good and plugin default page is showing wrong title.. have a look

    • Graham said:

      It all looks fine to me. The problem with your first link is it appears to be a list of posts in the ‘event’ category. WordPress will display the event excerpts just like any other posts. If you want to see formatted events don’t use category listings.

  3. Karl said:

    Dear Graham,

    First of all thank you very much indeed for the QEM plug in. Is simple to use yet powerful.

    Could I ask for a future feature please?

    It refers to the calendar. Would it be possible to adapt it so that when the mouse hovers over a calendar event (be it in a widget or a page) a pop-up comes up with a small description of the event?

    Something like in the example of this page:

    It would add so much more to the QEM functionality.

    Thank you very much once again


    • Graham said:

      Hi Karl,
      Hover only works if you have a mouse. It doesn’t work well on a tablet or a phone (you still have to click). The other problem is these popups only work well with static content, they don’t work if you have lots of dynamic content like on the calendar. But I will have a play and see if I can do something.

    • Karl said:

      Thank you Graham,

      That would be great.

  4. Andi said:

    First of all thanks for the great work!!

    Minor bug: With new version 6.2, the “Hide Read More link” Option also removes the link from the event title. I think this may be a bug considering the presence of the “Remove link from event title” checkbox.

    Question: For events with multiple selected categories, [qem category='mycategory'] only works if ‘mycategory’ is the (alphabetically) first selected category for an event. Can you reproduce this?

    Question: Is it possible to display events in a calendar that belong to different categories? E.g. something like [qem category='mycategory1','mycategory2'], where an event has to belong to either or both categories in order to be displayed?

    Question: Is there a possibility to download all events or all events of a certain category as a calendar file for instance via a shortcode?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Andi,
      The remove link thing was a request from somebody. They tested it and declared it OK but obviously more work is needed!
      Answer: The categories will only be the first category for an event. There might be a way to check all categories but the server load increases quite a bit so there may be a delay in page load times. Same goes for multiple categories in the calendar.
      Answer: I’ve already been asked about the download thing. It’s probably doable but I’m not sure how at the moment. If I do have a go at this it won’t be for a while as I the plugins are just a hobby thing and I need to earn some pennies first.

  5. Mars Cureg said:

    Hi, I am using your plugin for a client website, I need a help on how to open the map link in new tab

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mars,
      Go to Settings > Event Manager > Event Display and scroll down to ‘Maps and Images’. There is a checkbox called ‘Open map in new tab/window’.

  6. BvW said:

    Where can I translate it in German (also the admin sector)?

  7. Dollon said:


    Is it possible to have only one event as shortcode on a widget ?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Dollon,
      The only way at the moment is to set the number of events to 1. I may be able to add a new field to select the event ID but that will take a bit of work.

  8. CBHFH said:

    Love this plugin! It does everything we need, and simply.

    One showstopping problem, however…

    When QEM is activated, the ability to change page author in both the bulk edit and individual pages is fubar – the dropdown reverts to containing only “Admin”, will not show other users, and the very interesting twist is that we have no Admin user.

    What the heck? I just reinstalled everything after pruning the db of garbage left by uninstalled programs, etc, thinking there was db corruption. Also loaded different themes, etc. I feel a bit foolish having spent a day flailing around with all this stuff only to realize if I deactivated QEM all was well. 😉

    Has anyone else reported this? I don’t see anything even remotely related in these comments…

    Thanks for the good work!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Coosbay,

      I’ve had a few emails about this and I’ve got a bug fix sorted. You can get an advanced copy here:

      It’s going to be released very soon, I’m just fiddling with some internationalization things.

    • CBHFH said:

      Well, I’m relieved that I’m not the only one. 😉

      Thanks for your prompt reply and fix!

    • CBHFH said:

      I’m glad to report that the problem appears to be resolved with this version! Recommend the download to anyone else experiencing this issue.

  9. Outland Art Studios said:

    Thank you so very much for creating a plugin that is so user-friendly. We tried several others and this one was definitely for us (we have limited web design knowledge). But we are most impressed with how quickly you fixed the multi-registration issue we were having and your helpfulness in getting it uploading and running for our customers. In less than 24 hours, the issue was resolved and our customers happy! Thank you so very much!!!!

    • Graham said:

      Thank you for your kind words. There have been many hours of cursing and swearing at the computer getting it al lto work but I’m quite chuffed with the results. And there is more to come…

  10. Dale said:

    The google maps are no longer showing up, there is instead a weird image. And when I try to turn off the google maps showing in my settings, they still show up. Any clues?

    • Graham said:

      That’s probably Google. They often limit the number of map requests in 24 hour period which is why you see that strange image. If you check your site again tomorrow it will be fine.

  11. Gert said:

    Hello Graham,

    A question about the calendar. The calender does not show the arrows and the month at the top of the calender. It display a white colour.

    • Graham said:

      Hallo again Gert,
      That is probably a CSS conflict. Can you send me the URL of your calendar page so I can take a look.

    • gert said:

      Hello Graham,

      The website:

    • Graham said:

      As suspected – it’s your theme CSS. There is the line: footer#footer {color: #FAFAFA !important;} which means it will override anything you add to the plugin styles.

    • Gert said:

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks for your help. I don’t see the line. I’m new in the world of css. Doesn’t matter. I thought it would be easier to chance it. Thanks and all the best.

      Kind regards,


    • Graham said:

      CSS controls everything. The theme stylesheet is the most important file there is – without the stylesheets nothing works. If you have access to the stylesheet (normally Dashboard > Appearance > Editor) just delete the !important from that line of CSS and update.

    • Gert said:

      Hi Graham,

      In the editor there is a style.css. But the line is not show. There are 20 lines showing. It’s the only css that appear. The rest is php.

    • Graham said:

      It’s line 7 in the tc_common.min.css file.

    • gert said:

      Hi Graham,

      Thanks. I have delete: ! important. In directory/wp-content/themes/customizr-pro/inc/assets/css It still be the same. The month is not showing.

  12. Wouter Hendriksen said:

    Dear Graham,

    I’ve set up the calender widget on two different pages. On one of the two pages I want the category keys being shown, but on the other one I would like to hide it. So my question: Can I hide the category keys in just one widget. When I unclick ‘display category key’ it dissappers in both of them. Is there some sort of shortcode to it?

    Like to hear from you

    Kind regards,

    Wouter Hendriksen

    • Graham said:

      Hi Wouter,
      It’s not possible at the moment but I could add a shortcode. I’ll have a play over the weekend and send you an update to play with.

  13. Michael Franke said:

    I’ve used the version 5.10 of qem and made it useable for a little newspaper.
    A lot of new functions and error fixing was needed to get it working well.
    There are so much differences between.

    How about getting the code together ?


    • Graham said:

      Hi Michael,
      That’s an interesting modification to the plugin. Happy to incorporate some of your functionality into the plugin but the date formatting may be the biggest problem. In the USA they shows dates as MM.DD.YY. The rest of the world uses DD.MM.YY. So the plugin needs to allow for both formats which isn’t easy (I’ve tried). Apart from that most of what you have done shouldn’t be a problem. I’m going to send over the beta of 6.1, can you add your changes and send me back a zipped file so I can add the necessary filters.

    • Gourav said:

      Hi Michael,
      I have visited your website and I have found it really good, I am also using the Event calendar plugin on one of my websites, I have just started to learn wordpress. I am facing a problem with the calendar plugin when I put it in the sidebar that all the date columns are very huge and does not look good on the page, could you please help me with the size change of the calendar. I want it same as on your website. It would be great if you could help me with that.

    • Graham said:

      You can change the size of the date icon in the widget settings. If you can send me the URL of your website I can check the code for you.

    • Gourav said:

      Thank you for the prompt reply. Here is the link to my website: Currently I have kept the default wordpress calendar and the QEM calendar both in the sidebar. Is there any way I could make the QEM calendar look like the default wordpress calendar or can I show my events through the default calendar as right now it only shows post. Is it possible to edit wp-includes/default-widgets.php in the class WP_Widget_Calendar to show the QEM events instead of the posts? Thanks!

