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Well hallo there. If it’s not WordPress Plugins you want then there’s not really going to be a lot to interest you here. But you are most welcome to stay if you want.

The plugins you see here are the results of many hours of toil and struggle. I’m not a real developer, I just do this stuff for a hobby. But I have tried to make the plugins as simple to use as possible but still deliver something as packed full of features as possible. Many of those features the result of comments, requests and emails so if there is something you want there is a pretty good chance that I can make it work.

Contact Form

An easy to use form that challenges even the mighty Contact Form 7. This plugin will knock your socks off.

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Touch Screen Slider

Still a work in progress, this plugin is a perfect for touch screens – it’s a slider, a carousel, image gallery and slideshow all in one. It’s responsive and dead simple to use.

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Event Manager

Display your events as a list or a calendar. A built in application form and a whole bunch of display options.

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Paypal Payments

Using the same core functions as the Quick Contact form, this plugin will manage all your PayPal payments.

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Logo Manager

Changing the logo on your theme can be a right pain. This plugin does it all for you.

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Text Toggle

Reveal hidden text using this simple plugin. It’s like jQuery on steroids.

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Range Slider

Add a slider to your website using the input type=range feature.

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The lightest and fastest image lightbox ever.

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Guest Events

Let guests contribute to your Events list .

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There are more plugins in various stages of development. One that will be here soon is a simple order form. All you do is upload a CSV, add a short code and your customers can place an order. You can then combine this with the Paypal Plugin to take payments. Easy Peasy.

  1. Stephanie said:

    Hi, I actually have a bunch of questions. I am very new to wordpress and have little to no experience so please excuse that. So my first question is how to you change the length and width of the date calendar and the full calendar. Also how do you change or move where the wording goes on the date calendar. For example, I have a date range and when you preview the page it shows the event description only of the first date and it would be great if it could be center between the two dates. Finally, how do you change the font size of the event info.

    I am assuming this is all a coding thing and like i said I don’t know anything about that. But if you can help I would appreciate it, thanks.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Gosh, that’s a lot of questions. All the things you can change are in the plugin settings page. In your dashboard go to Settings > Event Manager and click on the tabs to see what’s what. There isn’t really much you can do about width and lengths or positions of the date icon thingy but there are all sorts of styling options that may solve your problems. There is an upgrade I’m working on that should give you a few more options.

      I just do these things for a hobby and am not the best coder but I will try to help as much as I can.

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