    • Graham said:

      The WP calendar and QEM Calendar are not compatible – it might be possible to make them look the same and list events in the WP calndar but this isn’t something I will be able to develop. You can try using freelancer sites to get the work done but I just don’t have the time.

  14. Teresa said:

    Hi Graham, Thanks for your prompt reply. I figured out the problem. The issue had to do with the super cache plugin I installed, not the calendar plugin. I changed a setting there and the problem is resolved. Have a perfect day!

    • Graham said:

      As an aside, do you find the super cache plugin makes a difference? I’ve tried loads of them and all they seem to do is slow everything down. Might be good is you have lots of repeat visits but getting the first cache built feels like it takes forever. And they are hopeless on a mobile device as the cache gets regularly dumped.

  15. Teresa said:

    Hi, I am having trouble with the plug-in. When I am logged in as admin and go to the website all my updates show up. However, when I am not signed in, the updates are not displayed. What is the issue? Have I missed a setting??


    • Graham said:

      Hi Teresa,
      Not sure what you mean by not seeing updates when logged out. Can you send a couple of screenshots showing the difference.

  16. Hanne said:

    I am using your calendar, but lately there is some strange empty “boxes” especially in the first event – maybe even in the first event – that looks not very nice. This shows both on the list of events and the calender and both in chrome and explorer.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Hanne,
      Check the code view of your page you have got <code> tags either side of the [qem]. Delete these and you should be OK.

  17. Gabriele said:

    I’m sorry but I didn’t receive any update. Did you send me it by email? Can you send me it again? BW, Gab

    • Graham said:

      I sent it to the g.melli email address. I will send it again later today.

  18. Gabriele said:

    I love and use your plugin. Unfortunately, after the last update, I can’t place the end date box under the start date box. Do you know why? See my home page and one of the event page. Thank you in advance

    • Graham said:

      Hi Gabriele,
      I added a load of display changes to the last update and managed to lose the ‘put one above the other’ setting. I can add this back for you and send you an update.

    • Gabriel said:

      Thank you very much. I look forward to receveing the update. At the moment, I can’t see any update. Keep me informed. BW, G.

    • Gabriele said:

      Any news Graham? I would need the “put one above other” flag again. Best, G.

    • Graham said:

      I sent you an update last Monday (26 Jan).

  19. Kennet said:

    Hi Graham
    Love your plugin.
    I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong with the phone number but when i create an event and then view the event i get an error messages at the top of the event
    Have a couple of suggestions/wishes to enhance/improve the plugin (for me and the way i use the plugin)
    – a “today” link on the calendar that return to todays date
    – “dropdown menus” for month and year
    – As an admin i’d like to be able to control user rights so that for example an editor are allowed to do anything an admin has the right to do except change the settings and an author only are allowed to add and edit his/her own events and so on
    – As someone mentioned before it would be nice with clickable categories
    – As an admin it would be nice to be able to control what fields to be showed in the backend when a event are created, for example not show/allow registration, payment, comments and so on
    – It would be nice to be able to make a copy of an existing event (if the same event should occur another day)
    A lot of suggestions I know but i hope that some (or all of it) would go in to some future version of the plugin
    Kind regards
    / Kennet

    • Graham said:

      Hi Kennet,
      Glad you like the plugin. Not sure why you see a warning as I don’t get that message. Example:
      As to your suggestions:
      Today link – should be able to do this.
      Dropdowns – Not easy due to all the languages
      Admin rights – there is a new feature on the version I’m working on which has an ‘Event Editor’ role. Roles are a bit iffy as it’s not easy to limit all the possible options. If you want to make this work for editors have a look at this:
      Clickable categories are coming
      Not sure what you mean by what fields show in the backend
      You can copy an event using the ‘weekly’ or ‘monthly’ links on the dashboard Event list. All you would have to do is change the date.

      I have an update ready to upload so a lot of your suggestions will be in the next versions (if I can work out how to do them).

  20. Wouter Hendriksen said:

    Hi Graham,

    I was just playing around with the styling of my event pages. I wanted to create a template but i got a few errors. Then, when I wanted to show an event, the whole page just went blank. I tried to figure out what the problem was and there seemed to be an error in the single-event.php file, but I can’t really figure out what is going on. Is there a way I can reset the template to the old setting? I tried overwriting it, but it keeps getting errors.

    This is the link to an event page:

    Kind regards,


    • Graham said:

      Hi Wouter,
      FTP to your site and delete the single-event.php file. Everything should go back to normal. It’s never a good idea to edit theme files online, far better to do it offline an upload, that way you can fix the errors when the site crashes.

  21. lala said:

    I have this comment “15. Dezember 2014/0 Kommentare/in Juni, Meifa /von name” at the top of my event. What should I do to remove it?
    Thank you for helping.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Lala,
      That line is part of your theme. To get rid of it you need to edit out the code from your theme single.php file. Or create an event template and edit the line out from that file. I would need to see the site to give more detailed help.

  22. Angelo said:


    Your plugin is amazing for the lot of options has but one thing it’s missing or I’m not able to configure.
    If I set event amount single place cost when people make registration and select a quantity of places for instance 2 places the amount in the payment form doesn’t change it always shows the event cost counter.
    This means that I have to select to show quantity in the payment form and buyer must fill manually it in the payment form.

    In my opinion this is a big lack, nobody will understand why have to repeat the quantity selection and will make payment problem.
    Can you fix it? you can have a look at

    Second problem how can I get rid of sidebar, I haven’t set it.


  23. John B said:

    Hi Graham,

    Amazing plugin, does everything so effectively. Is there anyway of removing the author meta data and date from the individual events and also event list page?

    At the moment it only shows the event title when on the event list page, can it be changed to show event description and other info?

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Graham said:

      The meta data is part of the theme not the plugin. You can use the event template creator (in the plugin settings) and remove the author meta code so it no longer displays on the event page. It’s a pretty simple fix but every theme is different so I can’t tell you exactly which bit to delete.

      If you are only showing the event title something has gone awry, really need to see the site to help further.

  24. Ben said:


    Is it possible to add the users profile avatar to the admin events registration page and export the users profile avatar with the export function?


    • Graham said:

      It’s possible but not easy. How much of deal breaker is it as this sort of thing usually takes a while to do.

    • Ben said:

      Either way I’m still going to use your plugin, it’s greatly appreciated that you’ve made it!

      I am using it as part of a ‘Speed Dating’ website, to allow registered members to register/pay to come to a speed dating event. Having a list of participants (name, gender, photo) available to export allows for better workflow. Also, automatically registering the the user after payment has been made would be another awesome feature for us!

      Many Thanks,

    • Ben said:

      Also, just a quick question. When PayPal is in sandbox mode does it not pass the customer details to the ‘Payment’ page on WordPress?


    • Graham said:

      PayPal doesn’t pass anything to the payments page. All the data is captured before you get to paypal.

    • Ben said:

      Is there a way to integrate the register and paypal buttons into one button?


  25. Billy said:

    Hi Graham,

    Great plugin, but after updating to 5.12, my events list (sidebar) no longer has the calendar icon displayed and the font size is too big, and the see full event list link is not showing anymore?

    Is there any way to revert it back?


    • Graham said:

      Hi Billy,
      Sorry about this, it was a cock-up on my part. Go to the ‘Event Styling’ and and make sure the ‘Remove widget styles’ box isn’t checked. Then go to the widget settings and do the same. Now save the widget settings, this should reset things for you.

  26. Rana said:


    the event details is not showing, knowing that: single-event.php is set and copied from single-post.php. by ‘not showing’ i mean, when i click on the event or ‘find out more’ link, i get a blank page, even the menu of the website doesnt show.

    when i inspect element, i also see no error and no lines of code too.
    please help

    • Graham said:

      Can you login to the site admin? If not, use FTP to remove single-event.php

  27. Crystle said:

    We love how easy the plugin is to use. However, since the update the calendar no longer displays across the entire page, it is smooshed over the the left side. Is there a way to expand the window back or install the older version before the update?

    • Graham said:

      It’s a CSS bug. I fixed one thing to make it work on small screens and it’s messed up the table on large screens. Plugin development is so much fun!

  28. Camsu said:

    I have “Split the list into month/year sections”-box check and I’m using [qem id='all']. Since the last update thou the split is not working correctly. Now it shows the month , i.e. Dec 2014, before almost every event even if they are in the same month. Ideas? Thanks!

    • Graham said:

      It’s a bug! I’ve fixed this and will be sending out an update soon along with some other enhancements. I’m sending you a version to test.

    • Camsu said:

      Now it’s working again! Thank you! :)

    • Graham Denney said:

      could you please send me a version to test as its doing the same for me. Thanks

    • Graham said:

      On its way.

  29. Joost said:

    Hi, I like the plugin but got some difficulties with it. It just does not work a 100% smooth with my theme (Metrika from Themforest).

    – How can I get the title of an event on the landing page?
    – On some screens there is not enough space for the registration form. Although it is 1920*1080….
    – How do I get rid of the search bar in the landing page?
    – Is it possible to put register box at the top right?

    Thanks Joost

    • Graham said:

      Hi Joost,
      I’m not sure it will work with the Metrika theme as it’s got all sorts if jquery slidey things happening. To advise you more I would have to see your event list.

      What I can say is the event title and search bar are part of the theme not the plugin. The registration form is only 280px wide so if it doesn’t fit then there is something very wrong with the theme!

  30. François Moure said:

    Congratulations ! Your plugin seems to me very fine !
    But in my case, all my events are in ics file.
    With “amr ical events” plugin, i have donloaded my events from the ics file, but i don’t see these events in your plugin.
    What’s new about your function to download events from ics file ?
    If you want, i can perhaps help you to test it.
    I’m French, so excuse my english !!

    Thanks a lot !

    • Graham said:

      You won’t be able to upload from and ics file as I haven’t written the code to do this. In fact I’m not even sure how to do this. But I will have a look and see if it’s possible (your English is very good, Je ne parle plus Francais)

    • François Moure said:

      Thanks for your answer.
      Long life for you and your plugin !

  31. Marie said:

    Hi Graham,
    I saw you added custom template support to your plugin. Now when I create my own single-event.php, what can I use to get the full description of the event? When I use the_content() template tag, the single-event page displays all the default info defined by the plugin, but what if I wanted to go full custom on this?

    • Graham said:

      Not sure what to advise here. To display the event you need the_content() as this collects the post meta data (the event info). The might be a way to get the event info from the plugin qem_event_construct() function but I can’t get it to work.

    • Marie said:

      Don’t worry, I just thought that would be an option.
      I’ll be customizing the plugin code itself and save the original for backup. Not clean, but it works for now.

  32. Patrick said:

    Awesome plugin, working great. An enhancement request. Have a field for Host/Teacher/Organizer and then allow us to edit the displayed string.

    I’m using the plugin to show classes so being able to list the host as Teacher: Joe Smith would be very handy.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Patrick,
      That’s a great suggestion. I’m a bit busy with the paying job at the moment but I should be able to sort this one fairly quickly. Expect and update soon.

  33. RHartley said:

    Thanks for the response and I am very much looking forward to your integrated form update. I have quick paypal payments installed and I configured a new payment form however when I go to the event payment tab in the event manager settings it still instructs me to download quick paypal payment and return once I have it. Any advice?

  34. RHartley said:

    Hi thanks for the plugin. All my events are to be payed for online so im trying to integrate the payment form into the events. Could you give me some advise as how I can do this? Also whats stopping someone from booking a place at an event through the registration form without going through the payment form. Id really appreciate some help thanks.

    • Graham said:

      Download and install and setup the ‘Quick PayPal Payment’ plugin. It’s very similar to the Event Manager settings. The payment page on the Event Manager settings will now show your payment form. Tick the boxes and it’s all done.

      There isn’t a way to ensure people who registered make a payment. But the next update of the Event Manager will let you delete people who registered but didn’t pay. However…. I’m working on a feature that will combine the registration form and payment form into one.

  35. Rianne said:

    Hi there,
    Great plugin, but I have a question. I am using the shortcode [qem category='name'] on a page. This works fine, but the font of the calender icon, description, time, location etc. has a different font (looks like courier), only the title of the event has the right font (arial). In the eventlist and event posts all text is in Arial (which is my theme font style). If I use the shortcode [qem] then everything looks fine too.
    Do you have any idea how I can set the font for the shortcode [qem category='name'] for alle text?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Rianne,
      Can you send me a link to your website so I can take a look at the code. The plugin uses your theme fonts by default, the only reference to a font is ‘arial, sans-serif’. So if you see courier then it may be something in your theme or the theme CSS.

    • Rianne said:

      Hi Graham,

      This is the page

    • Graham said:

      Getting an untrusted connection warning when I try to visit that site….

    • Rianne said:

      the website is not officially online yet!

    • Graham said:

      Switch to code view on the page editor and you will see the problem. You have wrapped the event list in 10pt font and code tags.

    • Rianne said:

      Hi Graham, thank you,I have sorted it out.

  36. Tameer said:

    Good work! The PlugIn is easy to handle, great functions, fully customable. Many thanks!!!!

  37. Kris said:


    • Graham said:

      Well comment to you to!

  38. Rein said:

    Thank you! Love the plugin!
    Is it possible to add function to download events from event calendar to Google Calendar by .ics


    • Graham said:

      Thank you Rein,
      I’ve had a number of requests for this feature so I will make an effort to find out how to do this. I think there is an API for the Apple calender as well. I will send you a version to test when it’s done.

    • Rein said:

      Thanks Graham!

  39. Dario said:

    Hello! Is it possible to show the map in the event list?


    • Graham said:

      Ciao Darlo,
      I can do this for you. I will get it coded up and send you an update for testing

  40. Sven said:


    just installed your plugin and played around with it and I found a silly bug. As soon as I activate your plugin, my wordpress will not display any (plain wordpress) galleries in a category view. But if I look at the gallery in the single post view, the gallery is shown. As soon as I deactivate the event manager, the galleries are shown again in the normal category view. Any ideas ?

    • Sven said:

      This hook will kill the gallery:
      add_filter( ‘pre_get_posts’, ‘qem_add_custom_types’ );

      But I never progged any wp plugin, so I dont really know what is happen at this stage :)

    • Graham said:

      Thanks for the bug report, I fixed this bug yesterday after someone else reported the problem and will send you an update for testing.

  41. Jaco said:

    Good day Graham

    Love your script and have referred some People to your site already.

    Two things (maybe more):
    1. Is it possible to rather have start and end times for each days Event rather than just a start and end time. When an Event goes over more than one day, lets say 2 days and the first day starts at 19.00 for an opening evening, and the next morning the Event starts at 9.30, it would be nice to be able to indicate it like that nicely.
    2. I would love to know if there is a way to download or access .csv/.xls of the registarnts data or even get it mailed … even if it is a database qurie I must run …

    Thank you

    • Graham said:

      Hi Jaco, thanks for the referrals.
      1. The start/end time isn’t really possible. To do this you would have to have start/end times for each date which would make the event editor very complex. What most people do is put the details in the Event Description box.
      2. You can do this on the version I’m testing at the moment. I will send you the update to play with.

    • Jaco said:

      Oh and I forgot to ask if you are considering enabling an embed code for registration forms to be placed on other Websites etc

      Hope to get an answer from you soon ..

    • Graham said:

      I hadn’t got this on my list of things to do and not even sure how to go about this. Do you want people to be able to register for an event on an external website? If so wouldn’t they need the event details as well?

      I did try something like this a while back but it just didn’t work – you can access the event database but none of the settings or styling can be applied – wordpress won’t let you do this.

  42. Dante said:

    Is it possible to exclude Saturday and Sunday from the included days of the event? Thank in advance.

    • Graham said:

      It is sort of possible but only if you give the options to exclude everyday of the week. So in theory I could add the code but I’m really busy with a whole load of other updates at the moment.

  43. Cade said:

    Hello I am having issues with displaying the full calendar. I have tried every short code combination and I cannot get the calendar view to work. Is there another way of doing this that I am not familiar with?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Cade,
      What shortcode are you using? To display the calendar all you have to do is add [qemcalendar] to a post or page. Does the widget work?

  44. Tom said:

    Got many errors when reporting is activated in wp-config.php

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-includes\post-template.php on line 29

    Notice: Undefined variable: size in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-content\plugins\quick-event-manager\quick-event-manager.php on line 336

    Notice: Undefined variable: headersize in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-content\plugins\quick-event-manager\quick-event-manager.php on line 336

    Notice: Undefined index: external_link in X:\xampp\htdocs\test\wp-content\plugins\quick-event-manager\quick-event-manager.php on line 209

    and so on…
    pleas help, thanks!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Tom,
      I can fix this. Got a big update coming soon so will make sure these are all fixed.

  45. Patabugen said:


    Loving the plugin so far! I’m having some trouble styling it though, the “From…. until …” text is in a p which has in-line styles setting it’s colours – I can’t figure out how to change this.

    I’d also quite like an option to disable all in-line styles, and do the styles myself in my themes.


    • Patabugen said:

      I some how managed to miss the entire Event Settings tab! Styled all ok now!

      It would still be nice for the page components to be better structured to allow for more flexible styling, for example:

      and such like, that’d give us awesome flexibility when editing our CSS.

  46. frederik said:

    Where can I edit the layout of the event page?

  47. Thierry said:

    This pluggin is really good, easy to use and nicely designed, the best we’ve found so far to display concert agendas. Just one thing though we really find confusing on the way individual events are currently being displayed on the individual event page. The fact the entry date of the post is being displayed next to the event name in a font as big as the event date is indeed very confusing at first sight. Though it is standard WP practice to display the entry date of any post, in that very case, not only the entry date is of no interest at all (who cares when exactly has the event date been entered?), but as it is currently being displayed, it is clearly conflicting with the event date.

    May we suggest the event date to be displayed in big next to the event name (in replacement of where the entry date is currently displayed) and to have the entry date only mentionned below the event name in a very small font with the clear indication of that being the entry date?

    • Graham said:

      This is part of your theme. There is not much I can do about it as every theme is different. What you can do is create a custom template and strip out the post metadata. In your theme there should be a file called single.php. Copy this and save it as single-event.php. This will be the template for all your events. Remove the bits your don’t want and upload using FTP or whatever.

  48. Thierry said:

    As in the previous post, we need to be able to filter past events on the category. We are dealing with a number of artists. On the artist individual page, we need to only display the individual artist past events. Unfortunately, so far, the [qem id="archive" category="artist_name"] code does not work. Any way around or could this be included in the next realease of your great plugin?

  49. Andy Carr said:

    Hi Graham
    This PlugIn is great!
    OK, im new in WP and not really familiar with. And I’m also no programmer…

    Is there also a possibility to list the archive content in categories ?
    I got categories like 2014/2013/2012 and tried to list them in various tabbed tables (See added Link).
    Tried with:
    [qem id="archive" category="2013"]
    [qem id='archive' category='2012']
    Don’t work. …

    Do you got an ide to show the archive splitted in categories?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Andy,
      I can sort the archive categories but for now I’ve sent you a version of the plugin that lets you sort by month/year which may solve your problem

  50. Ray Gulick said:

    This plugin is the closest to what I’m looking for that I’ve found. One key requirement, however: is there a function to insert a subheading (month, year) in list view above the first calendar item of each month?

    • Graham said:

      Me and Ray have been in contact and he now has the sub-heading feature he needs. I can’t promise to fix everything but if there is a feature you want I will see what I can do.

    • Ray Gulick said:

      Adding month sub-headings works great, Graham! Thanks a bunch for your help.

  51. civilion said:

    it’s a good plugin but i have a problem when i update an event, the date will change to today !
    in a second time , i change the date to the right and after update the date will good.
    Can you resolve this bug ?

    • Graham said:

      Hi civilion,
      I can’t replicate the bug and nobody else has reported any problems so not sure how to help. When you create an event it will always show today’s date. If you change the date and publish what happens? If you update an event does the date change back to today?

  52. Sonny said:

    how can i remove this plugins? now i’m having problems.. I cant use my new calendar plugins because the options of this plugins are still functioning in even I already uninstall this plugins

    • Graham said:

      Hi Sonny,
      The options shouldn’t affect any other plugins as they use different names. But if you are having problems install a plugin called ‘clean options’. You can then remove everything with ‘qcf’ in the name.

  53. Colleen said:

    Love the plugin. It made creating and managing events so much easier than what I was previously using. Is there a way to have future events sorted in ascending order, but have past events sort in descending order? I’d like to have the most recent past events appear first.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Colleen,
      Just change the shortcode to [qem id='archive' order='asc'] and it should do as you wish.

  54. John said:

    Suggestion for possible enhancement. Ability to set max number of attendees and have this number decrement as website members register for the event.

    • Graham said:

      This would only work if the ‘number attending’ field is used but it’s something I can have a play with.

  55. Tony said:

    Love the plugin!

    One question though; is it possible to position the Registration Form on the right / within the sidebar of the page at all? We would like it to display on the right as soon as a user hits an event’s page, thus removing the potential for missing it at the bottom…

    • Graham said:

      Hi Tony,
      It’s not really possible to put it in the sidebar as the registration form needs to know which event to connect to. What you could do is install the quick contact form plugin. This has a sidebar widget and tells you which page the visitor was on when you get the email. The problem then is that the ‘who is coming’ feature won’t work.

      The other option is I add a setting to the plugin to put the form on the right of the event like you have in your website. This might take a bit of fiddling though as there won’t be a lot of space.

  56. Kevin said:

    On the individual event pages, I’d like to remove the [previous] and [next] events listed with arrows at the bottom. I don’t see an option to turn these off in the manager. There is actually a glitch with this anyways in that it’s not even pointing to the right events. Can someone let me know how to get rid of these? Thanks!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Kevin,
      The previous/next links are part of your theme not the plugin. To get rid of them you need to edit the file called single.php. The reason it links to the wrong event is because wordpress uses the date the event/post was published not the date of the event. Not sure I can do anything about this.

  57. peter said:

    How can I get the events list to show events that are occurring on the day that you are looking. Currently, I have the tool remove old events, problems is its getting rid of events that are occurring today as well. Simply put, if someone goes to my website to see what event is occurring today, it wont show anything because the tool already removed it. How can I get the tool to remove events at the end of the day rather than the beginning of the day.


    • Graham said:

      Hi Pete,
      A bit confused here, I’ve just tested the plugin and it shows today’s events. The plugin just compares the date on the event against today’s date and if it is an old date doesn’t put it in the list (or on the calendar). So not really sure how to help you. Can you add a pickle event for today so I can see.

    • peter said:


      Ok I guess I am wrong, as when I put an event for today it is showing now. Not sure what I was doing wrong.



  58. Steve said:

    Trying to activate.. getting:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_cat_slug() (previously declared in /home/……./wp-content/themes/SimiHighMusicV30/functions.php:123) in /home/………../wp-content/plugins/quick-event-manager/settings.php on line 462

    • Graham said:

      Oops! I can fix this in a jiffy and send you over the update for testing. It’s just a naming conflict.

  59. Michael D. said:

    Hi Graham,

    Hello from Germany. I have made a lot of tests with lots of event-plugins. Now I found yours and I think I works really good. I missed some features like maps but as I see, you are working on it.
    Our website was made on the magazin premium theme and we are making know a relaunch to a more modern design. So the site is not available in the moment, because we testing the new version on a local server (MAMP).
    I personally have a problem with the headlines of the Events and Event-Listing, which does not use the custom css.
    I can offer you to sent you a translation file for German (de_DE) if you want. Aswell I can make some tests for you with our new site in the next few weeks. But we will start the Site on 1rst of june, an we need a solution for some details:
    1. We need a subscription form, that gives to visitors the possibility to add their events to our eventcalendar.
    2. We need to show a map with google maps (better with routeplaner)
    3. It´s important that the end-Time of an Event is not strictly required. Many Events in Germany starting for example at 8 p.m. and ending at 2 a.m. next day. Nearly all calenders have this problem that you have to set the end hour, and so you have two dates on the calender. As we are working in Germany with the 24 hours system, the only solucion I found until yet, was to set the endtime to 23:59 hours but it look not very nice.
    4. It would be nice to have the possiblity to create “locations”. We have many locations which are offering a lot of events any month. So it would be much easier to register them, when you can select them from a list of locations created befor. As our site is a regional offer, we get nearly every day up to 50 registrations per Email. Its a lot of work to fill all forms for each event. Our experience of the last two years has shown, that only 20 % of the Users register their events themselves. We have to make the work to have a successful Event and Leasure Time Site.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Michael, Hallo From England.
      Just a small list then!
      The event title and event list titles just use your theme H1 and H2 styles. I could add a styling option but nobody apart from you has asked for it. Translation would be most appreciated, the language folder is already set up so just need the mo/po files.
      1. Subscriptions. I have a plugin extension that does this already, I will email it over to you. It’s very new so any suggestions would be appreciated. At the moment you need to approve the event (to block the spammers) but this could set to auto publish if the user is registered.
      2. Not sure what you mean by maps. If you select to display a map it will show this on the event (but not the event list). The route planner is a complex bit of coding that I haven’t even tried. But if you click on the map it will open up googlemaps and the visitor can add their PLZ to get the route.
      3. End time is optional. It’s a free text field so you can add anything you like: 02:00, 2am, morgans am zwei (und so weiter).
      4. Locations are easy. Just create a category for each location and use the shortcode [qem category='Mainz']. This will display only the events for Mainz. When the guest creates the new event there is a dropdown listing the categories. Example here:

      Hope this helps

  60. Gayle said:

    Hi Graham – I am just installing your plugin and love it! Thank you. I have 2 issues that I can’t seem to find the answers to:
    1.) My event is linking to a summary post where the “learn more” link does not go to the full description.
    2.) I am trying to set up a various Workshop events – each one is once a week for 4 weeks. Having a little trouble with the settings – but still trying! If you have any suggestions as to the best way to configure this, I would appreciate it! So far, I am getting all events within the dates repeated every week. Thank you.

    • Graham said:

      Not really sure how you are using the plugin. On your event list page you have the full event and a summary of the same link. Clicking on the links takes me to a page with the markup stripped out. The calender links to this same stripped down event post. So something has gone awry. The repeat events are easy to set up. Once you have the first one working properly you can use the repeat event option on the editing page. Select weekly and 4 repetitions.

    • Gayle said:

      Hi Graham,

      There must be a conflict with the theme, I have uninstalled and re-installed, but not getting any better results. I changed the settings to show the full post because all that was showing up was a summary post and the “learn more” link does not take you to the full description page. Would it have anything to do the the theme template files? If so, do you know how I should change them?


    • Graham said:

      You need to do some diagnosis. Switch to the 2014 theme and see if the plugin now works. If it doesn’t deactivate other plugins and turn them back on one at a time. Once you find the one causing the conflict we can see about fixing the problem.

  61. Joachim said:

    Hi Graham,

    great tool!
    How can i change the color in style default css 207 – it´s green
    Best Regards from germany

    • Graham said:

      Hi Joe,
      There is no green in the plugin CSS and there is no line 207 (it only goes up to 60). Which means it’s probably a theme style. I will be adding some more styling options to the plugin but busy with another project at the moment.

  62. Jason said:

    I am using your plugin and created a page called “Events” and use [qem] shortcode to list all events on this page. The page is part of my main navigation and works fine. However, the link for each event uses the structure and for some reason I get the wrong page name (different page) for the title and breadcrumb (example: Can you help me?

    • Graham said:

      It’s a wordpress thing. The plugin uses custom posts to create the events. Because they are custom posts wordpress adds the post type slug to the URL. If you want to get rid of this try the solution given here: Add the code from the second and third boxes to your theme functions file and you should be OK. This won’t fix the breadcrumb issue though. To do this you will have to categorise each event and update your permalinks.

      Sorry if this seems a bit long winded but wordpress runs on its own set of rules that you need to overwrite to acheive the urls you want.

    • Jason said:

      Hi Graham, sorry i don’t think i explained myself properly. I am not concerned with the link/url. The issue is the page title and breadcrumb are using “Education” (another page name in the main navigation). I did try and categorize the event using category name “Events” then re-saved permalinks but that did not seem to fix the problem.

    • Graham said:

      Aha! Got it now. It seems that breadcrumbs always struggle with custom post types. There is no easy fix. The problem is the theme code not the plugin:

    • Jason said:

      Ok, what I ended up doing was customizing the single-event.php template by adding it to my theme directory and overriding the H1 title and breadcrumbs:

      //print page title CUSTOM CODE
      echo ”.Events.”;

      //display search box
      if ($ka_searchbar == “true”){get_template_part(‘searchform’,’childtheme’);}

      //display breadcrumbs CUSTOM CODE
      echo ‘‘.Home.’‘;
      echo ‘‘.Events.’‘;
      echo ”;

    • Graham said:

      A simple solution to a complex problem. Thanks Jason, I shall refer people to your code should the issue arise again

  63. Paolo said:

    Hi Graham,
    I looking for simple and useful plugin for events. Your is perfect.
    I can help you in the test.


  64. Spid17 said:

    Hello from France,

    Great plugin !!!
    I will use it and may be i can help you (i18 FR, bugs and customization…).
    Just a question : i would like to use date format jj/mm/yyyy in Admin>Ajouter un événement because of name month reinit in French to current date when i update/modify event > ex : Apr to Avr
    It is possible ?
    Thx a lot for your answer.

    • Graham said:

      Hallo from England!
      The date picker should be internationalised so not sure why it isn’t working for you. I shall have a play later.

      If you want to have a go at a French translation that would be most appreciated. I will send you the development version which has all the new funky features currently being tested.

  65. Mel said:

    Is there a way to customize the email that’s being sent when someone registers for a event? For now, the email only displays the user’s name and email and I would like to add a few words there… I can’t seem to set it up as I always mess up the code.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mel,
      I can do this. Tell me what fields you would like and I’ll add them to the next update. I can also arrange it so they get a copy of their registration.

    • Jean-Christophe said:

      It will be great if the name and the day of the event could be in the registration mail.
      Best regards

    • Graham said:

      Hi Jean-Christophe,
      The event name should already be in the email subject but I can add an option to show the date as well. Can I send you the update to test?

    • Mel said:

      Hi Graham,
      I agree with Jean-Christophe – it would be useful if the date of the event would be displayed in the email subject, because if I had events which take place regularly and thus have the same title, those registration emails would be easier to organize.

      Many thanks in advance!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mel,
      Already got this ready for testing. Do you want me to send you the update?

    • Mel said:

      Hi Graham,
      very nice, thanks! Of course you can – use my email adress (or tell me what you need)

      Much appreciated

    • Mel said:

      I received your email and uploaded the attached files to my demo. It seems to be working just fine by now – thanks very much! Just one last thing: any ideas on why I always get the same registration email twice?

    • Graham said:

      Excellent! I have no idea why you get the message twice. Do they have identical headers?

  66. Rianne said:

    Hi Graham,

    First of all thank you for this easy plugin for showing events on our website! I have one question about the event widget. I would like to display the event title smaller. I can only choose between H2 and H3.
    Is it possible to make it smaller? Thanks

    • Graham said:

      Hi Rianne,
      The easiest way is to add a style to your theme CSS. Use something like .qem h2 {font-size:100%;} and you should be ok

  67. William said:

    I am using this plugin in a new role as a news manager and I want to be able to display the News (events) in the reverse order with newest dated item first. How do I do that?

    • Graham said:

      Hi William,
      Go to ‘Display Settings’ and check the options for listing in reverse order and show old events.

  68. Marie said:

    Hi Graham,

    very nice and useful Plugin, I love how easy it is.
    I set it up and noticed that when I submit a registration, every event in my list shows that “thank you”-message and I receive an email for every event, too.
    How can I fix this?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Graham said:

      Hi Marie,
      Can you send me a link to the site. I’m most surprised it does this as the form only displays the thank you message when the email has been sent.

      You will get an email after registration because that’s the only way to get the person’s details. If you leave the email field blank on the setup page you won’t get an email – but you also won’t know who’s coming!

  69. Mark said:

    Am wanting to change from my current event registration plug in to yours. I had an IT guy working with me, but he’s too busy. Now it’s just me (NOT a web geek). I simply need people to be able to sign up for an upcoming event, no cost, and I want to have their names on a .xls or .txt format for later follow up. Will this work for me?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mark,
      The plugin can do everything you want except downloading to an xls or txt file. I’ve got a version in testing where you can see the names of those who have registered on the event editor. The next step will be a link to download the names and emails.

    • Mark said:

      Thanks Graham,
      Why does the “Preview” show:
      Warning: file_get_contents
      It was doing it and then stopped, and is now doing it again.

    • Mark said:

      Here are the two errors/warnings, I get:
      Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /homepages/12/d342658306/htdocs/web/wp-content/plugins/quick-event-manager/quick-event-manager.php on line 261

      Warning: file_get_contents(,+Statesboro+GA+30308) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /homepages/12/d342658306/htdocs/web/wp-content/plugins/quick-event-manager/quick-event-manager.php on line 261

    • Graham said:

      That looks like you have got some permission restrictions on the site. Line 261 is the bit that gets the map data from Google – the actual code isn’t even in the plugin, it’s a php function that has been disabled by your host (1anad1). You can get round the problem by turning off the maps on the plugin ‘event settings’ page.

      Edit: just checked and the problem is a 1and1 restriction, they don’t allow file includes which means the maps won’t work.

    • Mark said:

      Thanks Graham,
      Turning off the maps in the event settings did take away the problem, however the map was working before I turned it off.

    • Graham said:

      Mark, It’s still a 1and1 problem. They place so many restrictions on their shared hosting it’s a wonder anything works.

  70. BudapestAgent said:

    Hi there,

    nice plugin first of all so thanks for that.
    Here is my question.

    With [qem] all events are shown, even the past ones which is not really good. The past events can be posted with [qem id='archive'], but is there a way to only display upcoming events?


    • Graham said:

      Hi There,

      Not sure how you are seeing old events, the plugin should only show future events. Can you send a link to the page?

    • BudapestAgent said:

      Sorry, my mistake. Something wasn’t set correctly. It works fine now.

  71. Matthias said:

    Hey Graham,

    I love the plugin, it is not overloaded and works perfectly fine.
    However one issue I would like to pick up again: Recurring Events.

    I am aware that you can make them weekly/monthly recurring in the events overview the problem I have is that the event simply duplicates and it is practically a new event with the same description etc. So in the end it looks like:

    What I am looking for is that can be e.g. on every Friday but the same single event, not a duplicate.

    Any idea on how to do this or plans on putting this on the agenda?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Matthias said:

      Oh and it is not recurring every week or month, just the next one so I would need to duplicate it 52 times if it is a weekly event.


    • Graham said:

      Hi Matthias,
      I’ve been fiddling with the whole recurring event thing and did manage to get a years worth of weekly events. The problem as you have discovered is how wordpress creates the permalinks. Each event is a seperate (custom) post where the date is saved as a meta-data field. When you view the event list the plugin fetches all the events and sorts them in date order. The ‘read more…’ link then uses the permalink to load the full event. So I suspect the answer to your query is no. I might be able to force WordPress to make the permalink ‘event + date’. Would that help?

    • Matthias said:

      Hi Graham,

      thanks for the quick answer.
      Well Permalink event + Date would still create 52 weekly events per year.

      In general I think it is about sorting this single event in the event list (using [qem] shortcode) several times in the right place, no?


  72. Alan said:

    Hi, is it possible to move the website link from above the main description to below it on an event?

    • Graham said:

      You can drag and drop the fields in the ‘event settings’ but not below the ‘Event Description’. The event is a custom post which means I can create the 6 fields at the top and wordpress add the msain post editor below. Not sure there is much I can do about this.

  73. Alan said:

    Found a quick fix for this, putting the code below forces a new line..

    • Graham said:

      Update on it’s way – check your hotmail account

  74. Alan said:

    I’m having issues with the ‘event description’ section. When I put some text into this folder I use the enter button a lot to make different sections in new paragraphs however when I upload it all the text is bunched together. Is there a way of stopping this?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Alan,
      I’ve never noticed this before. WordPress has a habit of stripping out paragraphs so I need to add the necessary code to stop it. I will email you an update for testing once I’ve found the fix.

    • Alan said:

      Hey cheers for getting back to me! Yeah at the moment I’m having to keep the part of the website with this plugin hidden because it’s looking so messy without separate lines :(

  75. Dustin Michael said:

    Excellent plugin and every easy to use!!

    I’m having a problem with the calendar though…when I click for the next month it redirects me to my homepage. I’m sure there is an easy fix??

    Thank You so much and keep up the great work!

    • Anne Kleisen said:

      Dustin I am having exactly the same problem. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Dustin and Anne,
      It seems that the plugin doesn’t work to well with the standard wordpress permalinks. If you change your permalinks to /%postname%/ it all works as it should

    • Anne Kleisen said:

      Thanks Graham, but if I put the permalinks to /%postname%/, only the homepage works, all the other pages say: ‘The requested URL /contact-en-route/ was not found on this server’.
      I am totally new to wordpress so I might make all the obvious mistakes, but I just can’t figure it out!
      Thanks again!

    • Graham said:

      If you use the wordpress permalink tool you shouldn’t be getting any ‘page not found’ errors. Go to your dashboard > settings > permalinks. Select ‘Post Name’ and save settings. You should be OK now. If not can you email me the site details.

    • Anne Kleisen said:

      Hi Graham, I have mailed you through the question form. Still can’t get it right!

  76. Wouter said:


    I love the plugin, especially the customizability. Only there’s one thing witch I can’t figure out. I’ve got an Members Only page with the event calender. When I tested the registration form I didn’t got any mail. In the event registration settings my e-mail adress was right, so it should’ve worked.

    And there is this other thing. When a person has registered for an event I would like to see that there name is automatically displayed in the event page. Not sure how to explain this properly.

    I’ve been looking for an example but can’t find something like this. But the idea is that people can register for an event and that there name is automatically is displayed with the specific event. So other person can see who’s going to the event, like on facebook where I can say “I’m going” and then other persons can see who’s going to that event.

    My idea was to update this manual, but since this is a shit load of work I would like to do this automatically.

    I hop you have an answer to my question. Thanks for the great for, looks stunning!



    • Wouter said:

      A quick update, email is working now. Was delayed by the spam-filter

    • Graham said:

      Hi Wouter,
      Somebody else asked about this a little while back but never got back to me. It’s not a difficult thing to do. When someone fills in the form, as well as sending you an email I can add their name to a simple string and display it on the site. It might even be possible to see if they have a gravatar and display that as well.

      I will have a play tomorrow and send you the beta for testing.

    • Wouter said:

      That would be absolutely awesome! I’ve been looking for that for a long, long, long, long time!

    • Graham said:

      Check your email, just send you the update

  77. Ros Gasson said:

    Hi I love this plugin – it’s really straightforward, and easy to set up.

    For some reason the event registration part doesn’t seem to appear on our site, though. I’ve installed it on this page: Any suggestions what might be the problem?

    Oh…and would it be possible to make the email address box for the registration form an optional box? We were hoping to use the event manager in a members only section of our website, so band members can sign up for gigs we have booked. It would be perfect if we didn’t need to ask for an email address each time.


    • Graham said:

      Hi Ros,
      When I reworked the code I missed the all important line that tells wordpress to display the form. I’ve fixed that and given myself a right telling off. I will also add a bit to only display the name or email in the form. Expect an update later today.

    • Ros Gasson said:

      Wow – fantastic – thank you so much!

  78. wpdeveloper said:

    Nice plugin, i would like install on my blog. hope it will be great.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Graham said:

      I’d like you to install it on your blog as well!

  79. Chris said:

    Great plugin, so simple. Having an issue with the registration not showing for any of the events any ideas?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Chris,
      I have no idea. If the box is ticked then it should display. I’ve just tested the plugin on a clean wordpress install and the form displayed. Can you send me the URL of an event page?

  80. Jae said:

    This would be a great plugin if it allowed people to actually book on to the events and pay online via PayPal and/or Google Pay. I don’t see that facility available. Perhaps I’m missing something?

    • Jae said:

      Sorry, I just noticed the set up page. It wasn’t in the side bar on my Dashboard. Might be worth putting it there. One feature that would be really good would be the ability to add fields, such as company name, telephone number, etc.

      Also, the ability to take payments for the event, via PayPal or some other payment portal.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Jae,
      I’ve got a contact form and PayPal plugin that I may be able to integrate into the event manager. I’ve have a few emails asking about this so I should put a bit more effort into making it work.

      The problem is that every event may have different options: number of people attending, type of tickets, with or without accommodation, tax, parking and so on. But adding a simple payment form shouldn’t be too difficult.

  81. Matthew said:

    When I press ‘Find out more’ in Event List and am taken to the Event detail page I am getting two identical date boxes on the left. The ‘Show end date in event list’ is unchecked in settings. I have changed from using Suffusion theme to using Twenty Eleven without fixing this and I have deactivated all other plugins, again without getting rid of the second date box.
    Using ‘Inspect Element’ I see that under

    there are two identical entries for
    Should I get rid of one, and if so, where?

    • Graham said:

      Yes, if the end date is the same as the start date you only need one. The plugin is a bit stoopid – it will display anything you put in the box.

  82. David said:


    Is it possible to publish a list of registrars with an event?


    • Graham said:

      Hi David,

      Not sure what you mean. Do you want another event field where you can add people’s names or do you want this on the registration form?

  83. Marcus said:

    Hi and thanks for a great plugin!
    But one thing could be better. The possibility to make events that are going on for a longer time, days, weeks, months. They show up in the events list but only until the day they start, during the event time they’re invisible. Thanx alot if it’s possible to do!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Markus,
      That’s an interesting suggestion. There is an initial panic on my part as I have no idea how to do this. The plugin checks the date of the event against today’s date, what I may be able to do is check against the end date as well but I’m not sure this will work. Please wait, there will be a sort interlude while I experiment…

    • Graham said:

      Turns out it wasn’t so difficult after all. Markus, if you want to test the update email me your details.

    • Marcus said:

      Great!!! I’ll email you right away.

    • Sharla said:

      Hi Graham. I would also like to do this. I LOVE this plugin and my only issue is with the calendar displaying the event only on the start date. This is very confusing for my members as our events are many times three days, five days, six days and it would be very, very helpful if the calendar view would stretch the event over all the days it is taking place.

      A second thing I noticed with these end dates is that when I duplicate the event, the start date moves forward, but the end date stays the same end date as the original event. I then have to edit every new duplicated event. Not a biggie, but thought I’d mention it.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Sharla,
      If you go to the calendar options and scroll down there should be a check box to display multi-day events. I hadn’t noticed the end date problem before, I will have a play and see if I can fix this. I’ve got some new features I’ve been working on so it’s probably time for an update anyway.

    • Sharla said:

      Perfect! Thank you. I completely missed that box. It works just as I had hoped now. I am sending you a donation to match what I would have paid for another calendar widget had I not stumbled on this one. I really appreciate what you have done!

    • Graham said:

      Many thanks, donations are always appreciated, I shall a glass of Beer in appreciation in just a few moments.

      Glad you like the plugin, there are many hours of swearing and frustration locked away in the code.

  84. Sam said:

    It’s a great plugin. Im using it for a client’s site which will be launching in couple days.
    Everything works great for me except I couldn’t do the one change.
    All of the post on the site im working has no sidebar. But the events are showing up with a sidebar. I didn’t see the settings anywhere to disable the sidebar for the event itself. How do I disable the side bar in the event page?Can you help; its very important for me.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Sam,

      The sidebar is part of the theme not the plugin. The only way to get anything to appear in a sidebar is to use the widget. So I’m a little confused as to how a sidebar is even appearing (if it’s not part of the theme). Can you email me (or use the form) and send me the website details so I can take a look.

  85. Alisha AE said:

    Thank you so much for this plug-in! So far it’s been very easy to use which is very important to me since I am just learning all of this stuff. :)

  86. Jason said:

    Hello Graham,
    Thanks for a great plugin! I’m having a strange problem. Maybe it’s a java problem. Hopefully I can explain it so you understand. When creating or editing an event the date field does not display the drop-down calendar/ I can see the very top of it but it’s hidden by the input field below it. Any suggestions. I’m using the latest Firefox browser on a windows 7 os. Also note that I can use other plugin’s with the same type of drop-down calendar feature and it works.


    • Graham said:

      Hi Jason,
      The plugin uses the built in WordPress datepicker. All I did was add the bit of code to access the jquery. Can you see the pop up in the gaps between the input fields?

      PS: Had a look at your site – looks really good.

  87. Arlin said:

    Hallo Graham,
    thank you for that great plugin. I am hoping that in a new version of the plugin there will be a preview of the post.

    • Graham said:

      Not sure what you mean. To preview the posts you need to create an event. Or do you mean the plugin should create a sample event?

  88. David said:

    Hello … How can I get a little more text to show in the calendar box?
    Thanks for your help

    • Graham said:

      Hi David,
      There is an update coming soon that has more text in the box. I can also add an option to set how many words/letters display. You also have the option to colour code your events as well. Example here.

      If you want an early version for testing send me an email.

  89. Steve said:

    This plugin is just what I was looking for except for one thing I can’t figure out. I’m going to have multiple organizations on one website to keep separate event lists for. Is there a way to have separate lists on separate pages with their own unique events?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Steve,
      If you create a category for each organisation and then assign those categories for event you can use the shortcode: [qem category="xxx"]. This will then just list the event with the category xxx. I’ve put up a quick example here:

    • Laura said:

      I am trying to have the calendar view for different categories instead of the list view. What code should I be using?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Laura,
      You can’t do this at the moment but give me a day to play with the code and you will be able to have [qemcalendar category="wobble"]. I’ll send you an update for testing.

  90. Matt said:

    Hi. I would like to say thanks for the great plugin :-)

    How can i edit the widget, I would like change the heading for the event title (the plugin only gives two options H2 or H3) and to remove the link from this title also?

    Also, at the top of the widget it says “view as calender” but this link doesnt work. Im not wanting to fix this, just remove this writing?

    Many thanks

    • Graham said:

      Hi Matt,
      I can add an H4 to the list – or do you want more? Removing the link from the title is a little more tricky. Do you want the ‘read more’ link hidden as well?

      If it says ‘view as calendar’ it means you have selected this option on the ‘Event Calendar’ tab on the plugin settings. Deselect and you should be OK.

  91. Arno said:

    great plugin!!

    How do i translate the plugin to dutch. example: the words from and at



    • Graham said:

      Hi Arno,
      Just go to the Settings > Event Manager > Event Settings and change the words in the blue boxes.

  92. Hans Stuurman said:

    I Like your plgin, but i have onequestion.
    How can I make a recurring event.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Hans,

      Go the the events list on your dashboard. Hover on the event and you will seek ‘weekly’ and ‘monthly’ links. Click on the link and a new event will be created. You can then edit the new event.

  93. Marco said:

    Hi Graham,

    you did a great job developing this plugin :-)
    I do have one question regarding the calender. I added some events for dec and jan. By adding a page with the calender (using [qem-calendar]), I see the calender for the current month. By clicking on the “next button” I don’t see the calender for jan, but my posts. Is there any need for additional configuration or did I find an new feature :-)



    • Graham said:

      Hi Marco,

      It seems that wordpress doesn’t like hyphens in shortcodes and the dashboard doesn’t like the calendar. Version 5 of the plugin is coming very soon with all sorts of bug fixes and new features.

      If you want an advanced copy send me an email.

    • Christian said:

      I´ve the same problem. On the Kalender Page I have the present month, but clicking on next or previous I´m back to the main page!!! Installed version 5.2, WP 3.8. What to do?? I like the plug in very much. Is there any advise :-)

    • Graham said:

      Hi Christian,

      The calendar doesn’t seem to work if you have installed wordpress in a sub directory or folder. If you install workdpress in the domain root or use a sub-domain then it does work. I’m not sure how to fix this as my coding skills aren’t that good.

    • Christian said:

      Thx, since we have to transfer the page for the final version I will take care to install in the root directory.

  94. Bonnie said:

    I followed the thread about the categories. I am running 4.2, but the short codes filtering the categories is not working. please advise.

    • Graham said:

      Confused here. What shortcodes? If you want to list by category just use the category widget in a sidebar. You can also do a test by using a URL something like:

    • Bonnie said:

      I have two categories set up in the event manager. I need the two categories to go on separate pages. (i.e. local events, online events and national events each have their own page). So, is there a shortcode for the categories?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Bonnie, Categories can be displayed as list like this:

      I’ve added a shortcode option so you can display the events by category and sent the plugin to Bonnie. She has reported that it works so expect to see this feature on the next version.

  95. Sunny said:

    is it possible to have the events from one website and publish the same events on a other website .

    • Graham said:

      Hi Sunny,

      There are lots of ways to do this. If the other website is a wordpress site then this is one solution

      If it’s not a wordpress site then RSS seems to be a good place to start as this post explains.

      What you won’t have is all the styling unless you copy the CSS to the other website.

    • Sunny said:

      This is no what i want, i want the all events copy to another site.
      When i created a new event it must be automatically show up in the other event page of the other website.
      example: i create a new event on and publish it then i want that new event also show up on

    • Graham said:

      OK I’ve done a lot of investigation and this solution will work. All you need to do is change post_type='post' to post_type='event'.

    • Sunny said:

      Sorry this is not working, all i see is read more and nothing else.
      I have installed allow php so this plug in allows php in posts.

    • Sunny said:

      I think that i know where the bottleneck is, the localhost is not the localhost on the other website, so to make a connection from one WordPress site to a other one you must change some settings in your database so you can have access from a other domain.
      localhost on is not the same as the localhost on

      someone have a solution for this?

    • Graham said:

      The localhost shouldn’t matter as all it does is tell WP to connect to the database at the chosen URL.

      If it’s displaying ‘read more’ it means something is working. Have you got the plugin installed and activated on both sites? And you need to add the PHP to a page template as it has to be outside the loop.

      Start here:

      What you are doing will need some expertise in coding, you can’t just add the code to the page contents.

  96. Bonnie said:

    Love your event manager widget. Do you have an RSVP tracker available to go with it?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Bonnie,

      It’s something I’ve been fiddling with. What I’m going to do is integrate my contact form plugin so you can set up your own RSVP. But it might take a little while as there is some functionality that I can’t get to work properly yet.

  97. munkorn said:

    I’d like to suggest adding “end date” for multiple day events, and the possibility of recurring (weekly etc) events.

    • Graham said:

      Adding an end date is easy. I can do that for you. Need to have a bit of a think on how to display the double dates though.

      Creating recurring events is something I have been looking at but have no idea how to do. I need to find some way of telling wordpress to save multiple posts. If I were a decent developer I’d be able to do this but I’m just a bloke who does this in his spare time. But now you have asked I shall have another go.

    • Andrew said:

      Hi, have you realized the code for end date? Can you help me with this?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Andrew,
      It’s not something I’ve been working on but I will have a play with this week. Adding the end date is easy. The problem is how to display it on the event list. Any suggestions?

    • Graham said:

      OK. first attempt is up and running. This is my test page:

      Andrew, I’ve emailed you a copy of the update for you to test.

  98. bert said:

    Hello, great plugin.
    I have a question about the categories. The events don’t get listed in their category when I go to the category item/link.
    Any idea how I can do this the same way as with posts?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Bert,

      Sent you an email with a tweaked version of the plugin to test. It problem seemed to be wordpresss filtering out all custom posts from the search query. Hopefully fixed now. If it works for you I can issued the upgrade.

    • wim said:

      Is the category issue already solved, because I have the same problem with my site ?

    • Graham said:

      Yes it is. Update to version 4.1 and the categories all work as they should.

    • lou said:

      very happy with it!
      i also can’t seem to get the category idea to work.. running 4.2. trying to get lists of events with the [catlist name=’mycat’] functionality of the List Category Posts plugin. doesn’t roll though.. any clues?
      with that feature working it’s just the perfect plugin for my needs, without all the useless extra functionality of so many other event plugins i tried.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Lou,
      That plugin isn’t going to work because it doesn’t pick up custom posts. if you do a normal category or tag search (using a sidebar widget) the event posts will get picked up. You can see my test here:

  99. Eric said:

    Hey just wanted to say great plugin! So much more useful than many others I have tried. I was looking to build one like this, but you have saved me a bunch of time, and learning. You should have a paypal donate button on this site.


    • Graham said:

      Hi Eric,
      Glad it works for you. Busy working on an ultra simple payment portal that is even more flexible than the current plugin. The beta is here: Comments welcome.

      Might have to investigate the donate thing…


  100. Bill L. said:

    Thank you for a great plugin. I’m hoping to use it for a new site. I’d like to ask if there is a way for the entire post to show in the event box, and to hide the Read More link? Thanks again!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Bill,

      Go to the plugin settings page and click the ‘Event Settings’ tab. Tick all the ‘Show in event list’ boxes and save. Everything will display in the event list except for the bit in the Event Description box. To get rid of the ‘read more’ link use the shortcode [qem links='off']

      I will have an experiment with showing the whole event content on the event list. Shouldn’t be a major issue, just need a day or two to fiddle with the code.

      Hope this helps, Graham

  101. Raj Khan said:

    In the event I can add link but I want to make it so when someone clicks on the link it opens it another browser target=_blank. How can I make that happen?

    • Graham said:

      Do you mean the ‘read more’ link or the event website link? This isn’t an option at the moment but I can add it if you want.

  102. Bill Giovannetti said:

    Love the plugin! Thank you.

    On my Events List page, it only lists 5 of 8 published events.

    The same happens when I reverse the order (last events listed first). 5 only.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Bill,

      How many blog posts are set to display per page (dashboard > settings > reading)? If you have this set to a low number then not all events will display.

    • Bill Giovannetti said:

      Worked! Thanks. Actually, it wasn’t the WP setting, it was a theme setting that was hanging me up… your advice turned me on to that. I appreciate the help and love this one-of-a-kind simple events manager. Great job.

  103. Jean-Guy said:

    Is there a way to limit events listed using the sidebar widget?
    Example displaying only the next 3 or 4 events coming up

    • Graham said:

      Hi Jean,
      I should be able to add this to the widget. Not sure how just yet as my widget building skills aren’t the best. If you can hang on fora day or two I will see what I can concoct. Hopefully a ‘select number of events to display’ type of thing.

  104. Guy Peeters said:

    Hello Graham,
    I love your plugin, is the most simple system I tried till know. I entered the shortcode in a sidebar, but the shows only one event. What can I do with it?

    • Graham said:

      I don’t know! Are they all future events? Can you show me the site with the sidebar short code?

  105. Darren said:

    Trying to get events lists to appear in a Text Widget. I use the shortcode [qem] but don’t see the event list.

    Any thoughts?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Darren.

      I’ve uploaded a new version of the plugin that has a sidebar widget. Hope this meeds your needs.

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